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Saturday January 31,2015:
   BAM! JANUARY AM-DX was above average, again. As of this writing, we're at 222 AMDX reports, besting the average of 217. Also, of note, this is the 18th month in a row, that we are above average in AM DX tips. Through bad, lousy, good, not so good conditions, we're still logging new stations, new states, new countries and hitting our own milestones. A very sincere thank you is in order to all those who made this possible.
   I get e-mails once in a while on "joining" or "donations" and the like. You don't join anything. Just send it your dx tips. A donation. For what? Doing something I truly like? I'll leave that to others. Here it's FEE FREE. Remember too, your loggings need not be NEW to be reported! People are glad and happy to see what is out there! I know I am. Your loggings are shared with people who have checked out this site in 67 countries and 200+ hits per day, during this time of the dx season. New reporters are always welcome! I cannot stress that enough! We are FEE FREE and your DX TIPS are always, always welcomed! You may always send TIPS to info@DX-midAMerica.com where they will be slapped up within hours, without editorial comment. This started in 1981, and this is not going away!
   Aside, I know there are many places you could send DX TIPS, QSL TIPS, FORMAT FLIPS or the like. I know there are a lot of choices. Thanx for choosing this venue! Thanx too, so very much for stopping by. Thank you for checking out DX-midAMerica! Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed, encouraged and appreciated much more than you could ever, ever know! Now off to look at the target lists and dx!

Monday January 19,2015:
    NEWS ITEM: Coach suspended for winning too much! Now onto dx....
   ON TARGET! Mid-month January looks like we'll be around average for January. Average is 217. As of this typing, we're at 120 HOT TIPS! AMDX is picking up bit by bit and if one goes back in years, we have times where there's good and bad. Still, when one averages things out we are better, month after month, year after year. It is a s-l-o-w process. Not like FMDX where you can log 20-30 new stations in one good dx session! I am grateful to those who make this possible and too, we could always use a new reporter or two. This venue is looked at worldwide and you can know that your dx tips are being looked at by people all over!
   HOKEY SMOKES BULLWINKLE! Tip #52,000 was published recently! That's a lot of dx. a lot of typing, a lot of coffee, a lot of not hearing anything new, a lot of good, some bad, but it's still a lot! Thank you to those who have sent in dx loggings ("tips") and made this number possible.
   THIS ONE HIT ME LIKE A TON OF BRICKS! Every Sunday, I have a ritual: Mass, cemetery (gotta talk to loved ones ;), shopping and/or hobby shop. That changes soon, I guess. Greenfield (WI) hobby to close We all have a great, life long, interesting hobby:dx! Most of us discovered the hobby by accident years ago. This place had everything! Most of the stuff on my model railroad is from this place. It's maybe a sad commentary or a sign of the times: instant gratification! We want everything yesterday. The lowest, cheapest price and a few other factors. Things change. Everything changes. Yes, there are other hobby stores. Yes, there are other radio websites. I mean, in 1981, this was a thing mailed and you got the "Hot Tips" via First Class Mail. Things are different. Would I want to go back? No, but there are things I do hold near and dear to me. How about you?
   RADIOS, OR LACK THEREOF! Janet is without a doubt a true, true friend whom I've known for 50 years. We just "click." Her best quote is "you are the most difficult person to maintain a friendship with." That was when I was working. Now, both retired, we go out about three times a month to eat and catch up on things. Conversation seems to be a lost art, in today's society, but Jan and I just talk. "You're one of the few people on earth I can talk with." We have disagreements of course, but the one thing I enjoy about her is the ability to talk and listen. Exchange ideas, no mean, petty stuff. Janet doesn't talk down to anyone, doesn't try to get over or trying to get something on anyone. Honest answers. Genuinely kind. I'll know her the rest of my life, no doubt. Sometime the "most tolerant" are the least tolerant. Listen/watch to the "talk" shows: if you agree, you're wonderful. Don't agree? We'll you get screamed at. Notice the radio tie-in? Oh ya, back to radio...recently, we went to two popular stores, easily 35 minutes in the stores. Both sell radios, or I thought they did! They are advertised. I guess if you can sell a TV with speakers that'll make you deaf in 3 years, why sell a radio, with less mark up? Same with the other place. I'm sure the sales people could see us. At no time was there ever a "may I help you?" So, that was it. Looked at a possible generation of people with no knowledge or concern of radio. If I worked in radio, that might scare the heck out of me. In North Dakota recently, I asked the 20 something clerk a question. The answer I got made me shrug my shoulders. The service sector is something else, and getting worse! (That is another subject and we all have stories!) Again, I wonder if I was that 13 year old kid discovering dx, if I would dx! There would be no chance if I could not even find a radio! Too, kids or even people don't have hobbies anymore. Anyway, Janet. You have class! Still, wish I could have found another radio. Don't have enough, hi. Is "radio" the next "hobby store?"

Friday January 9,2015:
   DECEMBER DOUBLE PLAY! Not only was December another above average month, but December FMDX was a record! December AMDX had 225 logs. Average is 219.60 reports, up from 217.38. FMDX had a whopping 109 reports, due to some nice FM trop in mid December. Almost unheard of! The new FMDX average for December is 8. Not high, but we've had so many years with no reports. There's usually nothing of note in December. Job well done!
   SWAMI 2015 PREDICTIONS: A)more AM stations to have music formats. Now that they have FM translators, might bring life into AMs that have gone NewsTalk, Sports or other formats, B) local news departments disappearing. Wow! On recent trips where I once heard morning newscasts with local anchors, now they have been replaced with news from a state network or anything but local content. It's really unreal! A good news department seems to be a rarity. C) the night-time disc jockey has almost disappeared from the landscape. Nights/weekends used to be a breeding groun for new talent. Now? Forget it! Basically so many stations run jock free after 6pm now, it's not the exception. It's sadly, getting to be the new norm. That isn't good! It once was normal to have live jock 24 hours. That got whittled down to no over night jocks. Now, it seems 6am-6pm, or just go satellite. Still, a very disturbing trend.
   Green Acres quotes (in lieu of DX):"Exodus to Bleedswell" Mr. Trendell and Mr. Douglas have a go-at-it! Mr. Douglas:[tired, just woke up]"The Hooterville Airplane Air..." Mr Drucker says, cutting off Mr.Douglas: "And for suggesting it, we're making you president." Mr. Douglas asks: "You're making me...", cut off by Mr. Trendell: "Don't he ever finish a sentence?" Mr.Douglas says "Well I...", gets interrupted again by Mr. (Roy) Trendell: "There he goes again!", to wit, Mr. Drucker says: "Roy!" Split second timing is everything!