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Winkwink's Brief History

13 february 1982, the fateful day i emerged from my mother's womb untimely riped, wailing loudly knowing that i will have to spend the rest of my life in this harsh and cruel world....

1984 to 1987-Old enough to realise that life is a BITCH My parents seemed to be engaged in endless quarrels. They had been venting their anger on me. To me, dad was a really unreasonable person and mum isn't any better. My heart was filled with pain and grief. No one could really grasp the depth of hatred in me.

1994- PSLE

1995-1998- Now, for the most significant moment of my life. Life took a turn when i was in sec3(gone usually good results took a nosedive. ).. Those jolly good-old-days embedded in the depths of my brain. ( i mean those great friends i haf )p>

1999, March- Disqualified from my desired field of studies coz i did badly and lose out to the other competitors during the quest for the Great Donut. Actually I realised that I din do badly.. it's juz that i din do well enough =)

1999- Entered Ngee Ann Poly studying Electronic Computer Telecommunication Engineering.

1999 Sept- I terminated my course not wanting to continue with something i have particularly no interest in.

2000 July- I went to Lasalle to study design. Got new friends