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Friday, March 31, 2017

On March 29th, there were 4 updates, with 66 HOT TIPS sent in! 66! Had there been five, every reporter that day would get a DX-midAMerica t-shirt. This (4 updates in one day) happened too, in January and February. Still hoping, hi! Anyhoo, if five reports ever come through in one day, every reporter will get a DX-midAMerica t-shirt, or if 100 HOT TIPS come in one one day, a T shirt goes to those reporters. Certainly, you'll be the only one on your block with that!
Posted 3/29 @ 1340CDT as in 1340 KPOK Bowman,ND
Posted 3/29 @ 1240CDT as in 1240 KDEC Decorah, IA
Posted 3/29 @ 0840CDT as in 840 KTIC West Point,NE
Posted 3/29 @ 0740CDT as in 740 WRPQ Baraboo,WI
Another way to win, I guess, is if 100 tips would be posted in one day. This is quite possible with the upcoming E-skip/tropo season.

Check this out! March,2017 was the 4th best March for reporting AMDX since the humble beginnings in 1981! #1)405 AMDX reports 2005, #2)401 2001 #3) 260 2002 #4) 223 2017 #5 207 2003. WoW! And that's not a radio station in Omaha! Sincere congratulations to all who reported, got new stations and shared their reports. It takes time to report and put things together. YOUR efforts and kindnesses are appreciated more than you will ever know!
And if you think March was good, you are right! Not only that, but March,2017 basically doubled the average of 114 DX TIPS! If DX-midAMerica's numbers are any indication, March was as good as January and better than February and September, 2016, the beginning of the AMDX season, though for some of us the season never ends!
Again, not only was the site ahead of averages for AMDX for the 44TH month, but for 6 of the 7 months listed, numbers bested those in the previous year. Thanx to all who have sent in a dx tip or a kind word. In this hobby, you can only be better year after year. Your dx totals/numbers never go down! ;)
MAR AV:114 HI:479('01),LO:19('88) MAR'16:119 NOW:227
FEB AV:163.6 HI:479('01),LO:19('88) FEB'16:211 NOW:205
JAN AV:183 HI:558('02),LO:62('88) JAN'16:224 NOW:227
DEC AV:217.38 HI:481('02),LO:64('87) LO:64('87) DEC'15:230 NOW:252
NOV AV:239.36 HI:481('02),LO:64('87) NOV'15:251 NOW:332
OCT AV:186.1 HI:434('05),LO:25('85) OCT'2015:255 NOW:315
SEP AV:131.92 HI:312('01),LO:41('84) SEP'2015:165 NOW:199

Very, very proud of the fact that three days had over 600+ views. Yikes.
On March 9th...
Page Views & Traffic Reports
March 9th: 630
On March 10th...
Page Views & Traffic Reports for
March ,2017: 611
A sincere thank you to all who check out this effort.

As the AMDX season winds down, please remember that FMDX is coming up, and too, this effort is updated multiple times daily. It is a true labor of love, run by a committee of one, with plenty of good input from many over the past three plus decades! Quite a few of you have helped! Again, thank you so much! Remember, you may always, always write with concerns or comments. You will not be blown off or taken for granted here. E-mail and get a quick reply! Too, your e-mails are never forwarded. Your privacy is respected. E-mails could sometimes contain confidential information and is intended only for the specified recipient.

March 2017 marks the 44th month in a row where we were above average for the number of dx reports (Hot Tips) received. Thanx so much to the reporters who make this possible month after month, and actually, year after year, or really, decade after decade! Thank YOU all so much!

The DX-midAMerica discussion page> now shows the date of each entry. This way, one might not look at the entries and think they were fresh from earlier in the day. This page is wiped clean when we go from Daylight to Standard time and vice versa.

April 2017 marks the 45th month in a row where we were above average for the number of dx reports (Hot Tips) received. Thanx so much to the reporters who make this possible month after month, and actually, year after year, or really, decade after decade! Thank YOU all so much!

Very, very proud of the fact there are days with 500+ views. Best of the month:
Page Views & Traffic Reports 4/23
Views: 566

MAY we have some FMDX? Check out the past three years, and when FMDX was noted. Let's go!
May,2016:28 FM HOT TIPS, May,2015:81 FM HOT TIPS, May 2014:150 FM HOT TIPS. The May average for FMDX tips is 68.45. This number is the average of years 1981 - 2016. Again, thanx to the reporters making these numbers possible!
2016's first May reports, and the reporters/cities/mode:
ERIC BERGER, Carleton, MI, MAY 28 Es 27 logs including the Bahamas!
RD-IA1 Rick Dau South Omaha, NE Sangean ATS-909X, May 26 tropo
2015's first May reports, and the reporters/cities/mode:
Jim Beer,Houlton, 5-27 tropo
Eric Berger,Carleton, MI May 5 tropo -8 logs
Tom Kraft Billings, MT 5/28 Es
Eric Loy, Catlin, IL 5-24 Es - 9 logs
Michael Procop, Bedford, OH 5-14 Es -14 logs
JJR-WI John J Rieger, L'Anse,MI May 21 tropo
JJR-WI John J Rieger, South Milwaukee,WI May 14 Es/tropo

2014's first May reports, and the reporters/cities/mode:
Jim Beer,Houlton, WI 5-18 E's
Rick Dau, South Omaha, Nebraska 5/6 tropo
Tom Kraft Billings, MT May 25 Es
Eric Loy, Catlin, IL 5/25 Es -31 logs!
Michael Procop, Bedford, Ohio 5-11 Es/tropo -11 logs!
JJR-MI John J Rieger, L'Anse,MI EDT May 9 Lake Inversion: 42 logs!
JJR-WI John J Rieger, South Milwaukee WI May 30 tropo

Many days in April, the TIPS pages were updated twice. Once, on the 19th, there were three updates. Please remember, if there are ever FIVE HOT TIP updates in one day, those five reporters get a nice new DX-midAMerica t-shirt.
Posted 4/19 @ 1340CDT as in 1340 KLID Poplar Bluff,MO
Posted 4/19 @ 0840CDT as in 840 KARS Belen,NM
Posted 4/19 @ 0740CDT as in 740 KNFL Fargo,ND