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Another website/think tank (http://www.markramseymedia.com/2014/10/will-half-of-terrestrial-radio-stations-disappear/) says AM radio is gone in 10 years. Do you think so? WINNER:No "people have been saying this for decades", "I'm not looking at my phone at 65 mph for traffic reports, when I can hear them", "the pie is smaller, but with 500 cable channel, etc,..." "AM will still be around."

Disney sold stations and they were supposed to go/be Silent. Were you hoping they'd go Silent? WINNER: Yes "Don't want to see them silent forever though", "if they go off a long period, they would be harder to sell", "why push more people to FM?"

T-Storms nearby. Do you unplug your radios/antennas/gear? WINNER: No "Carelessness" "forecasters wrong mostly" "if they're all saying storms and storms are close, yes, I pull plugs."

How would you rate the 2014 FMDX season? WINNER: Fair-Poor:100% "bad again" "save a few days, poor" "we have had good years. This wasn't one" "usually trop starts in March-April, but these past several years have been on the verge of horrid."

Would you ever request mailing of a DX-midAMerica paper/printed bulletin, in addition to the website? WINNER: NO "no need", "would be outdated the next day", "to stack and toss in a pile?"

Most FMDX is over by mid-August. Do you still check for FMDX after mid-August? WINNER:"YES" "September, November and early December have proven good in the past for trop", "one cannot let the last few years determine the future!", "there's that minor Es season which runs from late November through the middle of January; I've actually caught Es during this time," "I've had some great tropo catches through October and even into November."

How would you describe the 2013-2014 AMDX season? WINNER: "GOOD" "Cannot complain", "cannot argue with my results", "a few really good sessions would make me say 'good.' It really wasn't 'bad' at all!"

Are there any OTHER bands we should carry for reporting? (SW, LW, others?) WINNER: NO "AM and FM are best, really", "SW stations are falling like flies. Don't go into that!" "doubt there's enough interest."

When you report DX to DX-midAmerica, should we use the (more common) EASTERN or CENTRAL, which we have used since 1981? 100% "CENTRAL" "I 'm used to CLT" "why change it?" "mid-AMerica doesn't end itself to Eastern time. Central is fine."

Do you ever try a new band to dx? UTEs, Weather Band, Ham? WINNER:"NO" "I use my energies for AM/FM", "too little time to even think of that", "I would never keep the interest that I have had in AM/FM. No!"

Do you ever have a time when you know you've dx'ed too much? Get physically tired? WINNER:YES! "Sometimes during a hot FMDX season, I must pause" "Absolutely. If Es is coming in for hours and hours, I must take a 5-10 minute break!" "Sometimes in my search for a new log, after sitting on a GY channel for 1-2 hours of hoping, yes, I take a needed break!"

Christmas time and Santa time: any new gifts/toys for you/the shack? WINNER:"Nothing" "What I want, Santa cannot bring: no IBOC, no line noise", "nothing really. After you buy a radio, you're pretty well set" and "a few more new logs would be nice!"

It's November. Do you ever check FM for November FMDX? WINNER:YES. "without a doubt" "I still remember that nice opening from 2006" "Black Friday 2004" "We've had some warm temps/Hot even, with tropo that followed!"

Has anything on DX-midAMerica site (dx logging, format flip, qsl tip, other) ever helped you?
WINNER: "Yes" "without a doubt" "I make target lists from recent loggings and try for them" "with all the hits DX-midAMerica has, I think a lot of people get something" "I always come back!"

What font size would you prefer? 3 4 or 5 WINNER: 3 "what you have is fine" "all is ok" "basically nothing needs to be done."

Are you looking forward to AMDX? WINNER"YES" "without a doubt", "you're kidding...right ;)", "the HSFB action brings me back to AM", "YES!"

We've had two months of FMDX drought. Do you still look for FMDX as much? "not so much," "really looking forward to AM," "two bad years in a row makes me look to good old AM."

Have you ever had a dx catch you couldn't explain or just couldn't figure out? Good UNIDs? WINNER:"YES" "Without a doubt", "I think everyone has a bunch of stuff they have never figured out" and "with so much cross-ownership, you'll have a station promoing an FM or AM elsewhere in the cluster, and it's just more difficult."

Is dx'ing better now or was it better years ago? 50/50 SPLIT! "Even ten years back, we didn't have all the added interference from translators, IBOC, cable modems, etc." "there have been a couple of move-ins, which have added to the already over-crowded dial" "I guess you go with the flow. It's worse a bit, but look at our totals" "we're still doing this years later, though it is more of a challenge!"  

FM captures attention now-August. Will you check AM once in a while? WINNER:"YES" "Absoluetly!" "if FM is dead, I'll check AM" "some of my best catches through the years have been in the summer months" "early May and late Augst get the most attention here."

While dx'ing I hear a song or topic I like, I'll... WINNER:listen for a few minutes "you cannot imagine how many new stations I've logged because I stayed to listen to the song!" "in my own case, once in a while I listen to the song to just take a break" or "with most stations politics or sports, intelligent talk or music is a very nice diversion, then back to the dials."

It a so/so night on AM. For dx'I'll... WINNER: "give it 15 mins or so". Answers: "why try and try and try?" "when the fishing is bad, you know when to quit!" "dx has good and bad days, weeks, cycles. Know when to quit!"

Have you ever stopped dx'ing any band? EXAMPLES: SW, TV WINNER: YES. "Gave TV DX'ing the boot after conversion", "Quit SW, as the number of countries boasting an outlet is way down from years ago", "TV is toast here."

Any new toys (radios, electronics) for Christmas? WINNER:NO "I bought a new rx earlier in year. Headphones once in a while", "pretty cheap hobby after initial investment. No", "I go in streaks with radios and such. Answer though is nothing new. I just want new logs!"

Have you increased anything? QSLing, recording of dx, dx time, etc? -explain WINNER:NO "who has the time?", "time is so precious, it's tight", and "basically limited to dx'ing. QSL responses are awful!"

