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Northern Ireland mapPatrick Fagin was born in Ireland. Patrick Fagin’s birthplace, in Ireland, is unknown. Tradition places his birth in Northern Ireland – Orange Country. This may be true, as he was Protestant.  He came to America, sometime around 1740.  He, like so many other pioneers, helped to settle the "western wilderness" now called Ohio. Patrick may have had a brother named William. William Fagin married a Patience Jervis in Burlington County, New Jersey, on January 7, 1768.

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Patrick Fagin was in the original Irish colony in New Jersey. He was a schoolmaster in Elsin Borough (Elsinboro), Salem County, New Jersey, around 1759. Elsinboro is a very small community located on the Delaware River just south of Salem, NJ. Sometime prior to 1766, he moved to New Hanover Township, Burlington County, New Jersey. Although a record of his wife’s name is yet to surface, while in Burlington County, New Jersey, Patrick’s children were born.

Patrick Fagin, and his family, left New Jersey before 1790. They crossed the Alleghenies by wagon trail. The Fagin’s settled in western Pennsylvania, Fayette County, Menallen Township, on the Monongahela River, near Brownsville. There they were recorded in the first US census of 1790.

The census reveals Patrick "Feagans" had a family which included 3 males over 16 (John, born 1768, Abner born 1772, and Joseph, born 1774), 3 males under 16 (George, born 1780, Aaron, born 1786, and Peter, born 1788) and three females (Susannah, born 1776 – who married John Snider in Pennsylvania, Ann,and  the third female listed on the 1790 census may have been Nancy, born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania – who married David Mills). Patrick had two older daughters. These daughters are believed to have remained in New Jersey, and marrying there. One of these daughters was born in 1766, and the other in 1770. If tradition is correct, Patrick had a seventh son, Daniel. The Fagin family remained in Pennsylvania until 1794.

flatboat.gif (11233 bytes)There was a flood in 1793, and many families decided to move inland, up the Ohio. In 1794, the Fagin’s, along with other families, floated down the Ohio River, on a flat boat, and landed Gerrard’s Station, at the mouth of the Little Miami River, near what is now Cincinnati. The Fagin family settled on land which was called Fagin’s Run, located in the Ohio Township of Clermont County. Fagin’s Run flows into 12 mile creek. The family was here from 1796 until at least 1804.

Patrick’s sons, now men themselves, also settled along 10 mile creek, clearing the wilderness to establish farms. Records of the Fagin family are among the earliest in this area.

Children of Patrick Fagin:

Daughter*, born Nov 29, 1766, Burlington County, New Jersey

John (King) Fagin, born Sept 1, 1768, Burlington County, New Jersey. For some reason, he is called "King" Fagin. He married Eleanor (sometimes listed as Serena) Jolly. In 1803, John (King) Fagin was declared mentally ill (or in the language of the time, a "lunatic") during the first meeting of the County Grand Jury, Clermont County, Ohio.

Daughter*, born Sept 3, 1770, Burlington County, New Jersey

Abner Fagin, born Nov 16, 1772, Burlington County, New Jersey. Abner Fagin is listed as an Ensign in 1797, in the Ohio militia, under the command of Col. Oliver Spencer. In 1787, Abner was one of 8 representatives from Clermont County in the first Assembly of the Northwest Territory. In 1806, Abner was a member of the County Grand Jury. Abner married Mary F. Day(b abt 1776, New Jersey died 1840 Clermont Co. Oh)about 1800.  Mary F Day was probably a daughter of Jeremiah Day and Sarah Dodd .  Mary F Day's father, Jeremiah Day was most likely born in 1751 or possibly 1752 inMendham, Morris County, N.J.  Jeremiah Day died on 14 Aug 1820, in Brown County, Ohio and is buried at Price Cemetery, Brown County, Ohio.  Abner Fagin farmed in the Mt. Pisgah area, but died in the home of his son, Aaron , in Monroe. The unmarked graves at "Hidden Hollow" may be the final resting site of Abner and his wife Mary F. Day-Fagin.

Joseph Fagin, born Sept 22, 1774, Burlington County, New Jersey. Joseph died at age 81, in 1855.  He is buried in the Pierce Twp. Cem., Clermont, Ohio.  Joseph Fagin married Rachel Gray, daughter of Archibald Gray, a neighboring homesteader, also from Pennsylvania. Rachel Gray was born around 1783/1784 in Pennsylvania and died 18 Sep 1844.  Rachel Gray-Fagin is buried in the Pierce Twp. Cem., Clermont, Ohio.    Archibald Gray (Rachel's father) was born  in 1757 in Pennsylvania and died around 1819 in Clermont, Ohio.   Rachel Gray-Fagin was the mother of all of Joseph Fagin’s children. From History of Clermont 1880:

  "Some time before 1800, Archibald Gray settled two miles below New Richmond, on the farm which is yet known by the family name, where he deceased before 1825. His daughters married Joseph Fagin, John Scott, Aaron Parker, and John Winans. Of his sons, Hiram died on the homestead; John, Henry and Vincent removed to the West; James H., lives in New Richmond, and Aaron in Pierce."

