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Return postage MUST be included with ALL REPORTS.
All times for DX tests are as posted! This is one good way to hear a new one for your logs!

This information was gleaned from information sent to DX-midAMerica. Thanx so much to those who have the heads up! Thanx to Mssrs Richard Line and Paul Walker! Changed MONTHLY on the 3rd.

Sorry for getting this out so late but here is the information for tonight's WNJC 1360 AM DX Test.
Once again I will be starting 2 hours early, but will be starting with the Audio DX test at 02:00 UTC 10/25 (10:00pm 10/24 EDT). We will be operating our regular 2 tower, 800 watt nighttime pattern to the SSE.
At 04:00 UTC (Midnight EDT) a 2 hour FT-8 test will begin and will continue using our nighttime pattern for the first hour.
At 0500 UTC (1:00 AM EDT) I will be switching to our daytime pattern at 5kw using 4 towers directional to SSE with the FT-8 test concluding at 0600 UTC (2:00 AM EDT).
From 0600 - 1000 UTC (02:00 - 06:00 AM EDT) I will be leaving the transmitter in daytime mode and be playing a combination of DX Audio Test and Halloween Music. Listen for the sweepers between songs of movie & tv show clips along with our voice-over guy.
Reception reports are greatly appreciated and can be emailed to kc2dux@duxpond.com or snail mailed with at least a 4x6 SASE to PO Box 84 Dennisville, NJ 08214. Look forward to having another fun weekend with the DXs out there!
Thanks for listening!
John "Duke" Hamann, CE WNJC 1360 AM
If you would prefer a QSL card, you can send reception reports along with a self-addressed stamped enveloped (SASE) to:
Duke Hamann, KC2DUX
P.O. Box 84
Dennisville, NJ 08214

KSEN 1150 kHz Shelby, MT DX Test
The Courtesy Program Committee of the National Radio Club and International Radio Club of America are pleased to announce another DX Test. This time from KSEN 1150 kHz in Shelby, Montana, near the Canadian border. KSEN plays an oldies format with the slogan, “Good as Gold.” They’re a fixture in the Shelby area but can be difficult to log outside of Big Sky country.
This test for distant listeners is being done with the generous support of the owners of KSEN, station management, and Chief Engineer Todd Clark. We can also thank the efforts of CPC member Paul Walker who used his connections in broadcasting to arrange yet another test.
The test will be on late night Saturday-Early Sunday morning on November 8, 2020 starting at 12:01AM Mountain Time for one hour. This is 0600-0700 UTC so it may be tough to log in Europe.
Test will be at the daytime power of 10,000 watts, but we are not yet certain about which antenna pattern may be available for the test.
Todd is attempting to arrange a change to the ND pattern, but may be limited to the night pattern which favors the North and South, with nulls towards E-W.
Test will consist of voice announcements, Morse Code ID’s, sweep tones, off-hook telephone sounders, etc. The station has a small staff, so they have asked the CPC Committee to handle reception reports and verifications. Verifications will be by e-mail only. A specially designed QSL card in Adobe PDF format will be sent to successful reports.
The CPC prefers audio recordings in .MP3 or .WAV format. These should be e-mailed to: les@highnoonfilm.com
Put this on your calendar, and don’t miss the chance to log a great station in Northern Montana. Thanks again to CE Todd Clark and Paul Walker for this great DX Test.
Les Rayburn, N1LF
121 Mayfair Park
Maylene, AL 35114
NRC & IRCA Courtesy Program Committee Chairman