The purpose of this page is to show the changes that have taken place in this hobby during this publication times (1981-88 and 1997-present). You can see how many AM tips were in each issue, and look at the radio highlights of same. Enjoy! It might just jog some memories!

DX-midAMerica has a 36+ year history to show!

Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1680 TFM:101Mhz TS:MI NorthEast, FM Heard:LA AR
NEWS: 180 AMDX HOT TIPS were reported in May! A MAY RECORD! The old record was 127 in 2002! Average is 34.32. So, the average was beat AGAIN, and more than four times! 70TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips were above average. TOP May's in order: 1) 2019-180! 2) 2002 - 127, 3) 2018-97. The best numbers have been way better than the 1981-1988 founding years, to be sure. We get older, better experience, better! More fine tuning, if you will. May FM numbers were in the tank! Average is 68.45. 35 were had this May. Nothing to report! The Top 17 chart shown here has been updated EVERY WEEK since May 30, 1969! Your editor was a 16 year old teen aged kid. Had a little pirate radio station with the Top 16 survey and later, that would move to 98FM (17 Hits 9+8) and have stuck with a good, tight listing for now, 50 years!!! 50 years. The nice thing is, still love Top 40 Hits. Love the formatics, what makes radio work. What doesn't. Years ago, entered a radio contest for the heck of it. Formatics, when to run sweepers, jingles, oldies, re-currents and hits and was told I had the 2nd best entry! 10000 page views in the month, again! Looked back at several years, noting how new logs are still possible on AM in April and May!
Format/call flips: 1240 WHBU IN Anderson OLD. Was NewsTALK, 1540 WLOI IN La Porte 250/-- Cl ROCK. Rock 106.5 was NOS.+106.5 W293DR La Porte 110w, 93.9 WNDX IN Lawrence-Indianapolis ROCK 93-9X was Top40"Energy93.9" ex:WYRG, 1460 KKOY KS Chanute OLD C&W. "Your Country KKOY" was News-Talk-Sports, 1400 WQXO MI Munising +97.7 W249DR Munising 250w OLD(WW1)& wqxo.com, 1060 KFIL MN Preston has applied to leave/take SILent/Delist as 1060 is //103.1FM FCC/STA(5-14), 680 KKGR MT East Helena 5000/-- Cl HITS, was OLD. +93.1 K226BI Helena 250w, 1580 WTTN WI Columbus 5000/4 TALK +92.7 W224EG Madison 250w Talk 92.7, 750 CKJH SK Melfort 25000/25000 Cl HITS. Beach Radio was OLD. DROPS CK-750.
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1680 TFM:101Mhz TS:KS MS, FM Heard:KS MS
NEWS: 123 AMDX HOT TIPS were reported, This was the 69TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average. 10000 page views in the month, again! Looked back at several years, noting how new logs are still posible on AM in April and May!
Format/call flips: 1350 CHFO-QC SILent, 1270 CJCB-NS 10000/1350 drops night power from 10000w, 1470 KAIR KS Atchison Deleted/FCC, 99.7 KARZ-MN ClHITS, ex:KKCK, was Top40, 1380 KJUA WY Cheyenne Deleted/FCC, 94.7 KKCK-MN Top40. ex:KARZ, was Cl HITS, 1220 KLBB-MN back on air via Special Temporary Authority with a power of 20 watts, 1620 WDND IN South Bend Deleted/FCC, 1170 WFDL-WI BACK ON Full Power as of 4-3. Wind damage/tower knocked down. VERY LOW POWER (100w) Tower knocked down Aug28, 96.5 WNWX-WI AC (NorthWood's)"Mix 96" ex:WHOH, 1700 WRCR-NY BACK ON "testing" as of 4-27. Was SILent & 1630 WRDW-GA SILent
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1670 TFM:100Mhz TS:IA MA-PA, FM Heard:IA NY
NEWS: 218 AMDX HOT TIPS were reported, This was the 68TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average. 10000 page views in the month, again!
