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Posted 1O/16 @ 0941CDT as in 94.1 WNNF Cincinnati, OH
SUN 15 OCT 2017
*FRI 13 OCT: Tropo
20.59 ** WGGC-FM 95.1 Bowling Green, KY - Poor with The Big Time With Whitney Allen, TOH ID. AKA Goober 95. C&W. New catch!
21.30 ** WDNS-FM 93.3 Bowling Green, KY - Poor with HSFB; Bowling Green Purples vs. Barren County. Station AKA D-93. New catch!
21.41 ** WAMZ-FM 97.5 Louisville, KY - Poor with C&W; 60 Minute Music Hour on 97-5 WAMZ.
21.51 ** WKDF-FM 103.3 Nashville, TN - Very poor under WMLX (St. Marys OH) with ads, Nash FM. BNA on tropo! New catch!
22.00 ** WKYU-FM 88.9 Bowling Green, KY - Good with promo, ID :00, Western KY University ment.. New catch!
22.30 ** WJCR-FM 90.1 Upton, KY - Fair with C&W Gospel mx, mixing with WXML; ID between records. New catch!
22.43 ** WDGG-FM 93.7 Ashland, KY - Poor with the Big Time With Whitney Allen; '93-7 The Dawg.'
22.44 ** WNNF-FM 94.1 Cincinnati, OH - Poor with Nash Nights Live on Cincinnati's Nash FM.
23.41 ** WCVQ-FM 107.9 Fort Campbell, KY - Fair with Uncovered With Dr. Laura Berman, Q-108. New catch!
--Eric Berger
Posted 1O/14 @ 1240CDT as in 1240 WHIZ Zanesville, OH
Just a few. I hope to add more since I have a week off work.
700 KHSE TX Wylie 10/8 0739 p/f- mostly under but occasionally over WLW, nice slow KHSE ID, New TL-IN
550 KFYR ND Bismark 10/9 0730 G- Loud, alone with weather, ID "K-Fire", mentions of upcoming HSFB Battle of Bismark, New TL-IN
760 WETR TN Knoxville 10/10 0030 F- Loud under WJR carrying Lars Larson. ID as "92 point 3 and 7-60 AM" and also mention of Knoxville, New TL-IN
Tom Laskowski
South Bend, IN
Icom IC-718
Posted 10/7 @ 1440CDT as in 1440 WNFL Green Bay,WI
Heard on the XDR-S10HDiP on Sunday 8 October; times EDT
7.13 ** WRJZ-AM 620 Knoxville, TN - Fair with Christian AC
7.14 ** WREY-AM 630 St Paul, MN - Poor in CFCO null with lively SS mx, 'Radio Rey,' // Webcast. New catch!
7.32 ** KHSE-AM 700 Wylie, TX - Poor under WLW with Hot AC mx, spot looking for brokered shows, "Dallas-Fort Worth" ment, phone number clearly copied.
7.53 ** -AM 1200 - Faded up poor with ad narrated by Michael Medved, lost. Probably a one-shot ad, as I couldn't find anyone who carries him on 1200 at this time.
7.55 ** WRKK-AM 1200 Hughesville, PA - Poor with rock mx, ads, ID, into more mx. WMUZ still QRT. Last heard in 1998, while WCHB was QRT for upgrade to 50kw.
Cx seemed pretty good this morning, saw they were good last night, but went to bed early: exhausted. Checked FM, while APRS looked good, cx really just elevated to GRR and FWA: nothing from across the pond.
--Eric Berger
Posted 10/7 @ 1440CDT as in 1440 WNFL Green Bay,WI
Snagged a nice new one this morn...
1310 KFKA CO Greeley 10/7 0756 F- Total surprise! Heard mention of Sterling, then agriculture report with mention of Colorado, then very clear "13-10 KFKA" ID during weather promo, New, CO #3 TL-IN
Tom Laskowski
South Bend, IN
Icom IC-718
Posted 10/6 @ 1240CDT as in 1240 KCCR Pierre,SD
Hi all,
I'm kicking off the DX season. I'm at 743, hope to hit 800 by the end of the season.
