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Point Central is an e-zine, that is to say (for the one who spent the last ten years on Mars), an electronic magazine. It is published monthly on the Web by an eponymous french group of graphic designers gathered as a non profit organization.

- Its primary objective is to create a worlwide documented archive and database about Public domain fonts: each month, we are adding to Point Central® as many as possible new freeware, shareware or demo fonts: you can see them, and read a comment about their main charateristics, their possible use and their author(s), and, most of all, you can download and use them (see About the Public Domain for more precisions). The only criteria for the selection are the originality (who needs a new helvetic or Futuria?!), and the convenience.

There are several means of access, that are avaliable trough the Font Finder which propose you not less than 13 criteria to search among the font avaliable here! Each criteria can take up to 10 different values, offering you a real accuracy when describing the font you're searching for. Establishing such a database on the net allow us to take full advantage of the Hypertext language (i.e. linking text area with word), which is particularily appropriate for font classification (a Trash font, for example, is also a Sans serif font that has been trashed; it has to be accesible both through a Sans serif and a Trash criteria).

- The second major objective of Point Central® is to share our knowledge, and to study Typography and its evolution: you will find here news about types, foundries, softwares, websites, etc... (have a look at the News of the month section or at our Teleport station), infos about technicals aspects (Technical data pages). Regarding traditions and historical aspects, this site will features an encyclopedic section (Handbook of Typography). Finally, we propose to establish a chart about the current favourite types of the designers, to which anyone in the world can contribute (see the Designer's top ten section).

- The third objective is to allow Public Domain authors to distribute simply and effectively their creations worlwide : here, their credits and Read-me file won't disappear in the great planetary informations black hole. (see the Wanna Contribute? section)

An additionnal but equally important reason of our action is the scandalous lack of protection for font creators. There is a lot of plagiarism and piracy in the typographic area, and we strongly recommend you to browse the site for further informations regarding this matter.
At Point Central®, we think that the best way to prevent these illegal activities is to have a reference, a place in the world where people are sure to find Public Domain fonts that are not badly done imitations, and disgusting abuses.
This is one more reason for us to create the Point Central® Public Domain database: any designer or company can visit us and immediately pull the alarm if a font is n a copy of one of his. This ability ensures that no typeface plunderer will try to place an illegal typeface here, knowing that he would have to gives us his name, e-mail and adress (that we will carefully verify, and that will be specified in the font pages). More: as we are a non-profit project, there is absolutely no (financial) interest for him in sending us his carbon copy fonts! And we strongly encourages you to tell us if a font included in our database is suspect.
To us, bringing the Public Domain out of the dark is a must in the fight against font piracy.