After Rachel Gray-Fagin's death, in 1844, Joseph married Catherine Durham. In 1787, Joseph, along with his brother, Abner, were two of 8 electors from Clermont County in the first Assembly of the Northwest Territory. In 1803, when Ohio became a state, Joseph Fagin was a member of the Grand Jury. He was a judge in Clermont County, Ohio in 1804. He ran a general store, "Joseph Fagin and Sons", in New Richmond, Ohio. This store traded merchandise and produce to early river boat traffic between Cincinnati and New Orleans. Joseph Fagin farmed as well as owning a tannery and a sawmill. Joseph Fagin died June 3, 1855,and is buried with his wife, Rachel (1784-1844) in Ohio at the Pierce Township Cemetery on 10 Mile Creek.

Susannah Fagin-Snider, born 1776, Burlington County, New Jersey (record #AFN: J7XR-HN) She was about 13 years old when the family left New Jersey for Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She married John Snider while in Pennsylvania and stayed there for several years. Sometime after 1803, Susannah Fagin-Snider, her husband, John Snider, four young children (Daniel Snider*, Anna Snider, Enoch Snider, James Snider) made the same trip as her father had, by boat. The Snider family settled in Clermont County, near 10 mile creek, with the rest of the Fagin family. There, five more children were born (John D. Snider, Mary Snider, David Snider, Artenisa Snider) Susannah lost her eyesight in her old age.

*Daniel Snider was in the war of 1812. He served in the Haines mounted Calvary, defending Fort Meigs in the summer of 1813. He married Rachel Wells, on Aug 15, 1820, at the 10 mile Baptist church. Daniel and Rachel Wells-Fagin had 10 children.

George Fagin, born 1780, Burlington County, New Jersey. George Fagin settled in Hamilton County, Ohio, before 1810. His farm was on Clough Creek, near the crossing of 8 Mile Road and Clough Pike in Anderson Township, just across the Hamilton County Line. He bought large amounts of land, some of which once belonged to George Washington. Some of his land was in Clay County, Indiana, near Terre Haute as well as in Clay County, Indiana. George Fagin married Maria Hannah (Mary) Woodruff (daughter of Stephenand Rachel (Stites) Woodruff). Maria Hannah (Mary) Woodruff-Fagin was the mother of seven of George Fagin’s children. Maria (Mary) Woodruff-Fagin died in 1825, and George married another Mary (last name unknown). His second wife was the mother of his two youngest children, John and Abner. George Fagin died Mar 25, 1852, and was buried in the Clough Pike Baptist Cemetery, on Clough Pike, Ohio.

Ann(a) Fagin-Bennett, born 1784 ?, Burlington County, New Jersey. Ann(a) Fagin married Mr. Bennett, and moved to Indiana. She may have died in Indiana, leaving young children, whom her brother, George Fagin, raised.

Aaron Fagin, born 1786, Burlington County, New Jersey. About 1810, Aaron Fagin moved with his brother, George Fagin, just across the Hamilton County Ohio line, to Anderson Township, where, in 1813, he purchased land. His farm was near Clough Pike and 8 Mile Road. This land is just north of Cherry Grove, land once belonging to George Washington, part of the Virginia Military Preserve. Aaron Fagin married Elizabeth Kelley (Kelly) (Sept 25, 1794-1838) who was the mother of all of his children. Elizabeth Kelly-Fagin was the daughter of a neighboring farmer, from West Virginia. Elizabeth Kelley-Fagin’s gravestone is one of the few remaining stones in the old Baptist Cemetery in Clough Pike. Following Elizabeth’s death, Aaron Fagin married Jemimah Black. In 1850, Aaron and some of his immediate family members, headed west, by boat, down the Ohio, up the Mississippi, to the Illinois River. They landed at Naples, in Pike County, Illinois. The Fagin’s settled near Perry, Pike County, Illinois, Aaron Fagin became one of the oldest men in Pike County. He died on June 21, 1876, at age 90. Aaron is buried at the McCord Cemetery, Pike County, Perry, Illinois. His gravestone carries the emblem of the Masonic Order of which Aaron was a member. The gravestone also has an error, listing his birthplace as Brownsville, Pennsylvania.

