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An insight to a very special but not-very-interesting person that is me...






Bernard, male, chinese

Standing at 175cm, weighing at 63kg



Ah-Ber, Ber-Ber, Weiyang, Sgt Han

7th of October 1980, Libra


Blessed with 2 wonderful parents, cursed with 1 elder brother and 1 younger sister


Li Hua Primary School, Catholic High School, Anderson Junior College


Highest educational qualifications @ 'A' levels. Currently awaiting admission into NTU course in E3

NS life

Enlisted 21st Jan 1999 to BMTC School 1 @ Nee Soon Camp. Posted to SISPEC @ Pasir Laba Camp around April, endured thru' BSLC (April-June) and ASLC (June-August). Graduated as 3rd Sergeant end August. Posted to 4 SIR @ Lim Chu Kang Camp I to suffer as an infantry section commander till I ORD on the 20th of May 2001


Likes colour blue, hates green. Munch at Märché anytime. Ruffles or Lay's and Peel Fresh apple juice. Shopping if I can afford it. Coffee Bean rather than Starbuck's. MP3s over CDs. 98.7FM hits throughout. All night no day, all play no work is the best...


Played hockey during my JC days, represented my school in many tournaments. But it's been a long time since I've touched my hockey stick and I guess it'll be sometime before I regain all my knowledge of the game. Being an avid soccer fan, I love playing street soccer and am a Manchester United FC supporter. I don't care what prejudice other soccer fans have against the club, but I'll be supporting them fair and square. Currently playing volleyball and pool and trying to pick up squash and billiard at the moment.


More into pop music, though I do listen to all genres. Favourite artistes include Sammi Cheng, Stephanie Sun, Noriko Sakai and Ayumi Hamasaki. Whenever I feel moody, I listen to Tommy Page's "A Shoulder To Cry On".


Interests includes Perry Mason thrillers, Michael Crichton fiction, Colin Cheong writes, non-martial arts Chinese novels, interior design magazines, computer stuffs and motor-bikes.


Remaining free time I spend playing computer games, net-surfing, maintaining my webpage, practice on my guitar, go down to the beach alone or otherwise, take photos when I have the equipment, thinking when I can buy a bike, make it rich, find my dream girl, what to do the next few hours, anything to eat or drink, etc, etc.


Crowds, unless fun > crowd. Particularly hate the kind of people who is uncooperative, bad-tempered, inconsiderate and act like he damn big shot.


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