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My Customs II

Here are the rest of my customs. These are the micros I've done recently.

Leo's Triple Kidd III

This is another version of Kid, this time a micro for the horses owner.

Leo's Triple Kidd III

This is Kid III with the jump I made for him. A goofy picture, since he is right on top of the scanner.

Micro Pin

This is a micro mini made into a pin. I've been experimenting with the idea of turning micros into jewelry. Write me and tell me what you think.

Micro Earrings

These are the prototypes for the earrings.

Micro Earrings

The other side of the earrings.

Aces are High

A micro painted to a buttermilk dun Appy. He's made it into my showstring, and I've actually had offers for him.

Devil's Delight

A micro painted to a red bay Saddlbred. This was my first attempt at carving hooves and ears. You can't really tell, but it's a nice touch.

My Fair Lady

Devil's Delight's twin sister, this little one was done in oils for a change of pace.

Never to be True

My first NAN qualifier! So what if she was 2nd out of 2? She's a Palomino Morgan mare.

Peaches and Cream

I'm not quite sure what color this is. Anyone got any suggestions? I was aiming for rose gray, but I think I missed.

Rainbow's End

A caramel palomino appy. I carved the hooves and ears, but you still can't see them. Oh well.


I saw a picture of an American warmblood with this pattern, and was hooked! I just had to make my own little version. I'm adding a little stone wall right now.

Sudden Stop

I don't remember who suggested it, but this little fella' is a dunalino. You really can't see the dorsal stipe in this scan, but it's there.

Micro Drafter

This little one is my first experiment with adding on to a micro. I accidently lopped his ear off, so I figured he would make a great experiment. He now has a full mane and tail, feathering, and a new ear.

Love is Blind

This is the same little drafter, after his new paint job.

If you are interested in adding one of my CM Micros to your collection, go here to order your own, unique micro, or go to my Sales Page to look for a ready made custom

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