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Welcome to our attempt at clearing a few things up. UNIDS, I mean! These UNIDS were reported to DX-midAMerica and if you have ANY idea what they are, please drop a note! The most recent UNIDS are added at the top with the oldest being retained for ONE YEAR. With over 500 pages on the DX-midAMerica website, I don't know how many folks will stumble on this page. However, please help if you can. To this date, since September '98, THIRTY-SEVEN have been positively id'ed from these pages. Great work!
Freq, reception...

AMazing Mysteries/Unidentified AMDX for November 2014
540 UNID 11/23 1556 P with emotional preacher. Kept going on after TOH! Lost by :04. EB-MI
780 UNID 11/12 0601 P in tight WBBM null. 60s instrumental, nothing. Music resumed :04. ??? JJR-MI
1030 UNID 11/11 1355-1415 spoken SS in WUFL null, over/under WBZ. No ID heard. Not WNVR. Possibly WWGB-DC or WGSF-TN. Both would be new at this QTH TS-MI2
1230 UNID 11/26 0736 P long fades. C&W. Local host "low tonite 10-16" Never said calls ever. Lost :45.JJR-MI
1340 UNID 11/13 1619 Popped in with 'AM 1340, WILE' into mx, and out. I don't think it was WIZE, as this didn't sound like C&W. Caught me by surprise! Lost. EB-MI
1350 UNID 11/23 1731 P toward south with Retro Country USA, national ads, lost. EB-MI
1380 UNID 11/13 1935 P, faded up toward south with SRN nx, two ads, into what sounded like Christian AC mx. Lost during second record to WMTD/Westwood One station mix. EB-MI
1450 UNID 11/11 1900 P fading in/out and of course out at LID time. WRLL Cicero my guess. JJR-MI

August,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1300 UNID 8/18 0502 P NBC Sports Radio content. One is WJYP-WV. Dunno. I'm sure something else might have changed which is closer, and more probable. JJR-WI
1300 UNID 8/20 0539 P o/u others. Disney in, no WOOD. JJR-WI

July,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:

June,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1340 UNID 6/14 2103 P but up/down thru 30 mins. OLDies format incl Good Lovin/Rascals, Life Is A Rock/Reunion and Green Eyed Lady/Sugarloaf. Cannot figure who this is. Will check again. JJR-MI
1580 UNID 6/13 0500 P w/ ESPN programming, /Mike & Mike, but just missing the LID, dunno who that was/is. Over CKDO for a few minutes. Lost. JJR-MI

May,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
No UNIDs were added this month.

April,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
No UNIDs were added this month.

March,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
No UNIDs were added this month.

February,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
940 UNID 2/9 0718 P "AM 940 the Legens W???" into 5 mins of national ads. Of course tape rn out, so I couldn't listen to and replay. Nothing matches. Was not GX-94. JJR-MI
1120 UNID 2/15 0620 P in tight KMOX null. SS music. 3 songs in a row, no slogans, no nothing as KMOX was getting stronger and stronger. Everything points to WBBF Buffalo,NY, but no ids mean remains UNID, sadly.JJR-WI
1140 UNID 2/17 1813 P w/NOS “America’s Best Music” from Westwood One off bird. JB-WI
1430 UNID 2/16 1656 P with C&W mx. Switched records without saying anything at :01! Thinking perhaps relog WDIC, but no idea. Lost.EB-MI
1450 UNID 2/13 1808 Faded in and out with looping message "Tonight's NCAA Basketball game has been moved to Sports 4." Gave phone number for Westwood One. EB-MI
1490 UNID 2/13 1735 Classic Hits ("Take My Breath Away" - Berlin, etc.) mixing with WERE. Was hoping for WOHI, but I'll never know! Lost. EB-MI
1570 UNID 2/21 0700 P tho steady/atop freq. End of REL show. short "beep-beep" tone, "This is the ??? Broadcasting Network" & music bed...NO LID into "Your Story Hour" children's Bible show. JJR-MI

January,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1230 UNID 1/12 0642 P "MT, Montana State,.....Shelby...Westminster....e-mail us at .....com" IN/out 6 minutes. Lost to UNID OLDies/NOS outlet. I will never know what this was, but will always try again. JJR-MI
1280 UNID 1/23 0904 P Crock Rock/Elton John (OLDies) Lost JJR-MI
1280 UNID 1/23 0911 P FOX Sports content. No idea. Lost. JJR-MI
1310 UNID 1/23 0902 P Best of My Love/Emotions (OLDies) lost to CIWW. Help! JJR-MI

December,2013 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
830 UNID 12/8 1815 F in WCCO null. All I ever got was Este Es...w/bouncy SS songs. No go. JJR-WI
940 UNID 12/8 1950 Vp OLDies stn in o/60 mins. Songs by 3 Dog Night, Wilson Pickett, Turtles, Stevie Wonder. Very quick jingle @:40. IF there was a disc jockey, I couldn't tell. Way behind WMAC. Seemed SW from here. WGRP-PA? KTFS-TX? KMER-WY? Stumped in So.Milwaukee. JJR-WI
1000 UNID 12/20 0718 P mostly thru :54. REL content songs, "Holy Ghost" "Ave Maria" "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" slower songs. Not one word, stn mention, etc. Song after song after song for 30+ minutes. Faded out, of course, for LID. No KXRB. KTOK chimed in @:51. WMVP nulled. Lost in L'Anse. JJR-MI
1180 UNID 12/8 1859 P steady in WHAM null. News at TOH with 3 note into. Lasted 3 mins. In for 90 mins off/on. Music basically. NO chatter, talking, nothing. SS formatted. JJR-WI
1190 UNID 12/1 1733 P SS weak in WOWO null. "Este es..." Dunno. JJR-WI WMEJ-MS? EB-MI
1380 UNID 12/1 1743 P very bouncy SS mx, YL with short slogan into next song. Stumped. JJR-WI WHEN-TN? EB-MI
1450 UNID 12/17 1645 Vp in pile with "Santa Claus Is Coming" - Jackson 5, "1450 WBMO" at the end. Lost. Thought maybe unneeded WTBO but playlist doesn't match. EB-MI

