Michigan Hot List

    Welcome to the Michigan HOT-List! Information on our HOT Lists is solely based on FCC data, plus your reports to DX-midAMerica.com. When you report, that info filters down to our HOT Lists so it helps others with their rare dx! It's in this smaller type format so you can print off a copy for your next vacation!
    Information on the MI Hot-list is divided into two areas: The upper peninsula (AM-FM) and the lower peninsula (AM only).
Road trips from the 1980's are included now. You can look at this page and see actual dates from notes written then and transcribed into DX-midAmerica dx bulletin. I have every bulletin and every logging and these would verify slogans, formats and the like. Your comments and additions/comments are always welcome.
    Vacationing+living in the UP is a treat! Nice lakes, plenty of hills and good people. A nice place to visit and live! I've gone up there ever since the mid '70's and still go back every 2-4 weeks year round. I've never gotten tired of this area. Favorite places: L'Anse, Marquette and Houghton-Hancock along with St. Ignace/Mackinac Island/Mackinaw City (in the lower peninsula.)

    Slogans are listed along with formats where known. "&" denotes satellite programming.

NEW! 11/11/17
106.1 W291CJ Marquette. All Christmas. gift106.com/ WQXO AM1400 Munising True Oldies Channel Logo 150x57 Pixels

UP AM Listing by frequency:
590 WJMS Ironwood, OLD C&W(&ABC"Real") "US59-Real Country" CBS:00
TIDBIT:8-'78 log had AdCon and NBC news on the hour.
TIDBIT: In 11-71 this was AdCon, "Country60" in10-82, C&W in 6-'77 log, satellite OLDIES in 1-'87 log as "AM 60 WCHT". //106.3 Mar'17
680 WDBC Escanaba, NOS:MYL
TIDBIT: In 5-'70 I have this as Top40, in 77 it was AdCon, Oldies in late 90's and News-Talk in 2001.
f:AC OLD:6-98
920 WMPL Hancock 1000/206 TLKd/SPO:CBS/n/SatSun FOX:OO PACKERS
n:57 f:82:nx REL:5-85 :00 SPO:1on1Sports :01 Talkd/SPOn 4/16:+SPO/CBS dropping Yahoo
940 WIDG St. Ignace, REL//WTCK +100.7 W264CF[WLVM]
TIDBIT:Anyone remember the slogan in early 1970's "Widge at the bridge?" In '68 it was AdCon as "Radio 94" and "Cool 94" with satellite oldies in '96. Top40 in 12-'70 logging! Top40 again '85-'88
970 WZAM Ishpeming, SPO:ESPN 24h [WUPY WMVN]
n:57 ESPNUP.com/ +93.3 W227CJ
TIDBIT: Old slogans "AM 97", "Y97" in '81 with HotAC format, In 83/84 they were WMVN //Q107, going back to WUPY in 8-84. WMVN:8-87 REL:4-88, Later went Contemp Christian then WZAM and All-News format, then SPO:ESPN once AP News format folded. Adds xlator Jul'13
1230 WFER Iron River Cl HITS ABC:00 24h [WIKB]
TIDBIT:Top40 in 6-'71 logging. Every town had their own live Top40 then. Remember? Also one of the better oldies stations when they did oldies!
f:C&W:84-88 f:OLD:89-05 f:SoftAC:05 OLD 5/06 f:NOS& 11-07 TALK:7-10 Cl HITS:9-15 calls:4-10
TIDBIT 10-87 99.3 WIKB-FM C&Wd/Top40n//WIKB-AM
1230 WSOO Sault Ste. Marie, AC-OLDd/TLKn ABC:00 + TIGERS "Radio Soo"
1240 WIAN Ishpeming //1320 WJPD [WJPD] Talk,SPO:FOX TIGERS
TIDBIT: Calls=Ishpeming And Negaunee (serves Western Marquette county)
1320 WDMJ Marquette News-Talk //1240 WIAN. ABC:00 LIMBAUGH, SPO:FOX TIGERS
TIDBIT: Various formats from logbook: HotAC 80-83. News Talk in '83. Remember ABC's TalkRadio? Classic Rock in 1987, NOS in '91 and current talk format in late 90's.
f://WIAN TALKd/SPO:Yahoo/n 3-98
1340 WAGN Menominee TALK CBS:00
TIDBIT:In 8-'78 logging, station was AdCon, but noted with oldies in '80
f:Top40 OLD TALK 7-99:NOS(WW1) f:OLD 4-07 TALK 1'09
1400 WCCY Houghton +99.3 W257CZ Houghton 250W HotAC&WW1 TIGERS-LIONS-RED WINGS-FINDLANDIA ABC:00 [WHDF]
TIDBIT:In 6-'85 log,stn was c&w C&W:3-84 added 99.3FM 8/14
liveC&W:10-86, NOS& 3-98, +ESPNo6-98 -ESPN4-09, HotAC 6/17
WCCY 11-87 was 24/7 live! MrNorm in AM drive
1400 WKNW Sault Ste. Marie SPO:ESPN
n:90 "KNW" was "for those in the KNoW" as opposed to then sister "YES-FM."
WQXO AM1400 Munising True Oldies Channel Logo 150x57 Pixels
1400 WQXO Munising, OLD(WW1)& wqxo.com
TIDBIT:In 7-'79 logging, station was "Music Radio WQXO"//98.3WQXO 5-83:AC&. '86Hrs:6a-940pmELT
1450 WMIQ Iron Mountain News-Talkd/SPO:Fox/n+SAT+SUN TIGERS
TIDBIT:In 1980 station was a small town hot-rockin' Top40 and I can still remember the jock at night saying "soon to be AM stereo! WMIQ" They faded out 6 miles out of town and never went stereo. Various Formats:C&W 1971, Top40 Oct'77, 10-82:ACd,Top40n, Old, automatedC&W:85, NOS '86-92, TALK '95
1450 WNBY Newberry, OLD C&W(Waitt&) TIGERS
TIDBIT: I certainly remember WNBY FM/AM rockin Top40 in the mid'80's.8-86hrs:6a-10pmCLT//FM 10-86 WNBY goes AC on bird
1490 WTIQ Manistique OLD C&W "1490 the Maverick" ABC:00
TIDBIT: Formats from editors logbook: Top40 6-'71, C&W 9-82, Oldies '86, Satellite AC in 94, NOS then oldies format in '5-97. SatOLD(JRN) 3-'06 and ClassicTop40 in 12/09 11/15:OLD C&W