Format/call flips: 101.5 CKCE-AB HotAC/Cl HITS. "Today Radio" was HotAC as "Kool FM". 1380 KHWK-MN OLD C&W ex:KAGE, 99.3 KHWKFM-MN C&W. ex:KWNOFM "99-3 the Hawk" was "Wild Country 99." 94.5 KPMIFM-MN NEW STN: OLD C&W//1300 KPMI, 1490 KTTR-MO CCM."Shine 104.9" was HotAC as "Power 104-9." 96.5 WHOH-WI AC "Mix 96" was SPO:CBS. Flipped 3/1.
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1660 TFM:99Mhz TS:IL KY FM Heard:IL KY
NEWS: 229 AMDX HOT TIPS were reported, This was the 67TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average. 10000 page views in the month, again! Tip #66,000 was noted recently.
Format/call flips: 1340 WLDY-WI SPO:CBS was SPO:NBC, 1490 WBBL-MI tosses TALK for SPO as "the Ticket" ex:WKLQ, 1490 WIGM-WI +107.1 W296DL Medford 250w now C&W. "Kickin' Country" was SPO:CBS keeps BREW, 92.7 WFNB-IN ROCK as "92-7 the RocK" Was Soft AC:"Light 92.7" Lights out! 95.3 WVVE-MN AAA "95-Wave FM" silent.
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1650 TFM:98Mhz TS:IA MS FM Heard:IA MS
NEWS: 596 AMDX HOT TIPS were reported in January! This was the 66TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average. 10000 page views in the month, again! Looked back to 2001, as this January AMDX record (558 AM Tips) was beat! Jeff Ball & Morris Sorenson and their efforts were remembered. Formats Flipped: (2001) 1590 WPVL Platteville,WI was//FM "Cool Oldies WPVL" while 1280 WGLR Lancaster,WI went //FM C&W. Was OLDies. 1580 WKKD Aurora IL was//Classic Hits 95.9 WERV-FM. Had been NewsTALK. The Top Frequency of the month was 1020, with logs of WJEP-GA WCIL-IL WPEO-IL KJJK-MN WNTK-NH (now on 1010) KOTD-NE & WRIX-SC. Tip #19,000 was posted! (Again 2001) A few of the NEW were 600 KCOL-CO (JJR-WI) 660 KTNN-AZ (AZ #1 Loy-IL) 1170 WCLN-NC (#800 MP-OH) 1440 WHKW-OH (SMA-MB) 1480 WIOS-MI (MS-MB) 1580 KMIK-AZ (State#39 EB-MI) and 13 Trans-AM reports from Ball. Back to now: Tip #65,000 was recently posted. Thanx all!
Format/call flips: 1090 KMXA-CO SS/ESPN Deportes, was SS, 1590 WAIK-IL SILent, 102.3 WGBJ-IN ALT "Alt 99-5 - 102-3" was SS, 1400 KCOG-IA AC. //99.7 K259BS Centerville. Was OLD "99.7-Today's Best Music," 106.9 WUPM-MI HotAC "Mix 106.9," 1340 WJRW-MI SPO "The Ticket" tosses, 105.1 KYSX-MT Cl ROCK. "105.1 the Bone" was AC "Classy 105.1," 95.1 KTHC-MT Top40. "Power 95" was AdCon, 104.9 WZEZ-WI SoftAC "Easy 104.9" was AdultHITS, 1450 WHRY-WI +102.9 W275CR Hurley 250w "Oldies 102.9," 530 CHLO-ON ex:CIAO, 96.5 CKUL-NS SoftAC. "The Breeze" was AC & 105.1 CKHY-NS SoftAC "Jewel" - was ROCK.
12-18:421 AM,1 FM tip! AM ABOVE AVERAGE:65TH MONTH IN A ROW.10TH BEST MONTH.replacing November'18!
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1640 TFM:96Mhz TS:WY KY FM Heard:MI MN
NEWS: 421 AMDX HOT TIPS were reported in December! This was the 65TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average. December had some big numbers for page views! 10000 page views in the month! 910 pages on the 21st, 900 pages on the 16th, a few others with 500/600+ pages! So, if you think nobody is checking out your tips, etc., these numbers prove differently! Updated monthly, not daily.
