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Tuesday July 31,2018
July 2018 was certainly close to one of the TOP TEN MONTHS in DX-midAMerica history, going back to the humble beginning of this effort in 1981! 327 FM HOT TIPS were reported. 329 would have gotten JULY 2018 into the FM TOP TEN! Really, THISCLOSE, but no cigar. Still, after coming off the 2ND BEST MONTH EVER in June, no complaints. None. Whatsoever! The FMDX kind of wained off after July 20th. Still, you know, as well as I, that there is more Es/tropo ahead of us. Just a matter of being there to catch it! JULY AV:220.80 and so that average was beaten. The HI:636('06) was out of reach. LO:17('82) was passed up within hours of the month beginning and JULY 2017:321 was passed, so again, no complaints here. So really, the ELEVENTH BEST MONTH since 1981!!! Wow and thank you so much!
These reporters made this record possible: Mssrs. Axelrod-MB, Berger-MI, Jackson-AZ, Loy-IL, Kraft-MT/WY, Rieger-MI & Sanders-MI. You do the hard work by reporting your logs, and here,they are edited. That is the easy part. The offer was made of course, for DX-midAMerica FREEBIES. They are stamps, for QSL's, DX-midAMerica T-Shirts (XL only) or the new DX-midAMerica baseball caps. I am proud that all the goodies were sent out and I got a "thank you" from everyone. It is truly, truly good to surround yourself with good people. Reporters here, are the best! THANK YOU!

Also, as a point of reference, here are the best months for FMDX reports, going back to 1981! Here's a listing of the Top 10 months from the statistics page.
TOP MONTHS, FM reports
1. July 2004: 687 reports
2. June 2018: 647 reports <-- NEW entry into Top 10. WoW!
3. July 2006: 636 reports
4. June 2010: 514 reports
5. June 2011: 434 reports
6. June 2009: 406 reports
7. July 2011: 394 reports
8. July 2009: 372 reports TIE
8. July 2010: 372 reports TIE
9. August 2011: 358 reports
10 TIE June 2008: 339 reports TIE
10 TIE. August 2006: 339 reports TIE
11 July 2018 327 reports

Another thing for sure! NEW stations, never reported ever, from CANADA, but reported this JUNE, for the FIRST time ever are shown here. Check it out! New from the DX-midAMerica Can-AM page!
90.7 CBOF Ottawa 6-IL ----First reported in 2018!!!
91.7 CIXL ON Welland "Giant FM" 6-MI ----First reported in 2018!!!
92.5 CKNG AB Edmonton 6-MI ----First reported in 2018!!!
93.1 CFNO ON Marathon 6-MI 6-MI ----First reported in 2018!!!
93.7 CKMA NB Miramichi City FF C&W 6-MI <--First reported in 2018!
93.9 -CBJ QC Chicoutimi FF:Ici Premiere 6-MI <--First reported in 2018!
94.1 CJVA NB Caraquet 6-MI FF C&W <--First reported in 2018!
94.1 CKEC NS New Glasgow 6-MI <--First reported in 2018!
95.1 CJOA ON Thunder Bay 6-MI ----First reported in 2018!!!
95.9 CKSA AB Lloydminister C&W 6-MI ----First reported in 2018!!!
96.3 CFWD SK Saskatoon 6-AZ ----First reported in 2018!!!
96.7 CFWE AB Edmonton 6-MI ----First reported in 2018!!!
98.9 CFYK NT Yellowknife 6-MI ----First reported in 2018!!!
100.3 CHEX AB Red Deer "X100.7" ALT 6-MI ----First reported in 2018!!!
100.3 CJVR SK Dafoe 6-AZ ----First reported in 2018!!!
101.5 CHQX SK Price Albert X-FM 6-AZ ----First reported in 2018!!!
100.7 CFNO-FM4 ON Geraldton 6-MI ----First reported in 2018!!!
101.5 CBEF3 ON Sarnia //1550 CBEF 5-MI (ex:98.3)FF Ici Premiere <--FIRST REPORTED in 2018
107.1 CJNW AB Edmonton "Hot FM" 6-MI ----First reported in 2018!!!

Too, these DX-midAMerica.com reporters have been reporting for decades! They don't have to, but do. Mssrs. Axelrod, Berger, Harris, Jackson, Loy, Kraft, Procop and Sanders have been reporting for TWO DECADES! Mr. Rieger, THREE DECADES. While many, many things/efforts have come and gone, DX-midAMerica has been here since 1981 and gone from a paper bulletin to a well respected, quoted website viewed from 200+ countries, with hundreds of pages, and the effort is updated daily, still...and has been since day number one on the internet, in 1997. Hello! It is good to be surrounded by good, good people. Those who know me, know those words come from my heart. It's from a good upbringing, that I am so proud of, people who have touched me/impacted me and never, ever knew it, and the nuns rulers, hi! You are appreciated more than you will ever know! Take that to the bank!

46 HOT TIPS were reported in July! Best July was 103 HOT TIPS in 2000. Too, this was the 60TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average. AVERAGE (28.12) was beat.....again! The record was 103 in 2000. WoW! That was a l-o-n-g time ago. DX'ers in June for AMDX: Mssrs. Harris and Rieger.

