This listing is for the newest stations authorized for broadcast, or those recently reported as silent. Information includes, but is not limited to "license to cover for new station" (FCC), program sources, individuals (named or wishing to remain anonymous) or contacts I've made through 45+ years in this hobby. NO information is gleaned from any other sites, unless e-mailed by webmaster. That why there is a LINKS page.
   If problems happen, they happen, thus this listing possibly includes stations that might not be on the air! Though, one might acertain that an air date is close or has been heard testing!
   This listing will focus on new AM stations and new FM targets! With any luck you can hear them one by one! The newest stations are at the top. Also included is a "watch list" of CPs. So check back often! Dates are added when station was added to DX-midAMerica listing!

AM/FM reported SILent:

1550 WZRK WI Lake Geneva license cancelled 2-13
96.7 KZMXFM SD Hot Springs OLD C&W//580 KZMX, SILent again 2-13
90.3 KWYC WY Cheyenne SILent 2-13
580 KZMX SD Hot Springs 2300/310 OLD C&W//96.7FM SILent again 2-13
1570 KPIO CO Loveland SILent 1-30
88.7 WCNM IL Harvard SIL 1-30
106.1 W291CJ MI Marquette(//WKQS-HD4) SILent. Still steaming at gift106.com/ 1-30
107.7 KMTZ MT Three Forks SIL 1-30
1340 KSGT WY Jackson reported SILent 1-23
540 CBGA1 NB Grande Anse SILent -now on FM rebroadcasters on QC side of Chaleur Bay 1-9

AM/FM NowOn/CPs/etc:

103.1 NEW ON Little Current 35,200w 2b:C&W Country 103.1 4-3
90.5 CKSI ON Thunder Bay 2b: 250w. now 50w 4-3
105.5 NEW ON Timmins 800w 2b: REL //95.5 CJTK Sudbury (selected hrs) 4-3
1490 WOLF*NY Syracuse Cl HITS "Dinosaur" //FM dinofm.com, was SILent 3-20
88.9 WFRW IN Battle Creek NEW: REL//WFRN 3-20
101.1 WMYQ IN South Whitley OLDies 101.1, was SILent 3-20
88.7 KUDA WY Shoshoni AC, was SILent 3-20
99.5 KDJL NE Kilgore cp calls 3-6
90.3 KWYC WY REL, was SILent 3-6
930 WTOU*MI Battle Creek UrbAC "Touch"(Cumulus)+102.7 W247AQ Battle Creek //1560 WNWN , was SILent go955.com 2-13
98.3 WYMR IN Culver NEW STN: SoftAC 2-13
96.7 KRCF SD Lead CP calls 2-13
93.9 WLCL IN Sellersburg SPO:ESPN, was SILent 1-30
88.9 WGNM IL Harvard REL "Calvary Radio", was SILent 1-16
89.5 KLND SD Little Eagle VAR, was SILent 1-30
104.5 CKOV AB Strathmore C&W 2800w 7000w ERP NOT ON YET 1-9
1280 CJRU ON Toronto 99w College TheScope. NOT ON YET 1-9
89.1 CKYY ON Welland 564w/3100w ERP C&W Country89. CP on:NEW! 1-9