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   On this page we welcome new reporters, report dx bulletins, and let you know of general happenings in radio and here, in these pages. Newest information is at the top and is maintained for one month. This column is not archived.

Wednesday, April 9,2o14:    March AMDX numbers were UP! Average now is 114.16. In March, 135 HOT TIPS were reported. NEW logs are still being added, if you try. A very sincere thank you to those who reported dx. Numbers for AMDX will go down now through July and then, of course, pick up in late August. In the meantime, after a long winter of tossing HEET in the gas tank, kitty litter for traction and long underwear, we hope/await tropo/E skip. After a few lousy years of FMDX, we are deserving. Aren't we? Meanwhile, I'll still be flipping on the radio for AMDX. You just never know.
   I get e-mails once in a while on "joining" or "donations" and the like. You don't join anything. Just send it your dx tips. A donation. For what? Doing something I truly like? I'll leave that to others. Here it's FEE FREE. Remember too, your loggings need not be NEW to be reported! People are glad and happy to see what is out there! I know I am. Your loggings are shared with people who have checked out this site in 67 countries and 200+ hits per day, during this time of the dx season. New reporters are always welcome! I cannot stress that enough! We are FEE FREE and your dx tips are always, always welcomed here! to send dx tips! This started in 1981, and we are not going away!
   Aside, I know there are many places you could send DX TIPS, QSL TIPS, FORMAT FLIPS or the like. I know there are a lot of choices. Thanx for choosing us! Thanx so very much for stopping by. Thank you for checking out DX-midAMerica! Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed, encouraged and appreciated much more than you could ever, ever know!