/Heard:Mississippi FMs!

Here is a listing of all the FMs heard from Misissippi! The first number is the month and where it was heard from! IE:7-MT would mean July from Montana! This feature will been run monthly so we can all lick our chops on those great Es catches, in lieu of any Es logging. Still it is there. Just a matter of being there to catch. * denotes a newer addition to this listing! Formats or slogans are listed at the end of the list, where possible. A sincere thank you to the reporters who make this feature possible!
88.1 WOLM MS D'lberville 7-WI R.Maria*
88.1 WURC MS Holly Springs 8-MT
88.1 WMAW MS Meridian 5-WI 6-MI 6-ON 6-ON 7-WI 12-MI
88.3 WMSB MS Byhalia 5-WI
88.3 WAFR MS Tupelo 7-MI
88.5 WMAE MS Boonville 7-MT
88.5 WJSU MS Jackson 1-OH 6-OH
88.5 WUSM MS Hattiesburg 5-OH 6-MI 6-MI 7-OH 8-MI
88.9 WAMU MS Bude 5-WI 5-OH 6-MI 6-MI 6-WI 7-OH 7-OH 7-WI 8-ON 12-MI
89.1 WPAS MS Pascagoula 5-OH 5-OH 6-MI 7-FL REL
89.3 WATU MS Port Gibson 7-OH
89.5 WMAE MS Boonville 7-MT Think Radio
89.7 WPAE MS Centerville 6-MI 12-MI
90.1 WMPR MS Jackson 8-OH 8-WI
90.3 WMAH MS Biloxi 6-MI
91.1 KMSV MS Starkville 6-MI *
91.3 WMPN MS Jackson 6-ON
92.1 WBKN MS Brookhaven 5-MI 5-WY
92.1 WMSU MS Starkville 5-MT
92.5 WESE MS Baldwin 5-MT
92.5 WQST MS Forrest 9-AL 8-ON REL
92.9 WDXO MS Hazelton 6-OH
93.3 WSYE MS Houston 7-MT 10-AL
93.5 WHJT MS Clinton 5-MI 7-OH
93.7 WMJY MS Biloxi 6-MI 6-OH 6-OH 7-OH Magic93.7
93.9 WRXW MS Jackson 7-MT
94.3 WKZW MS Sudersville 5-OH
94.5 WJZO MS Long Beach-Gulfport 5-OH 6-OH 6-OH 7-OH 7-OH JZ94.5
94.7 WWJK MS Jackson 5-MT 6-ON
94.9 WKOR MS Columbus 6-MT 6-MT 6-WY 7-WY
95.1 WYYW MS Marion 4-AL
95.1 WQNZ MS Natchez 5-MT 7-MI C&W
94.3 WZNF MS Lumberton 6-OH 6-OH "Z95.3"
95.7 WHAL MS Hora Lake 11-MT
95.9 WBBN MS Laurel 6-MI 7-MT C&W
96.3 WUSJ MS Jackson: 6-MB "US96.3"
96.9 WXAB MS McLain 6-OH
97.1 WOKK MS Meridian 9-AL
97.3 WKSO MS Natchez 5-OH
97.7 WJMI MS Jackson 7-MI
97.9 WLTM MS Greenville 7-WY
98.1 WMXI MS Laurel 5-WY
98.7 WJKK MS Jackson 7-MI Mix
98.9 WAJV MS Brooksville 6-WI
98.9 WLKO MS Quitman 6-OH 6-OH K-Love
99.1 WYMX MS Greenwood 8-MT
99.1 WKNN MS Pascagoula 6-OH 6-OH 6-OH 6-ON 8-OH 12-OH
99.7 WJMI MS Jackson 5-MT 5-WY 9-AL
99.9 WSMS MS Artesia 10-AL
100.3 WNSL MS Laurel 4-OH
100.5 WRTM MS Port Gibson 6-MI 7-MI 7-MI 7-OH
100.9 WJXN MS Utica-Jackson 6-MI 7-MI OLD C&W *
101.3 KNSL MS Laurel 7-WI
101.3 WMSO MS Meridian 6-AL 9-AL "Miss 101"
101.3 W267AE MS Oxford 4-AL
101.5 WWUN MS Friar's Point 7-OH
101.7 WYOY MS Glockstadt-Jackson 5-OH 6-MI "Y101" Top40
102.3 WGCM MS Gulfport 5-MI 5-OH OLD
102.9 WMSI MS Jackson 7-OH
103.3 WZKR MS Decatur 4-AL
103.9 WYAB MS Flora 6-MI
103.9 WWKZ MS Monroe 7-IL
104.3 WMJV MS Bude 7-MI
104.9 WBUV MS Moss Point 7-MI
105.9 WHGO MS Cascagoula 7-ON
106.1 WMTI MS Picayene 6-OH
106.1 WMXU MS Starkville 6-AL
106.7 WWZD MS New Albany 10-AL 10-AL
107.1 WXYK MS Gulfport 6-OH 7-ON Top40
107.9 WFCA MS Ackerman 6-AL
107.9 WZKX MS Bay St.Louis 7-MI 7-ON