/Heard:Missouri FMs!

Here is a listing of all the FMs heard from Missouri! The first number is the month and where it was heard from! IE:7-MT would mean July from Montana! This feature will been run monthly so we can all lick our chops on those great Es catches, in lieu of any Es logging. Still it is there. Just a matter of being there to catch. * denotes a newer addition to this listing! Formats or slogans are listed at the end of the list, where possible. A sincere thank you to the reporters who make this feature possible!
Only these states will be used in this state by state rotation: AL AZ DE FL ID LA ME MO MS NV NH NJ RI TX VT WY. It'll be a higher rotation from "far away" areas for all of us!

88.1 KLFC MO Branson 7-MT *
88.3 KJAB MO Mexico 5-ON 7-MT
88.3 KWND MO Springfield 5-ON 6-MT theWind
88.9 KRNW MO Chillicothe 8-WI
88.9 KOKS MO Poplar Bluff 7-MT *
88.9 KWFC MO Springfield 6-MT 8-OH
89.9 KRNW MO Chillicothe 8-WI
90.3 KGNN MO Cuba 5-ON
90.5 KXCV MO Maryville 7-IL 7-WI 8-IA
90.5 KSMS MO Point Lookout 5-ON
90.7 KOBC MO Joplin 6-OH 11-OH
90.7 KWMU MO St. Louis 6-IL 8-MI
90.9 KTBG MO Warrensburg 6-ON
90.9 KSMU MO Springfield 6-MI
91.3 KBIA MO Columbia-Jefferson City 9-OH
91.5 KSIV MO St. Louis 7-IN REL
92.3 -WIL MO St. Louis 5-IL 5-MT C&W
92.5 KELE MO Mountain Grove 6-MB
92.7 KSJQ MO Savannah 7-MI 12-KS C&W
92.9 KLSC MO Cape Girardeau 7-MT
92.9 KGRC MO Hannibal 6-MI
92.9 KQMG MO Ozark 5-KS 6-MI 6-MI 6-MT 7-MI 7-MT 7-WI 8-MI Star92.9
93.3 KMXV MO Kansas City 6-MT
93.3 KIGL MO Seligman 7-OH
93.7 KTUF MO Kirksville 7-FL 7-FL 12-KS
93.7 -KSD MO St. Louis 6-MT 7-MB 7-MT 7-WI 7-WI 8-KS 8-OH C&W
93.9 KLSC MO Fayette 5-MO 8-ON 8-ON 8-ON
93.9 KJMK MO Webb City-Joplin 6-OH
93.9 KSPQ MO West Plains 8-ON
94.3 KATI MO California 6-ON 7-WY 8-MI C&W
94.5 KRXL MO Kirksville 7-MT 94.5theX *
94.5 KKLR MO Poplar Bluff 5-KS 8-OH Clear 94
94.7 KSHE MO Crestwood-St.Louis 6-MT 6-MT 6-OH 7-MT
94.7 KRXL MO Kirksville 7-MT 94.5theX *
94.7 KTTS MO Springfield 6-MI 6-MT 6-ON 7-MB 7-WY 8-MT 8-MT 8-OH 8-OH C&W
94.9 KCMO MO Kansas City 6-OH 7-WY
95.1 KMXL MO Carthage 7-OH
95.3 KXMO MO Owensboro 6-OH 7-MI 7-MT OLD
95.5 KAAN MO Bethany 6-ON
95.7 KWWR MO Mexico 5-IL 6-MT 8-WI C&W
95.9 WRYT MO St.Louis 7-MT
96.1 KLRQ MO Clinton 6-WI 8-OH 12-KS Q96
96.3 KIHT MO St.Louis 7-MI 8-MI 8-WI"KHits96"
96.5 KZBK MO Brookfield 12-KS "the Z"
96.5 KRBZ MO Kansas City 8-MI "96.5 the Buzz"
96.5 KSPW MO Sparta 6-MI 6-MT 7-MB
96.7 KCMQ MO Columbia 6-IL 7-IL 7-WY 8-NE 12-KS
96.9 KZBK MO Brookfield 5-IL 6-IL "Z"
96.9 KUPH MO Mountain View 7-MT Fan
97.1 MO KXOK Florissant-St. Louis 5-IL
97.1 MO KNIM Maryville 7-OH 12-KS OLD
97.3 MO KXUS Springfield 5-KS 8-OH "US97" AoR
97.5 MO KRLI Knob Knoster 12-KS "Curly 97-5" MYL
97.9 MO KICK Palmyra 6-IL 8-WI 8-WI "97-9 Kick FM"

98.1 KYKY MO St. Louis 6-IL 6-MI 8-IL 8-MI "Y98"
98.5 KTJJ MO Farmington 4-KS 6-IL
98.7 KWTO MO Springfield 5-KS 7-ON
99.1 KFUO MO Clayton 8-MI 8-MI 8-MI 8-ON CCM JoyFM
99.1 KYOO MO Half Way 6-MI
99.3 KCLR MO Boone 5-KS 9-WI 12-KS
99.5 KADI MO Republic 6-MI
99.7 KMAC MO Gainesville 7-MT
99.7 KKSN MO Kansas City 6-ON 8-MI
99.7 KBTN MO Neosho 6-MI 7-ON
99.9 KFAV MO Warrenton 8-MI C&W
100.1 KKWK MO Cameron 8-MI ClROCK
100.1 KBBM MO Jefferson City 5-KS 7-ON
100.3 KUKO MO Willow Springs 7-MT 7-WY OLD
100.5 KGMY MO Aurora 7-OH "MyCountry100.5"
100.5 KMEM MO Memphis 7-NE 8-IL
100.7 KGMO MO Cape Girardeau 6-IL
100.9 KRRY MO Canton 8-WI Y1o1 Top40*
101.5 KPLA MO Columbia 4-KS 5-KS
101.7 KGOZ MO Gallatin 8-NE
101.7 KHST MO Lamar 6-OH
102.1 KCKC MO Kansas City 6-MI
102.3 KBXR MO Columbia 8-NE*
102.5 KIXQ MO Joplin 4-KS 4-KS 6-OH 7-OH 8-OH C&W
102.5 KEZK MO St Louis 5-KS 7-IL 8-MI 8-MI 8-WI 11-OH
102.5 KKDY MO West Plains 7-WY
102.7 KQUL MO Lake Ozark 5-KS
102.9 KEZS MO Cape Girardeau 6-IL
102.9 KMMO MO Hannibal 8-NE 8-ON
103.3 KLOU MO St. Louis 5-IL
103.7 KJEL MO Lebanon 5-ON 6-WI 6-WI "K-Jel"
104.5 KSLQ MO Washington 7-IL
104.7 KKLH MO Marshfield 6-IL 7-WI CL HITS
104.7 KRES MO Moberly 6-IL 6-ON 7-WI 8-IL 8-WI"Superstation Kres"
104.9 KMJM MO Columbia 6-IL "Magic 105"
105.3 KZNN MO Rolla 5-KS 6-IL 8-WI
105.5 KZZT MO Moberly 8-MI
105.5 KKOJ MO St. Joseph 8-MI 8-WI
105.7 KPNT MO Ste Genevieve 8-KS 8-MI 8-MI ClROCK
106.1 KOQL MO Ashland 1-KS 5-KS
106.3 KRZK MO Branson 5-KS
106.9 KTXY MO Jefferson City 8-ON
107.3 KNRX MO Leamington 8-WI
107.3 KMJK MO North Kansas City 8-NE
107.7 KSLZ MO St.Louis 11-OH
107.9 KLTE MO Kirksville 8-MI 8-WI 12-KS REL