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Thursday May 31,2018
MAY 2018 was the 2ND BEST MONTH for MAY HOT TIPS going back to the humble beginning of this effort in 1981! 90+ HOT TIPS were reported! Best May was 127 HOT TIPS in 2002. Too, this was the 58TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average and this MAY beat all MAY's back to 2002, AND the AVERAGE (36.11) was, obviously doubled quite soundly! Not bad! All reporters in this effort have always reported dx and not the same station weak after week after week. That gets old, quick. A sincere thank you to the folks who are kind enough to send in their DX TIPS, both AM and FM. And...the site has been updated daily since 1997! Daily!

Quite happy to note that, for whatever reason, on several days in May, upwards of 500 page visits. This happened on five days in the past month. Must have a lot of interest in this dying medium of radio, hi. Still, quite thankful for those who have checked out the effort. Either that, or for lack of DX, they might see what others are hearing, hi.

Thank you to the following for reporting your AMDX/FMDX HOT TIPS in the past month: Eric Berger, John J Rieger and Tom Sanders. Folks were logging NEW stuff! Want NEW? It's up to you! Reporters from Michigan and Wisconsin this past month. Thank you sincerely! Certainly, it is not the level of December, but really this hobby can last all year if you want the dx that bad!

WHODA THUNK? The Winner's Circle Survey was first published May 30th, 1969. Gosh. Back then, this 16-year-old kid was dx'ing, in love with Top40 radio, loved baseball and buses. 49 years later, retired and still like those same things! Life is interesting and life is good, and oh yes, the DX is still there. Best thing is, even 20, 30, 40 years ago, people were saying AM radio was dead. Well, if we are all looking at these pages in ten years, and AM radio is still here, what can be said? Seriously, DX-midAMerica has been here since 1981 and after moving from paper to the internet in 1997, still here. This (AM radio dying) is kinda like watching the 97-year old who just passed away and saying "I told you they were gonna die." Wait until the death, shed the crocodile tears, then fight over the money! Pathetic. BACK TO THE HITS, as somebody used to say... the chart began as 16 songs plus3 hit-bounds and in 1979 went to 17 songs and 3 hit-bounds, though has fluctuated to as low as 13 songs and no hit-bounds. One thing for sure: songs in 2018 sure stay on the charts for a l-o-n-g time. Was never that way in 1969. Of course then, there was constant new product (3-10 new songs a week) in addition to radio's 20-30-40 song charts...or less. IE:KFYR Torrid Twenty, WGRD Big 30 or WABC's Top 7+7 Music Power Survey. Most/some AM's correlated the chart number with dial position. IE: WZUU Top 29 (1290) WOKY Fine 9+20 (920) or WLS Top 8+9 (890). EVEN MORE from a recent e-mail. "I got a package of vintage stickers last week from a collector. Among the contents was a sticker "WINNER plays favorites! 98 FM". Any idea where that's from? lol." Anyone who knows me knows that story, hi.

The JULY TARGETS were slapped up before JUNE 1st. Actually, it was May 25th! Not bad! Over 600 logs for the Twilight, OWL SRS/SSS, the FM Twin Targets of Utah FM's heard, Texas FM's heard, AM target freqs, FM target frequency, and the target states of Nebraska and West Virginia! That's a lot of DX'ing, a lot of coffee and a lot of reporting! Thank you all so much!

When not dx'ing, traveling or walking with the dog, a few pages have seen major additions. You might want to check out what life has to offer. If there's no dx, and that happens, there's always something to add here here and here. This really beats watching TV where upwards of 20 minutes per hour is commercials! BTW, Babygirl (the AMerican Fox Hound) and I have now walked 1700+ miles in the 21 months we have been together! God love Janet, a friend of mine for 50 years, who brought us together! Janet is certainly a friend for life! We've gone through a lot, but friends are friends. Ups, downs, period. Now too, with summer and warmer weather, there's a ton more walking.

The DX on the DX-midAMerica.com website basically goes back to 2014. The site has been up since 1997 and to be honest, there have been pages wiped out, things/pages or parts of pages are, and have been lost in cyberspace, etc. Days where the provider has been down and slight and major changes in HTML coding, and really, there's only so much space. Angelfire gets knocked down about 3-4 times a year: hackers usually. Things happen and really, nothing is ever guaranteed. That's in the Terms of Service. On this end, the UP MICHIGAN page was mostly wiped out, the miscellaneous page was mostly obliterated also, and the Services pages. They have all been rebuilt and seem better than ever. There's no guarantee that things/copies/etc cannot be wiped out. Nothing is really guaranteed. That, too, is in the regulations of the provider. From this end, one can go years with nothing happening, then things can/might happen. Cars break, so does plumbing as do websites/pages, and even people wear out. Still, after all this time, this effort is still truckin'!

Again, a very, very sincere thank you to the folks who have made this possible for going on four decades, from that first bulletin in November 1981, and the transformation to the internet in 1997, way ahead of quite a few/most others. Others too started and dropped their efforts. Certainly keeping up with so many changes has been to say the least, interesting. In 1981, there was so post/pre-sunrise authority, as everything was a daytimer or a full time outlet. There was no AM or FM IBOC, AM stereo never caught on, nor did FM Quad. Remember that? Then FM translators, TV channel reconfiguration, a few times, multiple station ownership, ownership breakdowns, station clusters are a few examples of the changes that come to mind. In 1981, there was no satellite feeding of formats. In 2001 there were almost no live dj's! All voice tracking or satellite! In 1981, there were still AM Top 40's though they were dying. FM Hot Hits was a few years away. AoR was big on FM. There was 24/7 live radio, believe it or not. No internet, etc. Now, sadly, the local disc jockey is like the do-do bird, save morning drive. The ability of the internet to stream or possibly reshape or redefine radio was something not even dreamed of in 1981. Social media, or so it's called, was not dreamed of yet. A few clubs the editor (me) was in: The San Diego DX club and Speedex, have folded. I have dropped out of (quit) two of the clubs I was in. Loggings sent in over & over were never used, or being told I "reported too much!" Do you really need someone to "like" your dx or tell you it was a good catch? If it was good to you and you liked it, that was good enough! Or, when a prominent dx'er passes away, "(fill in the blank) likes this!" Huh? Other clubs/organizations/sites have died too, and that is sad. There were some good ones! There might be reasons for this. Things might be over my head or things not understood, but that's life...or death. Sad. Still, these are 'the good old days' as they say. There's nobody in this effort named Debbie Downer. The best is ahead! Take it to the bank!