November,2013 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
990 UNID 11/12 2012 Tape 021 has Spanish, probably Mexico. Same on Tape 023 at :23.SC-BR
990 UNID 11/26 0727 P -bouncy SS music. This has been noted often enough in past month and hopefully will one day be figured out. Probably not new, but will be nice to figure out I guess. JJR-MI
1010 UNID 11/24 0654 P ESPN Content: promo after promo after promo. KSIR or WJXL? I suspect KSIR. JJR-MI
1280 UNID 12/24 091 P weak C&W. Lost @:19 when someone powers up. Needed KCNI-NE? JJR-MI
1350 UNID 11/25 1549 P -while listening to KDIO, heard FF man/woman chatting until faded. Lated about 3 minutes. QC would be nice! JJR-MI

October,2013 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
610 UNID 10-17 0648 P with long fades, AC/OLD mix and possible news at :59. I've written station with details awaiting word if it was them I heard. Possibly CHTM-MB. Awaiting response, which bounced back two times. 2 songs were Can content. JJR-MI
900 UNID 10-14 0601 P Fox Sports, just missing a LID here and mins later this was wiped out by XEW! Possible Savannah or new affil? JJR-WI
1440 UNID 10-21 0717 P -commodities for 7 minutes. A ".com" ad was too weak. I'll check out 384 prefix on ph number. No area code, of course. Certainly not WNFL KDIZ WJJL or WROK. At a loss on this one. JJR-MI
1510 UNID 10-16 1907 P in nice fade up. Host talking of car breaking down and "coming in today from Death Valley....driving to the station...I was in Sun City....at the corner of 6th & Lincoln...." and listened until fade out, hoping for about 10 minutes. Needed KFNN-Arizona? Will never know I guess. JJR-MI

September,2013 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1410 UNID 9-11 0550 F upon tune in, "Fox Sports Radio 1410" into chatter. KGSO,WPOP or KDKT, all un-needed. Was chasing classic hits stn which I never was able to nail down. JJR-MI
1590 UNID 9-27 2042 Poor under WCSL with HSFB. Unable to make much out EB-MI
1600 UNID 9-27 2004 Faded up in WAAM null with Catholic Rosary, lost. EB-MI

AUGUST,2013 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1360 UNID 8-23 2010 P - fading in and out mixing with WSAI with R&B mx, faded at ends of records. EB-MI
1410 UNID 8-28 0549 P w/Cowsills song, uptempo jock and "your radio station" which I never found out what it was, hi. Jock presentaion suggested OLDies vs NOS. Certainly not a classic hits stn, hi. JJR-MI

JULY,2013 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
none this month

JUNE,2013 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
none this month

MAY,2013 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
none this month

APRIL,2013 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1310 UNID 4-25 2047 P toward south with SS: mx and OM DJ. Might be WTIK; as Irecall, I think they're SS. EB-MI
1350 UNID 4-25 2002 Faded in and out toward SSW with America's Best Music, seemed to be raw feed as dead air where IDs should have been. Gave up after :00. EB-MI

MARCH,2013 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
540 UNID 3-4 1753 P with C&W Gospel, lost. EB-MI
650 UNID 3-19 0645 P -no WSM. Only a clear SS w/"Buenos Dias" by M. Too weak. JJR-MI
930 UNID 3-19 0640 F loud SS! Male/female chatter lost to WLBL. Fade up into ad @:41. WKY? JJR-MI
1430 UNID 3-22 0621 P steady to fade out at :48. 4 songs (C&W) and finally "that was Dwight Yokum" right into Buffalo Wildwings, Carfax ads, "sun today & a high of 30-35" then Community Spotlight "at 8:15" Farm show, John Deere ad, cottonseed, commodity prices, 1-800-221-3089 which shows squat, Greg Miller (many farmers named such!) more commodities and finally lost at :48. No calls were ever, ever said! In 30+ minutes! Wow! Educated guesses: WFHK-AL WRMG-AL JJR-MI
1450 UNID 2-21 2000 P in for 20 mins w/Rumour Has It/Adele, Your Body Is A Wonderland/John Mayer, "when you need to know, CBS nx, Last Dance/Donna Summer, ???/Hootie & Blowfish. Music might fit a "TESH" like show. would fade out after chasing 20 mins. Lost. Still, I remember hearing an UNID on 1450 w/Who Knew/Pink months ago. Me thinks same outlet. JJR-MI

FEBRUARY,2013 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1460 UNID 2-23 1812 P in CJOY w/Rosary. Lost in 2 mins. JJR-MI