Got two new ones:
Tom Laskowski
South Bend, IN
Panasonic RF-2200
Times and dates are ELT
910 WJCW TN Johnson City 10/3 2150 G- Good with The Chad Benson Show, ID for WJCW and mention of Tri Cities, new, first new one of the season - TL-IN
730 KWOA MN Worthington 10/5 2019 P- many mentions of the Minnesota Vikings on The Fan, KWOA call ID heard - TL-IN
I hope to be reporting often
Posted 1O/4 @ 0940CDT as in 940 WFAW Fort Atkinson,WI
A couple of catches on the Sony XDR-S10HDiP at Carleton MI; times EDT
Mon 02 October
19.57 ** WJXY-AM 1200 Atlantic Beach, SC - Poor with Urban Gospel, legal ID :00 mentioning W278CB and "The New Rejoice 103.5." WCHB still QRT; new catch!
20.02 ** WSBI-AM 1210 Static, TN - Poor with multi-station ID, mostly in SS, into YL speaking SS. No sign of WPHT!
Tue 03 October
6.49 ** WOAI-AM 1200 San Antonio, TX - Poor with Cowboys Report on News Radio 1200 WOAI.
7.00 ** CKDM-AM 730 Dauphin, MAN - Fair with Tom Petty record into CKDM nx.
7.28 ** -AM 1210 - Poor with Bach number on piano; heard it again about six minutes later. No idea who this could have been.
7.35 ** KGYN-AM 1210 Guymon, OK - Poor with ads, wx, 'The Big Talker, 1210 KGYN' and out.
Cx have not been very good lately; past few Friday Football DXes have not brought anything of interest in here. HSFB DX this season has definitely been hit and miss -- mostly miss.
--Eric Berger

Posted 9/2O @ 1340CDT as in 1340 WMID Atlantic City,NJ
One to add to the logs from 20 September. Time EDT.
7.00 ** WJNL-AM 1210 Kingsley, MI - Poor with lots of QSB. Ads, 'Northern Michigan's Information Station,' ID, into CBS nx. Rare!
That's it; not much else coming across this morning.
--Eric Berger
Posted 9/19 @ 1340CDT as in 1340 WMID Atlantic City,NJ
Heard on the Sony XDR-S10HDiP; times EDT.
*Mon 18 Sep
6.30 ** WBGX-AM 1570 Harvey, IL - Poor with gospel mx, 'The Big Gospel Express.'
6.54 ** KAAY-AM 1090 Little Rock, AR - Very poor with Christian mx, ID :00, ad
7.18 ** WMPC-AM 1230 Lapeer, MI - Poor but over din with Bible trivia question, Christian AC mx.
7.53 ** WYSN-AM 1200 Huntington, WV - Very poor with ads, C&W Gospel, SRN nx :00, ID.
8.20 ** WRTO-AM 1200 Chicago, IL - Faded up with ad in SS, out.
12.58 ** WTRV-FM 100.5 Walker, MI - Very poor with AC mx, playlist match.
13.01 ** WWKI-FM 100.5 Kokomo, IN - Took over above with C&W, ID :00
13.09 ** WLDE-FM 101.7 Fort Wayne, IN - Poor with classic hits, Fun 101-7.
18.03 ** WIIL-FM 95.1 Union Grove, WI - Poor with the 95 Will Rock Road Rage Hour.
18.20 ** WMYX-FM 99.1 Milwaukee, WI - Good, with AC mx, HD pilot.
18.31 ** WHQG-FM 102.9 Milwaukee, WI - Good, locked in HD! HD1 had 'The Hog, Everything That Rocks.' HD2 had a preacher! Through local WWWW; new catch!
18.46 ** WLVE-FM 105.3 Mukwonago, WI - Fair with K-Love, ID :00. New catch!