Format/call flips: 94.9 WDKB-IL HotAC as "94-9 WDKB." Was AC as "B-95," 98.7 WDZH-MI AC. 98.7 the Breeze was Top40, 1530 WYGR-MI OLD C&W "Jethro FM"+94.9 W235BN Grand Rapids +99.5 W258DF Lowell 250w, 106.7 KZJZ-MN REL Real Presence Radio,EWTN. Had been AAA//95.3 WVVE, 95.3 WVVE-MN [AAA] uses "95-Wave FM" vs calls, 100.5 KXAC-MN Cl HITS. Magic 100.5 was Oldies 100.5, 1490 KBSR-MT SILent. LIC cancelled by FCC & 1450 KYLW-MT SILent. LIC cancelled by FCC,97.3 KOBMFM-NE ex:KBLR. Now OLD//1490 KOBM "Boomer." Drops C&W, 1410 KOOQ-NE +98.1 K251CP North Platte 250w Cl HITS. "70s 80s 90s-98-1 1410" was SPO:ESPN, 97.1 KELN-NE Top40. Mix97.1 was AC, 930 KOGA-NE OLD C&W. Was NOS, 950 WIXZ-OH ex:WDIG Goes OLDies"Wik-Z", 950 WCLB-WI Top40 "Z107" tossing SPO:FOX +107.3 W297CK Sheboygan 250w, 97.3 WRNW-WI SPO "97-3 the Game" was Top40 as "Radio Now", 1340 KSGT-WY SS"Juan FM" drops C&W, 580 CHAH AB Edmonton has until October 29, 2019 to get this new 10,000 watt (fulltime) commercial South Asian station on the air & 96.3 CKRA-AB SoftAC 96.3 the Breeze, was Cl HITS as Capital 96.3.
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1630 TFM:95Mhz TS:WI GA FM Heard:IA MO
NEWS: 399+ AMDX HOT TIPS were reported in November! This was the 64TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average. November had some big numbers for page views! 10000 page views in the month! 920 pages on the 20th, 905 pages on the 11th, a few others with 500/600+ pages! So, if you think nobody is checking out your tips, etc., these numbers prove differently! A few features, pages have been added in the last month. AZ ID NV NM, Southern states and Eastern States are tracked. Updated monthly, not daily. The DAILY tracking of East,South and West is up if you want to check that out!
Format/call flips: 690 CBU-BC 25000/25000 Was 50000/50000.Fire in 2017.Too costly to repair, 94.9 CKYL-AB River Country. ex:YL Country, 99.1 KEEZ-MN now AC. Drops "Z99" & HotAC for "Mix 99.1," 97.9 KLTQ-ND CP:98.1 [SPO:CBS] SILent, 1230 KMRS-MN OLD + 107.7 K299BX, 1450 KZZJ-ND C&W +92.1 K221GN, 950 WCLB-WI SPO:FOX +107.3 W297CK, 920 WGNU-MO ex:Granite City,IL, 96.7 WMJT-MI HotAC "96-7 Flash FM" tosses Adult HITS, 920 WMPL-MI [TLKd/SPO:CBS/n/SatSun] +107.3 W297CD, 92.1 WVTY-WI C&W V-T-Y Country.Was Adult HITS as "92-1 the Lake."
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1620 TFM:94Mhz TS:SD FL FM Heard:MI MN
NEWS: 399+ AMDX HOT TIPS were reported in October! This was the 63RD month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average. October had some big numbers for page views! 619 pages on the 23th, 543 pages on the 19th, 402 on the 2nd and 1119 pages on October 1st! So, if you think nobody is checking out your tips, etc., these numbers prove differently! TOP GY FREQUENCIES for October 2018: 1230:6 1240:11 1340:1 1400:4 1450:7 1490:11.