JANUARY,2013 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
940 UNID 1-25 2011 P -How Do You Do/Mouth&McNeil @:11, long fade and then Magnet&Steel/Walter Egan @:26, lost then then GX94. I am 99.44/100% sure this was KMER Kemmerer,WY as I cannot think of anything else remotely close. Still, not good enough. Music is fed by Cumulus:Classic Hits,which 97.7 WOLV runs up here. These songs would fit format! Will try again tonight. This hobby is frustrating, hi! JJR-MI
1340 UNID 1-21 1603 P with ad, 'Today's Best Country,' toward SE. Calls sounded like _MSR or something similar. Lost. EB-MI
1350 UNID 1-21 1753 P w/'This Kiss' by Faith Hill, lost. No clue who this could be. EB-MI
1370 UNID 1-14 0617 Vp in way behine WSPD w/Fox Sports sounder. Chattanooga? 50kw WQLL? Never know here. JJR-WI

DECEMBER,2012 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1020 UNID 12-18 1640-1645 Talk, lost at abrupt sign off or power change in mid sentence at 1645. BM-WI
1120 UNID 12-2 0713 Vp -weak in KMOX null. Male singer/crooner, lost after 4 seconds. So unusual to hear any sliver of anything on 1120. JJR-WI
1210 UNID 12-3 0634 F almost in way o/KGYN. In for 15 mins and lost. Not noted since. JJR-WI
1460 UNID 12-2 0558 P in slop with C&W mx, lost. Also heard on way to work around this time Sat morning. Channel devolved to GY-like pile by TOH this morning, so no idea. EB-MI
1490 UNID 12-1 0625 P SS chatter in/out, lost forever. JJR-MI

NOVEMBER,2012 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
530 UNID 11-21 2245 Instrumental Beatles songs. Costa Rica? Cuba? BM-MI
600 UNID 11-17 1500 ESPN Desportes blasting in.BM-WI
920 UNID 11-7 1757 w/mentions of Finger Lakes, "between the lakes" and possibly Auburn. Maybe WYBY-Cortland, N.Y., which is nearby but seems unlikely at this time.  KDF-IL
1040 UNID 11-1 2257 P u/WHO with soft mx, could have been WKTI but don't know. Lost.EB-MI
1190 UNID 11-18 1624 Religion in WOWO null, mixing with KQQZ. Lost at 1630. Possibly Sun Prairie. I'll try again tomorrow. BM-MI
1210 UNID 11-17 1615 Spanish, music and talk, sounded like religion. A whole lot of "gracias". BM-WI
1230 UNID 11-1 2135 P in slush with football coverage on Westwood One. Lost by second ad. EB-MI
1240 UNID 11-1 2202 P in pile with what sounded like Classical mx; could have been WSBC but unsure.EB-MI
1250 UNID 11-11 1740 P -tight null to hear SS chatter by YL (w/child), lost to WSSP. Again in @:48, phone #s @:50. :53 SS ads and lost. Needed KC? JJR-MI
1340 UNID 11-12 1659 Vp in mud with 'Fox Sports,  AM 1340.' Toward north or south. Was hoping for Petoskey, but this fish got away. EB-MI
1620 UNID 11-23 2230 Music looping east/west, but doesn't match any web stream. BM-WI

OCTOBER,2012 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
580 UNID 10-9 2115 Vp u/CKWW with YL speaking SS.EB-MI
620 UNID 10-28 1837 Vp -weak w/WTMJ nulled well. SPOrts. Hrd last night & this. Zilch. Will try again tomorrow. VT? Would be new. Hoping. JJR-MI
730 UNID 10-28 0722 P -"Robert M. Chenault...." Dial Global Oldies, er, Classic Hits. Chatter and lost to KLOE. Cannot find anyone w/Cl HITS on 730. Lost in L'Anse. JJR-MI
930 UNID 10-15 0653-0704 P steady and then 1-2fades replaced by others. SS chatter by YL. What sounded like ph # and contest :53. No legal ids, other stuff hrd. Lost in L'Anse, JJR-MI
1000 UNID 10-9 2055 Varely audible but alone with SS mx; sounded like Standards. Some sort of jx at :00, into what appeared to be nx or features. Lost.EB-MI
1020 UNID CUBA 10-9 2050 P with Radio Reloj. Also a second SS station mixing at times, sounded like a drama. Also Cuba?EB-MI
1350 UNID 10-23 2009 Vp with C&W mx, OM in promo between records had too soft a voice for me to make anything out. Lost.EB-MI
1360 UNID 10-21 2105 Faded up with veterans' group spot, "Your contributions help the veterans visit our monument in Washington..." Lost. Gave phone number which seemed to be Phoenix. Somehow I doubt it was Glendale, AZ. EB-MI
1390 UNID 10-13 0600 P but steady. In o/30 minutes w/no calls, no LID, etc. So.Gospel. I know of possiblities, but this goes into heap of UNIDs! JJR-MI
1470 UNID 10-29 0903 P and again at :51. No nx on hr, but comedy hrd both times. Certainly not WMBD, KMNQ, WFNT, WBKV. I am at a loss as to who is running comedy on 1470. Must be recent format flip. JJR-MI KWSL-IA id'ed
1490 UNID 10-23 2113 P in pile with Urban Gospel: Preacher. Lost by BOH. Still trying to figure out who this is... EB-MI
1520 UNID 10-21 2207 P toward SW with ESPN stuff, faded at worst times. EB-MI
1540 UNID 10-20 0250 P thru :10. KXEL was running o/c for several hours. During this segment, a sports stn talking of playoffs -ads @:56, a NOS stn and SS. Also, CBS noted @:00. Nothing, no calls, slogans, nothing, but it was a nice dx oppurtunity. JJR-WI
1550 UNID 10-26 1817 Vp with soft guitar mx, almost EZL. Gone at power cut :17. EB-MI
1570 UNID 10-21 2236 Faded up with YL speaking SS. Still stumped on who this is; have caught it a few times but never figured out who it was. EB-MI

