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Welcome. These UNIDS were reported to DX-midAMerica and if you have ANY idea what they are, please drop a note! The most recent UNIDS are added at the top with the oldest being retained for ONE YEAR. Since September '98, TWENTY-EIGHT have been positively id'ed from these pages. Great work! Updated monthly on the 4th!
Freq, reception...

May, 2020 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
Carleton,MI SAT 30 MAY: Es
19.51 ** -FM 94.1 - Faded up with OM talking about sin, "And that's where the Good News of Jesus comes in," lost. Might have been a Contemp. Christian station, as the spot sounded like something they'd air between records. No ideas.

April,2020 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
Carleton,MI Tue 14 Apr: Es
16.47 ** -FM 96.7 - Faded up over local CHYR for a couple of moments with what sounded like soft SS AC; lost to resurgent CHYR. This one got away.

March,2020 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:

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December,2019 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:

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September,2019 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
L'Anse,MI EDT 9/17 tropo, 60F, still fog in minutes! FOG in Chgo, UP, all over!
0717 106.7 UNID at 6:30 Eastern on Relevant Radio

August,2019 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
2311 97.5 UNID Sunrise, Sunset NOS song. Totally lost on this. One of MANY UNIDS!
2315 103.1 UNID. My Own Worst Enemy, Owner of a Lonely Heart, 103-1 Kick? FM, Ford Pass, Weatherology.
2329 100.3 UNID Heat of the Moment, Asia "80s Flashback" ---NOT Marquette. Everything was West.
2345 107.5 UNID ads after ROCK songs. In earlier, WX:73. WCCN?

July,2019 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
Lakeport MI EDT
92.3 UNID 7-13 1041-1044 CBC R1 "Under The Influence" when it would be on in CN Atlantic time zone. Per CBC R1 web site, CBCT-FM2 in Elmira PEI is the only R1 92.3 in AST zone (TS-MI)
92.3 UNID 7-13 1021 man speaking in French. Probably SRC Premiere. SRC web site has two 92.3s in NS, one in QC (TS-MI)
92.9 UNID 7-13 1014-1018 over / under CFLT w ESPN Radio. maybe WMFS-FM Bartlett TN (TS-MI)
92.9 UNID 7-13 1023 man speaking in French // 92.3. SRC web site has one 92.9 in Obedjiwan QC. 83w (TS-MI)
93.7 UNID 7-13 1008-1014 classical music, no IDs. possibly CBC Music. CBC web site has CBH-FM1 Middleton NS (TS-MI)

June,2019 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
Carleton, MI. Times EDT
11.30 ** -FM 100.1 - Good with C&W "Picture Of Me Without You," faded at end of record! Partial RDS just made out "100.1" so this one got away.
Lakeport MI EDT
94.7 UNID 6-21 1231 - 1245 o/u WCSX, oldies, one mention of "good time . . . " Faded. Might be WTBF Troy AL (TS-MI)

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August,2018 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
*WED 01 AUG: Es Carleton,MI
18.30 ** -FM 88.5 - Fair with QSB; ad for chiropractor, (620) number partially copied. Found one by their name in the 620 area code, but no 88.5s anywhere near there; closest one is 55 miles as the crow flies. Lost to pest WYSA.

July,2018 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
Danville IL on Car radio CDT
7/16 Es CT
1314 88.9 UNID "K-LOVE" and "GRACE" on RDS...
Mon July 23
SS on 106.3 107.1 94.7,many UNIDS:92.1 C&W, 97.5 Dominion Energy,#1 Titan dealer(Co/UT) 103.1 TALK,
1919 106.1 UNID Anyway You Want it, Journey "there's only one stn for classic rock" Poof! Gone!
1943 100.3 UNID NBC Sports Radio KWOA? KFAN? KJCM? WCCI? Lost....
1948 UNID very distorted SS REL. Solid, LOUD. gone
1950 95.5 UNID small town baseball game. No teams mentioned, no crowd noise, one man operation.
1958 87.7 UNID SS -never heard an ID or anything close and losrt, of course, hi!
2001 90.5 UNID just missed LID incl Okla "My 90.5?" SRN news -moved
2025 98.3 UNID SS KBOC in TX? would be new, but....
2028 94.7 UNID sports talk on Cubs game earlier in day 18-5 Cardinals -lost
many many UNIDS. Gone, tho REL 92.9 92.5 C&W 92.1, 107.5 C&W, 104.9 REL, 102.9 REL
2139 100.3 UNID American Wholesale Mattress (LA based) Smerinoff(?)Travel Trailer Ctr in Smirinoff???
Jul 19 ES
2013 92.9 UNID slower urban songs RDS never locke in tho said "DEDICATE"
2017 107.3 UNID rap, hip-hop, thus not WNXR, hi.
2040 107.1 UNID C&W or the like. Songs at:40 :45 :49 :53 :57 :01. No calls,sweepers, etc.Dunno.LPFM?
South Milwaukee,WI CDT
July 9
1953 106.7 UNID C&W -NOT Chetek, WI as Brewers were on. # songs, lost

