Pan-FM listings:logs,notes,etc

 Can FM be heard in midAMerica? Oh yes! The following logs are proof! Did you ever think when you began dx'ing AM that you'd hear AM from far away? You worked and worked and worked and finally! Finally heard Mexico, Cuba or Colombia on AM. Guess what? FM too. If you've looked at those nice DX-midAMerica loggings and said "the other guy sure was lucky". I can honestly say "stay tuned!" How many times did you hear El Paso, and say "if it was just over the river I'd have Mexico!" Well, it happens!
 The following logs, information was gleaned from the DX-midAmerica website since 2000. Sincere thanx to those who have made these pages possible. You're the greatest!
 Updated MONTHLY on the 17th! Newest are asterisked (*)

 87.9 CAYMAN ISLANDS ZFKP George Town 7-ON "Praise 87.9"
 88.5 MEXICO XHDI Chihuahua, RDS: "XHDI-FM" 4-IL

 89.1 BERMUDA ZBM Hamilton "ZBM-FM 89" OLD 5-OH 6-OH 6-OH 6-ON 7-OH OLD
 89.1 MEXICO XHCAO Reynosa "La Lupe (LOOP-ay) Musica Inolvidable" 7-OH 6-OH 7-IL *
 89.1 MEXICO XHAVR Alvarado 5-NE
 89.3 MEXICO XHRRR VER Papantla de Olarte 7-AZ <--First reported in 2018
 89.5 MEXICO XHRV Matamoros SS"R.Formula" 7-MI 7-MI
 90.1 MEXICO XHRYS Reynosa, Tamaulipas "Hits FM" SS 5-OH 5-OH 5-OH 6-AZ 6-MI 6-MI 6-OH 6-MI 6-WI 7-AZ 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 7-OH 8-MB "Hits 90-1"
 90.5 MEXICO XHUDEM Monterrey 6-IL
 90.7 CUBA CMIR Chambas "R.Chambas" 7-OH
 90.7 XHQOO MEXICO Cancun 7-OH
 90.9 MEXICO HXACH Chihuahua SS"LaCaliente"+RDS readout 7-MT
 91.1 MEXICO XHMZH Melchor Muzquiz "La Grande" 5-AL 6-IL 7-IL
 91.1 MEXICO XEMZ Monclova 6-IL 6-WI
 91.3 MEXICO XHMLS Matamoros "Exa FM" 5-OH 7-AZ
 91.5 MEXICO XHMLS ZAC Zacatecas 7-AZ <--First reported in 2018
 91.9 MEXICO XHEC COH Sabinas 7-AZ <--First reported in 2018
 92.1 JAMAICA Kingston "Hitz92FM" www.radio92fm.com/ 7-AL
 92.1 MEXICO XHPMAZ SIN Mazatlan RDS"La Caliente" 6-AZ ----First reported in 2018!!!
 92.9 MEXICO XHFZO Ensenada RDS:"Amor" 6-AZ ----First reported in 2018!!!
 92.9 MEXICO XHCDU Ciudad Acuna "Super Estelar" 7-IL
 92.9 MEXICO XHEC Sabinas, COAH ID, Mexican music, many "Buena" ments
 93.1 MEXICO XHAAA Reynosa, "Super Estelular" & "93.1" SS jx 5-AL 5-KS 6-MI
 93.3 CUBA LaHabana SS "R.Taino" 6-IL 6-OH
 93.3 MEXICO XHQQ Monterrey 6-IL
 93.3 MEXICO XHEDT Toluca 6-AZ ----First reported in 2018!!!
 93.5 BAHAMAS Abaco "R.Abaco" 6-OH
 94.1 MEXICO XHEMOS Los Mochis, RDS:"POP 94.1" "My deepest into Mexico."-AJ-AZ 6-AZ ----First reported in 2018!!!
 94.5 MEXICO XHA Tijuana, BC 7-MT
 94.9 BERMUDA ZFB Hamilton "Power95" hip-hop 6-MI 6-ON
 94.9 MEXICO XECHH Chihuahua +RDS 7-MT 7-MT RDS-"D95 94.9"
 94.9 MEXICO XHTEC NL Monterrey 6-AZ ----First reported in 2018!!!
 95.5 MEXICO XHRG Cuidad Acuna RDS 6-IL
 96.1 BAHAMAS Freeport "Cool 96" 5-OH 6-OH 6-OH 7-OH OLD R&B reggae
 96.1 BAHAMAS Nassau ZNK-FM 6-MI "Kiss FM"
 96.5 MEXICO XHMSN NL Cadereyta RDS"Dominio FM" Talk 6-AZ ----First reported in 2018!!!
 96.9 BAHAMAS ZNGR Nassau, "Guardian Radio" "5th country on 96.9!!" LOY-IL 6-IL ----First reported in 2018!!!
 96.9 MEXICO XHCPH Hidalgo del Perral "La Tremenda" TALK 6-IL 6-IL
 96.9 MEXICO XHUL Merida "Cadena Rasa Noticias" and "Informatido...Yucatan" 7-IL
 96.9 XHCPH Hidalgo del Parral, 7-IL
 1033 96.9 MEXICO XHHF Tampico, TAM 6-IL <-FIRST added in 2017!
 97.1 CUBA unknown u/RR ticktocks code 7-IL
 97.1 MEXICO XHNLO Nuevo Laredo "La Caliente 97 punto 1" 6-IL 7-IL
 97.3 MEXICO XHSR Monterrey "EXA97.3 + RDS 6-IL
 97.7 MEXICO XHRW TMP Tampico 7-AZ <--First reported in 2018
 98.1 BERMUDA KJAZ Hamilton Jazz 6-OH 6-OH
 98.3 MEXICO XHPH Ciudad Juarez 7-IL 7-MT
 99.1 MEXICO XHEPR Ciudad Juarez "TheEagle,El Paso" 7-MT
 99.3 MEXICO XHNK TMP Nuevo Laredo 7-AZ <--First reported in 2018
 99.5 MEXICO XHMS Monclova "Super FM" 6-IL
 99.9 CUBA CMCH LaHabana 7-OH 8-OH
100.1 MEXICO XEJT Tampico, Tamaulipas 5-AL "StereoRey"
100.3 BAHAMAS Freeport "100Jamz" 5-OH 6-OH
101.5 CUBA La Habana R. Reloj 6-OH
101.5 MEXICO XHAVO Rio Bravo SS:"Digital 101.5" 6-IL 6-IL 6-OH 7-OH
101.7 MEXICO XHVIR Ciudad Victoria "La Cotorra" SS non-ID RDS:"LA COTORRA CIUDAD VICTORIA" 6-IL
101.9 BAHAMAS Nassau 5-OH
102.5 MEXICO XHRR Reynosa SS:"LaLey" 6-MI 6-OH 7-MI
103.3 BERMUDA ZFV Hamilton "Vibe 103" 6-MI
104.5 BAHAMAS ZNS-FM Nassau 7-MI 8-OH
106.1 BERMUDA VSB Hamilton "Mix106" 6-OH
107.1 MEXICO XHVTH Matamoros SS "LaMas Buena" 7-MI 7-OH
107.5 BERMUDA WHT Hamilton OLD "Hott107.5" reggae 6-OH

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