Have you reduced anything? QSLing, recording of dx, dx time, etc? -explain
time with other dx'ers, online or personal, less QSLing: horrible return rate, due to work, really less dx time

Are you a seasonal dx'er or all-year dx'er?
WINNER: Seasonal "there are months where there's little on AM," "you get to the point where you've heard so much, there's little left to hear," "there is a point when a hobby becomes an obsession," and "we all need a break once in a while."

How would you rate the Summer FMDX season?
WINNER: Poor: 93%! "that was a stupid question", "horrid could have been a possibility", "while I still got ne stations, this was way off the mark!"
Storms near. Do you unplug radios, other equipment? 50/50 SPLIT! "depends on severity of storms," 'YES, I not only unplug the radios when storms come in the area...but I also disconnect the antenna as well," "I have never unplugged and had lightnight hit tree in fron of house and everything still works," "Yes, I always unplug."

How would you rate this past Fall'-Winter'12 AMDX season? WINNER:"Good" "cannot complain," "a few tests helped," "usually a slow start, a lull, but still good vs bad, like this FM season has been to now!"

Are you a "bean counter" or casual listener/dx'er, not keeping records? WINNER: "bean counter" "what's the use of dx'ing without keeping a record of it?" "why not document the hours and hours of chasing dx?" "of course. I don't know anyone who is that casual!"

Do you keep notes, lists or records on UNIDS to later possibly look up to add to your loggings, as id'ed? WINNER: "YES" "I keep old notebooks and once in a while something jogs something, and what was once an UNID is solved!," "yes, I DO have logs and logs on unIDs. If a station's coming across, I take notes so if it fades, then I have my notes to fall back on later to either figure out from ads, or to determine from checking my resources," "You've seen a number of my unIDs, though my logbook has even more than that -- lots of times, especially on the graveyarders, I'll only have one or two records before losing it," "Some, like my log of WMOA, do eventually get solved after doing a little detective work, but most sadly go unIDed," "this is something I didn't do until several years ago, but now, as stations are getting harder to hear, any little edge ads up. I do report my UNIDS and later sometime, not always, will see a call change or format change that now, did make sense and a new logging!"

Should we still use CENTRAL time for dx reports or EASTERN or UTC? WINNER: Central. "leave it alone," "leave as is," "not been a problem."

Do you listen or try for dx tests?
WINNER:YES "without a doubt", "without the tests, my totals would be lower", "code and sirens seem to cut through", "even a woman's voice vs a man's will enhance the test."

Any extra stuff for the dx shack this past year? WINNER: no "usually this is at beginning of season," "with me it's always impluse buying," and "what other guys use, I might look into."

Font size. Which is better?
BBB No clearcut winner. Fonts stay the same.

A station goes off the air for good. Do you check out the frequency a little more?
Examples: 580-CKY-MB, 1550 CBE-ON, 1590 WAWA-WI WINNER:"YES" "A while, then go elsewhere", "I have most of what I'd hear anyway, but will look", "will check, of course!"

Do you know anyone, in your area, who has left the dx hobby? WINNER:"Yes" "used to be many more dx'ers locally", "sadly, several have passed away", "I know a few who just seemed to drop off the face of the earth."

How would you rate the summer 2011 FMDX season? WINNER:"OK" "Not much Es, but a few tropo sessions were ok", "a few good days, though not a barnbuster", "I added quite a few, so I guess that's an OK."

Not when you began, but 5 or 10 years ago, did you think you would still be dx'ing today? WINNER: YES. "I think if you get this far, you don't quit", "it's in your blood", "I have left, but is was always nice to come back."

It's trop/Es season. How do you discover dx? WINNER: check bands "I can check dx sites, but mostly I'm reading about other dx", "it's best to check the dial myself", "to/from work is all I'll check as net or calls are less common."

How would you rate the 2010-2011 AMDX season just ended? WINNER:GOOD "Anytime I end up with moe than last year, I'm ok", "very good openings to Europe, tho I never logged what others have", "while a person could complain, I won't. It's a hobby where one really learn patience."

Should we list LPFM stations, TIS stations on our HOT LISTS? WINNER: NO. "don't need that stuff", "there's enough", "not needed."

Should use Central or Eastern time for AMDX logs. FM and TV are all local times. Most people/clubs use Eastern. We began in 1981 in Milwaukee, in the Central Time Zone. Well, now the reach is way beyond that. Would it be better with Eastern or should we just stay as is? NO WINNER STAYS AS IS "As for your use of CLT I don't see a problem with it.", "You could switch to those time zones to keep your material the same as they do our you could stay unique to your readers.", "you're talking to someone who's used 24 hour time since 1987."

Do you dx differently in March than you might in November, for example? WINNER:YES. "sadly...less", "less, because you don't have the whole season ahead of you", "it's less - best part of season seems over", "no different approach."

It's February or November. A non FMDX month. Will you check FM once in a while anyway? WINNER:YES "if there's FM activity, I will check", "if nothing's on AM, I'll go to FM out of habit", "yes. I've heard some excellent catches in non-FM dx months!"

We all dx one or two bands. Any chance of getting into or re-entering the TVDX world? WINNER: NO "not a chance", "I have thought of it, but wonder if TV and the net will merge down the road", "I'm too old to start on a new band", "I am thinking of it, tho a new digital TV and antenna for a few days/hours in the summer, where that same time on FM would bring in 20-50 stations, maybe."

Have you in the past few years met any dx'ers new to the hobby? WINNER:NO "this is a hobby with a lot of solitude", "no, mostly folks I've known for years", "I do see new names once in a while on different lists/sites, but have never met anyone", "no, but local dx'ers used to be quite common!"

While dx'ing, are you checking the net or a dx bulletin? WINNER:100% YES! "Yes", "several tabs open in my browser -- one for Google, one to Wikipedia, and one to Radio-Locator. Then, I'll often plug in local ads I hear on Google, figure out where said advertisers are, check Radio-Locator, then check Wikipedia for information on the station that comes back.", "there's a lot of stuff to access", "I'll make my own 'target list' from recent reports to DX-midAMerica."

