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On February 8th, there were 4 updates, with 57 HOT TIPS sent in! 57! Had there been five, every reporter that day would get a DX-midAMerica t-shirt. Always hoping, hi! Anyhoo, if five reports ever come through in one day, every reporter will get a DX-midAMerica t-shirt. Certainly, you'll be the only one on your block with that!
Posted 2/8 @ 1240CST as in 1240 WOBT Rhinelander, WI
Posted 2/8 @ 0940CST as in 940 WFAW Fort Atkinson,WI
Posted 2/8 @ 0840CST as in 840 CFCW cAMbrose,AB
Posted 2/8 @ 0540CST as in 540 CBK Regina,SK
Another way to win, I guess, is if 100 tips would be posted in one day. This is quite possible with the upcoming E-skip/tropo season.

March 12th, we flip back to Daylight Savings Time, and if your logs could be sent in accordingly, with GMT/UTC adjusted also. With the time change, the following pages will be totally cleared and re-booted to reflect the time changes/dx comments. Latest DX Reports Discussion,comments,splatter 7 Days of DX and the DX Depth Chart where since we went to Standard Time in November, nothing has been reported on:530 720 1610, nor 1710. One might says we all cleaned up pretty good!Here's a mock-up of the Spring-Summer HOT TIPS page! Thanx so much!

Very, very proud of the fact that five days had over 400 page views, and two with 600+. Yikes.
On February 27th...
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Yesterday: 702
On February 23rd...
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February 23,2017: 633
A sincere, and I mean sincere thank you to all ho check out this effort.

I feel like the kid flipping the sign "XXXXX people served." As of February 1st, 58,000 HOT TIPS have been published. That's a lot of dx tips! One of these years, I might publish a listing of the folk who have added a tip here and there. Certainly, over 100 folks have added dx thru the years, beginning in 1981! My gosh. That's before a few dx'ers were born! Wow! Do I feel old, hi. Not quite.

As the AMDX season winds down, please remember that FMDX is coming up, and too, this effort is updated multiple times daily. It is a true labor of love, run by a committee of one, with plenty of good input from many over the past three plus decades! Quite a few of you have helped more than you will ever know. Again, thank you so much! Remember, you may always, always write with concerns or comments. You will not be blown off or taken for granted here. E-mail and get a quick reply!

As of February 24th, spring is not far behind! Detroit (nice area!) and Baltimore (nice area!)had the spring baseball opener. Spring can't be that far behind! MLB Flagships
"Did ja hear dere's no beer this year at da stadium-eh?"
"Da Tigers lost the opener!" (yuk yuk) Baltimore 2, Detroit 0.

February 2017 marks the 43rd month in a row where we were above average for the number of dx reports (Hot Tips) received. Thanx so much to the reporters who make this possible month after month, and actually, year after year, or really, decade after decade! Thank YOU so much!