DX-midAMerica TS:LA


freq, calls, location: month/daypart logged

Current thru December,2018 * notes a NEW ADDITION to the Louisiana listing!
540 KMLB Monroe: 2-Twil 11-SSS 11-OWL 12-Twil 12-Twil Talk540
580 KJMJ Alexandria: 2-Twil 2-Twil 2-Twil REL:R.Maria
600 WVOG New Orleans 2-SSS
640 KTIB Thibodaux 1-SRS 3-Twil 10-SRS 10-SRS 12-Twil OLDIES
690 WQNO New Orleans: 1-SRS 1-SRS, 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SSS 1-Twil 1-Twil 1-OWL 3-SRS 4-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-OWL 10-OWL 11-SSS 11-SSS 11-SSS 11-Twil 11-Twil 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-OWL 12-OWL REL
710 KEEL Shreveport: 1-SRS 1-SRS 2-Twil 3-SRS, 9-SRS 10-SRS 10-SSS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-OWL 12-SRS "Keel"
730 WASO Covington 11-SSS
770 KJCB Lafayette: 1-OWL 2-SRS 9-TWIL 9-OWL 10-OWL
800 WSHO New Orleans: 11-SSS 11-SSS 12-Twil
830 WFNO Norco-New Orleans 1-SRS, 1-SSS, 1-OWL, 2-OWL 3-SRS 3-Twil, 3-OWL, 5-SRS, 5-OWL, 8-Twil, 9-SSS 9-Twil 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SSS, 10-SSS 10-SSS 10-Twil 10-OWL 10-OWL 11-SRS 11-OWL 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-Twil SS
840 KWDF Ball, 11-SRS 12-SSS GOS
870 WWL New Orleans: 1-SRS 1-Twil 3-Twil 7-SSS 10-Twil 11-Twil
940 WYLD New Orleans: 1-SSS, 1-SSS, 1-Twil 2-OWL, 4-Twil 12-SSS 12-Twil REL
960 KROF Abbeville: 1-SRS, 2-SRS 10-SRS 10-OWL 11-Twil 11-Twil 12-OWL NOS
970 KSYL Alexandria: 2-Twil 2-Twil 9-SSS, 12-Twil
980 KOKA Sheveport 1-SSS, 2-SSS, 5-OWL BLK GOS
990 WSGO New Orleans: 2-SSS 3-Twil 4-OWL, 8-Twil, 9-SRS 9-Twil, 10-SRS, 10-Twil 11-SRS 12-SSS 12-OWL BIZnx
1040 KAIN Vidalia 8-SSS 12-SRS. 1000w ND
1060 WLNO New Orleans: 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-OWL 2-OWL, 3-Twil 3-Twil 10-SSS 10-Twil 10-OWL 11-SSS 11-OWL 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-SSS, 12-SSS, 12-Twil REL "Light"
1110 KTTP Pineville: 10-Twil 12-SRS
1130 KWKH Shreveport: 2-SRS 2-OWL 3-Twil 3-OWL 4-Twil 4-Twil 8-SRS 9-SRS 9-Twil 9-OWL 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-Twil 11-SSS 11-OWL 11-OWL 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-SSS SPOrts
1150 WJBO Baton Rouge: 1-SRS 3-Twil 10-SRS 12-SRS SPO:ESPN
1210 WSKR Denham Springs: 1-SSS 2-SRS 3-SRS 10-SSS 11-SSS SPO:ESPN "Score"
1230 WBOK New Orleans: 11-SSS 11-SSS
1260 KBRH Baton Rouge 11-SSS OLD R&B *
1280 WODT New Orleans: 1-OWL 4-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-Twil 11-OWL 11-OWL 12-Twil "Gospel 1280"
1300 KFLO Shreveport JAN in/out on SSS w/Jackson MS
1310 WIBR Baton Rouge: 3-Twil
1320 KNCB Vivian: 12-SSS 12-SSS
