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This is and will always be a work in progress! When a station (AM only) is logged and reported as "NEW!" or "rare" by you, DX-midAMerica will almost immediately add the last several loggings, as reported, by you from that province or state. Thank you for any input! You, the DX'er in midAMerica built this effort and continued its success for almost four decades! Aside, new areas will be added at will and when NEW logs are reported. What a fascinating lifelong hobby! Latest additions: as listed. May we have Many! CURRENT: MARCH 19TH

1030 WWGB MD Indian Head 3/18 0719 P but solid, steady SS REL "Poder" clearly heard. No WBZ. JJR-MI
1580 WJFK MD Morningside 3/18 0620 P with SS hip hop, YL DJ in EE and SS; phone number copied in EE and SS. EB-MI
1690 WPTX MD Lexington Park 3/16 0824 P NOS "AM 1690 WPTX" in brief fade up, then lost to WVON. JJR-MI

1680 KRJO LA Monroe 3/19 0758 Vp Close to Me by Ellie Goulding, My 99-7 thru WPRR open carrier! JJR-MI
940 WCPC MS Houston 3/13 0716 P tho alone. //audio feed during preaching. Alone. REL. JJR-WI


630 CHED AB Edmonton 3/16 0659 P --WREY nulled. Shaw Cable, promo "Sat at 11 on 630 Ched." JJR-MI
660 CFFR AB Calgary 3/16 0657 F-G LOUD w/660 News promos, stock report. Rarely in this well. JJR-MI
1040 CKST BC Vancouver 3/18 0654 Vp but w/WHO tightly nulled, discernible. ESPN. JJR-MI
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 3/9 0737 F Wood Autom Group, Cavalcade Auto, "for Calgarians..." Loud! JJR-MI