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Welcome to our attempt at clearing a few things up. UNIDS, I mean! These UNIDS were reported to DX-midAMerica and if you have ANY idea what they are, please drop a note! The most recent UNIDS are added at the top with the oldest being retained for ONE YEAR. With so many pages on the DX-midAMerica website, I don't know how many folks will stumble on this page. However, please help if you can. To this date, since September '98, TWENTY-FOUR have been positively id'ed from these pages. Great work! Updated monthly on the 4th!
Freq, reception...

September,2015 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
Noted from Carleton,MI
*Wed 16 Sep: Tropo
7.40 ** -FM 89.1 - Phantom log: HD flashing, calls showed "WFWS," audio was still WEMU. Antenna was 140. RDS info switched to that of local WEMU after a couple of seconds. Was unable to find anything like this anywhere. Who was this?
August,2015 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
July,2015 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
Noted from South Milwaukee,WI
1211 93.7 UNID SS
1219 95.5 UNID McDonalds, Bud Light, Corona Light ..."in Clovis" all in SS.
1231 96.1 UNID SS mx

June,2015 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
These were noted from Carleton,MI
18.18 ** -FM 91.5 - Faded up with either Soft AC or C&W mx, lost.
19.17 ** -FM 89.7 - Jazz mx, SS announcers. Lost.
20.26 ** -FM 94.1 - Was above WWDK a moment with baseball game: ment. Cabrera was playing in the sunlight, and other ment. of Tommy Malone. Lost to WWDK.
21.13 ** -FM 89.5 - Fair over local pest WDTP with 'Without Love' - Doobie Bros, lost at end of record!
12.08 ** -FM 91.9 - Prayer in SS: "En Nombre de Jesus, Amen!" Quite a few possibilities here.
13.41 ** -FM 99.1 - Faded up with "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck" - Elvis, lost at end of record. Couldn't find any Oldies that way on 99.1.
13.57 ** -FM 93.5 - Faded up over WRQN with comedy bits: actors pretending to be politicians (Robert F Kennedy, President Obama) giving crazy, off the wall "Advice." Lost to WRQN. Most intriguing catch, would love to know who this was!
20.48 ** -FM 88.3 - Fair at first, then lost; had ad for Homestead Productions, a religious-based production company. Thought I heard a (405) phone number. This one got away.
21.15 ** -FM 90.7 - What sounded like Unshackled! mixing with tropo WAUS Berrien Springs, MI. Lost.
22.19 ** -FM 90.1 - Faded up with 'Fresh Air" on NPR; wasn't WUCX, as they had something else per sked. Lost.
These were noted from L'Anse,MI
2008 95.7 UNID Greatest Hits of All Time, Citadel Cl Hits format. No affil list. Stumped!
Heard two w/SS. 89.3 and 106.5, gone quickly. Hoping....
May,2015 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
April,2015 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
March,2015 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
February,2015 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
January,2015 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
December,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
December 13 tropo: TEMP:31f
2038 92.9 UNID Nat'l ads:Geico, Napa, Feed The Pig.org -KYYY Bismarck u/WSCD?
November,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
October,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
September,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
August,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
July,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
July 6 Es:
1242 97.9 UNID 97-9 Kiss FM sweep
2114 96.9 UNID "Sweetwater"
2121 94.7 UNID SS, Telemundo ad -????
2244 107.5 UNID HotAC songs back announced "the new Star 107-5"
2248 92.7 UNID hip hop
Lakeport MI
89.9 UNID 7-6 1721 one "positive hits on Air FM" liner in brief opening over / under CBC R2. Possibly KAIG Dodge City KS
91.1 UNID 7-6 1715-1726 talk on gardening / agriculture w several mentions of ND towns and regions. No matches on pgm grids for 91.1 stns serving ND
June,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
Jun 19 Es:
1746 95.1 UNID SS
1843 94.1 UNID SS
1856 96.5 UNID EE/SS chatter talking of sports
1911 103.7 UNID SS
1915 99.5 UNID SS
May,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
May 25
1731 95.5 UNID SS
1732 94.7 UNID SS
1917 87.7 UNID SS All: OK/TX Es to Michigan's U.P.