SEPTEMBER,2012 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
880 UNID 9-14 1847 P with SS mx, there when WRFD signed off. Lost to WCBS. EB-MI  
1360 UNID 9-18 0631 P with NBC News, ads, spot on upcoming fair 29 September. Lost. Thinking WWOW Conneaut, as OM sounded like one I'd heard there before. EB-MI

AUGUST,2012 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
780 UNID presumed to be KCEG with C&W mx occ. noted way u/superlocal WBBM 8-21 2210. KJME 890 was u/WLS at the same time during very good midband cx to CO. NK-IL
1310 UNID 8-22 2157-2202 when lost u/WIBA. Spanish religous mx and slogan sd/lk "Milagros..... Radio" by soft voiced gal. I'm missing a couple words between Milagros and Radio. Almost certainly something west of me with this antenna and nothing fits and I listened to KKNS stream and it isn't them. NK-IL
1420 UNID 8-24 1937 P u/WHK with Cincinnati Reds. Lost. EB-MI

JULY,2012 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
No new UNIDS for July, 2012

JUNE,2012 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
No new UNIDS for June, 2012

MAY,2012 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
No new UNIDS for May, 2012

APRIL,2012 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1580 UNID 4-9 0700 F o/CKDO w/preacher "the call letters of this radio station" and dropped like a lead balloon! Lost in L'Anse! JJR-MI

MARCH,2012 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1370 UNID 3-8 1920 P w/ACC bball tourney game, Clemson vs VA Tech.  Local break with insurance ad.  Town sounded like Forest-elle or Hartselle. DH-IN  

FEBRUARY,2012 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
740 UNID 2-27 2049 Faded in and out with C&W, nothing said between records, no ID on the hour or anywhere near there; just kept cycling through records. No CFZM! No clue who this could have been. EB-MI
830 UNID 2-9 1721 P with R&B mx, lost. Alone.EB-MI
830 UNID 2-14 1830 P steady o/WCCO. Tom??? 7-10am, Catholic CU ad. Dropped at :30 "Sioux ???" ment. Stumped in So.Milw! JJR-WI
1010 UNID 2-27 2044 P, faded over WHIN a moment with what sounded like C&W mx. Lost. EB-MI
1220 UNID 2-9 0630 Very poor in WCHB's I-HASH with ad for Hannaford Supermarket into Sports nx, lost. Hoping for WZBK Keene, NH but could also be WGNY Newburgh, NY -- either would be new if so. EB-MI
1550 UNID 2-9 1850 P with R&B mx, mixing with pest WDLR. EB-MI  

JANUARY,2012 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
790 UNID 1-25 1623 Vp with SS, unable to understand OM between records. Lost. EB-MI
860 UNID 1-29 1653 Vp with C&W mx, what sounded like "Country. AM 860, The Goose." Lost. EB-MI
1140 UNID 1-5 0134 SS music usually way under WRVA briefly faded up and over. Per check of Net stream, not WQBA. Other possible is WQII; they don't stream and pgm sked on website doesn't cover overnights. PR #2 would be great TS-MI
1550 UNID 1-21 1702 P with College Basketball, ments. Baylor or Taylor. Faded in time for ads.EB-MI

DECEMBER,2011 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
870 UNID 12-1 2355 noticed SS music under WWL; faded up by 2359 w long legal ID mentioning several stns, one in GA. The KHCB (Houston TX) network has SS stns in GA, and also WQRX on 870 in Valley Head AL with no night authorization. Is this WQRX left on overnight? TS-MI 

NOVEMBER,2011 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1340 UNID 11-5 0840 P -detailed forecast w/snow, Hi/low for day, yesterday's high/low by male w/no inflection in voice. Totally deadpan. Into Logical Song/Sumertramp, fade, sweep "1340 K" drop out, "Ricki Don't Lose that Number"/Steely Dan. Same guy talking at :52. Faded out. Wish songs were shorter, hi. Lost until next try, I guess JJR-MI
1600 UNID 11-2 0619 Vp w/True Oldies Channel. Only affil is WTTF Tiffin,Ohio. Still, this isn't enough to have as new. No slogan, local ads, calls. Just couldn't pull it out. WTTF would have be new. Will keep on trying, hi. JJR-MI  

OCTOBER,2011 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
900 UNID 10-25 1646 P in WLS slop interference. Mexican vocals, talk in Spanish. Too early for XEW. Domestic? Who? CR-IL  
1210 UNID 10-20 2139 F with 400 Hz tone toward the south, at times over WPHT. Heard on three different radios. Who is this? EB-MI
1340 UNID 10-28 0600 P w/end of infomercial, 2 secs of silence, possible K... call. Positive I heard Empire. Empire broadcasting? CBS nx. What-izzit? Lost. JJR-MI
1440 UNID 10-10 0640 P Classic C&W mx. songs by Jim Reeves, Osborne Bros. and others, older male DJ, pgm. sponsored by GMC dealer in Winchester, the same Reeves song was heard the very next day, "I Can't Stop Loving You", does anybody have an idea about this station? JB-WI
1590 UNID 10-23 0059 P, faded up with ESPN, lost. Several possibilities. EB-MI   

SEPTEMBER,2011 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:

AUGUST,2011 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
590 UNID oldies here often in evenings..I suspect Albany NY but can't ID it so far as it always fades under WKZO and Toronto. NK-WI
1010 UNID 8-18 0531 "Sonrise morning show", "EWTN", "Sacred Heart Radio", "19 mins b4 the hour", no CFRB. All points to KIHU-UT, but WCKW inLA is EWTN too. Should have been here for TOH. Duh. Either would be new! JJR-MI     [told I did have UT, tho I will not count-JJR]
1540 UNID 8-27 P u/CHIN with lively Mexican music and Spanish talk. SA-MB