Peter Fagin, (b 1788 d 1864) is listed as one of the original members of the 10 Mile Baptist Church, Ohio, after it’s founding, in 1802. Peter Fagin enlisted to serve in the War of 1812, on Jul 12, 1812. He served in Captain William Lindsey’s Company, a "mounted Ohio militia", commanded by Col. Adams. He fought against the British in northern Indiana. Peter Fagin married Ellen Wells, a native of Virginia and a daughter of William Wells. Peter Fagin and Ellen Wells-Fagin moved to Virginia, After Ellen Wells-Fagin died (some time about 1825) Peter Fagin returned to Ohio. He married Abigail Emery (b 1801 d 1896), Peter Fagin is buried in the Baptist Churchyard, on 10 mile creek.

Nancy Fagin-Mills, (b 1790-1794 d ?) married David D. Mills. David Mills was from a pioneer Hamilton County, Ohio, family. Nancy Fagin-Mills is listed as one of the originators of the Methodist Bible Class (1819) which developed into the Montgomery Methodist Church, in Ohio.

Tradition has it that there was a seventh son, Daniel.


* One of the unidentified daughters of Patrick Fagin was Mary Fagin


My line continues: Patrick Fagin – Aaron Fagin + Elizabeth Kelley

The children of Aaron Fagin + Elizabeth Kelley-Fagin:


A. Joseph B. Fagin (b 1815 d Aug 10, 1850) married Mary Martin(b Sept 1, 1817 in Ohio d 1891, Five-Mile, Ohio), of Anderson Township, Ohio, December 15, 1836. Joseph B. Fagin farmed first in Indiana, then settled on Bear Creek, near Neville, Clermont County, Ohio. Joseph B. Fagin and Mary Martin-Fagin had three children; John Martin Fagin (b 1842), Susan Ann Fagin (b 1847), and Sarah E. Fagin (b 1849). After the death of her husband, Mary Martin-Fagin married Samuel Devlin Killin (b Apr 4, 1825), on Oct 28, 1852 in Five-Mile, Ohio by E.H. Pugh. He was 8 years younger than Mary S. Martin-Fagin-Killin. Samuel D. Killin and Mary Martin-Fagin-Killin had three children; Laura, Katherine (Kitty) and Stephan.

B. Dominicus A. Fagin (b 1816 d Oct 1, 1907) "Ab" Fagin was named after Dominicus Abbott, an early Clermont County, Ohio settler and soldier under "Mad" Anthony Wayne. "Ab" Fagin married Jane Kyle and had four children. Jane Kyle-Fagin died in May of 1846. Dominicus Fagin married Sarah Kyle (d Oct 17, 1898) a cousin of his first wife. "Ab" moved to Pike County, Illinois, with his father Aaron, and lived there the rest of his life. "Ab" Fagin is buried in Griggsville, Illinois, with his second wife. His biography appears in the Pike County (Illinois) Atlas of 1872,

C. Cordelia Ann Fagin-Ward (b 1818 d 1887) married William Ward (b 1807 d 1895) Jan 2, 1834. Cordelia Ann Fagin-Ward and her family settled in Indiana, near Brownstown, and finally moved to Ralls County, near Perry, Missouri. Cordelia Ann Fagin-Ward is buried in Lick Creek Cemetery, Perry, Missouri, with her husband, William Ward. (William's father, Joshua Ward b ca 1748 in Virginia. Joshua Ward was married two times. First wife is unknown. He married second Rhoda Stiff 8 July 1794 in Botetourt Co VA. She was born 24 April 1772 in Virginia .   Joshua died 26 Dec 1849 Hamilton Co, Ohio and is buried in the old Asbury Cemetery, Anderson Township, Hamilton County, Ohio. Rhoda Stiff-Ward died 24 Aug 1836. Both were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Joshua for 87 years and Rhoda 47 years. Known children -- Mary b 1799 VA m Joseph Reed; William b 28 Sept 1807 VA m Cordilla Ann Fagin and Frances b 1809 VA m Edward Maddux).  William and Cordelia Ann Fagin-Ward had at lease one child, a daughter, Emily Ward (b 3 Oct 1827 d 25 Jul 1906)

D. George Walter Fagin (b Aug 1819 d Nov 24, 1850) married Julia Ann Hahn (1818- 1895). George Walter Fagin farmed near Mt. Carmel, Union Township, Clermont County, Ohio. He died on Nov 24, 1850, at age 31.

E. Emeline Fagin (1820-1822) buried at Clough Cemetery with mother Elizabeth Kelley-Fagin

F. Susan Ann Fagin-Rose (b 1823) married Edward L. Rose (son of Simon Rose, Clermont County, Ohio) on June 15, 1854

G. Samuel Thompson Fagin (b Oct 31, 1832 d ?) Samuel Thompson Fagin was an early graduate of Ohio Wesseyan (?) University (1852). He married Sarah A. Jones in Dec 1853. Sarah A. Jones-Fagin was a daughter of Israel and Rebecca Jones of Anderson Township, Hamilton County, Ohio.    Israel Jones is believed to have been born 7 1807 Oct in Ohio and his death is listed as 17 Jan 1875.  Samuel Thompson Fagin farmed until 1855, when he moved to Pike County, Illinois. He started a lumber business, and a clothing house. He opened a warehouse and ran the ferry, on the Illinois River, near Naples, Illinois. His biography appears in the 1872 Atlas of Pike County.


