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I will start off with a mono-faceted preliminary self-introduction. My name is Chan Yi Ling Eileen, and on this fateful day-13 February 1982, I belted my very first warcry at the harsh and cruel world outside. When I was in secondary school I lost my competitive edge and my results deteriorated. During the Quest for the Great Creamy Enormous dOnuts, I din't do well enough and lose out to the other competitors. Without knowing what lies for me in the future, I blindly went to Ngee Ann Poly taking Electronics Computering Telecommunications Engineering. However it didn't capture my interest, so I withdrew from the course. After one year of slacking and bumping around, I enrolled in LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts. After six months in the college, I have found a new life and new friends. Right here we have volumous stacks of work to digest, however I am truely enjoying what I'm doing. As long as I'm happy, work is not a chore, it's a hobby! And I thank God for this positive outlook I hold in life =) ! Yeah!~


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