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Wednesday September 9,2020

132 AMDX HOT TIPS were reported in AUGUST! AUGUST for the past few years: 20)132 19)136 18)99 17)133 16)72 15)80. THE BEST AUGUST ON RECORD was 194 in 2000! This was the 86TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips were above average. AVERAGE (74.07) was soundly beaten several times!!! DX'ers in this past month for AMDX: Axelrod, Harris, Kirk, Laskowski, & Rieger were logging rare, and even NEW AMDX in AUGUST! All that can be said is a hearty, hearty THANK YOU! No lack of reporters here, as in several other places, or it several that are not around anymore! And so, AMDX RECORDS have been shattered thusfar, in APRIL MAY JUNE and JULY,2020! WoW!
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AUGUST had some big numbers for page views! "Page Views & Traffic Reports" show the date and page views. First off, the month's high: "Page Views & Traffic Reports:901! This on AUGUST 21st. There were quite a few days with 200+ 300+ 400+ and 500+. If you think nobody is checking out your tips, etc., these numbers prove differently, and one can be proud of the contributions of 200+ people, beginning back in 1981. That is FOUR DECADES of solid dx and good, solid reporters! Thank you all, much more than you could ever, ever know.

Proud to say on AUGUST 16TH & 17TH, there were three reports each day. Had 4 reports on AUGUST 8TH! Freebies out if 100 reports or 5 reporters post in one day! DX-midAMerica freebies are flying out the window! Please consider sending in a dx tip or two. There are a lot of dx'ers out there. You are not alone! Too, this effort has been around for FORTY YEARS! Unlike Facebook groups or other efforts that are torn down after an editor gets tired and bored! This is updated DAILY, not when someone feels like it, when they might have time or if there's nothing else to do! C'mon. Get real! Here's where you can see how many reports are added per day! Too, there's no infighting or arguing here!

AUGUST FMDX: 2020)45 2019:55 2018)124 2017)21 2016)88 2015:233! FMDX was under average. FMDX AVERAGE is AV:119.65. Too, TVDX was reported. There was once a bastion of TVDX, but once things went from analog to digital, you either have dx or you don't! Lots of people don't have that much patience.

DX is LUCK along with going after what is out there! It's trying and trying and trying...a lot!!! I thoroughly enjoy seeing what is accomplished by my dx brethren! Many, many thousands of great catches though the FORTY YEARS of this effort! Sincerely, thank YOU and still, there are new things being added, MONTH AFTER MONTH, YEAR AFTER YEAR and DECADE UPON DECADE! When other people bemoan and complain, you folks are logging and hearing NEW & RARE stuff, not reported elsewhere!!! Believe it!

Please remember, that everything on this website has a reason for being there. If you skip around, there's hundreds of pages. Easy to read. No in-fighting as one can see on several FB pages. It gets old! Like you at your place in life, everyone knows how to run your life better than you. Through the years, a few suggestions have been sent in. One, years ago, was to have an Eastern, Western DX sections. This, from someone who never once sent in a dx tip. There has been something said that a call change from Oregon was not reported. Um, the name is mid-AMerica, thus, the focus on call and format changes from mid-AMerica. Duh. It's not really not that hard to figure out. Is it? Anyhoo, other things/ideas/suggested have been implemented and a serious big thank you to those who have gone the extra mile. Your kindnesses and words have stayed though this effort for decades!

This effort (DX-midAMerica.com) is an effort of love for the hobby. This is the culmination of 50+ years of dxing, FORTY years of this effort, both the bulletin, begun in 1981 and the website, begun in 1997. It is the best that can be done. Check other sites. Efforts that are not updated and are basically message boards, likes or fights/taunts between people, or someone who hijacks a website. Look at how someone hogs a site or is a total "wise ass" in other regards. No shortcuts here are taken, and one gets sick and tired of listening to the crybabies out there, or even idiots. Here you get the satisfaction of accomplishment (a new log, rare log or one you are proud of,) get value, and will not get let down. In doing this daily, you will not be let down. This is cared for very highly. I will dig, and claw, and scratch, and dig more, and every bit of effort for the dx tips, the breakdown of such, the effort and information herein and put that into this effort. Never, do I do not want to come out looking as there's no effort. Never. That is failure. I am not arrogant but I hold disdain for inefficiency and inadequacy. When did mediocrity become the new norm? Be the best you can. People can dish is out but they can't take it. Often times I have wondered if folks like themselves, because of the ways they treat and have disdain for others. I'd never treat a dog like that!