1330 KVOL Lafayette: 9-OWL 11-SSS 12-OWL SPO:Fox
1350 WWWL New Orleans: 11-SSS 11-SSS 11-SSS 11-SSS 11-Twil 11-OWL SPOrts "3WL"
1360 KDXI Mansfield: 11-SSS
1360 KNIR New Iberia: 1-Twil REL:R Maria
1360 KBYO Tallulah all reports:SSS. Feb/Oct/Nov P-F signals
1370 KAFB Marksville ALL reports:SSS Jan/Nov/Dec
1380 WPYR Baton Rouge: 1-SSS 11-SSS TALK
1400 KOAK Lake Charles 9-OWL
1410 WDBS Alexandria 11-SSS
1420 KPEL Lafayette 9-SSS
1440 KMLB Monroe 1-Twil
1450 WBYU New Orleans: 1-OWL 3-OWL
1450 KSIG Crowley: 8-SRS
1460 WXOK Baton Rouge: 6-Twil 9-OWL 11-SSS 11-SSS 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-Twil
1470 KTDL Farmerville 2-SSS
1480 KJOE Shreveport 12-SSS 12-SSS
1490 WIKC Bogalusa: 2-OWL
1490 KJIN Houma 2-OWL
1490 KRUS Rustin: 2-Twil
1510 KAGY Port Sulphur 11-Twil 11-SSS Cajun music
1520 KDYS Lafayette: 3-SRS DISNEY
1540 KCTO Columbia 1-SSS
1550 WPFC Port Allen: 3-SRS 9-SSS 9-SSS 9-SSS 9-Twil 9-Twil 12-SRS 12-SSS GOS
1560 WSLA Slidell: 3-SSS 11-SSS Sports:ESPN
1570 KMAR Winnesboro 12-SSS
1600 KLEB Golden Meadow: 1-SSS 1-Twil 2-SSS 2-SSS 11-SSS "Rajun Cajun"
1680 KRJO Monroe: 1-SRS 1-Twil 1-OWL 2-Twil 2-OWL 3-SRS 3-Twil 4-Twil 8-SRS 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-SSS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SSS 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-OWL 10-OWL 10-OWL 11-SSS 11-SSS 11-OWL 11-OWL 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-SSS HotAC//99.7FM

SSSSSSS 1680 KRJO LA Monroe 2/14 0544 P but still there. Steady. "99-7 My FM" Hot AC music. Alone. JJR-WI 690 WQNO LA New Orleans 1/6 0636 F 30/6, Catholic chatter. Steady, alone. JJR-WI 1680 KRJO LA Monroe 1/31 P Something Always There to Remind Me/Naked Eyes "on 99-7 My FM." Assumed WTTM in back and no WPRR. JJR-WI 1680 KRJO LA Monroe 1/7 0640 P tho steady thru WPRR o/c. HotAC Perfect/Ed Sheeran, My 99-7. JJR-WI 690 WQNO LA New Orleans 8/8 0535 P Sonrise Morn Show on EWTN in f/up o/OLD C&W stn. JJR-WI 1680 KRJO LA Monroe 8/28 0500 P clearly atop w/LID, 997-7 My FM, HotAC. Alone. JJR-MI 1680 KRJO LA Monroe 8/18 0442 P tho o/weak WPRR. 99-7 My FM JJR-MI 1680 KRJO LA Monroe 6/13 0434 F -almost loud! Meghan Trainor song, My 99-7. Atop. JJR-WI 690 WQNO LA New Orleans 4/28 0439 P tho atop. Steady, Rosary. Assumed. JJR-WI 690 WQNO LA New Orleans 4/4 0550 P -pledge drive, SonRise morning show, Sacred Heart radio. Assumed. JJR-WI 1680 KRJO LA Monroe 4/19 0547 P 99-7 is MyFM, Fly Away, Lenny Kravitz. No WPRR. JJR-MI 690 WQNO LA New Orleans 3/27 2130. Poor. End of a program about St. Bernadette. Catholic radio and New Orleans mentioned. TPK-WI 690 WQNO LA New Orleans 3/20 F 20/9. Catholic chatter. Alone. JJR-WI 1680 KRJO LA Monroe 3/31 0547 P 99-7 MyFM, HotAC. No WPRR yet. SS in back. JJR-MI 1680 KRJO LA Monroe 3/11 1925 P no WPRR. The most music for the ??? 