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Posted 5/19 @ 941
Two catches on Thursday 18 May on the XDR-S3HD. Times EDT.
17.39 ** WQCS-FM 88.9 Fort Pierce, FL - Faded up with NPR nx, HD pilot lit up.
17.39 ** WRMB-FM 89.3 Boynton Beach, FL - Faded up fair with religious talk, RDS gave calls.
That's all. We got our two-minute Es tease, then it went back to nothing.
--Eric Berger
Carleton, MI
Posted 5/18 @ 941
Few catches on the Sony XDR-S3HD. Times EDT.
Mon 15 May: Tropo
21.05 ** WNLB-LP 97.7 Holland, OH - Poor with Oldies, 'Fun 97' IDs between every few records. New catch!
21.31 ** WWOC-LP 97.7 Bowling Green, OH - Poor, overtook channel with Three Angels Broadcasting programming, ID at the TOH. Relog.
Tue 16 May: Es
19.30 * -FM 93.7 - Faded in and out over half an hour with SS: YL and OM seemed to be giving nx. Ads ay BOH but nothing IDable. Was looking 190. Lost.
20.20 ** KJIC-FM 90.5 Santa Fe, TX - Faded up over WKAR/WHVT pileup with C&W Gospel mx, sponsor information, out. New catch!
20.35 ** -FM 88.5 - Faded up with Dr. Adrian Rogers show, out. Too many possibilities.
Cx Tuesday were hit or miss: Mostly miss. Still, Es season has now officially started at Carleton!
--Eric Berger
Carleton, MI
Posted 5/3 @ 740
Recent DX with the XDR-S3HD. The FM list is actually a local translator update; the AM was a special DX due to local CKLW being off the air for much of Monday; they returned to air during the 2200 hour Monday evening. Times EDT.
W224CC-FM 92.7 Detroit, MI - Now // WLQV-1500, "Faith Talk Detroit."
W228CU-FM 93.5 Riverview, MI - 250 watts of K-Love.
W244DL-FM 96.7 Detroit, MI - Gospel, "Glory 1340 & 96.7" // WEXL. 99 watts.
W268CN-FM 101.5 Detroit, MI - // WDTK-1400 "The Patriot." 99 watts.
These all have been causing problems at my Carleton QTH. 96.7 I just noted clashing with CHYR last Friday. 92.7 and 101.5 are strong enough to trip RDS on my rx, and 93.5 is the most difficult to get. I had to fiddle with the antenna to get 96.7 audible in order to figure out who it was causing the interference in here to begin with, but it was sure causing plenty of fits for CHYR anyway.
For the AM DX: heard on the XDR-S3HD:
20.59 ** WTMR-AM 800 Camden, NJ - Poor with ID, religion.
21.03 ** WSJS-AM 800 Crewe, VA? - Tentative, heard TOH nx with "UMI Virginia Network" ment. Lost.
21.06 ** WKBC-AM 800 North Wilkesboro, NC - Poor with C&W, 'WKDC Forecast," lost. New catch!
21.07 ** CJBQ-AM 800 Belleville, ONT - Faded up with ID into C&W mx, lost.
--Eric Berger
Posted 4/19 @ 0840
A couple of catches on the Sony XDR-S3HD. Times EDT.
22.32 ** -AM 1280 - Poor, looking southerly with C&W mx, a couple of PSAs, into more back to back mx. A couple of possibilities, this one got away.
22.48 ** WCCR-AM 1260 Cleveland, OH - Poor with Catholic Mass, sked. matched. WXYT HD was OTS. ex-WWMK.
6.35 ** WHVR-AM 1280 Hanover, PA - Poor with classic hits, ID, ads, '1280 & 95.3 WHVR.' WXYT HD was still OTS.
6.56 ** WWRC-AM 1260 Washington, DC - Poor with Hugh Hewitt, ID :00 (// WRCW Warrenton) into nx, then 'AM 1260 The Answer' into local nx. Ex-WGAY, last heard about 15 years ago!