How many sources of dx/information do you SUBSCRIBE to? WINNER:1-3 "1-3" "1-3 is all that's left? Right" "get it all of the net, message boards, etc"

#150:9-10: How was your view of the 2010 FMDX season? WINNER:"OK" (vs "less than OK" "got a ton of new stns.", "it was short, but I was home for it", "many complaints on web, not much tropo tho."
#149:8-10: Have you ever been rebuked by an editor, etc? (didn't believe catch, etc) WINNER:YES "You reported that log 3x this year", "you surely didn't hear that", or "a wise comment after log, making it look like I wrote said comment! Uncalled for."
#148:7-10: Any new receivers, toys to be in the near future? WINNER:NO "there is one I'm looking at."
#147:6-10: Have you ever left one band of DX. Retired? Given up, yet still continued on another band? WINNER:YES!(100%) "left SW", "left SW", "left TV", "gave up on TVDX."
#146:5-10: Do you have a target or most wanted list for AMDX? WINNER:YES "I have a list of states or provinces needed," "I look at the site... see what others are hearing," "Yes. A most wanted list!"
#145:4-10: We have lists of SRS-SSS, OWL, Twilight stuff to try for. Lists of freqs and states, etc. Currently these are called TARGET LISTS. Should these be called PAST LOGGINGS FROM... or similar or TARGETS? EVEN: "never had a problem with the word "targets", "how about 'DX:documented."
#144:3-10: It's March. Has AMDX wound down, or is there still stuff out there to dx? WINNER:YES "There's always more to get on AM. Some of my better catches have been in summer, believe it or not; whenever FM is dead, I will often check AM.", "Equipment malfunctions/computer glitches can happen anytime, which can cause the stations to accidentally run daytime power by night, "Let's not forget that summer is also tornado season; a daytimer can run past LSS in times of emergency," "I know of people who have gotten NEW loggings 12 of trying and patience!"
#143:2-10: AMDX: A station in QC on 690, MB on 580, WI on 1590, ND on 1430 leaves the air,do you dx the frequency a little more? WINNER:YES "probably have most there anyway, but still worth a try", "Yes, but then interest in that freq dies off after a bit."
#142:1-10: AMDX: Do you dx the same or less than 3 years ago? WINNER: LESS. "grandkids", "work", "aging parents". All noted they still had a passion for the hobby!