JULY,2011 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1450 UNID 7-4 2107 P Pinks "Who Knew". Not an oldies stn. A Hot AC //?. Stumped. JJR-MI

JUNE,2011 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:

MAY,2011 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:

APRIL,2011 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1390 UNID 4-8 2027 Faded up with upbeat R&B mx, quickly faded but heard a ment. of "Old school" between records. Possibly WEED from NC, which was last heard in 1994 here, but there's loads of conflicting information about them. EB-MI  
1710 UNID The Big Q Unknown 4-17 0418 G w/lots of oldies and several The Big Q ID's. Has anyone found out where this station is located? It sure isn’t a Part 15 by the way it gets out. SA-MB

MARCH,2011 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
770 UNID 3-5 0535 Vp u/WABC. Somebody To Love,Jefferson Airplane anf Tighten Up,Archie Bell. No "True Oldies" in GA. Possibly WKFB, but nothing hrd to fade. JJR-WI
1010 UNID 3-1 1735 P toward SSW with Old C&W or C&W Gospel. Lost to WGUN EB-MI

FEBRUARY,2011 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1390 UNID 2-28 1648 P with BASEBALL GAME. Faded by TOH. Couldn't make out any team names. Did a lot of checking, no idea who it could have been. Checked a few likely candidates but Webcasts didn't match. Who would be carrying a baseball game the end of February? EB-MI
1490 UNID 2-26 2155 Faded up over the GY pile with religious talk, and back down into the sea of stations. Rx faced SE or NW. I used to note this from time to time when I was still trying to get WMOA, but I still have no idea on who it might be. On a recheck later I just had a faint ESPN down in the jumble, which I think was WV. EB-MI

JANUARY,2011 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1090 UNID 1-31 2159 & 2259 F in KAAY'S null with programming from Fox Sports Radio, but station completely skipped the legal ID both times.  Discussion on radio-info.com in recent days about this very same unID seems to point to either WAQE (listed as a daytimer, but that means nothing these days) or KVOP as the guilty party.  Perhaps someone in northern Wisconsin or the Texas panhandle can check on these. RD-NE  
1420 UNID 1-30 1801 P very tight null to hear this very bouncy, lively SS outlet. KTOE would take over by :05. Will wonder if this was possible KIGO in needed Idaho. Will wait for another day, I guess. JJR-MI

DECEMBER,2010 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
1140 UNID 12-4 1630 P "Ride Captain Ride", "Love Train", "Lady"/Little River Band, etc. Ads at :41 and :52. No calls hrd ever nor a LID at :00. Been suggested this is KCXL-MO, which would be new, but hopefully next time, they'll insert calls. Have hrd this about a month ago. Same stuff: no calls, etc. JJR-MI
1530 UNID 12-24 0655 P-F Talk pgm. w/two females, ABC nx. w/Karen Chase, then lost. JB-WI
1550 UNID 12-5 1716 P "LiveUnited" psa, NFL Game of the week on "ESPN 1550". No CBE at all! JJR-MI
1570 UNID 12-31 0219 P with C&W mx; signal peak at end of record but of course, went straight into next record. No idea. EB-MI
1570 UNID 12-30 2257 Went from R&B to Country Gospel record. ID on hour given by soft voiced YL, then booming OM says "It is 12:01." OM shoulda given ID! Chased channel the better part of the night, nothing IDed. EB-MI  
1710 UNID 12-8 0238 G fading in and out with oldies music. Hear an ID as "This is where the good music has gone, the Big Q". Anyone have any info on this one? SA-MB

NOVEMBER,2010 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
590 UNID 11-12 0130 sounded like opera and classical. couldn't catch any id. any guesses? BM-WI
710 UNID 11-12 1753 P w/Urban Gospel mixing w/KCMO which was mostly nulled due to turning RF gain halfway down. JB-WI
810 UNID 11-5 1824 F with SS, guessing WMGC Murfreesboro, TN, as gone on later check EB-MI
1060 UNID 11-4 0813 P-long list of nx stories by YL, ads, EWTN programming, but nothing inserted where calls would be. Nice. On return YL spoke of new affil for EWTN, WQOM in "Boston." New WQOM Natlick went on Monday. So either I had WQOM or WILB. I'd bet on WILB, but will never know. Usually WILB will use slogan. JJR-MI
1320 UNID 11-15 2241 P w/Urban Gospel, no calls heard. JB-WI
1340 UNID 11-2 2230 Vp in o/90 mins off/on and not hrd since. What would be best described as Classic Hits: Green Eyed Lady/Sugarloaf, Stumblin' In/Suzy Quatro and Somebody to Love/Jefferson Airplane. I honestly can't think of any possible OLD/ClHITS stns even remotely possible. Nothing jives. JJR-MI
1380 UNID 11-17 1920 F w/Classic Country or country variety. Generic "AM 13-80" ments by M DJ. Heard last Friday night, too. Arab, AL? Brantford ON? DH-IN
1380 UNID 11-17 1954 F-G w/Reg. Mexican but other light SS pop too. Generic "La Musica" ID's. DH-IN
1580 UNID 11-19 P-F "Pickup Country" w/C&W mx. wxcast w/ments of temps 49-58 degrees. JB-WI

