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Once, long ago, before there was such a thing as time,

the world was shrouded in darkness.

Then came the splendor of light, bringing life and love into the Universe.

However, the Lord of Darkness has a surprise for you!

Plotting to return to power once again,

he has installed a number of gruesome beasts and ruthless villians...

planning to kill all of mankind and banishing light forever...

Within 24 hours, the whole world will be engulfed by darkness.

Only one mortal can save the earth, the swiftest of mortals....

Such a mortal is Speedy, who lives in solitude with the animals of the forest.

Can Speedy be fast enough to defeat his all enemies

and get the better of the Lord of Darkness before time runs out?

It all depends on YOU!

This is my digital artwork- The Race Against Time, use for the front coverage of a game(New Advantures of Speedy). The smaller version, is actually the backcover.