#141:12-09: Any goodies for the dx shack this Christmas season? WINNER:NO "Any new radio would get how many new logs? Not cost effective", "At least one new portable AM-FM-SW receiver, and a PALstar MW550P Pre-selector and amplifier. Also hoping to get a DSP speaker or filter", "possibly headphones", "better coffee!"
#140:11-09: Have you ever told anyone about DX-midAMerica? WINNER:YES. "Without a doubt", "I find it nice to look at more regional tips."
#139:10-09: Are the DX-midAMerica target sections of any worth? WINNER:YES "when I see a station listed on the SRS-SSS list for Nov a few times, I know it was heard more than once", "still better than getting the bulletin in the mail with 6 week old dx", "one club has 'the grapevine: a list of target stations", "a tool for what has been heard in the midwest, not half way over the country", "nice dream list for many a rainy day. I use them."
#138: 9-09: FM DX: How would you rate the 2009 FMDX season? WINNER:GOOD "we've had better, but it wasn't bad", "not much tropo", "noticed you didn't have great, but it was good, hi."
#137: 8-09: AM DX: Do you start in late August or wait until later to begin the AMDX foray? WINNER: none. Vote even, between August and later.
#136: 7-09: FMDX or TVDX. Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by amount of stations coming in? WINNER: YES "Sometimes FMDXing for 2-3 or more solid hours is a bit much", "can be overwhelming, yet it's what we wait for!"
#135: 6-09: AMDX: Do you sit or a frequency or do you move and move? EVEN "I move until I hear something that doesn't sound right", "do a lot of TOH recording. Patience!", "will on occasion sit and wait for a station or two to fade in or up."
#134: 5-09: Do you still look forward to FM-TVDX? WINNER: YES "without a doubt", "logging 10-30 new stations in one session...", "yes, of course!"
#133: 4-09:
How would you rate the 08-09 AMDX season? WINNER: GOOD "still a lot of oppurtinity", "had much better, but this was good!"
#132: 3-09:
Have you ever got involved in a dx contest? WINNER:NO "don't have time", "no" "no thanks!"
#131: 2-09:
Have you ever left one band of dx to later favor another? (IE:SW for AM, FM for AM, etc) WINNER:YES "left SW", "dabbled in a few bands, but settled on AM and FM."
#130: 1-09:
Would you be interested in tips being mailed to your in-box? WINNER: NO. "So much junk there already", "solid NO!", "that's what site is for."
#129: 12-08:
Any new toys/plans for Christmas? Radio? Layout? Re-doing the shack? WINNER:"NO" "not at this stage of the game", "there's nothing on the market of interest", "not here."
#128: 11-08:
Do you report to other sites, clubs? WINNER:YES "I've noticed they want a logging once a year. Once? Doesn't seem right", "I've always, always gotten a kind note when reporting to DX-midAMerica", "got a note that most of my logs were added. Most?", "you are the only one who gets my logs. They're posted quickly. What more could I ask for?"
#127: 10-08:
Do you have time restraints concerning the hobby? WINNER: YES "Any adult does", "stupid question", "yes, but I do try to get hobby time in. Its a nice stress release."
#126: 9-08:
Do you make an extra effort for HSFB broadcasts? HSFB is High School FootBall WINNER:YES "phone lines cut through", "easy to hear", "when I can."
#125: 8-08: How would you rate the 2008 FMDX season? WINNER:Good! "OK Es, not much tropo" "little tropo"
#124: 7-08: "You hear a NEW station at a friends house, but not on your radio. Do you log it?" WINNER:NO. "I'd have to hear it on my own receiver", "absolutely not", "it would have to be on my equipment!"
#123: 6-08: "You hear a NEW station in your car. Do you log it, considering it's close to home?" WINNER:YES "As long as I'm close to home", "without doubt", "I've, on occasion dx'ed to-from work and gotten new logs this way."
#122: 5-08: Do you know of any dx'er within your local city-county? WINNER: NO. "More prevalant years ago", "I think with time restraints, we meet at a dx site." "Yes, tip rarely."
#121: 4-08: How would you rate the '07-'08 AMDX reason? FAIR "Started out ok, but quickly tailed off", "horrid", "had worse, had better. Fair is about right."
#120: 3-08: Do you keep copies (mp3's, tape, files) of your better dx catches? WINNER:YES "I used to", "everything", "to be counted in my total, there must be a recording of it."
#119: 2-08: How often do you look at DX-midAMerica site? WINNER: a few times a week. "Not as often as I used to", "others should have your passion", "I began looking at it in 1990's and you still update daily!"
#118: 1-08: When was the last time you added something to your shack? WINNER:Over 1 year ago "after the initial radio investment, this is a nice CHEAP hobby!", "kinda like Dec question. Nothing...", "nothing on the horizon."
#117: 12-07: Do you plan on buying a present for your shack this Christmas? WINNER:NO "after the investment in a radio, the hobby takes care of itself", "there are other priorities", "few & far between."
#116: 11-07: I have as much enthusiasm for DX'ing as I did 5 years ago. WINNER: YES. "My enemy is time", "still my favorite hobby."
#115: 10-07: I first heard about DX-midAMerica... WINNER: from another dx'er RUNNER UP: search engine
#114: 9-07: The (AM) IBOC-HD night authorization has affected my DX abilities. WINNER: YES "not as bad as I thought it would be", "glad I'm not on the East Coast", "FM maybe makes sense, but nighttime on AM: no!"
#113: 8-07: I dx more or less than 3 years ago. WINNER: LESS. "Less. There's no time," "family has cut in deeply, yet it's still a passion, "FCC rulings are tossing up a lot of roadblocks!"
#112: 7-07: More dx'ers are...WINNER:older "I don't see any younger people entering the hobby", "the youngest I know is 35. Older", "older. Cannot explain the hobby to a younger person. I'm 31."
#111: 6-07: I dx less than I did 5 years ago. WINNER: LESS. "My biggest enemy is time", "as you get more stations, there are less new ones to hear. Less", "I think we know when to listen. It's less, but I still have the passion."
#110: 5-07: I dx primarily AM, but dabble in FM(TV) during the summer. WINNER: AM (over FM-TV) "Forget TV" "AM is still my first love" "Hopefully nighttime IBOC will not kill my AM dx'ing."
#109: 4-07: How would you like AM loggings listed? By frequency or by contributor? WINNER:100% "leave it as it is", "please, don't touch a thing", "frequency is much, much better."