OCTOBER,2010 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
530 UNID 10-26 All night. Spanish, with talk and beautiful mx. From what I found online, I'm 99% sure it was Radio Enciclopedia Cuba.BM-WI
1040 UNID 10-17 0635 P-Vp w/Fox sports. 6 mins of non-stop promos into :35 bumper mx where calls should have been. No such luck. WQBB-TN or Team1040 in BC. Loop was facing West, but will never know. JJR-WI
1100 UNID 10-15 2100 OTR or REL drama program.  Ended at :00 but no ID could be heard or none was given.  2300 end of REL show "The Lost Show" (?) with Doctor Lauren Jones (?).  u/WTAM rising to readable on peaks.  DH-IN

SEPTEMBER,2010 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
790 UNID 9-3 2030 P toward the south under WPIC/WQXI with 50s Oldies. No idea on who this could be. EB-MI
1510 UNID 9-10 1902 P to west with Urban Gospel. I suspect it's WWHN Joliet, but my sources have conflicting information -- some say they're silent, others say they're on. EB-MI

AUGUST,2010 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: none
JULY,2010 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: none
JUNE,2010 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: none
MAY,2010 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: none
APRIL,2010 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: none
MARCH,2010 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: none
FEBRUARY,2010 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: 1600 UNID 2-20 1820 Sounded like Vietnamese and heard clearly "American Broadcasting." Internet search indicated could be KRVA TX. SC-IN
JANUARY,2010 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: none
DECEMBER,2009 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: none
NOVEMBER,2009 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
830 UNID 11-5 0000 P u/WCCO w/IRN News and then the Dr. Lauren Rogers show (?). Heard at 0500 too. Always fell at TOH time. IN ALL NIGHT! DH-IN
890 UNID 11-4 1755 LOUD regional mexican station. Of course faded (and WLS played something very bassy) at TOH. Heard some ID but it was in a megaphone and could not determine the slogan. Nothing seems to fit on Barry's website. DH-IN
1170 UNID 11-6 1817 P toward west with Oldies; selections included "If You Could Read My Mind,' 'To Sir With Love,' and a record by the Casinos. Perhaps needed KJOC? EB-MI

OCTOBER,2009 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
690 UNID 10-2 Classic C&W mx. songs by V. Gosdin and W. Nelson. maybe KEWI Benton, AR on this one, also heard UNID ESPN Radio, which could be KRGS Rifle, CO. JB-WI
740 UNID 10-29 1800 P to south with rock mx, under CFZM. Lost. EB-MI
820 UNID 10-23 0000 Weak in WBAP null with light instrumental music interspersed with bits of talking by a man and woman in an unknown language (FF?). No apparent ID at 0000. Seemed completely gone after 0000 (signed off???). Did not match R. Paradise's stream but these aren't always //. DH-IN
1040 UNID 10-27 1755 Far Eastern music and talk, or maybe Indian? WPBS-GA? Station was Spice radio, at one time but may have changed to Hmong, at some point. Loud. Abruptly gone @ :58. DH-IN
1070 UNID 10-19 1827 C&W music in tight WFNI null. "Fast as you" by D. Yoakam. Fair signal in almost non-existent WFNI null. DH-IN WCSZ?-Walker
1100 UNID 10-20 0525 Oldies rock, w/I Can't Help Myself (Four Tops) and "Hungry Heart" (Springsteen). P u/WTAM. DH-IN
SEPTEMBER,2009 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
720 UNID 9-11 2326-0006 o/uWGN with SRN programs. No ID given. Likely WVCC forgot to sht off rig. JF-ON
910 UNID 9-24 0114 VP with C&W mx under KCJB which is also C&W but had ads and ID's and some KJJQ and WHSM qrm. Perhaps long sought CKDQ.
1040 UNID 9-15 1935 Strong at times, what sounded like CC or other Asiatic language lessons. May have even been EE lessons for CC listeners. Gone about five minutes later. WPBS-GA? DH-IN
1062 UNID 9-11 2301 possibly Denmark with woman giving news in unid language. Spain was strong on 1116 at the time. JF-ON
1090 UNID 9-23 2040 VG peaks at times clobbering KAAY. Talk show lost at 2045 switch and presumed to be rather rare KBOZ. NK-IL
1280 UNID 9-24 0110 P with C&W mx under pest WWTC and with some WNAM QRM. Perhaps hoped for CJSL. NK-IL
1711 UNID 4POF 9-4 2323 CW fishing net beacon? JF-ON  
MARCH,2009 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
790 UNID 3-5 0100 Somebody stunting with continuos Neil Diamond songs. No Ids. SC-IN
1440 UNID 3-1 0556 F to fade out 9 mins later. No LID or slogans noted. SS songs/Mexican ballads. JJR-WI

FEBRUARY,2009 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:   
770 UNID 2-2 0605 P -no WABC w/what sounded like REL songs, lost to WABC @:11 JJR-WI
780 UNID 2-17 1700 to 1800 Fox Sports Radio appears for 10 - 15 minute intervals then suddenly disappears. Only dead air heard when time for station Id. WXME? SC-IN
1410 UNID 2-23 2202 P-F SS Mexican mx. haven't a clue on this one! JB-WI
1440 UNID 2-2 0519 P tho clr SS chatter in mess in mess as nothing dominates on 1440 here. JJR-WI