June,2018 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
Danville, IL
6/20 Es CT
1729 88.5 UNID Two French stations battling here
1736 97.3 UNID French with light music
1744 88.5 UNID Connecticut Public Radio
1746 92.3 UNID Subaru of New England ad, Pizza Hut sponsored hour of music
1755 96.7 UNID K-LOVE on RDS, //95.5
1757 97.9 UNID French briefly
1918 94.3 UNID Brief bout of Mexican music faded to…
1932 88.1 UNID Much native American drum and singing, poss. KUYI again
Jun 30 Es Tr
95.3 UNID and 105.5.... Texas radio.... sounded folk or C&W. Lost
1809 94.3 UNID SportsTalk fighting Thunder Bay. Lost.
1811 95.1 UNID "....financial here in New England..." gone.
1942 93.1 UNID RedJacketResorts.com in North Conway (NH)
2037 106.1 UNID Romeo's Playhouse in now, 2 breaks later. NO CALLS. IDIOTS! Lost....
1355 107.1 UNID 7 songs in a row (Top40) No talking, nothing..... LPFM????
1357 92.1 UNID C&W fighting WWAX-MN
Jun 22 Es Tr,
1341 95.5 UNID Chrysler-Jeep-Ram then Nat'l ads, serious So.accents. Lost....
1347 107.1 UNID 80's songs, segues, moved on
2033 102.1 UNID NPR? moved on
2042 95.1 UNID in MT 406StateFair.com Nat'l ads, lost. A few in MT here.
2101 95.5 UNID w/baseball game 2-2 tie, small toewn sound, crowd. in most of session, Alone
2102 96.1 UNID SS
2107 92.3 UNID REL preaching SOLID!
Jun 6 Es 65,
1639 88.1 UNID talk of weight loss
1641 91.5 UNID Bible chatter, AFR.net AMerican Family
1707 106.9 UNID Stairway to Heaven "from ? to the Eagles..." lost
1737 100.7 UNID Catholic phone in chatter Milan,NM???? will never know

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September,2017 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
September 12 Tropo: South Milwaukee,WI
1139 93.5 UNID TALK ---help!**

August,2017 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
AUG 21 : Es Carleton,MI
19.12 ** -FM 93.3 -- TWO stations battling here. One was C&W (NOT WBTU --- heard them also in the pileup) and the other was playing "Sympathy For the Devil" by the Stones. Nothing jives, and no playlists jived either. Lost before the end of the record.

July,2017 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
July 15 Es, Carleton,MI
20.54 ** -FM 92.7 - unid with Dick Robinson show, played Standards/Jazz. Lost at TOH!
July 21 Es L'Anse,MI
93.3 UNID FF, replaced by EE later, tho both UNIDed 1909
95.1 UNID FF This was in 60 mins 1913
July 18 tropo L'Anse,MI
95.5 UNID C&W Trisha Yearwood C&W w/no WIFC. Calls never said in 3 X checking 2309

June,2017 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
None this month!

May,2017 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
May 31 Es:
10.43 ** -FM 88.5 - Fair with K-Love, lost, Leaning toward Oklahoma but dunno.
Thur 25 May Es:
20.30 ** -FM 96.1 - Plenty of QSB. SS, ments of Musica, and one ad for a "Community Bank" which had a few YLs giving the name in unison. Lost.
21.03 ** -FM 89.7 - Fair with SS mx, OM DJ, next record. Lost.
Tue 16 May: Es
19.30 * -FM 93.7 - Faded in and out over half an hour with SS: YL and OM seemed to be giving nx. Ads ay BOH but nothing IDable. Was looking 190°. Lost.
20.35 ** -FM 88.5 - Faded up with Dr. Adrian Rogers show, out. Too many possibilities.
May 25 -L'Anse,MI
1940 104.7 SS
1941 106.5 SS
1943 88.5 SS
1943 90.7 SS
1943 92.9 C&W
1947 94.7 SS in/o other SS!
1954 96.7 REL Teaching. Very steady. Couldn't wait till end of show...hi
1958 98.3 SS
1959 99.7 C&W, just missing LID
2005 100.5 Baseball, but never found out who.
2005 100.7 Cl HITS
2006 101.9 Rock
2009 103.5 When Doves Cry, Prince. SOLID!
2011 90.5 K-Love. Um, which one?
2012 92.9 SS
2014 95.7 SS el Vatican
2018 106.3 C&W
2023 94.1 Top40

April,2017 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:

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December,2016 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:

November,2016 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
Nov 6 tropo:
1139 93.9 UNID MN Vikings. Not on affil list

October,2016 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:

September,2016 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:

August,2016 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
Catlin IL
8/14 Es CT
1431 88.5 UNID K-Love relay

July,2016 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
*TUE 12 JUL: Es!
17.33 ** -FM 88.3 - Fair with The Gospel Station, C&W Gospel. Two or three stations on 88.3 that are possible from that direction; this one got away.
July 29: 1507 93.1 UNID FF
July 12 Es:
1107 101.3 UNID "This is 101-3 Country" Help!
1115 94.1 UNID R&B music
1134 98.1 UNID strong SS. No RDS tho.
1143 102.5 UNID 102-5 "Kiss?" 102 days of summer. Highly doubt Lubbock
1159 105.1 UNID CHR songs: either fade out or segued --Stumped in So. Milwaukee!
1215 92.7 UNID "92-7 the Beat" not Fort Wayne?
1229 98.1 UNID Sportstalk
1250 101.5 UNID I-95 traffic report. J'ville or St.Petersburgh-Tampa, was logged yrs ago WILV
1601 94.9 UNID SS LOUD!
1611 104.1 UNID SS
1613 107.1 UNID SS
1623 101.7 UNID loud SS!
1629 92.9 UNID LOUD SS
1631 91.9 SS
1632 90.3 SS