This listing is for the newest stations authorized for broadcast, or those recently reported as silent. Information includes, but is not limited to "license to cover for new station" (FCC), program sources, individuals (named or wishing to remain anonymous) or contacts I've made through 45+ years in this hobby. NO information is gleaned from any other sites, unless e-mailed by webmaster. That why there is a LINKS page.
   If problems happen, they happen, thus this listing possibly includes stations that might not be on the air! Though, one might ascertain that an air date is close or has been heard testing!
   This listing will focus on new AM stations and new FM targets! With any luck you can hear them one by one! The newest stations are at the top. Also included is a "watch list" of CPs. So check back often! Dates are added when station was added to DX-midAMerica listing!

AM/FM reported SILent:
1550 KRZD MO Springfield +97.3 K247AT Chanute, KS -250w, ex:KLFJ. SILent 9-26
1240 WULAxAL Eufaula [UrbanGOS] --off air 9-12
1490 KXLQ IA Indianola [SPO] SILent 9-5
107.7 KMTZ MT Walkerville, ex:Three Forks. SILent 9-26
107.5 KXZS SD Wall -delete 9-5
930 KIUP CO Durango [SPO:ESPN] SILent 8-15
1410 CKSL ON London SILent, License deleted. Last day:8-14 12mid. 8-15 LINK: http://www.broadcastermagazine.com/acquisition/londons-cksl-funny-1410-sign-off-august-14/1004123682/
1660 WCNZ*FL Marco Island REL:Relevant Radio. Was Tropical Recent sale. NOT on Relevant site 8-8
88.7 KWOP IA Ft. Dodge deleted. Off over 1 year. 7-18 \
107.9 KAOX ID Shelley SILent 6-6
92.7 KZDR ND Kindred 2b:Breckenridge,MN 2b:KBMW-FM 2b:"B92.7"/NEW FORMAT. SILent. Was Cl HITS 6-6
1080 KYMO MO East Prairie SILent 5-16
105.3 KYMO MO East Prairie SILent 5-16
810 KLVZ CO Brighton [REL] SILent www.facebook.com/810KLVZ 4-11
1280 WGLR WI Lancaster [SPO] LICense deleted 4-1. 4-11
1240 WNRAxAL Eufaula SILent 4/4
97.3 KFOA ID Weiser SILent 4-25
1500 WASN OH Younstown [REL] SILent 2-29
1410 WIHM IL Taylorville reported SILent [REL:EWTN] 1-11
1400 WSTC+CT Stramford SILent http://wshu.org/wstc-wnlk-programming 2b:sold 1-25
1470 WCFJ IL Chicago Heights [Brokered] SILent, License to be surrendered 11-16
1300 WRDZ IL LaGrange SILent [DISney] (stn sold) 11-16
1440 KPTO ID Pocatello SILent [TALK] Freedom 1440 11-16
1400 WFLLxFL Fort Lauderdale SILent [ETH] 10-30
1550 KLFJ MO Springfield SILent 10-30
1530 KQSC CO Colorado Springs (SIL) ex:KKHI 10-23
107.7 KIMI IA Malvern [AC] SILent 10-30
AM/FM NowOn/CPs/etc:
1410 WIHM IL Taylorville, was SILent 9-5
91.1 WWFT IN Valparaiso CP 2b:ON 230w -410' 9-19
96.9 WKSY MN Grand Marais. CP calls, tho not on in trip thru city:Sept 12. 9-19 [Rieger-MI]
92.7 KBMWFM MN Breckenridge CP NOW ON: HotAC "90s to Now" "B92.7" http://www.b927.net/ 9-19
91.3 KXRP ND Bismarck SS:REL, was SILent 9-5
103.9 WBZX*MI Big Rapids NOW ON: Soft AC "Beautiful 104" 8-29
