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Welcome to our attempt at clearing a few things up. UNIDS, I mean! These UNIDS were reported to DX-midAMerica and if you have ANY idea what they are, please drop a note! The most recent UNIDS are added at the top with the oldest being retained for ONE YEAR. With over 500 pages on the DX-midAMerica website, I don't know how many folks will stumble on this page. However, please help if you can. To this date, since September '98, TWENTY-FOUR have been positively id'ed from these pages. Great work!

Freq, reception...

November,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:

October,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:

September,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:

August,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:

July,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
July 6 Es:
1242 97.9 UNID 97-9 Kiss FM sweep
2114 96.9 UNID "Sweetwater"
2121 94.7 UNID SS, Telemundo ad -????
2244 107.5 UNID HotAC songs back announced "the new Star 107-5"
2248 92.7 UNID hip hop

Lakeport MI
89.9 UNID 7-6 1721 one "positive hits on Air FM" liner in brief opening over / under CBC R2. Possibly KAIG Dodge City KS
91.1 UNID 7-6 1715-1726 talk on gardening / agriculture w several mentions of ND towns and regions. No matches on pgm grids for 91.1 stns serving ND

June,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
Jun 19 Es:
1746 95.1 UNID SS
1843 94.1 UNID SS
1856 96.5 UNID EE/SS chatter talking of sports
1911 103.7 UNID SS
1915 99.5 UNID SS

May,2014 UNID'S or AMazing Mysteries:
May 25
1731 95.5 UNID SS
1732 94.7 UNID SS
1917 87.7 UNID SS All: OK/TX Es to Michigan's U.P.