JANUARY,2009 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
580 UNID 1-13 0613-0633 F-fade out w/Male-Female chatter. No slogans ever! JJR-WI
1000 UNID 1-4 1552 P u/WMVP with Contemporary Christian mx, nothing said between records. Thinking maybe needed Horseheads, NY? EB-MI
1000 UNID 1-5 0659 Vp u/WMVP with what sounded like C&W mx, possibly unneeded WIOO EB-MI
1300 unID 1-3 1608 P with Oldies 1300, 'Good Time Radio.' Lost. EB-MI
1360 UNID 1-4 1545 Faded up with 'End Of the World' by R.E.M., lost at end of record EB-MI
1380 UNID 1-20 0619 P to fade out @:21. SS chatter lost to others. JJR-WI
1410 unID 1-3 1629 Faded up with Adult Standards, lost EB-MI
1350 unID 1-3 1703 Faded up with Urban Gospel, lost EB-MI
1380 unID 1-3 1639 Faded up with 25 Years Of Hits, lost EB-MI
1420 UNID 1-6 0635 P to fade w/lively SS. unn Omaha? JJR-WI
1440 UNID 1-13 0638 F-fade out w/SS chatter of "Trinity River Mission" over & over. TX or FL? JJR-WI

DECEMBER,2008 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
580 UNID 12-29 2213 UNID C&W, songs by Hank Williams, Alabama. JB-WI
738 unID 12-13 0505 weak TP carrier JF-ON
889.9 UNID 12-1 0555 someone off freq on east wire with GOS. Faded at TOH of course, likely WKNV JF-ON
1150 unID 12-4 0408 Hear this one a lot w/FF and "Quebec" only clue. CJRC much closer but CHGM near Quebec.  SC-IN
1380 unID 12-13 0607 one on top with Spanish AC music on west wire. WHEW or KJUA? Unlikely KJUA, although one ID sounded like "Ajua" as in NRC Log JF-ON
1710 unIDS 12-13 0513 At least 3 pirates on east wire. Think Lubavitcher was off for Sabbath JF-ON

NOVEMBER,2008 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
740 UNID 11-20 0520-0541 Vp tho steady u/CFZM w/non-stop C&W, no breaks, no stops, sweeps, zilch. Didn't jive w/needed KBOE-IA. Who izzit? Help! JJR-WI
670 UNID   11-4 2124 Mystery station playing "Waiting For a Girl Like You" by Foreigner - was hearing Radio Rebelde and WSCR at the same time. Perhaps the new KMZQ in Las Vegas? BC-MI
1050 UNID WI 11-22 1532 either WDVM or WJOK on west wire with Faith And Finance pgm on "Relevant Radio" JF-ON
1550 UNID 11-9 1945 Westwood One broadcast of Giants/Eagles FB game. Probably KICS but no ID heard. SC-IN

OCTOBER,2008 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
530 UNID CUBA Oct31 0551GMT Spanish, with instrumental music and ID "Radio Enciclopedia" BC-MI
670 UNID 10-13 1839 Vp u/WSCR. Ads :47-:50. No calls during segues. NOS. JJR-WI [WIEZ-PA?-EB-MI]
810 UNID 10-25 0500 Vp, SSB into religious programming. I believe it was "WEUS" but the motormouth announcer hurried things along. SC-IN [WEUS-DLH]
930 UNID 10-30 2010 I heard a station, based upon weathercast I would say is from the South (AL/MS/GA), that called itself "AM Nine-Three-Oh." No format could be ID'ed. Does that ring a bell? Lows for Thursday and Friday night were in the upper 30's and Highs for Friday and Saturday would be in the low 70's. DH-IN
1000 UNID 10-22 0617-0635 Vp w/C&W. Never heard calls, ads, nothing, just mx. Needed WIOO-PA? JJR-MI
1290 UNID several nights in late Oct 1935-1945 C&W mx sometimes hrd and lost right at 1945 which coincides with KOUU switch time. Country pest WIRL clouds the issue but a couple nights they had sports rather than mx. Will keep trying for KOUU. NK-IL
1540 UNID 10-26 0354 Vp in KXEL null. Steady in o/30 mins. "R&B & old school" Urban format, tho not calls ever heard. Stumped! JJR-WI