88.9 WDTR*MI Imlay City [CCM:Smile FM] ex:88.1 http://www.smile.fm/ 8-22
107.5 WYLJ IN Terre Haute cp calls. 2b REL. 7th Day Adventists 8-15
90.7 KZNP ID Mullan REL, was SILent http://www.ynop.org/ 8-22
93.5 WGPI IN Columbus REL, was SILent 8-22
1530 WLAK WI New Holstein noted TESTING 7-5. "Regular programming to start soon." https://www.facebook.com/WLAK1530/ 7-5
96.9 WKSY MN Grand Portage. CP calls 7-25
93.7 W229CQ WI Milwaukee NOW ON: SS "La 93.7" 7-25
93.9 W230CI WI Milwaukee NOW ON//105.3 WLVE Mukwonago "K Love" CCM 7-11
103.9 WBZX MI*Big Rapids CP calls 7-4
1400 WSTC CT Stamford 780/780 NOS. Was SILent vgrradio.com 6-6
94.5 KPMIFM MN Beaudette [CP] ex:WPMI 6-20
95.3 KKWZ ND Rugby NEW:AC s/on:10amCDT (6/6) https://www.facebook.com/kkwz95.3/?hc_location=ufi http://www.kkwzfm.com/ 6-6
92.9 CKYZ MB Winnipeg NEW:ETHnic 6-6
97.1 CKLN NL Clarenville NEW: C&W "Kixx Country" 6-6
94.5 WPMI MN Baudette CP calls 5-16
106.1 KYVZ KS Atwood NEW:Cl HITS "Super Hits 106" 5-9
1360 KELE MO Mountain Cove TALK, was SILent 4-25
1310 WDTW MI Dearborn SS. Stunting done, was SILent 4-11
103.1 CHAW ON Little Current NEW STN: C&W "Country 103" 4-4
1310 WDTW MI Dearborn noted TESTING w/C&W music 3-21
1530 WLAK WI New Holstein noted TESTING 3-16. "Regular programming to start soon." https://www.facebook.com/WLAK1530/ 3-16
1550 KKCL CO Golden Modern AC, was SIL 3-14
 92.1 CBIS NS Sidney CBC Radio 1, nested repeater:1140 CBI -10650w ERP
1230 KVOC WY Casper TALK, was SILent 2-29
1530 KQSC CO Colorado Springs 15000d/1000CH/15n C&W "Mountain Country 1530", was SIL 2-29
890 KMVG MO Gladstone REL:EWTN, was SILent 1-4
89.5 KLFG IA Fort Dodge CCM:K-Love, was SILent 1-11
96.3 WNOM*MI Ludington CP ex:97.7 1-11
102.9 WMKB IL Earlville SS:El Rey, was SILent 1-25
97.3 KFOA ID Weiser cp calls 1-25
1340 KSGT WY Jackson SPO:ESPN, was SILent 12-14
90.9 WCJL IN Morgantown REL, was SILent 12-28
92.1 KORNFM SD Parkson-Mitchell C&W "92.1 Korn Country" ON THE AIR [105.1 KZKK Huron] 12-28
98.7 W265AG MI Escanaba 2b OLD:GTO when it goes on air [Rieger-MI] 12-14ab
1230 KLWT MO Lebanon CCM 1230 the Light, was SILent 11-30
1220 KQMG IA Independence 250/134 Cl HITS//95.3, was SILent http://kqmgfm.wix.com/kqmg 11-23
580 KFNS IL Wood River 2b:SPO:Yahoo +TALK//1380 KXFN-MO, SILent 11-9
1350 .... ON Brampton GTD:1000/45 2b:ETHnic [Sys-BC] 11-2
106.5 CHBY ON Barry's Bay 12000w NEW STN: Variety HITS Moose FM [Sys-BC] 11-2
88.7 CIWN ON Mount Forest 1648w NEW STN: Eclectic Saugeen Radio [Sys-BC] 11-2
107.9 CKPP ON Prescott 1000w/4200ERP NEW STN: Cl HITS Coast FM [Sys-BC] 11-2
104.9 CFDC ON Shelburne 125000w/50000wERP NEW STN: C&W Country 105 [Sys-BC] 11-2
1400 WSGC GAxElbertson C&W, was SILent 10-23
98.3 KXIM IA Sanborn NEW STN 10-9
99.1 CHHU NS Halifax CP calls [Sys-BC] 10-9
105.5 WQUD IL Erie NEW STN: Cl HITS 10-2
100.9 KSJW SD Murdo 2b: REL:EWTN 10-2