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Monday July 31, 2017

July 2017 marks the 48th month in a row where we were above average for the number of dx reports (Hot Tips) received. Thanx so much to the reporters who make this possible month after month, and actually, year after year, or really, decade after decade! Thank YOU all so much!

Very, very proud of the fact there were two days with 500+ views. Yikes! Best of the month:
Page Views & Traffic Reports 7/16
Views: 561
Page Views & Traffic Reports 7/30
Views: 554

July FMDX has been slow in coming this year, but still thanks to the great reporters, DX-midAMerica is again, above average in reports, as we were in May and June. August will still see FMDX action, though a bit less than July, of course. Don't know about you, but the AMDX cranks up in late August, though NEW AMDX logs were reported in July! It really happens every year. It's a matter of being in the right place at the right time! Here's a look at 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014:
JULY AV:220.80 JULY HIGH:636('06) JULY LOW:17('82) JULY FMDX DX-midAMerica numbers! Since 1981!

Nice to hear from a few new/returning folk this month. If you are afraid of your name being on the net, you certainly may be AL from BISMARCK, etc. Your e-mail is never, ever forwarded. I do believe in privacy, beyond belief.

The DX-midAMerica.com reporter maps are updated every time there is a new reporter. The FMDX reporter map is for all reporters from 2017. The AMDX reporters map goes from deason to season, or September 2016 thru August, 2017. A new map will be started then. Thanx so much to the reporters who make this effort possible! It is updated daily and has been so since September 3, 1997! DX-midAMerica was in print (newsletter) form, founded in 1981.

On the very last day of the month, thisclose to the end of the month, five reeports from separate folks. If/when there are 5 reports in one day, all five reporters get a freebie! There were 88 reports on Monday July 31st: 72FMDX reports plus 16 AMDX reports. Just shy of 100! Had it been 100, two prizes to each! Your input is appreciated here more that you will ever know. The most and the best reporters are in DX-midAMerica!
Posted 7/31 @ 1340CDT as in 1340 KIJV Huron,SD
Posted 7/31 @ 1240CDT as in 1240 KDDR Devils Lake,ND
Posted 7/31 @ 943CDT as in 94.3 WZZR Stuart, FL -
Posted 7/31 @ 941CDT as in 94.1 WEMX Kentwood. LA
Posted 7/31 @ 740CDT as in 740 KNFL Fargo,ND

The DX on the DX-midAMerica.com website basically goes back to 2014. The site has been up since 1997 and to be honest, there have been pages wiped out, things/pages or parts of pages are, and have been lost in cyberspace, etc. Days where the provider has been down and slight and major changes in HTML coding, and really, there's only so much space. Angelfire gets knocked down about 3-4 times a year: hackers usually. Things happen and really, nothing is ever guaranteed. On this end, the UP MICHIGAN page was mostly wiped out, the miscellaneous page was mostly obliterated also. There's no guarantee that things/copies/etc cannot be wiped out. Noting is really guaranteed. That, too, is in the regulations of the provider. From this end, one can go years with nothing happening, then things can/might happen. Cars break, so does plumbing as do websites/pages. Still, after all this time, this effort is still truckin'!