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The LW DX page is for any longwave reports we get, and in the winter, we can get quite a few! Feel free to send your reports!

2012 loggings:

Rick Dau, at the Alexis Park Inn in Iowa City, IA  CDT
Sangean ATS-909X barefoot 
Sun 10-21   
2013 332 QT ON Thunder Bay 
2023 248 WG MB Winnipeg
2031 329 PMV NE Plattsmouth
2034 335 YLD ON Chapleau 
2036 335 MEY IA Mapleton
2038 341 YYU ON Kapuskasing
2047 366 YMW PQ Maniwaki 
2051 382 YPL ON Pickle Lake

Rick Dau, Iowa City,IA CDT
Sangean ATS-909X, Quantum QX Pro
Aug 8: 
1255  FFL-332  Fairfield, Iowa    
1256  DV-353   Davenport, Iowa    
1257  OOA-414 Oskaloosa, Iowa    
1258  MPZ-212  Mount Pleasant, Iowa    
1259  IIB-206   Independence, Iowa    
1300  FN-517   Clinton, Iowa    
1301  DB-341   Dubuque, Iowa    
1302  BR-390   Burlington, Iowa (transmitter near Dallas City, Illinois)    
1303  EFW-391 Jefferson, Iowa                 
1305  PEA-257  Pella, Iowa     
1306  BEX-269  Bloomfield, Iowa     
1307  EOK-366  Keokuk, Iowa    
1310  BOZ-254  Sterling, Illinois    
1311  JZY-251   Macomb, Illinois    
1314  EE-362    Ames, Iowa     
1316  FQ-420    Fairmont, Minnesota    
1317  IY-417    Charles City, Iowa    
1319  UI-293    Quincy, Illinois    
1321  PI-356    Peoria, Illinois    
1324  DNS-350  Denison, Iowa    
1328  AXA-403  Algona, Iowa    
1329  FNB-404  Falls City, Nebraska    
1332  AAA-329  Lincoln, Illinois    
1333  TRX-400  Trenton, Missouri    
1334  UNE-379  Creston, Iowa    
1335  CHT-375  Chillicothe, Missouri    
1336  SP-382    Springfield, Illinois    
1340  POH-428  Pocahontas, Iowa    
1344  OW-379   Owatonna, Minnesota     
1347  CAV-387  Clarion, Iowa     
1358  SDA-414  Shenandoah, Iowa  

SW: September 2011
6055  REE  9/6 0156 UT - First heard at 0146 UT w/what sounded like a long documentary piece read in Spanish by male.  Much Oriental music underneath, and heard several mentions of "Tibet", "Korea", and "szechuan".   A clear "Radio Exterior de Espana" ID was noted at 0156 after the conclusion of the program.  An astonishingly loud signal throughout -- was this really coming from Noblejas (as the 2010 WRTH suggests) and not Cariari de Poroci?  (RD-NE)  
RD-NE    Rick Dau
South Omaha, Nebraska
Kenwood R-5000 LW: January 2010
530 LYQ TN Manchester 1-14 2320-2330 easy copy in CIAO null, CW letters L-Y-Q. Rare TS-MI

LW: October 2009
171 MOROCCO Nedi One, Nador Oct31 0100 F with mid-eastern dance music RZZ-WI
252 ALGERIA Radio Algérie, Chaine 1, Tipaza Oct31 0130 F-G with French talk and western style dance music RZZ-WI