#108: 3-07: How would you rate the 2006-2007 AM DX season? WINNER:GOOD "we've had much better PanAM and TA years" "no complaints" "not as much solar activity made it a good season."
#107: 2-07: Do you have a second copy of your loggings? WINNER: NO. "I do have one on hard drive and one on paper" "one on paper only" "one on paper. I'd hate to think if something ever happened to that!"
#106: 1-07: Do you have or work from a target list? WINNER:YES. "I have a favorite list", "I look at other logs in DX-midAMerica and make a list of targets from that" "I have a target list and some have been on that list for DECADES!"
#105: 12-06: For the holidays, any new goodies like radios, headphones, dx-stuff for youself? WINNER: NO. "not really" "if anything, it might be dx'ing more or better, but the equipment will not change", "I'm comfortable with my radio and a change now would not bring much . It's good conditions that are needed."
#104: 11-06: Have you ever logged a station, due to it being reported in DX-midAMerica? WINNER: YES "Without a doubt!" "You'll never know how much DX-midAMerica has helped," and "several of my logs are truly a direct result of DX-midAMerica!"
#103: 10-06: Have you ever mentioned DX-midAMerica to a dx'ing aquaintence? WINNER: YES. "I've mentioned it at DX GTG's," "wore the DX-midAMerica t-shirt to hype the site," and "yes, but most people do not contribute, so don't feel bad."
#102: 9-06: With CKDO having a big effect on 1580, will you dx 1580 as much as you once did? WINNER: NO. "You'll dx differently, but 1580 is still dx-able!", "CKDO changes the landscape a bit, but I would not give up on 1580" "There are still Western, Southern openings and thus, 1580 is still a good frequency to dx."
#101: 8-06: In the age of mp3s and ipods, do you still have or use a cassette tape recorder? WINNER: YES "Not that up on technology..." "tapes to me are still easy to use.." "still using tape"
#100: 7-06: Have you ever forgot to log a station? IE: you hear something and look and see you never documented the catch? WINNER: NO. "I keep very accurate loggings." "I've heard of others, but I've never had this happen." "Without a doubt. I've written things on paper or tossed it out, not thinking..."
#99: 6-06: Do you ever attend radio GTGs, attend conventions or get together with other DX'ers? WINNER: YES. "Really nice to meet other radio geeks", "I've met people I'll know the rest of my life", "smaller gtgs are better. Bigger are all club politics!"
#98: 5-06: How many places do you dx from and count totals? (ie:home and place in park 27 miles away) WINNER:1 "to me, more than one is cheating" "I do dx from an in-laws cabin, in state, and this is 2-3 times a year. Not much has been added, really." "one" "two, in two states, yet 300ish miles apart. AM only, not FM."
#97: 4-06: Any plans on buying an HD radio? WINNER:NO! 100% "For what? Their programming?" "I've heard they're $200+. My radio is for dx/hobby." "One day it might be something, but one day these broadcasters mi realize they've sliced the pie formatwise, etc."
#96: 3-06: Which do you look at first for AM HOT TIPS section? WINNER:Tips by freq. "Longform is really second, but tips by freq is first", "AREA is rather infrequent but still a good idea", "longform lets me scroll and scroll, though having three formats for TIP presentation is a very good idea!"
#95: 2-06: Which font size is best for AM HOT TIPS section? WINNER:Font size #3. "5 is way too big" "I can adjust the size of the webite and print here." "3 seems fine."
#94: 1-06: Do you tape/QSL/verify your dx? WINNER:50/50 SPLIT. "I do TRY to QSL, with very limited results" "I keep audio clips" "I tape from time to time" "the hobby is based on trust. I do not have everything on tape or QSLed"
#93: 12-05: Is the hobby of dx'ing BETTER, WORSE or EVEN with 5 years ago (2000), as an example? WINNER:WORSE "More QRM, several local stations have "Improved" to 50KW since 2000, a few local stations are now running IBOC (Which was nonexistant in 2000,) etc," "more difficult," "I think it might be hard to start in the hobby now with the IBOC white noise!"
#92: 11-05: Do you set GOALS or have a TARGET LIST for AM DX? WINNER:YES "I have a list of 'never heard' stuff I work from," "I look at DX-midAMerica daily , see what others are hearing and try for those and then contribute my info," "I've worked from a list for years and find it a nice dx helper."
#91: 10-05: When was the last time you rearranged your shack? WINNER:1-5 years ago "what a mess!" "basically my shack is one radio on a table" "this would be a major undertaking!"
#90: 9-05: Any now "toys" this season? Radios, antennas, stuff? WINNER:100% NO! "no reason", "I dream of a nice tower, but..."
#89: 8-05: When do you begin serious AM dx'ing? WINNER:AUGUST (100%) "I usually start serious DXing toward the middle of August; that's about when HS Football season begins, so I start listening on Friday evenings in August, looking for Football DX. However, I still stay with FM into the month of October, since decent tropo lasts into autumn until the temps cool off," "August towards the end when conditions seem to heat up," "I think August, later in the month, after one has had no AM DX since April or May....it's time to get back to the radio again."
#88: 7-05: Will the expanded AM band be a commercial success? (we ask this every few years. Yes! It's an old question!) WINNER:NO "flat out NO", "FMs are going talk and the few AM's with music (KCJJ, WRLL) I don't think are big successes", "horrid coverage!"
#87: 6-05: It's summer! How does AM DX rate to you? WINNER:LOWpriority. "I'll go where the dx is:FM and TV..." "will check once in a while, if that" "it's not like July is a hotbed of AM DX as November would be, YET I have gotten some nice catches in summer months!"
#86: 5-05: How would you rate the 2004-2005 AM DX season? WINNER:FAIR. "Good. With almost 100 new logs..." "Fair, alot of geo storms through the season played havoc," "we've had better, we've had worse. Fair is my answer," "the season ended good with good numbers, but most was fair."
#85: 4-05: When looking at the DX-midAMerica website, is it for DX or other info? (format flips, station lists, QSL tips, etc) WINNER:100% DX. "basically dx" "dx and qsl tips" "dx. seems to be fresh information."
#84: 3-05: On an average, during the AM DX season, how many days will you check out the band or dx? WINNER:3-6 days a week. "7 days a week will cause burnout." "There are days of nothing great and I'll say I need a day or two away." "I'll go from SSS to SRS or overnights, just to mix it up a bit. Never as low as 3 days a week. THIS is what we wait for all year!"