FM Listing:
88.3 WKIW Ironwood Cont CHR "K-Love" [WLVM]
88.3 WKPK Michigamme Cont CHR "SmileFM"
88.5 WOAS Ontonagon, OLD, AdCon
88.7 WGKZ-LP Quinesec-Iron Mountain-Kingsford Cl HITS "88-7 the Rebel"
88.9 WCRR Manistique CCM "K-Love"// [89.7 WAZP]
89.3 WSHN Munising Munising-Marquette and 90.5 WPFF WI Sturgeon Bay-Green Bay
89.3 WSHN Munising Munising-Marquette CCM "K-Love"
//88.9 WCRR MI Manistique and 90.5 WPFF WI Sturgeon Bay-Green Bay [89.7] [WAZP]
89.9 WHWG Trout Lake GOS//95.7WHWL,98.1WEUL
90.1 WNMU Marquette NEWS, Classical, NPR
90.1 WLSO Sault Ste. Marie ALT
90.3 WUMI Newberry cp, not on air yet
90.9 WUPJ Escanaba REL "Strong Tower Radio"
91.1 WGGL Houghton, NewsTALK
91.5 WVCM Iron Mountain REL:VCY
91.5 WUPX Marquette ALT
91.5 WJOH Raco Cont CHR "SmileFM"
91.9 WMTU Houghton ALT
92.3 WJPD-FM Ishpeming, C&W
92.7 WRPP MI Manistique 6000w@171' ClROCK//WRUP [WPIQ 99.9]
c:WRPP 4-13 f:6-13
93.1 WIMK Iron Mountain, Classic Rock& "93Rock"
TIDBIT:In 1983 station was "Stereo 93 Country" after beginning as beautiful music. Later was "All Hit 93", "K93FM" or "K93" in 1-85 notes and later went/stayed with AoR format.
in 1-85 legal id was "WIMK Iron Mountain-Kingsford-Norway-Escanaba-Marquette"

