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Saturday September 30,2017

SEPTEMBER 2017 is month #50 in a row where AMDX reports were above average for number of reports. SEP AV:130.65 HI:312('01),LO:41('84) SEP'2016:199 The HIGH was 312 reports in 2001. In 2016, there were 199 HOT TIPS. Thankfully, this effort is nowhere near 41 from 1984. The DX is only getting better!
SEPTEMBER 2017 FMDX was ABOVE AVERAGE, even doing better than lackluster August, and September 2016!
SEP AV:58.95 HI:223('08),LO:3('99) SEP 2016:47 NOW:82
What is kinda funny, is some sites will have one or three reporters or no reporters, and so you can all be proud of your accomplishments.

A few new pages have been added in the last few months. The Political Unit Page is updated monthly, and you can see, at a glace, where the AMDX is coming from. Also the Pea-Shooters page has been added. rebroadcasters, repeaters, LPFMs are listed here and they are a rather recent bonus or hindrance in the DX community.

Local Channel Tally:(freq/# of reports) 9'16-8'17 shows the tracking of GYDX from September 2016 thru August 2017. 1230:40 1240:59 1340:20 1400:21 1450:30 1490:22 logs. That info, going back to 2001, is listed here. Lotta neat stuff!

Missed this last month. On the Can-AM page, information on 30+ FM stations was added, thanks to the good reporting found here on this site. Thanx to all!
The DX on the DX-midAMerica.com website basically goes back to 2014. The site has been up since 1997 and to be honest, there have been pages wiped out, things/pages or parts of pages are, and have been lost in cyberspace, etc. Days where the provider has been down and slight and major changes in HTML coding, and really, there's only so much space. Angelfire gets knocked down about 3-4 times a year: hackers usually. Things happen and really, nothing is ever guaranteed. On this end, the UP MICHIGAN page was mostly wiped out, the miscellaneous page was mostly obliterated also. There's no guarantee that things/copies/etc cannot be wiped out. Noting is really guaranteed. That, too, is in the regulations of the provider. From this end, one can go years with nothing happening, then things can/might happen. Cars break, so does plumbing as do websites/pages. Still, after all this time, this effort is still truckin'!