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Posted 12/2 @ 740CST as in 740 CFZM Toronto,ON
Thanks to a tip from a fellow DXer, I have one new catch at Carleton, MI; time EST
Thu 30 November 2017 at 21.39: KCKK-AM 1510 Littleton, CO - Very poor under WLAC with classic rock, '93.7 The Rock.' Heard Michael Bolton, followed by Mountain records; Webcast match. New catch!
--Eric Berger
Carleton, MI
Posted 11/25 @ 1340CST as in 1340 KXPO Grafton,ND
Things are slowing down here. Not much DX lately but have managed a few new ones.
Times are EST
550 WGR NY Buffalo 11/19 2133 good- not needed but not common here, lots of local ads with "WGR 5-50 dot com" heard, TL-IN
590 WJMS MI Ironwood 11/19 2109 poor- In and out with KXSP and WKZO with older country music, // online stream, New, TL-IN
810 WHB MO Kansas City 11/17 1700 fair- ID as "Your hometown sports station. Sportsradio 8-10 WHB Kansas City", TL-IN
900 WDLS WI Wisconsin Dells 11/20 1730 fair- country music, long fades, CHML nulled, // stream, TL-IN
930 WKBM IL Sandwich 11/19 2000 fair- ID "Talk radio for Catholic life, WNTD Chicago and WKBM Sandwich. Relevant radio 950 and 930 AM, TL-IN
950 CFAM MB Altona 11/25 0005 fair- sounded like religious program, at 0505 two clear CFAM IDs, weather then sports, local WSBT causing slop, used LSB mode, New, TL-IN
Tom Laskowski
Posted 11/16 @ 0940CST as in 940 940 CJGX Yorkton,SK
Times are EST except Cuba and Mexico are UTC
710 KCMO MO Kansas City 11/12 2150 poor- under WOR with talk program, several KCMO IDs during program break, TL-IN
790 WJNA TN Ashland City 11/14 2239 good- nostalgia format music, heard weak ID, // web, IDing as WQSV which is old call, TL-IN
860 WTZX TN Sparta 11/14 2321 good- lots of classic country music, ID as "Country Gold 8-60" after each song, ID @ ToH, TL-IN
940 CJGX SK Yorkton 11/3 0656 good- CW, "CJGX, a Harvard radio station serving Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We are GX-94" Lite snow and -5, TL-IN
1130 WBLA GA, Gainesville 11/11 0002 good- loud in and out with WBBR, SS regional mexican, supposed to be 67 watts, may be on day power TL-IN
1380 KXFN MO St. Louis 11/8 1754 fair- Larry Elder, weekdays at 5 on 13-80 and 105.3, The Answer, into Michael Medved, TL-IN
1510 KCKK CO Littleton 11/19 2316 poor- good at times over WLAC with old rock, Don Henley, Robbie Dupree, etc, // webstream, TL-IN
610 CMAN Cuba 11/15 0120 UTC fair- CMAN per mwlist.org, Radio Rebelde // to 600 and 5025 but about 1 second behind, TL-IN
630 CMHC Cuba 11/15 0145 UTC fair- CMHC per mwlist.org, Radio Progreso, nice music, loud atop channel // stream, TL-IN
860 CMDB Cuba 11/14 0432 poor- heard only "RR" weak behind WTZX about 5 seconds at top of minutes, TL-IN
1000 XEOY Mexico Mexico City 11/11 0421 poor- always way under WMVP with SS music, // several online SDRs, TL-IN
Icom IC-718 and Panasonic RF-2200
73, Tom Laskowski
Posted 11/11 @ 0840CST as in 840 KTIC West Point,NE
Hope you're sitting down for this aurora log; times EST
Thu 09 Nov
21.39 ** WKAQ-AM 580 San Juan, PR - Poor in CKWW null with SS: OM speaking, sounded like he was talking into a barrel; // Webcast. Thanks to tip from fellow DXer -- new catch! FIRST log from PR!!!
21.50 ** CMKO-AM 740 Sagua de Tanamo, CUBA - Very poor under CFZM with mx, sounded EZListening in nature, 'Radio Angulo.' New catch!
21.58 ** CJYE-AM 1250 Oakville, ONT - Poor toward east with Christian AC, 'You're welcome here; CJYE, Joy Radio.'
22.01 ** XEX-AM 730 Mexico City, MEXICO - Fair with SS Sports, what sounded like ads at :08, ment "____ du Mexico," and "W Deportes."
--Eric Berger
Posted 11/9 @ 840CST as in 840 KTIC West Point,NE
I have had some success in the last few days!
Times are EST
Tom Laskowski
South Bend, IN
Icom IC-718
540 KMLB LA Monroe 11/7 2306 fair- several "Newstalk 107.5 and 540" IDs, into Michael Savage, listed @ 26 w nite, New TL-IN
570 WMCA NY NYC 11/7 2357 fair- lots of IDs as "AM 570 The Mission", New TL-IN
980 KMBZ MO Kansas City 11/8 0641 good- traffic report with clear KMBZ ID, in well, ID heard three times, New TL-IN
1040 CKST BC Vancouver 11/6 2345 P- decent at times in with WHO with hockey coverage, // to webstream and local BC SDR, New, my BC #1 TL-IN
Time is UTC
1215 Absolute Radio UK unknown location, 11/7 0309 UTC P- strong carrier, weak bits of audio being heard at times, // to the Twente web SDR and a web SDR in NJ, my first TA! TL-IN
Posted 11/5 @ 0540CST as in 540 WDAK Columbus,GA
Heard on the XDR-S10HDiP; times EDT
Wed 01 Nov
18.14 ** WKOK-AM 1070 Sunbury, PA - Fair with News Radio 1070 WKOK, ads.
18.24 ** WBOB-AM 600 Jacksonville, FL - Poor with Mark Levin, SRN nx :30; lost at QRP after SRN nx started.
19.01 ** -AM 1520 - Poor to ESE/WNW with R&B oldies: unid record, rolled to "In Crowd" - Ramsey Lewis. QRP after record started, of course nothing said between records; lost.
19.07 ** WHIS-AM 1440 Bluefield, WV - Poor with talk show promos, WV ments. In WMKM null.
19.13 ** WHBN-AM 1420 Harrodsburg, KY - Very poor with ID into C&W mx. New catch - #1300!
19.47 ** KWAM-AM 990 Memphis, TN - Very poor with Eastern AR ads, show promo, wx. WDEO nulled; new catch, TN #70!
20.00 ** KZIM-AM 960 Cape Girardeau, MO - Very poor in WWJ HD fizz with ID into ABC nx.
Fri 03 Nov
18.00 ** WHNK-AM 1450 Parkersburg, WV - Very poor with 107.9 Williamstown ment, into nx, and lost.
18.20 ** WMST-AM 1150 Mount Sterling, KY - Poor with KY Nx Network, ads, community calendar, into oldies.
--Eric Berger