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LaCrosse Hashers, LaCrosse WI

Upcuming Hashes!

*Hare: Gutterslut... Hounds: Dew Dew, Quickee, Just Randy... Full Moon Hash - Monday October 17, 2005... Artic Springs, Galesville... A shiny full moon showed the way, as Gutterslut left the hounds chomping at the bit at approx. 7:25. We waited in hopes of finding a few lost brethren, but that wasn’t to be. Across the creek from Artic Springs out towards the high school trotted the scared hare. In typical gutter fashion, early scent was hard to find but once the hares were on the trail it started to look awfully familiar. I guess when you hash the same route that many times, it all looks familiar. On On past the football game and down the HWY towards the creek again…past the deer gutter had vandalized…finally beer off the road. MMM Pabst. Just below the bridge, the trail veered off the HWY onto gutter’s land following the creek to another beer tit. Just 50 yds past the previous one…We assumed that the hare was trying to slow us down…it worked. Soggy shiggy afoot as my shoes will testify all the way to the inevitable creek crossing. As the hounds scampered back and forth in search of a nice dry spot to cross, I spotted the hare sitting under a log across the creek. ON Hare cries and of course the chase is on. The hounds took our time crossing the creek though and the hare disappeared into the brush. Trail was followed for quite a while until we realized that the hare had actually been coming down an ON BACK looking for his stashed flour when we spotted him. Lucky for us, I took the flour I found with us, so he couldn’t divert us anymore. All the way back to the creek crossing to try to find the non-existent check mark. Once again we tried to cross without getting wet feet and with success I might add. Rustling could be heard before the crossing, but we were too concerned with water to care. As soon as the hounds we across the hare sprang up and dashed back across the creek…this time I wasn’t wasting any time. Right after him through the water and on his heels I went. Try as he might the hare could not escape, as he fell in the mud and grass to be captured. He led us back to ON HOME, back at the 2nd beer tit, where there we no marks for ON HOME, because I had taken his last bag of flour. As there were only the 4 of us, religion was informal, beer was drank, and we all ON backed it to Artic Springs for another beer. The hash was adjourned... ON ON…JUST RANDY...*... Remember, if you are the hares you get to take the hounds whenever you want! Full moon hashes, hash on the even or odd full moons? *Many e-mail addresses have changed. Please pass the hash info on on to all, and send the hash any e-mail addresses that need to be added to the hash e-mail list. *Many e-mail addresses have been sent back to the hash for various reasons. Please send an e-mail to update and if you have filters or spam/bulk folders, please check these folders and/or allow Hash e-mail to your account. -

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