#83: 2-05: Is IBOC affecting how you dx? WINNER:NO "who's even using it aside from a few of the big 50KW boys?" "will this be shoved down our throats one day like HDTV?" "Not yet, but stations seem to be going crazy with this" "seems to be getting closer, but has not affected me yet."
#82: 1-05: Will you treat yourself to something radio related this holiday season? WINNER:NO "I think you'd need a great season to justify a new rig. No." "What would a new radio really bring in?" "Time is so tight I barely have time to listen now."
#81: 12-04: Do you have a favorite time for AM DX'ing? What is it? WINNER: 100% NO! "Whenever DX is in." "Early, early mornings." "When the house is quiet!"
#80: 11-04: Have you ever been treated rudely by a radio station? WINNER: YES! "Several times when I call stations to try to be certain if I heard them (ad, pgmg, format and time..partial calls..etc) I've been treated quite rudely by them," "I called once to see if a station had changed their format. I was told I was the competition and I should just turn on the radio and find out! After 3 minutes of back & forth, I knew I was talking with a jerk" "you dx'ers think you know it all. Why don't you get a life!"
#79: 10-04: Do you have a TARGET LIST of most wanted stations? WINNER: YES! "I use a most wanted list...", "I have a target list of several stations. They seem to be heard by everyone except me!"
#78: 9-04: What do you call an average stint dx'ing? WINNER:2+ hours "my DX sessions usually span about three hours or so. Less if conditions are lousy, more if conditions are good", "you know within a few minutes if you'll be dx'ing a good session...", "mornings can go from 4-5 until 1 hour after the sun is up..."
#77: 8-04: Do you plan on buying any new stuff for your shack this season? Radios? Headphones? Recording equipment? WINNER: NO "once you get into the hobby, the rest is listening. No new stuff...", "nothing new for me...", "My toys have lasted me for years. Nothing new."
#76: 7-04: Are there areas of the DX-midAMerica website that should be improved? EDITOR'S NOTE: We usually get about 20 votes per month. Nobody voted on this one, so I'll assume all is well, hi! NO WINNER.
#75: 6-04: Will the expanded AM band be a commercial success? WINNER: NO "I personally don't feel that the Expanded Band would be of much value. There are still a surprising number of older receivers in use, which don't get the ex-band." "Most people are intent on listening to FM more anyway." "AM is much older demographics. Trying to get a 15 year old interested in 'your father's radio station' seems fruitless." "AM doesn't cover the areas it once did, even with good signals. The metropolitan area is too big for many AM and even some FM signals. Look at LA, NY or other areas with great expansion!" "People put their money where the audience is..."
#74: 5-04: The 2003/2004 AM DX season was... WINNER: FAIR "between fair and good, but not great," "seemed to peak in October and a 6 week drought after that as I remember." "Fair seems right."
#73: 4-04: IBOC/Digital Radio will wreck the dx/radio hobby or quietly fail and go away. "This has been known about for 2-3 years now, and still it hasn't caught on," "I'm not tossing in the towel yet. I remember FM quad and AM stereo," "once broadcasters hear the noise from this stuff, it will shut off and go away," "maybe it's someone's way of pushing us into pay radio," "this might be the death of the hobby."
#72: 3-04: Have you ever bought a radio for dx purposes and not liked it? "Without a doubt!" "Bought a less expensive radio, only to buy a better one later." "Bought one with all the bells & whistles, yet the old GE Superadio or Kenwood R1000 did 95% of what I wanted." "New is not always better. You need a good fit."
#71: 2-04: Roughly how many DX SITES do you look at on a regular basis? WINNER:1-2 "There's not that many that are updated a lot." "Most somehow want money." "A few have officers, presidents, committeees. DX is a solitary hobby. All I wanted was DX, not the politics."
#70: 1-04: Are there any AM DX frequencies you cannot dx on? (IE:IBOC, NSP situation, too close to transmitter) WINNER: YES. "There will always be one or two, but they will have down time, an undermodulated show, public service on Sunday where you can work around the frequency."
#69: 12-03: Is Christmas/Holiday music being played too early on the radio? WINNER: YES! "When it starts before Thanksgiving..." "one song and hour was fine, but over and over...." "it's not to celebrate Christmas. It's to hype advertising, ratings, and shopping while played adnauseam in stores."
#68: 11-03: Now that it's dark at SRS and SSS, if you're in transit (car, bus, bike) will you scan the band at all for dx? WINNER: YES. "In the morning, it's the usual chatter, thus I'll do a scan." "Always on the way home I'll check, to see if I should even turn on the radio."
#67: 10-03:Anything new for the shack this season? (Radio? recorders? Headphones, etc) WINNER: NO. "I seem to have everything I want except the dx." "No. What I have has been good. No need to upgrade anything here."
#66: 9-03:Care to guess how many NEW loggings (on AM) you'll have between Sept 1,2002 and March 31,2004? TIE: "10-25" and "more than 25"
#65: 8-03: Have you or anyone you know of, ever been contacted by an audience measurement (ratings) service? WINNER:YES "if they think I was logging every minute of every day, they were mistaken."
#64: 7-03: It's summer! When do you seriously go back to the AM band for DX? WINNER: Late August. "middle to end of August...by that time just about all the action's finished on the FM band (With the possibility of one or two more good tropospheric openings,) and the high school football games usually start toward the end of August anyway" "the HS Sport DX has nailed me a couple stations I'd have otherwise never bagged." "you notice the band opening up after August 20th or so..."
#63: 6-03:Before deregulation, one owner could own 7AM's and 7FM's. 1 AM & FM per market. After deregulation, there is no limit on ownership or per market. Is radio the same, better or worse? (This also applies in Canada, which had different limits, but also has deregulation.) WINNER: Worse. Comments: "Radio used to be show-biz, now it's just biz!" "Overnight jocks gone, local news gone, local flavor gone! Need I say more?"

