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    The purpose of this page is for the NON-DX'er. I've talked with a few people at work who have said "I listen to the Indians on some station in Cleveland" or "you know you can hear the Cubs on WGN in Virginia?"
    Well, this is a listing of AM RADIO stations in mid-AMerica that can be heard in mid-AMerica with current teams and play by play announcers. Networks are in some cases, on our individual state pages, which will be added here as time allows. Best time to try is at NIGHT when signals get out better. Conditions do vary. Thunderstorms will dampen this whole listing. Have fun hearing your favorite team or teams! Kudos to Tom Sanders for help on this listing.

    Baltimore Orioles: 1090 WBAL Baltimore
    Joe Angel, Fred Manfra
    POSSIBLE interference: KAAY Little Rock, AR

    Chicago CUBS 780 WBBM Chicago
    Pat Hughes, Ron Coomer
    POSSIBLE interference:

    Chicago WHITE SOX: 670 WSCR Chicago "The Score"
    Ed Farmer, Daren Jackson -excellent banter!
    POSSIBLE interference: none

    Cincinnati Reds: 700 WLW Cincinnati
    Marty Brennaman, Thom Brennaman, Jeff Brantley
    POSSIBLE interfernce: none

    Cleveland INDIANS: 1100 WTAM Cleveland
    Tom Hamilton, Jim Rosenhaus
    POSSIBLE interference: in Omaha/Nebraka area, 1110-KFAB

    Colorado ROCKIES: 850 KOA Denver
    Jerry Schemmel, Jack Corrigan
    POSSIBLE interference: WHAS 840 in Louisville area, 830 WCCO Minneapolis in Western Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota

    Detroit TIGERS: 1270 WXYT Detroit TIGERS RADIO
    Jim Price, Dan Dickerson -EXCELLENT banter!
    NOTE: If the Lions and Tigers play at the same time, the Tigers are on WXYT AM-1270. Lions are on FM 97.1 The Ticket. Also Lions seem to pre-empt Tigers, noted on 1450 WMIQ, 1320 WDMJ/1240 WIAN, 1400 WCCY, 1380 WPHM, 97.7 WTGV. WSGW-AM has in the past stayed with the Tigers.

    Milwaukee BREWERS: 620 WTMJ Milwaukee
    Bob Uecker, Joe Block, Kent Sommerfield
    POSSIBLE interference: 630 CFCO in So.Ontario, 610 KDAL in Duluth area

    Minnesota TWINS: 96.3 KTWNFM Edina-St.Paul-Minneapolis TWINS RADIO
    Dan Gladden, Kris Attebery, Cory Provus, Bert Blyleven, Dick Bremer

    New York METS: 660 WFAN New York
    Howie Rose, Josh Lewin, Ed Coleman
    POSSIBLE interfernce: 670 WSCR Chicago, 650 WSM Nashville

    New York YANKEES: 660 WFAN New York //101,9 WFANFM
    John Sterling, Suzyn Waldman
    POSSIBLE interfernce: 870 WWL New Orleans, 880 WMEQ in Eau Claire,WI area, 890 WLS Chicago

    Philadelphia PHILLIES: 1210 WPHT Philadelphia
    Scott Franzke, Larry Anderson, Jim Jackson, Gary Matthewes
    1200 WRTO in Chicago area

    St.Louis CARDINALS: 1120 KMOX St. Louis
    John Rooney, Mike Shannon
    POSSIBLE interference: 1110 KFAB Omaha, Stations on 1130 in Milwaukee, Detroit, Minneapolis and Shreveport,LA. Bismarck,ND also in that area.

    Toronto BLUE JAYS: 590 CJCL Toronto BLUE JAYS RADIO
    Jerry Howarth, Alan Ashby, Mike Wilner
    POSSIBLE interference: ----