/Heard:New Mexico FMs!

Here is a listing of all the FMs heard from New Mexico! The first number is the month and where it was heard from! IE:7-MT would mean July from Montana! This feature will be run monthly so we can all lick our chops on those great Es catches, in lieu of any Es logging. Still it is there. Just a matter of being there to catch. * denotes a newer addition to this listing! Formats or slogans are listed at the end of the list, where possible. A sincere thank you to the reporters who make this feature possible! New Mexico was visited by the author in 1973. Hobbs. Never got much further. Went to see a buddy who was a jock in town at the time. Dry, the smell of oil thru Texas. Quaint!

88.1 KENE NM Eagle Trail 6-IL 6-IL 8-IL
88.1 KUSW NM Flora 7-WI NPR
88.3 KLYT NM Alburquerque 5-MI 6-IL 6-MI 6-MN 6-WI 6-WI 6-WI 8-WI CCM
88.5 KENU NM Des Moines 8-IL
88.5 KPKJ NM Mentmore 6-IL
88.9 KHII NM Cloudcroft 5-IL 24o w!
88.9 KNMI NM Farmington 6-WI 7-WI 8-WI
88.9 KENM NM Tucumcari 6-IL 6-WI
89.1 KANW NM Albuquerque 6-IL 6-IL 6-MN 6-WI
89.5 KENW NM Portales 5-IL 6-IL 6-MI 6-MI 6-MT 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH 11-MI
89.7 KTDB NM Pine Hill 7-WI 8-WI
89.9 KUNM NM Albuquerque 6-IL 6-IL 6-WI 8-WI
90.1 KRLU NM Roswell 6-MI 6-MI
90.3 KELV NM Clovis 6-MI "KLOve"
90.5 KRWG NM Las Cruces 5-IL *
90.7 KKCJ NM Cannon AFB 6-IL 6-MI
90.7 KQLV NM Santa Fe 7-MT K-Love *
91.1 KQGC NM Belon 6-MI
91.7 KTGW NM Fruitland 6-WI
92.1 KATK NM Carlsbad 7-IL 7-MT
92.3 KRST NM Albuquerque 6-IL 6-IL 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI
92.7 KQBL NM Las Vegas 6-IL 8-MI C&W Bull *
92.7 KQAY NM Tucumcari 7-WI
92.9 KTZA NM Artesia 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 6-OH 6-WI 7-MT 7-OH 7-OH "KZ93"
92.9 KYBR NM Espanola -SantaFE 6-MI SS
92.9 KRWN NM Farmington 6-MI 6-MI 6-MI 8-WI
93.3 KKOB NM Albuquerque 6-IL 6-WI 8-MI Top40
93.5 KWES NM Ruidosa 7-MT 7-MT
93.7 KXXI NM Gallup 6-IL 7-MB 8-MI 93X
93.9 KRTN NM Raton 6-IL 6-MI 7-OH 8-IL OLD
94.1 KZRR NM Albuquerque 9-MI *
94.1 KZOR NM Hobbs 5-IL 7-MI 7-OH "Z94"
94.3 KDEM NM Deming 5-WY
94.5 KKOR NM Gallup-Grant 6-MI 6-MT Star94.5 gallupradio.com
94.7 KKIM NM Santa Fe 6-IL 6-MI 6-OH
94.9 KWYK NM Aztec-Farmington 7-MB 7-MI 8-WI 8-WI QuickRadio
95.1 KSYU NM Corrales 6-MI 7-WI 8-WI hot95.1.com
95.3 KSEL NM Portales 6-MI
95.5 KHFM NM Santa Fe 7-IL 7-MI
95.7 KPER NM Hobbs 7-IL 7-WI "Power95.7"
95.9 KIVA NM Santa Rosa 6-OH 7-MI 7-MI
96.3 KLMA NM Hobbs 6-MI 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI
96.5 KBKZ NM Raton 6-MI
96.7 KMDZ NM Las Vegas 6-IL SamFM
96.9 KQMG NM Farmington 5-IL 6-MI
97.1 KBCQ NM Roswell 5-WI
97.3 KKSS NM Santa Fe 6-IL 6-IL 7-IL
98.7 KMTH NM Maljammar 6-MI 7-IL
98.7 KMTH NM Maljammar 6-MI 7-IL
99.1 KCLV NM Clovis 6-MI 6-OH 6-OH 6-OH 6-WI 7-OH C&W
99.1 KGLX NM Gallup 7-MI C&W
99.1 KXMT NM Taos 6-MI 6-OH 8-MI
99.3 KWFL NM Roswell 6-MI
99.5 KMGA NM Albuquerque 6-IL 6-OH 7-MI MagicFM
99.9 KTQM NM Clovis 5-MI 6-MI 6-OH 6-OH 6-WI 6-WI 7-IL 7-MI 7-OH 7-PA 7-WI
99.9 KXTC NM Thoreau 9-MI *
100.3 KPEK NM Albuquerque 6-MI 100.3thepeak.com
101.1 KVLC NM Hatch 5-IL "101 Gold"
101.5 KRMQ NM Clovis 6-OH 7-OH "Big 101.5"
101.7 KLEA NM Livingston 7-OH
102.5 KIOT NM Los Lunas 8-MI Cl ROCK *
102.9 KIXN NM Hobbs 5-MT
103.1 KQHT NM Las Cruces 7-MI "Hot103.1"
103.7 KPZA NM Jal 6-IL 7-OH SS Content
104.1 KTEG NM Santa Fe 8-MI
105.1 KWMW NM Maljamar 7-IL 7-OH 7-WI
106.3 KDLW NM Las Lunas 5-MI 6-MI 7-MI Z106.3 Top40
106.5 KEND NM Roswell 7-MI JackFM
106.7 KZNM NM Los Alamos 6-MI
107.1 KNKT NM Armijo 6-MI
107.5 KSMX NM Clovis 6-OH 6-OH 7-MI
107.5 KQBA NM Los Alamos 6-MI C&W
107.9 KBQI NM Albuquerque 7-MI C&W