#62: 5-03:You're on vacation. Do you.... (choices)1)check local radio, 2)dx from the area 3)no dx'ing/radio. It's vacation time! WINNER:TIE #1/#2 "always check local radio scene just to see if something is different." "curiosity..." "I've tried dx'ing several times but noise levels at motel are high."
#61: 4-03:It's T-Storm season. Do you unplug your radios/antennas? Winner:NO
#60: 3-03: How would you rate the 2002-2003 AM DX season? Winner: FAIR "Nothing like 98 TA season" "Lack of Pan-AMs this season" "Basically up-down season." "Really bad after Christmas thru early January."
#59: 2-03:How long have you been a dx'er? WINNER:20+ YEARS
#58: 1-03: You bought your main receiver how many years ago? WINNER: 5-9 YEARS ago. "What do you really need a new radio for?" "I have radios from 20+ years ago." "You buy a good one and you stick with it."
#57: 12-02: How would you best describe youself as an AM radio hobbyist? HIGH,AVERAGE,LOW? LOW was:1-2 times per week, as time permits. WINNER:LOW "My position is between numbers 1 and 2, actually: less than daily, more than 1-2 times a week." "Not every day, but more then 1 or 2x/week, I'm a high low-level or a II", " Time we really have in this hobby for good AM DX is from Sept-March with some times between where there is nothing. I do overnight, SRS and some SSS as that seems to be mostly tapped out." These were some of the responses.
#56: 11-02: How many NEW AM stations did you log this year in May,June,July & August? ALL VOTES AVERAGE: 5.6
#55: 10-02: Do you ever use or reference the TARGET LISTS? (ie:Sunrise/Sunset, States, Frequencies) NO WINNER. EXACTLY 50% EACH (10/10) "The frequencies are interesting to use" "I look at the states and see where I can improve" "Some of this might be quite old info....it might be better to look at recent catches." "lets you know what might be available."
#54: 9-02: Have you ever printed out a copy of a DX-midAMerica.com page for targets, loggings or other? WINNER: YES "Just the Latin AMerica list. That is the only one I really print out, and that's just so I can compare what I'm hearing with what's been logged." "I'll print the longform pages often during the AM DX season and keep a copy by the radio."
#53: 8-02: What was the first instance that really lit your dx fire in your early days as a dx'er? STATE? COUNTRY? LOG #100, 500? FIRST QSL? OTHER? No clear cut winner on this. "My parents bought a six transitor radio for me when I was 8. I was living in Houston TX back then. In the dead of winter and a good dip in the solar flux(1961), I started picking up WGN,WLW,WSB,WLS,WHO,KDKA and a host of others at dusk on the radio. I got hooked and never stopped DX'ing." "The first time heard New York City, I thought 'wow, that's far away!"
#52: 7-02: It's 37 cents to mail a letter. Will this affect your quest for QSL's? 100% NO! "Gasoline fluctuates weekly. This in inflation." "If you like this aspect of the hobby, cost is no object." "It might get 'expensive' in the case of follow ups, but years from now 37 cent postage will be a memory."
#51: 6-02: You've had a retailer that you've dealt with. The experience was less than pleasant. Do you go back? NO CLEAR CUT WINNER. "Sometimes you eat crow, figuring person was a jerk." "There's no place else in town and THEY know it." "One or two bad experiences over several years? Just like a fast food place. You almost get used to it." "Service sector leaves a lot to be desired." "One place detests AM DX'ers because they're not hams. I was talked down to and I never will go back."
#50: 5-02: On the DX-midAMerica.com site, how many pages do you look at in an average week? WINNER:"5-more" Usually, I'll look at tips and then wonder around site." "There's way too much to look at in one sitting, so depending on band activity, I'll check around more - less as conditions warrant." "I'll check in daily at least for dx tips, but in winter I will use the site much more (for AM DX)"
#49: 4-02: Do you have more or less electrical noise (QRM) than in the past? WINNER:YES (sadly) "able to turn to get away from some" "on occasion, some freqs are unusable!"
#48: 3-02: The 2001-2002 AM DX season was: VERY GOOD! Very good! anything over fifty new loggings is nothing to sneeze at! Without a doubt, very good! Best in a few years!
#47: 2-02: I buy the NRC log, WRTH and/or Passport to World Band Radio... TIE:YEARLY. EVERY OTHER YEAR
#46: 1-02: Verifications are collected/not collected WINNER: COLLECTED. If I can get them. I've sent only two reports recently. Both reports were never answered. At 70 cents (35cents + SASE) per verie with probably 1 or 2 follow ups needed, this seems cost prohibitive! 100 QSLS times 70 cents = $70! 300=$210, etc. For that money, I'm approaching the cost of a radio! I'll keep my taped collection of good dx receptions, however if I began collecting, I would keep collecting. It is a part of the hobby!
#45: 12-01: My logs are kept on paper or electronically. WINNER:PAPER I do the DXing in the truck, which has a pad of paper, a clipboard, and my main logs (Kept electronically) out there. Then, when I've finished DXing, I can go back and use my various Internet resources to figure out what I caught. Paper. I have three logs to reference: chronological, frequency, state-province-county. 2ND MOST RESPONDENTS TO A POWER POLL!
#44 11-01: Look into your crystal ball. Will we still have the AM/FM bands to dx in ten years?" 100% YES! Technically, AM is so old and antiquated, yet AM/FM will not be replaced by satellite services. Not yet anyway" "I don't think Clear Channel/CBS/ABC are buying stations to go belly up anytime soon." "They said AM would be DEAD 25 years ago. It's still here!"
#43 10-01: "When is your MOST PRODUCTIVE time to dx?" SUNRISE: 100% Sunset, twilight, and sunrise seem to be the best times, because at dusk, the daytimers east of here are signing off and I can catch the daytimers west; and at sunrise I can get the eastern daytimers as they start. Sunrise has very little satellite programming and seems to be much more local in nature w/news, wx, school closings
#42 9-01: I enjoy the hobby as much as I did one year ago." Do you agree with this statement? 100%: YES!
#41 8-01: My dx interest is best described as: MOST answers: multi band I primarily do AM in the winter, but I'll take a spin down the FM dial; if there's anything there, then I'll focus more on FM for that session. I began with AM, then got into FM and TV later. AM still is my favorite though. For summer, I primarily do FM; if there's nothing coming in on FM during the summer, then I'll do AM.
#40 7-01: My dx area is best described as... MOST answers: "Radio room (upstairs)"
#39 6-01: I got into the DX hobby... by accident: 100% "I heard some friends listening to SW crackling. I saw the pennants and the radios. I figured I could do the same on AM."
#38 5-01: Which is more useful to you as a dx'er? A)HOT LISTS containing CURRENT info on radio stations. (This info is updated several times a month, if need be.) B)TARGET LISTS: SSS-SRS, Target Frequencies, Target States. (This info is updated on a rotational basis. They are culled from info from DX-midAMerica.com REPORTERS in MID-AMERICA!) 100% HOT LISTS "The info if it is updated, seems more valuable than some old tip logged 2-3 seasons ago."
#37 4-01: Are the DX-midAMerica.com TARGETS of any use or are they "old history?" (IE: Target States, Target Frequencies) 50/50 split on Useful-keep and no opinion.