My line continues: Patrick Fagin – Aaron Fagin + Elizabeth Kelley -- Joseph B. Fagin + Mary Martin-Fagin

The children of Joseph B Fagin + Mary Martin-Fagin:

John Martin Fagin (b 1842 d 1909) was born in Indiana, and after 1850, was raised in the home of Samuel Devlin Killin (step-father). John Martin Fagin was a civil war vet, having enlisted Apr 19, 1861 in the 10th Ohio Infantry for three months. John Martin Fagin re-enlisted in the same regiment, June 3, 1861, for three years. He was in 8 battles, including; Stone River and Chickamauga, Tennessee.   (The 10th served in West Virginia under McClellan and Rosecrans; was transferred to Kentucky under General Mitchell in November, and took part in the battle of Perryville, in October, 1862, and Stone River, in December. The 10th served as guard for General Thomas' headquarters, in the battles of Mission Ridge, Buzzard's Roost and Resaca, when its term of service expired, the 10th returned to Cincinnati and was mustered out soon after)  John Martin Fagin married Susan F. Rugg, possibly a native of Massachusetts (daughter of Luther Rugg - In the past Susan F Rugg's father was listed as George B. Rugg. The 1860 census for Tippecanoe County shows Luther Rugg age 55 with a daughter Susan age 15, Elisa J age 13, Sons Joseph age 21 and George age 20 also living with them is Elizabeth Badger age 26 and Harriet Badger age 2. This may be another daughter and granddaughter of Luthers. No wife is listed. The 1880 census lists Susan F Fagin as 35 an age which matches as well as the place of birth.), and raised a large family. John Martin Fagin died in Lafayette, Indiana in 1909, and is buried there with his wife Susan.  Their children are: George B. Fagin (b 1865) married Rosetta Ramsey of Lafayette, Indiana, in 1865, Lewis Joseph Fagin (b Sept 20, 1867 in Lafayette, Indiana) married Mary E. Trett (b Feb 10, 1876 in Fowler, Indiana) , Ida Fagin (b 1871) first married David Noble (David Noble b. 1849 in NJ m 1st Martha Anderson, 2nd Ida Fagin).  David Noble d December 7, 1907 in Colburn. Madison Twp.  Carroll Co., Indiana. After David Noble's death, Ida Fagin married Harry Baxter (b 1871).

John Martin Fagin, Jr. (b 1869 d April 19, 1943) was born in Lafayette, Indiana – married Clara White (born June 20, 1876 in NorthHampton, England – daughter of Joseph White and Sarah Cook-White, Clara White-Fagin died May 15, 1946) on Sept 1, 1892, Orrin Stark Fagin (b 1872 d 1959), Edward E. Fagin (b July 4, 1875 d 1918), Arthur William Fagin (b 1877), Frank McCarty Fagin (b Mar 23, 1884 in Lafayette, Indiana), Delia Fagin, married Frank Brinson, and Elizabeth Fagin, married John Neubauer.

Susan Ann Fagin (b 1847 )

Sarah E Fagin (b 1849)


 My line continues: Patrick FaginAaron Fagin + Elizabeth Kelley   – Joseph B. Fagin + Mary Martin-Fagin –  John Martin Fagin + Susan F. RuggJohn Martin Fagin, Jr. + Clara White

John Martin Fagin, Jr. and Clara White-Fagin had the following children:  Arthur J. Fagin (b 1894), Hazel Emily Fagin (b 1896) married Joseph Elva Wells, Ralph M. Fagin (b 1900 d 1903), Dorethea Fagin (b 1906), Marjorie J. Fagin (b 1914)

My line continues: Patrick Fagin – Aaron Fagin + Elizabeth KelleyJoseph B. Fagin + Mary Martin-FaginJohn Martin Fagin + Susan F. RuggJohn Martin Fagin, Jr. + Clara White – Hazel Emily Fagin + Joseph Elva Wells….

 See my Wells roots page!

Most of my Fagin family information comes from a book titled, "The Descendants of Patrick Fagin", published in 1967 by the Fagin Family Association. I have heard that this book will not be updated and is no longer available. However, the address for the Fagin Family Foundation is listed as:

The Fagin Family History Association
Mrs. Harold D. Adams
32 Floral Avenue
Amelia, Ohio

The book was printed on March 1, 1967 by:

Rev. Leland G. Heavenrich, Pastor
Methodist Episcopal Church
Felicity, Ohio

Me, a Belleville, WI GroganIf you would like more information or have corrections and additions,
please  contact me.

More Fagin's to be found at GenForum.