--Eric Berger
Posted 4/4 @ 1140
DXing from: Winnipeg MB Canada
ANTENNAE: 3 Foot un-amplified box loop / Quantum QX LOOP v2.0 / 155 Foot U shaped outdoor wire / 100 Foot indoor wire run around the basement walls / MFJ 1026 Phasing unit
Times are: Eastern Local time for Domestic DX UTC for non-Canadian and USA DX
740 KNFL ND Fargo 04/04 1155 Good signals with NBC Sports Radio Full ID on the top of the hour with KNFL 740 Fargo ND The Fan. Ex-KVOX. (SMA-MB)
Shawn Axelrod VE4DX1SMA
Winnipeg MB Canada
Remember on a Clear Day You Can Hear Forever
Posted 3/29 @ 0740
All times ELT. DX LOGS
660 WFAN NY New York - 3/25 0130 - Very good with ads for Steamfitters Local Union 475 and Nielsen Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep-Ram. No ID heard, but thankfully Google said that both of these are located in north Jersey, which points directly to WFAN. (RD-IA)
740 KRMG OK Tulsa - 3/25 0034 - Good with ad for Tulsa Gold & Silver in local stopset. OK #6 at this QTH. (RD-IA)
800 CKLW ON Windsor - 3/25 0027 - Good with call-in program "On Call Radio", which was hawking some men's health products. Confirmed by webstream. (RD-IA)
910 WFDF MI Farmington Hills - 3/25 0159 - Good with "...910 AM Superstation..." heard during legal ID. First time I've heard this since the CoL changed from Flint. (RD-IA)
920 WMPL MI Hancock - 3/24 2221 - Very good with CLs noted in promo for Coast-To-Coast AM. (RD-IA)
930 WBEN NY Buffalo - 3/25 0202 - Very good with "From the WBEN Newsroom..." heard at the start of newscast. NY #9 at this QTH. (RD-IA)
950 WWJ MI Detroit - 3/24 2140 - Good with mention of "WWJ" in ad for Detroit-area Chevy dealer. (RD-IA)
980 KSGM IL Chester - 3/24 2236 - Good with C&W music, ID: "The legends play here...the greatest country music of all time...KSGM..." (RD-IA)
980 WPFP WI Park Falls - 3/24 2232 - Fair with CLs in promo for "The Costa Report" on Sunday mornings, although I can't find that program listed on WPFP's website. (RD-IA)
990 KFCD TX Farmersville - 3/26 0132 - Weak under CBW with religious talk in Spanish by male, interrupted occasionally by brief classical music interludes of about 5-10 seconds each. Confirmed by webstream. TX #4 at this QTH. No sign of XET. (RD-IA)
1020 KCKN NM Roswell - 3/26 0204 - Good under KDKA on presumed day power with two males chatting in Spanish. Confirmed by webstream. NM #1 and state #30 at this QTH. (RD-IA)
1050 KLOH MN Pipestone - 3/24 2202 - Fair with "Blazin' Country 1050 KLOH" heard at the end of weather forecast. MN #9 at this QTH. (RD-IA)
1130 KTLK MN Minneapolis - 3/24 2131 - Good with ad for Minnesota Construction Law Services. Gave phone # of 651-484-4412, which matches what I found online for them. (RD-IA)
1220 WSLM IN Salem - 3/25 2306 - Fair under WHKW with discussion about that day's Indiana State High School Basketball Tournament championship games. IN #8 at this QTH. (RD-IA)
1220 WHKW OH Cleveland - 3/25 0017 - Fair with "...Join the treasure hunt...AM 1220, The Word" heard in liner. (RD-IA)
1300 WOOD MI Grand Rapids - 3/25 0259 - Good with mention of "Newsradio 1300 and 106.9 FM" heard in legal ID. Couldn't make out the CLs, but this is the only 1300/106.9 combo I could find. MI #12 at this QTH. (RD-IA)
1350 WSIQ IL Salem - 3/25 2336 - Fair with "WSIQ" and "currently 67 degrees" heard at the end of weather forecast. First time heard since the change from longtime CLs WJBD. (RD-IA)
1390 WLLI TN Jackson - 3/25 2201 - Fair in KCLN null with C&W oldie "Alibis" by Tracy Lawrence, then ID: "WLLI-AM, Jackson, WLLI-FM, Dyer..." TN #4 at this QTH. (RD-IA)
1430 WXNT IN Indianapolis - 3/25 2101 - Good with play-by-play of Indy Fuel hockey by Tom Callahan. Confirmed by webstream, which ran a good two minutes behind. In the 1990s, as WMYS, this station was the flagship for the Indianapolis Ice broadcasts. (RD-IA)
