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 If you've ever looked at the DX-midAMerica home page and said "where do I start?", you might not be alone! With 500+ pages of original content derived from your dx loggings, there is a lot of ground to cover! Remember, that the content is from DX'ers in midAMerica: people near you or close-by. Here is a short "roadmap" to the DX-midAMerica site. At the left hand side, you'll find DX:by date, area and band. By date, by area and by BAND:AM FM TV LW. AM is broken into Pan AM and Trans Atlantic reports, marked DX LA (Latin AMerica) and DX TA (Trans Atlantic.)

 The site is updated daily, and has been since 1997, tho we've been around, as a bulletin, since 1981!

 Updates for every day are at the TOP of the site: MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SAT. Under HOT LISTS, various States-Provinces are listed w/current info.

 DX Target Lists are published monthly. These are linked at the Right hand side, near the top of the page. Target Lists are published for SRS-SSS, Twilight and night-OWL dx. Pick your daypart and check the list. Also, an FM Heard frequency is featured monthly, and a Target State.

 Under recently changed, the most recently changed pages are shown.

 Under Otherness, interactive, propogation and sports, various other links, dx items of interest can be gawked at.

 Can we be better? The answer is always "yes." Links are there to tell how. I've learned so much, but can always, always learn more.

 Near the bottom of the page, you'll see Top 3 AM frequencies, GYDX freq, FM DX freqs plus the Top3 months for AM, FM and TV DX dating back to our 1981 inception. It's a pretty good reference as to what is hot, or not.

 Near the bottom of the page, you'll see the latest/best logs/links for Canada, US:East, West and South, plus PanAM, GYDX and TIS links. Also, the most reported frequency for the past several months. Aside, if you'd like to see the 500+ pages, see your DX-midAMerica inDeX!