19.03 ** WUWM-FM 89.7 Milwaukee, WI - Fair with NPR nx, local support information, into All Things Considered.
19.17 ** WHAD-FM 90.7 Delafield, WI - Good, locked in HD. HD1 had talk, HD2 had Classical.
19.28 ** WRIT-FM 95.7 Milwaukee, WI - Poor with Classic Hits, Big FM
19.31 ** WKLH-FM 96.5 Milwaukee, WI - Fair with rock mx, 'Hometown Rock.' New catch!
20.16 ** WAUS-FM 90.7 Berrien Springs, MI - Very poor with ID into Classical mx. Been a while since I heard this one!
22.30 ** WMJO-FM 97.3 Essexville, MI - Poor with Classic Hits, 'Joe FM'
23.23 ** WQBX-FM 104.9 Alma, MI - Fair with ID into AC mx.
23.54 ** WHSB-FM 107.7 Alpena, MI - Fair with 107-7 The Bay into AC mx.
--Eric Berger
Posted 9/18 @ 0540CDT as in 540 WAUK Jackson,WI
Heard with the XDR-S10HDiP at Carleton, MI. Times EDT.
21.43 ** WXFN-AM 1340 Muncie, IN - Faded up with local ad, back into the mud.
20.54 ** WDJO-AM 1480 Cincinnati, OH - Poor with local ads, ID which also mentioned translators, into nx. Lots of QSB.
21.03 ** WOAI-AM 1200 San Antonio, TX - Poor with wx, News Radio 1200, into talk.
20.19 ** WILD-AM 1090 Boston, MA - Poor in WCAR null with Chinese pop mx, got match to Webcast! Daytimer on late; new catch!
20.51 ** WXLZ-AM 1140 St. Paul, VA - Poor under WRVA with C&W mx, YL DJ, got match to Website. Another daytimer on late; new catch!
21.31 ** WDSL-AM 1520 Mocksville, NC - Very poor in pile with Bluegrass mx, got match to Webcast. Semi-local WPAY off; new catch!
--Eric Berger
Posted 9/13 @ 9:43CDT as in 94.3 WUPK Marquette,MI
TUE 12 SEP 2017
20.54 ** HJAI-AM 1040 Barranquilla, COLOMBIA - Very poor with lively SS mx, 'Radio Tropical,' got // to Webcast! New catch, Colombia #3!
21.03 ** WCRK-AM 1150 Morristown, TN - Poor but alone with ID, ABC nx, wx, into Classic Hits.
21.38 ** WBOB-AM 600 Jacksonville, FL - Fair with Hurricane Irma info
21.52 ** KCTA-AM 1030 Corpus Christi, TX - Poor with Insight with Dr. Charles Stanley. Sked match.
22.00 ** WJKY-AM 1060 Jamestown, KY - Very poor with 'The Sports Authority, ESPN 1060' ID into ESPN.
*MON 11 SEP: Tropo
18.00 ** WIIL-FM 95.1 Union Grove, WI - Poor with Road Rage Hour on 95 Will Rock.
19.43 ** CKNR-FM 94.1 Elliot Lake, ONT - Fair/poor with AC mx, 'Algoma/Manitoulin's Biggest Variety, The Moose.' New catch!
20.00 ** WPVM-FM 88.5 Sturgeon Bay, WI - Poor with WRVM Forecast, multi-station ID, into religion.
20.54 ** WMRX-FM 97.7 Beaverton, MI - Poor with Classic Hits, Sunny 97-7/
22.26 ** WQBX-FM 104.9 Alma, MI - Poor with ads, ID, into Tigers Baseball.
*TUE 12 SEP: Tropo
7.32 ** WIMT-FM 102.1 Lima, OH - Good off the back with ads, 'Lima's Country, T-102'
7.54 ** WDHT-FM 102.9 Urbana, OH - Good with RDS, 'Hot 102.9 Dayton's Hottest Music.'
