DX-midAMerica.com Target State:Georgia

Welcome to the DX-midAMerica target state feature. This time around, GEORGIA, the Peach State is our target. These reports were logged in midAMerica and you can hear them too! Current through/including October,2019. 2 NEW stations were added since the last time this feature was done, two years ago, and 30 reports from Georgia have been embedded.
freq, calls, location-notes
540 WDAK Columbus. Latest: 3-OWL 3-Twil
550 WDUN Gainesville 2-SRS, 10-SRS, 10-SRS 10-SRS 12-Twil, 12-Twil C&W
580 WGAC Augusta 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SSS 3-SRS 3-SSS 4-SRS 9-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 11-SSS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-Twil
590 WDWD Atlanta 2-Twil 10-OWL 11-SRS 11-SSS
610 WPLO Grayson 12-DEC Ranchera mx
630 WBMQ Savannah 1-OWL 2-OWL 4-Twil 9-SSS 10-SRS 10-SSS
630 WNEG Taccoa 12-SSS
640 WGST Atlanta 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-Twil 3-SRS 10-OWL 9-Twil 10-SRS 11-Twil 12-SSS 12-SSS
680 WCNN Atlanta 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-Twil 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SSS 10-OWL 11-SRS 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-SSS SPO "680theFan"
710 WUFF Eastman 1-OWL, 2-SRS, 2-SSS 11-Twil 12-SRS
710 WROM Rome: 10-SRS
720 WVCC Hogansville 1-SRS 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-SSS 2-SRS 2-SSS 2-SSS 3-SRS 9-SSS
730 WLOR Thomasville 11-SSS 11-SSS
750 WSB Atlanta: 1-OWL 2-SRS 2-Twil 12-SSS
790 WQXI Atlanta 2-SRS 2-SRS 3-SSS 9-Twil 12-SSS SPO
790 WGRA Cairo: 1-Twilight GOS
810 WTHV Harira: 1-SSS GOS
810 WBLW Royston 1-SRS
840 WHGH Thomasville:2-SRS 2-SSS 3-SSS 9-SSS 12-SSS GOS
850 WPTB Statesboro 1-Twil 9-Twil 9-Twil SPO:CBS
860 WAEC Atlanta 3-SRS 5-OWL 5-OWL 12-SSS
860 WDMG Douglas 10-OWL 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-Twil SPO:ESPN
880 WKBZ Jefferson 5-SRS 8-SSS 12-SSS
900 WJLG Savannah 1-SRS 1-SSS 2-Twil 2-OWL 4-Twil 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS
900 WJTH Calhoun 11-SRS 11-SRS C&W
910 WGAF Valdosta: 1-SSS 1-OWL 2-Twil TOURISM
920 WKGA Atlanta: 1-SSS 2-SSS 3-Twil 12-SRS TALK
940 WMAC Macon: 1-SRS 1-SRS 1-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SSS 2-OWL 9-Twil 10-SRS 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-SSS 11-Twil 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-OWL NewsTALK
950 WGOV Valdosta: 10-SRS 11-SSS 11-Twil 11-Twil
960 WJYZ Albany:11-Twil
960 WRFC Athens 4-Twil 12-SSS SPO
970 WNIV Atlanta 1-SRS 1-Twil 1-Twil 2-SSS 3-Twil 11-SRS 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS
970 WVOP Vidalia: 1-SRS 4-SRS 10-Twil 12-SSS OLD
990 WHIA Dawson; 2-SSS
990 WISK Lawrenceville 10-SSS SS *
1010 WTZA Atlanta 1-SSS 1-SSS 2-SRS 2-SSS 2-SSS 2-SSS 3-SSS 4-SRS 4-SSS 12-SRS 12-SRS
1020 WJEP Ochlocknee All reports were SSS. 5 of 7 in Nov. F-G on all thru KDKA, WCIL...
1030 WEBS Calhoun: 1-SSS 1-SSS 1-Twil 1-OWL 9-SRS 9-SRS 9-SSS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SSS 11-SRS
1040 WPBS Conyers: 1-SRS 1-SSS 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SSS 2-SSS 2-SSS 10-Twil 12-SRS 12-SSS Korean/JJ/ETH