1450 WFMB IL Springfield - 3/24 2115 - Atop with local ad for Cordell & Cordell law firm located at 920 South Spring Street in Springfield. Just my 3rd logging on 1450 at this QTH. (RD-IA)
1460 WKAM IN Goshen - 3/23 2311 - Fair with regional Mexican music and "La Raza" IDs //WHLY-1580. Overtaking KXNO in Des Moines at times. (RD-IA)
1470 KAIR KS Atchison - 3/25 2140 - Fair under WMBD with "1470 Care" heard at the end of weather forecast. KS #6 at this QTH. (RD-IA)
1550 WDLR OH Delaware - 3/24 0311 - Good with jingle ID, then into ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man". (RD-IA)
1560 KLNG IA Council Bluffs - 3/23 2227 - Good with conclusion of REL program from Southwest Radio Ministries. ID at 2228: "Radio that changes the way you live, KLNG"..., then into 2-minute program "Lighten Up!" with Ken Davis. (RD-IA)
1560 WFME NY New York - 3/23 2159 - Very good with Family Radio programming, ID: "...1560 on your AM dial, this is WFME, New York". (RD-IA)
1570 WBGZ IL Alton - 3/25 2126 - Weak to fair with station ID during "When Radio Was". IL #56 at this QTH. (RD-IA)
1590 WAKR OH Akron - 3/23 2259 - Good with legal ID that started with "The Indians in Akron...", then went to a soundbyte of play-by-play of a game-winning home run from the 2016 season. (RD-IA)
1650 CINA ON Mississauga - 3/23 2355 - Fair with "Cina Radio" jingle ID at the end of a liner spoken by male. (RD-IA)
1670 CJEU QC Gatineau - 3/23 2340 - Fair with modern dance music (techno?) sung in French. Confirmed by webstream. (RD-IA)
1680 WPRR MI Ada - 3/23 2336 - Atop with political discussion about lower and middle classes. Confirmed by webstream. As recently as last September, this frequency had been blocked in the Quad Cities by a local TIS, nice to have it open again. (RD-IA)
1690 WPTX MD Lexington Park - 3/23 2328 - Fair in mess with only CLs heard twice, mixing with an unID station in Spanish. MD #2 at this QTH. (RD-IA)
1690 CHTO ON Toronto - 3/24 0110 - Over WPTX with Greek dance music sung by female group. Confirmed by webstream. (RD-IA)
RD-IA Rick Dau on the road in Davenport (269 domestics, 274 overall loggings at this QTH) Sony ICF-2010 + Grundig AN-220
Posted 3/27 @ 1340CDT
One catch this morning 27 March on the Sony XDR-S3HD. Time EDT
7.45 ** WPIE-AM 1160 Trumansburg, NY - Poor with Mike & Mike, local ads, ESPN Ithaca ments. No sign of WYLL; rare!
--Eric Berger
Posted 3/19 @ 1340
Times are ELT
Tom Laskowski
South Bend, IN
Panasonic RF-2200
Icom IC-718
1700 WRCR NY Ramapo 3/14 2001 G- Asian and Indian music format, strong with english ID "WRCR and WRCR HD" at 0001, first time heard - TL-IN
1420 WACK NY Newark 3/19 0059 P- ad for debt relief, ID "this is ... sports in ?? and the Finger Lakes. Hometown Radio 1420 WACK, Newark" - TL-IN
1650 CINA ON Mississauga 3/19 0800 F- Asian Indian music format, // webstream, ID heard as "Seena Radio" - TL-IN
Take care, hope to check in soon.
Posted 3/18 @ 0840
790 KURM AR Rogers - 3/17 2359 ELT - Atop with clear sign-off announcement, including mention that they begin their broadcast day on the weekdays at 5:00 and on Saturdays and Sundays at 6:00. No SSB heard. Not a new logging, but always nice to hear a sign-off on a regional channel in this day and age. (RD-NE)
Posted 3/14 @ 0840
DXing from: Winnipeg MB Canada
ANTENNAE: 3 Foot un-amplified box loop / Quantum QX LOOP v2.0 / 155 Foot U shaped outdoor wire / 100 Foot indoor wire run around the basement walls / MFJ 1026 Phasing unit
Times are: Eastern Local time for Domestic DX UTC for non-Canadian and USA DX
1530 KQSC CO Colorado Springs 03/14 0830 Poor signals under WCKY with country music by Lipstick. ID as Mountain Country. // the web feed to make 100% sure it was them. Long time target finally heard. NEW (SMA-MB)
COMMENTS Always nice to log a target station.