7.58 ** CKDK-FM 103.9 Woodstock, ONT - Very poor off the side with C&W, 'Country 104'
8.05 ** WRQK-FM 106.9 Canton, OH - Good with ID, rock mx. Canton's Rock Station.
8.06 ** WDPR-FM 88.1 Dayton, OH - Phantom log: HD pilot, audio still local WSMF
8.13 ** WGTZ-FM 92.9 Eaton, OH - Good with classic hits, Jack FM.
8.21 ** WRKZ-FM 99.7 Columbus, OH - Good with ads, The Blitz, rock.
8.41 ** WZLR-FM 95.3 Xenia, OH - Poor with classic rock, 'Eagle 95.3 and 101.1, Dayton's 80s Rock.'
8.45 ** WFTK-FM 96.5 Lebanon, OH - Poor with ads, 96 Rock, into rock record.
8.52 ** WCHD-FM 99.9 Kettering, OH - Good, locked in HD with Channel 999. HD2 was Smooth Jazz. Completely wiped out local WKKO!
8.58 ** WKRQ-FM 101.9 Cincinnati, OH - Locked in HD with Q102, Cincinnati's Hit Music. HD2 had Black Crowes record playing when I checked. Completely wiped out local WDET! New catch!
9.12 ** WZDA-FM 103.9 Beavercreek, OH - Fair with Rover's Morning Glory on Alt 103.9. Wiped out semi-local WLEN! New catch!
9.20 ** WTUE-FM 104.7 Dayton, OH - Good with ads, 'WTUE Rocks.' Locked in HD. HD2 had simulcast of WONE-980 and was airing Dan Patrick.
--Eric Berger
Posted 9/11 @ 1240CDT as in 1240 WHBU Anderson,IN
Thanks to KAZ, I added WBOB 600 FL to the ULR logbook. Nice signal on the PL-606 barefoot inside a noisy residence at 0505 ET.
Dave in Indy (Noblesville)
Posted 9/7 @ 1040CDT as in 1040 CKST Vancouver,BC
DXing from: Winnipeg MB Canada
ANTENNAE: 3 Foot un-amplified box loop / Quantum QX LOOP v2.0 / 155 Foot U shaped outdoor wire / 100 Foot indoor wire run around the basement walls / MFJ 1026 Phasing unit Times are: Eastern Local time for Domestic DX UTC for non-Canadian and USA DX
1490 KJOQ MN Duluth 09/06 2228 Faded up in a mess with NBC Sports programming The Fan. NEW! (SMA-MB)
COMMENTS Not a far away station but a new one is a new one.
Shawn Axelrod VE4DX1SMA
Winnipeg MB Canada
Remember on a Clear Day You Can Hear Forever
Posted 8/29 @ 0840CDT as in 840 KTIC West Point,NE
DXing from: Winnipeg MB Canada
ANTENNAE: 3 Foot un-amplified box loop / Quantum QX LOOP v2.0 / 155 Foot U shaped outdoor wire / 100 Foot indoor wire run around the basement walls / MFJ 1026 Phasing unit
Times are: Eastern Local time for Domestic DX UTC for non-Canadian and USA DX
1000 KSOO SD Sioux Falls 08/29 0730 Poor signals but alone on the frequency with no WMVP for a change with ABC news and mentions of South Dakota in the local news. Now on this frequency ex 1140. NEW (SMA-MB)
COMMENTS Nice to get a new one in the summer in the off season.