When not dx'ing, traveling or walking with the dog, a few pages have seen major additions. You might want to check out what life has to offer. If there's no dx, and that happens, there's always something to add here here and here. This really beats watching TV where upwards of 20 minutes per hour is commercials! BTW, Baby Girl (the AMerican Fox Hound) and I have now walked 4600+ miles in the 3+ years we have been together! God love the absolute true friends of mine who always go out for l o n g walks or to the dog park! Janet put Baby Girl & me together and is certainly a friend for life! We've gone through a lot, but friends are friends. Ups, downs, period. Now too, with summer and warmer weather, there's a ton more walking, and the weeks of cold will be made up. She loves to walk! On this end, I've been blessed with good, decent friendships. Aside, in Milwaukee, the remote was lost several months ago and I haven't watched the crud, called TV since. There's way more to life than watching that pollution invade my space. In the UP, there's TV for the guests that make their way up here. Basically, for me, it's good for the few baseball games watched, I guess. End of editorial, hi.

The DX on the DX-midAMerica.com website basically goes back to 2014. The site has been up since 1997 and to be honest, there have been pages wiped out, things/pages or parts of pages are, and have been lost in cyberspace, etc. Days where the provider has been down and slight and major changes in HTML coding, and really, there's only so much space. Angelfire gets knocked down about 3-4 times a year: hackers usually. Things happen and really, nothing is ever guaranteed. That's in the Terms of Service. On this end, the UP MICHIGAN page was mostly wiped out, the miscellaneous page was mostly obliterated also, and the Services pages. They have all been rebuilt and seem better than ever. There's no guarantee that things/copies/etc cannot be wiped out. Nothing is really guaranteed. That, too, is in the regulations of the provider. From this end, one can go years with nothing happening, then things can/might happen. Cars break, so does plumbing as do websites/pages, and even people wear out. Still, after all this time, this effort is still truckin'!

Again, a very, very sincere thank you to the folks who have made this possible for going on four decades, from that first bulletin in November 1981, and the transformation to the internet in 1997, way ahead of quite a few/most others. Others too started and dropped their efforts. Certainly keeping up with so many changes has been to say the least, interesting. In 1981, there was so post/pre-sunrise authority, as everything was a daytimer or a full time outlet. There was no AM or FM IBOC, AM stereo never caught on, nor did FM Quad. Remember that? Then FM translators, TV channel reconfiguration, a few times, multiple station ownership, ownership breakdowns, station clusters are a few examples of the changes that come to mind. In 1981, there was no satellite feeding of formats. In 2001 there were almost no live dj's! All voice tracking or satellite! In 1981, there were still AM Top 40's though they were dying. FM Hot Hits was a few years away. AoR was big on FM. There was 24/7 live radio, believe it or not. No internet, etc. Now, sadly, the local disc jockey is like the do-do bird, save morning drive. The ability of the internet to stream or possibly reshape or redefine radio was something not even dreamed of in 1981. Social media, or so it's called, was not dreamed of yet. A few clubs the editor (me) was in: The San Diego DX club and Speedex, have folded. I have dropped out of (quit) two of the clubs I was in. Loggings sent in over & over were never used, or being told I "reported too much!" Do you really need someone to "like" your dx or tell you it was a good catch? If it was good to you and you liked it, that was good enough! Or, when a prominent dx'er passes away, "(fill in the blank) likes this!" Huh? Other clubs/organizations/sites have died too, and that is sad. There were some good ones! There might be reasons for this. Things might be over my head or things not understood, but that's life...or death. Sad. Still, these are 'the good old days' as they say. There's nobody in this effort named Debbie Downer. The best is ahead! Take it to the bank!