Hurricane Blowtorches!

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   The following is a listing of several 50 kw, 5kw and 1 kw signals in coastal regions. Obviously, if a hurricane would hit, the daytimers and power ups are the ones to go for, but we've all gotten some great 50/5/1 kw stuff only via Hurricane DX, just because of differing patterns. Very possibly, new owners are in place at most of these stations, and yes, there is "social media" yet, the good, public service (remember that?) oriented broadcaster knows when to spring into action and crank up the transmitter for all it's worth! Good Luck in your persuit of HOT DX! UPDATED: 5/27/2018

690 WJOX Birmingham sports
710 WNTM Mobile News-Talk
740 WMSP Montgomery
840 WBHY Mobile
850 WXJC Birmingham
960 WERC Birmingham, News-Talk
1070 WAPI Birmingham news-talk
1170 WACV Montgomery
1210 WQLS Ozark, GOS:"The Light"
1310 WHEP Foley whep1310.com/ <--Dennis:2005
1440 WLWI Montgomery, News-Talk
1480 WABB Mobile
1550 WLOR Huntsville R&B
1600 WXVI Montgomery
1700 WEUV Huntsville

1090 KAAY Little Rock, REL

1150 WDEL Dover, Sandy 2012

580 WDBO Orlando,Talk 5kw D/5kw N
600 WBOB Jacksonville Hurricane Irma 9/17 reports from MI IL IN WI
620 WSUN St. Petersburg (10kwD-1kw N), News
690 WOKV Jacksonville Talk
710 WAQI Miami, SS
740 WYGM Orlando Hurricane/Trop Storm Irma cov. logged as WKIS/other HUR info as WWNZ. 50kw D/50 kw N
790 WLBE Leesburg, (5kw d-1kw n) David '79
790 WAXY South Miami, NOS
850 WRUF Gainesville Irma coverage //TV coverage -strong at times WI report
860 WRFB Cocoa 5kwD/1kwN, EZL
920 WMEL Melbourne, 5kwD/1kwM
940 WINZ Miami, SPORTS upped pwr in past
970 WFLA Tampa (5kw D-N) Talk
990 WHOO Orlando 50kw/kwN NOStalgia
1080 WFIV Kissimmee 10kw D, David 79
1370 WCOA Pensacola (5kw D-N) Talk
1580 WSRF Ft. Lauderdale, Talk

630 WBMQ Savannah (5kw D-N), Talk, upped power in past
640 WGST Atlanta, Talk
750 -WSB Atlanta, News-Talk

540 KNOE Monroe
690 WQNO New Orleans, Talk, upped pwr in past
710 KEEL Shreveport, News-Talk
870 -WWL New Orleans, Talk
1060 WLNO New Orleans, Religion 50000/5000
1130 KWKH Shreveport, SPOrts
1150 WJBO Baton Rouge
1580 KXZZ Lake Charles (1kw D-N), Black GOS
1600 KLEB Golden Meadow
1640 WTNI Biloxi, News-Talk
1680 KRJO Monroe MyFM//99.7 FM

1580 WJFK Morningside currently SEPN Deportes Sandy 2012

570 WVMI (5kw-1kw N) News-Talk
940 WCPC Houston,
1190 WBSL Bay St. Louis, noted on in 98
1580 WZZJ Pascagoula, 5kwD/50wN, noted on in '85 season

560 WGAI Elizabeth City, 1kwD/.5kwN, News-Talk
630 WMFD Wilmington (1kw d/1kw n), News-Talk
680 WPTF Raliegh, News-Talk
720 WGCR Pisgah Forest, GOS-REL, 2004:T.S.Ivan
740 WMBL Morehead City 1kwD/14wN, Nostalgia
910 WLAS Jacksonville, 5kwD/5kwN TALK
1580 WWOF Cape Lejeune, '84

730 WSCC Charlotte News-Talk, 1kwD/103w N, Noted w/Hurricane Dennis info '99
1110 WBT Charlotte, News-Talk
1250 WTMA Charleston, noted in '99.

700 KSEV Tomball 25000/1000 <-Hur Rita:'05
740 KTRH Houston, News-Talk
1070 KENR Houston, Talk, SS, Ethnic
1200 WOAI San Antonio, News-Talk
1440 KEYS Corpus Christi (1 kw D-N) Talk/Sports
1560 KGOW Bellaire Ike/2008

790 WNIS Norfolk, News-Talk
990 WVNZ Richmond, News
1140 WRVA Richmond, News-Talk
1550 WVAB Virginia Beach, 5kwD/9wN.

690 WELD Fisher, 2012, Sandy
1600 WZZW Huntington //WHVU-800 Sandy