SEPTEMBER,2008 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
790 UNID 9-2 0015 70's Pop/Rock. "Band On the Run"/Wings and "Closer To Home"/Grand Funk were played. No ID's. Domestic? Cuba? DH-IN
950 UNID 9-11 2352 Strong at times Gospel mx. "Solid Gospel" liner and K-call. Boise? Who else could it be? DH-IN
1330 UNID 9-30 2028-2030 P occ thru mess on channel with weak local phased using West BOGs. Old C&W song, "Hey Good Lookin" and lost around 2030 when needed KOVE should switch. NK-IL
1470 UNID 9-30 1938-44 P and sometimes atop weak mess with WMBD phased. AC-type mx but faded down and the one brief anmt totally unreadable. Perhaps needed KHND and it wasn't noted after 1945. NK-IL
APRIL,2008 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: 1150 UNID 4-5 0405 EWTN, probably KWKY. SC-IN
MARCH,2008 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: 880 UNID 3-1 2136 P-F in WCBS null. Hockey game play by play. Heard Maple Leafs but maybe just a score update or maybe Hockey night. Any ideas? Thanks.DH-IN
FEBRUARY,2008 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: 1410 UNID 2-22 0650 SS news program. Quickly faded. Guess this is needed WNWZ-MI. DH-IN
JANUARY,2008 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: 980 UNID 1-10 1712 Strong OC w/WONE nicely underneath. Suddenly "Ain't too Proud to Beg" OLD/R&B blasting in. Stayed in for 2 minutes then faded. Power/Pattern change went awry? DH-IN 1020 UNID 1-28 1809 P u/KDKA w/format similar to R.Reloj-570, does anybody out ther know about this one? JB-WI 1550 UNID 1-1 1746 P in jumble w/ESPN Radio, college FB scoreboard. JB-WI 1550 UNID 1-1 1753 P in mess, songs by ABBA, Elvis, Shelly Fabares, others. JB-WI 1610 UNID 1-27 2230 F Oldies, Classic Rock, Spanish Adult Contemporary, Spanish talk. No ID's, Long music playing sessions between talk. No Clear IDs. Caught me by surprise. Definitely south of me.ART-TX
DECEMBER,2007 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: 1320 UNID 12-12 0703 P-F Fox nx, WNCC ad, Monument Mall ad, Mike & Mike in the Morning from ESPN Radio, need to keep trying for this one. JB-WI
NOVEMBER,2007 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: 1290 UNID 11-18 1640 Good to Strong signal w/70's pop mx. Including theme from Rocky. Nothing between the three songs. DLH-IN
OCTOBER,2007 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: 630 UNID 10-31 1900-2200 Someone playing Oldies every evening but too weak to hear ID if there is one. Towards NE but not CFCO. SC-IN 890 UNID 10-6 2215 P Classic Rock mx. male DJ, ment of time being 15 and 16 mins. past hour. JB-WI 990 UNID 10-19 0805 ID, sounded like W-B-L-T. Promo for some local hockey team(?) travelling to take on another team in "the Twin Cities." VG, and with what sounded like a ringer for an ID, I did not stick with it. Could this be a simulcast of WBLT 1350 VA? Could it be a tie in to WBLT-TV in MS or WVLT-TN in TN? Or, did I totally blow hearing the call? (probably, yes) DLH-IN 1380 UNID 10-4 1859 P in slush toward south with SS; probably WHEW, no IDs heard. Lost. EB-MI 1450 UNID 10-7 2303 P in fade up with Urban Talk, ment SEIU (My old union,) lost. Toward east or west. EB-MI 1510 UNID 10-4 1930 Faded up with C&W, lost to WLAC/KMSD mix. EB-MI
SEPTEMBER,2007 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: 1370 UNID 9-14 2045 HSFB where one team was leading 37-0 after the first quarter. Probably in the CDT time zone as the game would be too late for EDT. DLH-IN
AUG,2007 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: 720 UNID 8-26 1730 faded up and over WGN with black gospel; break at 1736 with no CLs. Gone by 1745 TS-MI 980 UNID 8-31 2032 P with end of 'Sing' by Carpenters into 'Georgia' by Ray Charles. Unneeded WITY Danville, IL? EB-MI 980 UNID 8-31 2043 P toward east with baseball game; in the five minutes the signal came in, the commentators didn't make ANY ments of what teams were playing! Lost. EB-MI
MARCH,2007 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: 890 UNID 3-15 0600 P -steady u/WLS with non stop preaching from :50-:05. No ID heard. Possible WKNV, WBAJ, WKFJ (all REL) all are needed. JJR-WI

FEBRUARY,2007 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: 1390 UNID 2-18 0518 P -strong in WGRB null. "The home of Classic Rock" to eventual fade. Not heard at all in later dx sessions. Google, Yahoo, MSN checks brought nothing. JJR-MI    JANUARY,2007 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: 1200 UNID 1-1 1728 P toward east with ESPN Radio stuff. Don't believe it was CFGO (Website shows they carry Fox,) and ESPN's list doesn't show anything on 1200. EB-MI  1340 UNID 1-30 1400 End of Neal Boortz into PHarvey nx. Kennewick,WA? RS-ID 1400 UNID 1-29 1400 Spanish speaker in daytime way u/local-like KSPT, Sandpoint. Only SS listed anywhere near here is Othello, WA station.Will keep trying to ID.RS-ID        DECEMBER,2006 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries: 1010 UNID 12-28 1658 P u/CFRB with Real Oldies: "Chains" by the Cookies, into "Barbara Ann" by the Regents (No ID between records, :00) lost at end of second record. EB-MI WSPT uses Scott Shannon at times-ed 1020 UNID 12-1 1630 P u/KDKA with continuous test tone. Later it was clashing with KDKA, making the man on KDKA sound like he was talking under water. Could still hear tone, barely audible, on 1020 throughout Saturday. EB-MI    1020 UNID 12-1 2305 P-F o/u/KDKA w/ tone, not as good as 1610 MP-OH 1020 UNID 12-1 1504 test tone heard o/weak KDKA and some slop from local WMVP. CR-IL 1070 UNID 12-27 1610 P toward south with Christian AC ("Trust In God" record) Lost at end of record.EB-MI 1110 UNID 12-14 2120 F Challenge Ministries sermon pgm. periodic long fades, address for the ministry is Jacksonville, FL w/phone no. and directions, no telling where this one came from. JB-WI 1120 UNID 12-15 0618 Star Spangled Banner, good at times but no identifiable audio heard.  KMOX very weak, also thought that I heard SS (not sure if it went with the SSB).DH-IN 1200 UNID 12-27 1618 Fading in and out with talk show about family relationships, aimed at women. WCHB off! EB-MI 1200 UNID 12-27 1653 F toward south with nutritional talk, ments "Cod liver oil supplements," hosted by OM. Lost within thirty seconds when the worthless WCHB returned to air, in all its IBOC "Glory." EB-MI 1440 UNID 12-23 0629-:35 P-F-Vp thru 2 deep long fades. Several Alabama and "Winchester" church, psa ments. Deep South accented announcer. JJR-WI 1610 UNID 12-1 0300 F+LOUD o/TIS jumble w/ tone, peaked 9 dB to what seemed like WNW-ESE direction MP-OH