Shawn Axelrod VE4DX1SMA
Winnipeg MB Canada
Remember on a Clear Day You Can Hear Forever
Posted 8/29 @ 0540CDT as in 540 WDAumbus,GAK Col
1110 WBT NC Charlotte -- 8-28 1901-1905 faded up, in and out, good peaks, USA Radio Network newscast, timecheck "WBT news time is seven-oh- four." Rare near sunset in the summer (TS-MI)
1110 WJML MI Petoskey -- 8-18 1928-1930 appeared atop the pile, in and out, fair peaks, newscast w mention of website WJML dot com in commercial. Rare in the summer (TS-MI)
TS-MI Tom Sanders, Lakeport MI
GE SuperRadio II barefoot
Posted 8/28 @ 0640CDT as in 640 KFI LOs Angeles,CA
Heard on the Sony XDR-S10HDiP on Thursday 24 August; times EDT
20.17 ** WIOU-AM 1350 Kokomo, IN - Fair with ESPN Radio promos, ID in one.
20.38 ** -AM 1340 - Poor toward NW/SE with what sounded like Standards, YL DJ? Lost to GY pile.
21.00 ** WLEW-AM 1340 Bad Axe, MI - Faded up poor in pileup with "Traffic from WLEW Newsroom," old C&W mx, lost.
21.10 ** -AM 1340 - Poor toward SSE with baseball; ment. "Here in South Bend," one man named Jim Czerecki (sp?) ment. also. South Bend does have a Minor League team, but they played in West Michigan. Lost to GY din.
22.02 ** WPOZ-FM 88.3 Union Park, FL - Z-Radio; barely audible with TOH ID.
22.20 ** WJFM-FM 88.5 Baton Rouge, LA - Faded up with Sonlife Radio stuff. Lots of QSB.
22.44 ** WJSU-FM 88.5 Jackson, MS - Faded up with jazz mx, RDS decoded. Tons of QSB.
22.46 ** KJGM-FM 88.3 Bastrop, LA - Lots of QSB but was able to make out Sonlife Radio stuff.
23.00 ** WRKF-FM 89.3 Baton Rouge, LA - Fair with RDS: "WRKF is NPR" TOH ID, then lost to WYSZ.
--Eric Berger
Posted 8/22 @ 0941CDT as in 94.1 KQXY Beaumont, TX
TUE 22 AUG 2017
*MON 21 AUG: Es
18.46 ** KNIN-FM 92.9 Wichita Falls, TX - Fair with Hot AC, '92-9 NIN' into ads
18.48 ** KZCO-FM 94.1 Lawton, OK - Fair with Tom Petty record, RDS 'Z94'
18.50 ** KMOC-FM 89.5 Wichita Falls, TX - Mostly a phantom log with HD pilot, but occasionally locked in HD over local WDTP with Contemp. Christian mx. New catch!
18.53 ** KUCO-FM 90.1 Edmond, OK - Fair with classical, RDS ment. "UNVI of Central OKLAHOMA" Yes, the RDS said "UNVI" !
18.56 ** KJRF-FM 91.1 Lawton, OK - Tentative; presumed to be the religious station with Darrell Huffman Ministries, into mx, and lost. Couldn't find a sked for this station, but the other religious stations in the area I was hearing showed something else in their skeds. Lost before TOH, of course, but would be a relog anyway.
19.12 ** -FM 93.3 -- TWO stations battling here. One was C&W (NOT WBTU --- heard them also in the pileup) and the other was playing "Sympathy For the Devil" by the Stones. Nothing jives, and no playlists jived either. Lost before the end of the record.
19.16 ** KQXY-FM 94.1 Beaumont, TX - Faded up with Q94, and Houston ments.
19.18 ** KQBT-FM 93.7 Houston, TX - Fair with 93.7 The Beat, (713) number given by DJ.
19.19 ** KYKR-FM 95.1 Beaumont, TX - Fair with C&W, RDS. Kicker 95.1.
19.23 ** KPCH-FM 99.3 Ruston, LA - Continually clashing/swapping with unid religious or C&W station with local ads, classic hits, 'Peach 99-3.' New catch!
19.42 ** KLDV-FM 91.1 Morrison, CO - Faded up with K-Love, and lost.
--Eric Berger
Posted 8/9 @ 0740CDT as in 740 KNFL Fargo,ND
DXing from: Winnipeg MB Canada