#36 3-01:Should we add LW loggings to our AM FM and TV sections. Several members have contibuted loggings below 540 kHz. Technically those are LW. Would it make send to add LW for those who want to send loggings to this area of interest? 75% NO OPINION. DX is DX; whether it's AM, FM, or LW. I would rather see a separate page for these instead of having them included on the AM dial. (Exception: 530 KHz, which is home to numerous TIS stations and a few stations from the Canada, as well as the Caribbean.) Allow loggings to appear, but don't have a special section for them.
#35 2-01: When dx really peaks, how often do you check DX-midAMerica.com site? 90% DAILY
#34 1-01: When dx'ing, do you have a dx bulletin or web page printout with recent dx loggings to help you get a dx target? 80% YES!
#33 12-00: IRCA & NRC use Eastern Time for domestic loggings. MOST logs sent to DX-midAMerica are in EASTERN. Should DX-midAMerica use EASTERN (vs Central) in our HOT TIPS (Loggings) section? NO! Most of mid-AMerica is in the central time zone, I would think. Really doesn't bother me one way or the other.Lets go with EST..but of course I am biased. Loggings are in Central in HT section and ELT/CLT for most recent. Everyone should be happy! I vote Central.
#32 11-00: In addition to AM, what other bands, if any, do you dx? SW
#31 10-00 Do you plan on buying any new equipment for your shack? (radios/tape recorders, etc.) 100% NO! (Poll #9 in 12-98 had a 75% NO reponse rate!)
#30 9-00 We recently re-designed the HOME PAGE. Which is better? NEW PAGE or OLD PAGE? 55% OLD "printing is too small", "too crunched" "this would take some getting used to!"
#29 8-00 Have you ever attended a dx get-together or a dx convention? 100%-YES!
#28 7-00 Has ANY tip, target or other information for DX-midAMerica (this site ONLY) ever helped you bag a new dx catch?100% YES! "other sites are always hitting you for money. You don't!" "How can you have a dx site with NO dx?" "I print out target lists and have them in my shack" "very nice concept, not dx'ers on both coasts but in mid-America!" "a lot of work goes into your site!"
#27 6-00: Will the expanded AM band be a commercial success? NO 100% "a station pumping out 10kw 40 miles away can't even pin the meter?" "this ranks up there with Quad-FM!" "people listen to FM and not static, fading signals and thunerstorms on AM. It's a dead duck, but nice for dxers." "if you had the money, would YOU buy an X band AM or a 50kw or even 6kw FM? Duh!"
#26 5-00: How would you rate the '99/'00 AMDX season?"GOOD: 66% "...good because I got back into the hobby..." "Not great. Good seems right..."
#25 4-00: For dx tips, formats & news which style is best? 1)QQQQQ 2)QQQQQQ or 3)QQQQQ #2 was winner.
#24 3-00: "driving home from work, you hear a NEW station on the car radio. You..." (You are within 30 miles of your home.) count it 75% "I would count it, but note it was heard in car", "anything over 10 miles is a big difference to me. I make make note of a station and add it to a target list...", "if I hear a few new FM's on e-skip or a new AM and I'm within a few miles of the house, they're logged. My guess is if I'm in my driveway, it can be heard in the house."
#23 2-00: "When dx'ing, I listen by way of..." headphones 100%
#22 1-00: "Satellite radio is coming soon. It is a pay service. Would you pay for satellite radio?" NO 100%
#21 12-99: I'm on the internet. This has taken away time from..." A)watching TV-non dx or B)DX'ing/Radio listening 75% Watching TV/non dx
#20 11-99: When logging a station I wait for...A)calls or B)slogan/local ments 75% SLOGANS/LOCAL MENTS"I usually try to get enough for a report, so I listen to everything possible- I'm not content to say "Hey a new one" and move on." "I must have definite evidence of a station before it goes into my logbook or else it remains unid" "waiting for calls on FM is next to impossible. I will hope for city/local tie in, and I am strict. I must be 100% sure of what I heard. Anything less is PADDING a total. This is a hobby based largely on trust." "we all wish for calls, but sometimes it's impossible."
#19 10-99: "Do you think, living at your current location, you will log all 50 US States?" 100% - NO! I'm 3 states away and keep hoping!
#18 09-99: Everytime you log a new station, it's one less station to hear. Will you be dx'ing in 3 years?" 100%:YES! "have been doing this so long, I can't imagine doing anything else", "Been dxing 20 years and still love every minute of it...always listening to hear more" "always held my interest"
#17 08-99: You move. With your AM totals you...0% Start over, 50% Continue "I can't see logging a bunch of 50kw stations over and if I move again?", 50% It would depend on move." "I moved about 20 miles. It affects some daytime locals. If I were to move far away, I'd start new. For a running total, I could refer to old logbooks. For my recent move, I'm not making any changes."
#16 07-99: Are you are member of any dues paying DX clubs? 57% NO!
#15 06-99: How would you rate 98/99 AM season? 100% GOOD "VG season, tho ended abrubtly in FEB. Spent more time listening than in previous four seasons! Also verified 50 stations between OCT-MAY!""Good, tho not GREAT as 97-98, but still not bad!"
#14 05-99: Should we continue using CENTRAL for Pan-AM/World AM catches or go to GMT? 80% GMT
#13 04-99: Should we use EASTERN or CENTRAL time for dx catches? 90% CENTRAL, UP from 56% in POWER POLL #2!"this is why we call it DX-mid-AMerica!" "It's what most of us use. To change now would confuse.""The US is based on Eastern, besides I wouldn't screw up by an hour."
#12 03-99: If AM is lousy, do you DX another band? 83% YES!SW was the #1 preference
#11 02-99: It's SSS in NOVEMBER. Where do you go first? 50% clears, 50% regionals"where something sounds 'different'. Regionals usually first"
#10 01-99: Are you a member of any dues paying dx club? 64% NONO:"Never got around to it" "I was for years but now the internet is making clubs obsolete." YES:"still like clubs and don't have to go to 20 different sites" "I am, but WTFDAs $24 is steep"
#9 12-98: Do you plan on buying any new equipment for your shack? (radios/tape recorders, etc.) 75% NO!"Bought CCrane radio and am waiting for an R-71!"
#8 11-98: How long have you been in the hobby? 55% 25 or more years, followed VERY CLOSELY by 11 or more years! NO VOTES for under 10, though you are out there!"at age 6, discovered new color TV and got a 55 mile catch", "since I was 9...you might say I'm a radio nut", "41 years!"
#7 10-98: Which is better statement...good equipment or right place, right time? 100% RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME!"an old radio gets 95% of what you want. Exception: Ex Band""consistant monitoring & awareness of conditions are more important than advanced equipment" MOST RESPONDENTS TO A POWER POLL!
#6 09-98: Do you set goals? 62% NO"after reaching the easy goals, it's what is needed to keep a person active in the hobby""If you plan a budget, have a 'to-do' list for things around house, why not have DX goals?"
#5 08-98: Do MM's (Monday Mornings) have any significance to you as a dx'er? 83% YES
#4 07-98: Do you keep tapes of your best dx? 75% NO
#3 06-98: Have you ever used Real Audio on DX-midAMerica site? 50% YES
#2 05-98: We use Central Time for reporting. Should we stay Central? 56% YES
#1 04-98: How would you describe your AM dx habits in the summer? 66% LESS