93.5 WKMJ Hancock AC& "Mix 93"[WZRK WMPL-FM]
TIDBIT: Called "Z93" in Top40 days, 82-85, when co-owned w/WMQT. Taconite B'cstng then.
n:66 f:82:Top40 10-86:&HotAC OLD, CCM, SPO//AM, &HotAC c:WKMJ 8-13-01 AC& 6/17
93.9 WNBY-FM Newberry [93.5, 93.7] Classic Hits/OLD "Oldies93"
94.1 WUPK Marquette, classic Rock& //WIMK Iron Mountain "94Rock"
94.3 WZNL Norway AdultTop40 "Star 94.3" [WJAU WNWY] calls:Northern Lights
TIDBIT: Began as "Northern Lights" w/LightAC [wzNL]
95.1 WUPN Paradise-Sault Ste. Marie [94.7] Cl HITS radioeagle.com/
95.7 WHWL Marquette, REL
96.7 WMJT McMillan AdultSHUFFLE
96.7 WUPG Republic-Ishpeming OLD C&W "Maverick 96.7"[WUPZ]
n:7-08 f://8-11 f:3-1-04
97.1 WGLQ Escanaba [WCZY "Cozy 97 later Z97 1979 AdCon] Top40 "Magic 97"
TIDBIT: Began Top40 format in April 1982. From notes it was live 6am-6pm and automated other hours. More "adult," not as "up" as Q107Began as "97GLQ."
97.5 W248BU MI Marquette OLD(WW1)//WQXO "AM 1400 GTO"
97.7 WOLV Houghton,ClHITS:OLD& DGlobal "97-7 The Wolf" local:6-10a 3-6p [WHUH WOLF-FM]
TIDBIT: Remember "Stereo 98" or "Great 98" ('83-91) Remember the CP for 96.3 w/100kw? "super lively morn team" in mid80s
n:80 c:WOLF-FM WHUH WOLF90 WOLV92 f:HotAC(WHUH), Top40(WHUH,WOLF), f:94 HotAC& 10-97:ClROCK& ClHITS& 6-12:ClHITS"OLD"
97.9 WIHC Newberry REL [WUPQ]
n:11-87 f:3-1o REL3-'12
98.1 WEUL Kingsford, REL
98.3 WRUP Palmer[WQXO-FM WHCH Munising ] Cl ROCK
TIDBIT: In 1982 "QXO" was a small town sounding Top40 with jingles similcast on 1400AM. 1983 flipped to satellite AdCon. After that Hot Country WHCH was born then oldies product. Went to WRUP calls and Cl ROCK format...current format.
98.3 WCMZ Sault Ste. Mrie EDUC
98.7 WGLI Hancock ROCK
99.1 WIKB Iron River C&W [99.3]
99.3 W257CZ Houghton 250W HotAC&WW1 TIGERS-LIONS-RED WINGS-FINDLANDIA ABC:00 //1400 WCCY Houghton
99.5 WNGE Negaunee OLDies 99.5
99.5 WYSS Sault Ste Marie Top40 "Yes FM" [WSMM]
99.7 WIMI Ironwood ADULT HITS "99-7 the Storm"
100.3 WUPT Guinn-Marquette Cl HITS [WUPF]
100.7 WOBE Crystal Falls-Iron Mountain "100.7 Radio Now"
101.1 WUPY Ontonagon C&W "Y101, Superior Country" [WONT]
101.5 WJNR Iron Mountain C&W "Frog Country"
101.3 WSUE Sault Ste Marie "Rock 101"
n:78 f:Mor C&W AC 89:Rock
101.9 WKQS Negaunee HotAC Delilah, 80s weekends, "Sunny FM"
102.3 WHKB Houghton-Hancock C&W "K-Bear" [WAAH]
n:96 f:AC f:98 C&W
102.3 WTHN Sault Ste. Marie REL, CCM, REL Teaching "Promise FM"
102.5 WCMM Gulliver "Country Moose" [94.7] [WTIQ-FM]
103.3 WFXD Marquette C&W "103 FXD" [WRUP, WUUN] [100.1]
Freq ch:85, f:85 Hot AC 90:OLD 10:C&W.
Moved from 100.1 to 103.3 as WRUP-"We'Re up on the UP" HotAC As OLDIES WFXD "Fox103" it was owned by Kris Eric Stevens of WLS, an Ishpeming native!
103.7 WHYB Menominee [WCJL-FM] [106.3 103.9]
n:84 Top40 92:C&W :07 AC :08 OLD
104.3 WVCN Baraga REL:VCY AMerica [WBUM WAUH]
104.7 WYKX Escanaba "Kicks" [WFNN]
n:77 c:82 Top40, :82 C&W
105.5 WGKL Gladstone-Escanaba "Kool 105.5" Cl HITS
105.7 WCUP L'Anse C&W "Eagle Country"
106.1 W291CJ Marquette. All Christmas. gift106.com/
106.3 WMXG Stephenson-Escanaba "Maverick" OLD C&W
n:00 f:Top40 f:06 Cl HITS 12:SILent 17:OLD C&W
106.7 WHTO Iron Mountain Cl HITS "The Mountain"
106.9 WUPM Ironwood Top40
n:78 Author remembers as "U107" in '78
107.3 WUPF Powers-Escanaba "Eagle"
n:9/08 f:Adult HITS Cl HITS 2/17:Cl ROCK
107.7 WMQT Ishpeming-Marquette HotAC "Q107" [107.1 107.5]
n:71 fr:99

The lower part of the page was wiped out earlier in 2017. Information had to be re-entered. The Lower Peninsula AM RADIO listings were wiped out as well, of couse. They will be added at will...slowly and are not a high priorority of the editor.
1200 WMUZ Taylor-Detroit TALK //103.5 WMUZFM wmuz.com/
1360 WKYO Caro OLD C&W