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Last Updated: 15th August 2006
Photos of Bud Hoskins, Chaos Days, Death Is Not Glamourous
The Fight Back, The Machines Will Take Over and Shermer

7th July 2006
Photos of Achilles and A Written Apology's last gig

28th May 2006
The interviews from issue 10 are now up; Allergo,
Engage, I Stand Alone, The Fightback, Reaching Forward/Downslide and Tearjerk

23rd May 2006
Bones Brigade and The Legacy photos

03rd May 2006
New photos of: Bane, The Process, Battle Royale,
Corruption Corruption, Get Stuffed, Violent Response and Mafafi

26th April 2006
Raise The White Flag, Age Of Kali and Out Of Hand
photos from Glasgow

12th April 2006
Black Cougar Shock Unit, Grabass Charlestons and
I Stand Alone photos from Kirkcaldy up

11th April 2006
Bolt Thrower photos added

18th March 2006
120 photos added!!!
Allergo, Atomgevitter, Duckxstab,
Glass and Ashes, I Farm, Kaddish,
Offside, The Fall Of Boss Koala, The Fight Back,
The Unified Lovers and Violent Response.

24th February 2006
Sick Of It All photos added

11th February 2006
Even In Blackouts, No Compromise, 21 Meadow Street,
The Fight Back and Violent Responce photos

30th January 2006
some old Shelter negatives scanned in

29th January 2006
Narcosis, A Written Apology and Allergo photos

19th January 2006
scanned some old negatives of Hooton 3 Car and Chopper
bit grainy but what do you expect from 10 year old negatives
that were stuffed in a box?

10th December 2005
Photos of I Stand Alone and Violent Response

20th November 2005
photos of Divide's Last show: Divide, Knuckledust
Broken Oath and Engage

06th November 2005
Another ton of photos of:
Bane, Comeback Kid, The Legacy, Rejuvinate,
Fire! Fire! Fire!, State Of Affairs, Skulls And Flames (2 gigs),
Valhalla Pacifists (2 gigs) and Filthpact. Enjoy!

18th October 2005
a ton of photos: Black Cougar Shock Unit, Former Cell Mates,
A Written Apology, By My Hands,
I Stand Alone, Engage and Champion

29th September 2005
New photos of Engage and Swellbellys unearthed from 2003

12th August 2005
New Allergo and Direct Control photos
2nd july 2005
New Fight Back and Allergo photos and
new (old) 7 Seconds, Vanilla Pod, Damage Control,
Restless Youth and Violent Minds photos are all
available for your viewing pleasure, enjoy
Also issue 10 of the paper zine with a CD chock
full of scottish hardcore is out now go
here to purchase with paypal


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