TIP #63,000 was published in JULY! That is sure a lot of dx, spread over almost FOUR DECADES! Sincere thanx to every reporter, Hot Tipper or person from parts unknown who took the time, an effort to report your dx. There are a ton of dx venues. Some lists. Some places with hundreds of members, the only contribution is a renewal. DX is never reported. I think of how "difficult" it was to type a report and slap a stamp on an envelope. Now, it's much easier (e-mail) and you just have a few that take the time to report, anywhere. Some of the things are just argumentative matches concerning AM radio, music formats, infighting, who is a good dx'er or person non-Grata! Who was a jock or who was a dx'er, and didn't know a thing. Who was a burn-out, a cokehead, etc. Wow. Being a gossip is where it's at. Not! Kinda sad. Like is very precious and short. There are things in life I'll never understand.

Quite happy to note that, for whatever reason, on several days in JULY, upwards of 900 page visits. NINE HUNDRED! This happened on two days in the past month. A few days with 500, 400 and 300+ page visits. Must have a lot of interest in this dying medium of radio, hi. Still, quite thankful for those who have checked out the effort. Either that, or for lack of DX, they might see what others are hearing, hi.

The massacre of the English language continues. The dumbing down continues. Proof? Here are a few noted recently. "X-avier" -the X is silent, or "Zavier." "Off-Ten" - the T is silent, or "off-en." "Expecially" -- that is "especially." There's no X in that word. "Those ones" --huh? It's just "those" and not those ones. On the al news station, it was said 6 times "Newports News" in talking of "Newport News." There's no "s" in Newport News. Said six times! The golf game at the "I-ron range"--um, it's "I...," oh forget it! Your editor is not an English major, but my God. I guess too, with radio salaries being what they are, almost happy with the zero-talk music hours! Lastly, there was an interview for "tur-ism" and not the proper "tourism." Anyway, the gist of the interview was "ah, um, and ah, um, and um, um, er.." and after 13 seconds of that, the radio was flipped off!

When not dx'ing, traveling or walking with the dog, a few pages have seen major additions. You might want to check out what life has to offer. If there's no dx, and that happens, there's always something to add here here and here. This really beats watching TV where upwards of 20 minutes per hour is commercials! BTW, Babygirl (the AMerican Fox Hound) and I have now walked 2000+ miles in the 23 months we have been together! God love the absolute true friends of mine who always go out for l o n g walks or to the dog park! Janet put Babygirl & me together and is certainly a friend for life! We've gone through a lot, but friends are friends. Ups, downs, period. Now too, with summer and warmer weather, there's a ton more walking. On this end, I've been blessed with good, decent friendships. Aside, in Milwaukee, the remote was lost several months ago and I haven't watched the crud, called TV since. There's way more to life than watching that pollution invade my space. In the UP, there's TV for the guests that make their way up here. Basically, for me, it's good for the few baseball games watched, I guess. End of editorial, hi.

The DX on the DX-midAMerica.com website basically goes back to 2014. The site has been up since 1997 and to be honest, there have been pages wiped out, things/pages or parts of pages are, and have been lost in cyberspace, etc. Days where the provider has been down and slight and major changes in HTML coding, and really, there's only so much space. Angelfire gets knocked down about 3-4 times a year: hackers usually. Things happen and really, nothing is ever guaranteed. That's in the Terms of Service. On this end, the UP MICHIGAN page was mostly wiped out, the miscellaneous page was mostly obliterated also, and the Services pages. They have all been rebuilt and seem better than ever. There's no guarantee that things/copies/etc cannot be wiped out. Nothing is really guaranteed. That, too, is in the regulations of the provider. From this end, one can go years with nothing happening, then things can/might happen. Cars break, so does plumbing as do websites/pages, and even people wear out. Still, after all this time, this effort is still truckin'!

Again, a very, very sincere thank you to the folks who have made this possible for going on four decades, from that first bulletin in November 1981, and the transformation to the internet in 1997, way ahead of quite a few/most others. Others too started and dropped their efforts. Certainly keeping up with so many changes has been to say the least, interesting. In 1981, there was so post/pre-sunrise authority, as everything was a daytimer or a full time outlet. There was no AM or FM IBOC, AM stereo never caught on, nor did FM Quad. Remember that? Then FM translators, TV channel reconfiguration, a few times, multiple station ownership, ownership breakdowns, station clusters are a few examples of the changes that come to mind. In 1981, there was no satellite feeding of formats. In 2001 there were almost no live dj's! All voice tracking or satellite! In 1981, there were still AM Top 40's though they were dying. FM Hot Hits was a few years away. AoR was big on FM. There was 24/7 live radio, believe it or not. No internet, etc. Now, sadly, the local disc jockey is like the do-do bird, save morning drive. The ability of the internet to stream or possibly reshape or redefine radio was something not even dreamed of in 1981. Social media, or so it's called, was not dreamed of yet. A few clubs the editor (me) was in: The San Diego DX club and Speedex, have folded. I have dropped out of (quit) two of the clubs I was in. Loggings sent in over & over were never used, or being told I "reported too much!" Do you really need someone to "like" your dx or tell you it was a good catch? If it was good to you and you liked it, that was good enough! Or, when a prominent dx'er passes away, "(fill in the blank) likes this!" Huh? Other clubs/organizations/sites have died too, and that is sad. There were some good ones! There might be reasons for this. Things might be over my head or things not understood, but that's life...or death. Sad. Still, these are 'the good old days' as they say. There's nobody in this effort named Debbie Downer. The best is ahead! Take it to the bank!