Slogans: Trans-Pacific (TP)

521 AUSTRALIA 3RN Melbourne ABC Radio National
540 NEW ZEALAND Tauranga-New Plymouth, Radio Rhema
558 FIJI Naulu, Radio Fiji
558 NEW ZEALAND Radio Sport
567 NEW ZEALAND 2YA Wellington, Radio New Zealand National
576 AUSTRALIA 2RN Sydney, Radio National
576 NEW ZEALAND Southern Star
580 HAWAII KQNG Honolulu, Hawaii's Kong
594 NEW ZEALAND Wanganui-Timaru, Radio Rhema
603 NEW ZEALAND, Auckland Radio Waatea
639 NEW ZEALAND 4YW Alexandria, National Radio
648 RUSSIA Ussuriysk Radio Rossii
650 HAWAII KHNR Honolulu, All News KHNR
657 NEW ZEALAND Wellington, Star Radio
666 NEW CALEDONIA Noumea, R.New Caledonia
670 HAWAII KPUA Hilop, NewsTalk
675 NEW ZEALAND 3YA Christchurch, National Radio
684 FIJI Mohina, R.Fiji
690 KORL Honolulu,
693 NEW ZEALAND Dunedin, Radio Sport
693 JAPAN Tokyo NHK-2 EE
702 AUSTRALIA 2BL Sydney, 702 ABC Sydney
702 NEW ZEALAND, Auckland, Radio Live, Auckland
729 5RN AUSTRALIA Adelaide, ABC Talk Radio
738 CHINA Jilin, Satellite Radio
738 NEW ZEALAND Christchurch, R.Pacific
738 TAHITI, Mahina, Radio Polynesie
738 TAHITI Mahina, RFO Radio Tahiti
747 AUSTRALIA 4QS Toowoomba, Queensland ABC Radio
756 NEW ZEALAND 1YA Auckland, Auckland National Radio
765 NEW ZEALAND, Napier-Hastings, Radio Kahungunu
774 NEW ZEALAND, Melbourne ABC Newstalk
776 AUSTRALIA Melbourne VIC, ABC Grand Stand Sports Radio
783 NEW ZEALAND 2YB Wellington, Access Radio
792 AUSTRALIA 4RN Brisbane, Radio National
792 NEW ZEALAND Hamilton Eureka Radio
846 AUSTRALIA 2RN Canberra, Radio National
846 KIRIBATI Tarawa, Radio Kiribati
864 NEW ZEALAND Dacre, ZB Talk Radio
873 RUSSIA Khabarovsk, R.Rossi
882 NEW ZEALAND Auckland, Star Radio
891 AUSTRLIA 5AN Adelaide, ABC Grand Stand Sports Radio
909 NEW ZEALAND Napier, Southern Star
927 AUSTRALIA 4CC Gladstone, 4 Double C
940 HAWAII KHCM Waipahu, AM 9-40--Hawaii's Country Music
963 NEW ZEALAND Timaru, Southern Star
1008 NEW ZEALAND, ZB Talk Radio
1026 NEW ZEALAND, Northland, Classic Hits
1026 NEW ZEALAND, Whangarei, Newstalk ZB
1035 NEW ZEALAND Wellington, 2ZB ZB Talk Radio
1035 SOLOMON ISLANDS Honiara, BBC World Service EE
1044 NEW ZEALAND Dunedin, ZB Talk Radio
1044 NEW ZEALAND, New Plymouth, Newstalk ZB
1080 NEW ZEALAND Henderson, ZB Talk Radio
1089 CHINA Liaoning, Satellite Radio
1098 MARSHALL ISLANDS Radio Majuro
1116 AUSTRALIA 4BC Brisbane, Talkradio 1116, 4BC Brisbane
1134 NEW ZEALAND 4YQ Queenstown, National Radio
1152 FIJI Raki Kaki, Radio Fiji 1
1152 NEW ZEALAND 3ZC Timaru, News-Talk
1206 AUSTALIA 2GF Grafton, GF in addition to 2GF calls
1251 NEW ZEALAND Aukland, R.Rhema
1287 NEW ZEALAND Westport, Radio Sport
1386 NEW ZEALAND Auckland, Radio Tarana
1386 SOLOMON ISLANDS Lata, Solomon Islands Broadcasting Co.
1503 NEW ZEALAND Christchurch, Radio Sport
1503 NEW ZEALAND Horokiwi, NZME Sports Radio
1548 AUSTRALIA 4QD Emerald, Queensland ABC Sports Radio
1575 THAILAND Ayutthaya, Voice of Amereica EE @times
1579 THAILAND Ayuthaya, Voice Of America
1593 CHINA China National Radio-1 Voice of China

ABC Metropolitan Radio (ABC-MR)
ABC News Radio-Parliament (ABC-PB) ALL NEWS

National Radio News-Features
Classic Hits: Oldies
Radio Rhema: Christian talk/features
Radio Pacific: All Talk
BBC World Service

Radio Fiji 1 (Fijan) on 558 639 684 927 1152
Radio Fiji 2 (Hindi) on 1206 1467

SIBC (BBC overnights) 945 1035 1386 //5020SW

Radio Mandang 864 //3260 kHz

Is this the entire list for the area? Obviously not. It is comprised of loggings to DX-midAMerica.com, (LA DX, TA DX, World sections) plus contributions of dx'ers worldwide! Please remember, this is a list of "slogans only" and not call letters or other information. Comments, corrections and additions are always welcome!

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