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   On this page we welcome new reporters, report dx bulletins, and let you know of general happenings in radio and here, in these pages. Newest information is at the top and is maintained for one month. This column is not archived.

Wednesday November 19,2014:
   MID MONTH REPORT: Right now 152 HOT TIPS have been reported. Average for November is 236.79 and the most productive part of the month is the next few days: less sunlight and better conditions. Last November, there were 241 TIPS.
   As of December, DX-midAMerica will have two Target States per month! There will be a "high rotation" (midAMerica) and "low rotation" (others) state each month. This basically means these will be rotated or featured more often. I've always looked at anything that something can always be done a bit better, tweaked, etc. Anything, hopefully, is better than it was a month, day, year ago. I think, and I think I can honestly say this, that this effort your looking at is a bit better than it was in 1981. Hopefully, we all are, hi!
   The December Targets will all be slapped up by November 29th. While they are linked on the home page, the proper pages are not shown, in most cases, at this point. Still, the 29th is the target date I'm Aiming for. Gotta have goals. Other things needed to be attended to. Most of the pages on the website, have been "fixed" or redone as one can see. There were pages which couldn't be worked on, and these were "paked" elsewhere. No information, data nor tips, station tracking, etc was lost. As an example, all HOT-Lists (US, Canada) have been updated with format information. Aside, all Target States will be done similarly. The end result is something much, much better!
   "I don't believe in firearms" to which Josh Randall (Wanted Dead or Alive tv show, circa 1961) replied "you will. Two people are shooting at us!"
   I get e-mails once in a while on "joining" or "donations" and the like. You don't join anything. Just send it your dx tips. A donation. For what? Doing something I truly like? I'll leave that to others. Here it's FEE FREE. Remember too, your loggings need not be NEW to be reported! People are glad and happy to see what is out there! I know I am. Your loggings are shared with people who have checked out this site in 67 countries and 200+ hits per day, during this time of the dx season. New reporters are always welcome! I cannot stress that enough! We are FEE FREE and your DX TIPS are always, always welcomed! You may always send TIPS to info@DX-midAMerica.com where they will be slapped up within hours, without editorial comment. This started in 1981, and we are not going away!
   Aside, I know there are many places you could send DX TIPS, QSL TIPS, FORMAT FLIPS or the like. I know there are a lot of choices. Thanx for choosing us! Thanx so very much for stopping by. Thank you for checking out DX-midAMerica! Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed, encouraged and appreciated much more than you could ever, ever know! Now off to look at the target lists and dx!

Sunday November 9,2014:
   NO, we didn't break any AMDX records for October, but we were above average. NO, there were NO records broken for FMDX in October,hi. NO, the Angelfire problem hasn't cleared up yet! Next thing, I'll kNOw is, it's the middle of NOvember and the AMDX is getting good! AMDX average for October moves from 189.65 to 190.45. 209 HOT TIPS were reported by you! FMDX average moves down a bit, to 9.24 from 9.64. Oct'13 had 21 HOT TIPS. Still, you can't report if nothing is in. That's a fact! Thanx to all who have reported!
   NOember 10th, Monday, we are 33 years old. Since 1981, scores of dx'ers and radio geeks/hobbyists have made this effort possible. The tips, flips, GTGs have gone on more than three decades. I never thought, nor dreamed. I could never build a loop, other things are un-thought of by me, yet slapping together a website, previously bulletin and before that tipsheet was something I knew, or thought I could do. It's nice too, that the effort has lasted this long and that the interest has carried this far. I AM (as in AM radio) grateful, sincerely, for all who have made these past thirty three years possible. Sincerely, thank you!
   Winter is 42 days away. Um....