1050 WFAM Augusta: 1-SSS GOS
1060 WKNG Tallapoosa: 1-SSS 2-SSS 2-SSS 2-SSS 8-DAYS:IL/Eclipse 11-SSS 12-SSS S/OFF JAN:1700 CST
1080 WEKS Marietta 2-SSS SS:LaLey
1100 WLBB Carrolton: 1-SSS, 1-SSS, 11-SSS, 12-SRS
1100 WWWE Hapeville: 1-SRS SS
1100 WGMM Woodbine: 1-SRS 1-SSS 8-SSS
1120 WQXM Gordon 10-SRS 11-SSS
1130 WLBA Gainsville G on SSS Dec dx.
1160 WCFO East Point 10-Twil 12-Twil BIZTalk
1170 WMLB Cumming 12-SSS
1180 WZQZ Trion: 1-Twil 1-SSS 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-SSS 2-OWL 3-SRS 5-SSS 7-SSS 9-SRS 9-SSS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SSS 11-Twil 11-Twil 11-Twil Format:C&W
1190 WAFS Atlanta: 1-SRS 1-SRS 2-SSS 10-SRS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-OWL 12-SSS BIZ NX
1190 WECC St. Marys: 3-SSS GOS
1210 WDGR Dahlonega 1-SSS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SSS 12-SSS
1230 WNRR Augusta 3-SRS
1230 WBLJ Dillon 1-OWL CBS:00
1230 WFOM Marietta talk format
1230 WSOK Savannah: 1-SSS 3-SRS
1240 WBHB Fitzgerald 3-SSS
1240 WGGA Gainsville 12-SSS
1270 WYAC Cartersville 2-SSS
1270 WMLF Columbus 12-SSS
1270 WJJC Commerce 12-SSS c&w
1280 WLCG Macon: 1-SSS 2-SSS
1280 WCHY Savannah 1-SSS
1290 WCHK Canton: 1-OWL, 12-SSS, 12-Twil c&w
1300 WMTM Moultree 3-SSS
1300 WIMO Winder 12-SSS
1310 WPLV West Point 11-SSS
1320 WHIE Griffin 3-Twil 11-Twil
1330 WMLT Dublin: 11-Twil
1330 WKZD Murrayville 12-SSS
1350 WRWH Cleveland 2-SSS
1350 WNNG Warner Robins 5-SSS
1360 WIYN Rome 9-SSS 11-SSS
1370 WFDR Manchester 2-SSS 10-SRS 11-SRS
1380 WAOK Atlanta: 4-SSS 10-Twil
1420 WRCG Columbus:1-SSS 1-OWL 2-Twil 10-SRS 12-Twil SPO
1420 WRWN Trenton: 1-SSS 1-OWL 1-OWL 3-OWL
1430 WGFS Covington: 10-Twil
1440 WBGA Brunswick 9-OWL 10-SSS
1440 WVMG Cochran 3-SRS
1460 WEXM Buford 11-SSS 12-SSS
1470 WRGA Rome: 1-SRS 1-SSS 1-OWL 3-SSS 3-SSS 12-OWL NewsTalk 98-7
1480 WYZE Atlanta: 3-SSS
1490 WCHM Clarkesville 10-OWL *
1500 WWFN Macon 5-SSS 12-SRS "OLDies1500"
1500 WSEM Donalsonville 11-SSS c&w
1530 WTTI Dalton: 10-SSS REL
1550 WAZX Smyrna: 1-SSS 12-SSS SS:La Que Beuna SILent
1570 WSSA Morrow: 2-Twil 12-SSS
1580 WEAM Columbus: 10-OWL, 11-SSS
1580 WKUN Monroe 8-SRS 12-SRS
1580 WKIG Glennville 11-SSS
1590 WTGA Thomaston 2-SRS
1600 WAOS Austell 1-SRS 1-SSS 2-SRS 2-SSS 3-SRS 3-SRS 3-OWL 7-Twil 8-SRS 9-Twil 10-SRS 10-SRS 10-SSS 11-SRS 11-SRS 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS 12-SSS 12-Twil 12-Twil 12-OWL SS
1630 WRDW Augusta: 1-SRS 1-SRS 3-SRS 3-SRS 3-SSS 11-Twil SPO:ESPN
1670 WMGE Dry Branch: 1-SSS 1-OWL 2-SRS 2-SRS 2-Twil 2-Twil 2-Twil 2-Twil 3-SRS 3-SRS 3-Twil 3-Twil 4-OWL 5-SRS 5-Twil 5-Twil 5-Twil 5-Twil 5-Twil 5-Twil 5-OWL 5-OWL 5-OWL 5-OWL 7-SRS 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-Twil 12-SRS 12-SRS 12-SSS SPO:FOX "Game" ex:WPLA
1690 WMLB Avondale Estates: 1-Twil 1-Twil 2-SSS 3-SRS 4-Twil 9-SSS 9-SSS 10-SSS 10-Twil 10-Twil 11-SRS 11-Twil 12-SRS