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Friday December 19,2014:
   MERRY CHRISTMAS! Best wishes and may we all have a blessed Christmas. Christmas, to me, is something I feel every day. Just waking up and enjoying all that life has to offer! Sometimes, it doesn't seem like there's enough hours in the day, or even in life! "There's so much I wanted to do" was a quote from a passed loved one. Too, people will look at the model railroad or the dx stuff/radios or this or that and I wonder when I look at some of the people I've known in my life and think "all you do is watch TV?" No hobbies. No interests. Nothing! This "stupid hobby" has taken me to places I have never, ever dreamed. It has followed me most of my life. It was there when a few things in life made life less than what I thought it should be. It really is a nice thing to have and I've certainly traveled, learned geography, have had other hobbies spawned from this one and had an insight few have had. To hear the station from North Dakota with the weather vs. hearing about a front from North Dakota two days later on the weather, and telling the neighbors what to expect is something. "is that like ham radio?" To have a neighbor say they were in a certain city and I'd rattle off call letters or a person who loved baseball and I could tell the baseball fanatic about the station that had a killer signal at night! Christmas is celebrated every day. Life is a great gift, which a few people realize only in their last ten minutes of life. It goes quickly. It can all change in a minute. It beats you up. It beats you down, but again, what a great gift! Christmas is way more than how much or how bad the retailer's season was. It's about a Child who became king, though is seems that's an afterthought in today's world where the stores are opened on Thanksgiving and opened on Christmas morning for last minute stocking stuffers. Christmas has been replaced with Holiday, but it's always the after Christmas sale. Hello! Oh well, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good dx night or SRS session!
   "I knew it must be Halloween! I saw my first Christmas tree at the department store." -Father Mike, Sunday Mass.
   DECEMBER FM RECORD! 109 reports for Dec'14 thus far! Average is 2.91. Wow! It is a matter of being in the right place at the right time! I am convinced!
   DECEMBER AMDX tips look to me a little below average. I don't think at this time, we will even see Dec'13 numbers. Average is 217 for December. As of this printing, 115 is what we have so far. There are, or have been days when nothing and I mean nothing is/has been in. I know there are stations I refuse to report as I think I've reported them too much! 1450 KBMW , 1400 WBIZ and WDLB come to mind as stations I personally have reported too much. Still, I do consider them as dx!
   I get e-mails once in a while on "joining" or "donations" and the like. You don't join anything. Just send it your dx tips. A donation. For what? Doing something I truly like? I'll leave that to others. Here it's FEE FREE. Remember too, your loggings need not be NEW to be reported! People are glad and happy to see what is out there! I know I am. Your loggings are shared with people who have checked out this site in 67 countries and 200+ hits per day, during this time of the dx season. New reporters are always welcome! I cannot stress that enough! We are FEE FREE and your DX TIPS are always, always welcomed! You may always send TIPS to info@DX-midAMerica.com where they will be slapped up within hours, without editorial comment. This started in 1981, and we are not going away!
   Aside, I know there are many places you could send DX TIPS, QSL TIPS, FORMAT FLIPS or the like. I know there are a lot of choices. Thanx for choosing us! Thanx so very much for stopping by. Thank you for checking out DX-midAMerica! Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed, encouraged and appreciated much more than you could ever, ever know! Now off to look at the target lists and dx!

Tuesday December 9,2014:
   NOVEMBER AMDX/FMDX above average! 253 HOT TIPS were reported! The average moves up from 238.79 to 239.36. FMDX had 33 reports! Average now, for November, is 14.23, so a few good dx days pushed up the average to this level! Nice! Thanx so very much to the reporters who made this possible!
   Richard Line-MI always sends some nice links. He's been doing this for years! If you check the Search & Help page, you see those with a "NEW!" designation are from Richard. Those of the old automobile plants blew me away! Could almost cry, and I'm as serious as a heart attack. Some really, rally good stuff! Thank you, Mr. Line!
   THESE ARE THE GOOD OLD DAYS! Was working on some of the DX-midAMerica.com target lists. October-November-December-January are really the height of AMDX time. Now! Right now! So, who knows? Flip out the old fishing line and you might get a bite. Too, if you report, that would be nice. Guaranteed, these tips help others and yours help someone else. I cannot tell anyone how many kind letters I've gotten saying how this site or an individual TIP helped someone get a new logging. One new one here or a new one there all add up. They do! We all share one thing here: a fondness of radio, the dx hobby or just some interest in media happenings. I can guarantee your tip will be added within hours of your sending it in! You'll also get a thank you note. I am grateful for any input. A thank you from this person is sincere. I do appreciate your efforts/time and again, take nothing for granted. Take that to the bank! As one writer told me once "you write like you talk."
   A super big shout out goes to Adam at Angelfire. This guy was a super big help in getting the AD FREE site you are now looking at. I wrote and explained this and that with recent problems with the website. A few e-mails were exchanged and all is good. I don't know everything. My detractors will tell you that! Still, we all have detractors: "you never heard that," "if I had that radio," or "you finally heard that?" Next! Still, this guy went over and above what I expected. I am grateful. You should not have to click 5 things to read one page, for God's sake! Angelfire began free, but ads were added years ago, and I must say, to me, right now, it's at the point of being ridiculous. You deserve better. I deserve better! I sincerely thank this person for getting DX-midAMerica from point A to point B. It's been well worth it! This effort will be around a long time. That is my hope. Now if I don't get hit by a bus tomorrow, I'm fine.
   Like the Thanksgiving turkey said "Think Ham!"
12-14:FMDX December record set!
11-14:AMDX,FM above average!
10-14:AMDX above average
9-14:AMDX, FM above average!
8-14:AMDX above average,
7-14:FMDX was under average, but AMDX was above average. Tip #51,000!
6-14:No/little FM/TVDX.
5-14:FMDX, AMDX numbers are above average!
4-14:AMDX above average!
3-14: ...
1-14: AMDX above average! Tip #50,000!