99-7 My FM. HotAC JJR-MI 1680 KRJO LA West Monroe 10/24 0627 P 99-7 My FM more ..., more hits! -no sign of others. JJR-MI 1670 KRJO LA Monroe 9/5 0603 P 99-7 My FM thru a weak WPRR. JJR-MI 1680 KRJO LA Monroe 12/6 0601 P nonstop... 99-7 My FM into HotAC mx. No WPRR. JJR-WI 1680 KRJO LA Monroe 12/1 0542 P 99.7 My FM tween songs. No WPRR. Steady. JJR-WI 690 WQNO LA New Orleans 11/6 0524 P Catholic chatter, SonRise morn show. Still in 2 hr later. JJR-WI 990 WSGO LA New Orleans 11/5 0500 Very poor w/CBW in null. On top of other weak stations briefly to hear just “ WSGO 990 AM New Orleans “. TPK-WI 840 KWDF LA Ball 11/1 0645 to 0700 Inaudible to poor u/an unnulled WHAS. Came on air @ 0645 w/a male talking emphatically. // to webcast. The man was preaching about God. TPK-WI 690 WQNO LA New Orleans 8/26 0548 P dominating. Steady. EWTN, Fr Mitch //web JJR-WI 830 WFNO LA Norco 8/25 2009 to 2043. Alone mostly, poor to fair, w/ non-Mexican SS vocal songs and " La Fabulosa Ocho Trienta " IDs. Much of its audio was lost after it powered down @ 2043. No WCCO around. TPK-WI 1680 KRJO LA Monroe 8/14 2330 to 2400. Mostly poor with adult contemporary mx. At TOH “ 99.7 My FM, KRJO Monroe, more variety and more music” . TPK-WI 580 KJMJ LA Alexandria 10/26 1929 P- out of song with ID "Radio Maria, your christian voice for the ???", NEW! TL-IN 690 WQNO LA New Orleans 10/27 0607 P tho atop. EWTN. Only fit. JJR-WI 940 WYLD LA New Orleans 10/28 0619 F loud & clear. Hallelujah 940 Nice uptempo GOS. JJR-WI 690 WQNO LA New Orleans 9/1 0535 F -unusual! Alone, EWTN talk of Rosary. Steady. JJR-WI 710 KEEL LA Shreveport 9/11 2200 to 2205. Poor to fair and alone. "Breaking news and friendly talk, this is 101.7 FM and 710 AM, KEEL, Shreveport" hrd @ TOH. Fox nx and wx followed. TPK-WI 710 KKEL LA Shreveport 9/12 0604 P "on Keel" ShreveportHelpWanted.com o/UNID SS. JJR-WI 710 KEEL LA Shreveport 9/7 0607 P Ul sports, Gators, local news, AccuWeather Hi:82 "101-7 & 710 Keel" Alone. JJR-WI 1060 WLNO LA New Orleans 12/25 1747 back on the air with black gospel, and per other dxers they are on a STA of 25% and I will surmise this is on the air 50kw power, not the 5kw. TS-IA 1680 KRJO LA Monroe 12/18 0634 Vp -someone w o/c, thus MyFM, Maroon 5 song. JJR-MI 540 KMLB LA Monroe 11/7 2206 fair- several "Newstalk 107.5 and 540" IDs, into Michael Savage, listed @ 26 w nite, NEW! TL-IN 830 WFNO LA Norco 11/12 0558 P SS ad, no WCCO. Fabulosa noted. JJR-WI