Format/call flips: 1490 WKRO-IL ALT +103.3 W277CH Paducah,KY 250w. "103.3 the Bridge" was UrbanAC, 1480 WJBM-IL OLD C&W, was TALK.+104.7 W284DN "Real Country 104.7 & 1480", 1270 WKBF-IL SILent, 1500 WPJX-IL ROCK/Metal +92.5 W223CN Zion 65w."Rebel Radio" had been SS, 1400 WBAT-IN Cl HITS. Was TALK, 100.1 WOUF-MI Cl ROCK "Q100.3" was AC. ex:WCUZ, 99.3 WQAN-MI Cl ROCK "Q100.3" was AC.ex:WOUF both recent sales. q100-fm.com/ 101.1 WGRY-MI SPO:CBS "Up North Sports" drops Y101 handle. upnorthsportsradio.com/ 92.3 WBNZ-MI SPO:CBS. "Up North Sports"was AC//WLDR 101-9 the Bay. SALE. 1590 WHLX-MI Top40//96.9 WBTI. WHLX had been Rock//105.5 W288BT St.Clair ADDS: 92.7 W224DT Port Huron wbti.com/, 1300 WQPM-MN reverts to OLD "the Big Q", 104.7 WZOS-WI ROCK//94.7 WZOR "Razor 94-7-104-7" ex:WBJZ, 94.5 WKTI-WI SPO:ESPN dropping C&W"KTI Country", 980 WPFP-WI AdultHITS +103.1 W276DJ Park Falls. "103-1 Jack FM" was TALK. 1170 WFDL-WI remains on VERY LOW POWER (100w). Tower knocked down Aug28. 910 CKDQ AB C&W "Real Country 910."
9-18: 188 AM, 35 FM tips! AM ABOVE AVERAGE:62ND MONTH IN A ROW.
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1610 TFM:93Mhz TS:OH AR FM Heard:UT NJ
NEWS: 170+ AMDX HOT TIPS were reported in September! This was the 62ND month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average. September had some big numbers for page views! 518 pages on the 24th, 633 pages pages on the 9th, 572 on the 2nd and 1019 pages on September 1st! So, if you think nobody is checking out your tips, etc., these numbers prove differently! TOP GY FREQUENCIES September 2017 thru August 2018: 1230:56 1240:52 1340:21 1400:19 1450:25 1490:42.
Format/call flips: 1430 KEZW-CO NOS. "EZ1430" was OLD as "Crusin' 1430," 95.9 WLKX-FM-MN //1300 WQPM Cl HITS"Killer Bee" was OLD as "the Big Q," 1520 WPAY-OH CCM:K Love Classics, was SS "Radio Nueva Vida," & 99.9 CJUK-ON Cl HITS as "the Bay." Had been HotAC as "Magic."
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1670 TFM:92Mhz TS:SD AL FM Heard:MS MT
NEWS: 61ST month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average!
Format/call flips: 1490 WMPX-MI Cl HITS. Was SoftAC/OLD"Sunny 97-7" //97.7 WMRX, 1310 WCCW-MI OLDies, 810 WZRK-WI "96-9 Z-Rock" was c&w//FM, 92.5 CKNG-AB Adult HITS. "Chuck FM" was HotAC as "FreshFM"
7-18: 46 AM, 327 FM tips, 6 TV tips! AM ABOVE AVERAGE:60TH MONTH IN A ROW. 6TH BEST JULY FM and 11TH BEST FM MONTH since 1981!
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1660 TFM:91Mhz TS:MT WV FM Heard:MT TX
NEWS: 60TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average! 20 new never before reported stations were added to the Can-AM FM section! If you were not dx'ing FM, you missed some good, wonderful openings for sure! TIP #63,000 was published in JULY!
Format/call flips: 1230 WFER-MI [Cl HITS] +97.9 W250CQ Iron River 250w, 970 KOAQ-MN REL:EWTN. Was OLD C&W, 106.5 KFMC-MN Cl HITS as "Lakes 106-5" was Cl ROCK, 1450 KYLS-MO +94.3 K232FS Fredericktown HotAC. "K-Hits 94.3" was OLD C&W, 94.7 KCNB-NE Top40,"B94.7 All the Hits" was AC & 960 CKNT-ON NewsTALK is NOW ON!
6-18: 32 AM, 647 FM tips, 1 TV tip! AM ABOVE AVERAGE:59TH MONTH IN A ROW. BEST JUNE FM!
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1650 TFM:90Mhz TS:MT WV FM Heard:AZ UT
NEWS: BEST JUNE EVER FOR FM HOT TIPS, 59TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average and this JUNE beat all JUNE'S back to 2003!
Format/call flips: 920 KLMR-CO TALK, dropping OLD C&W, 640 WMFN-IL ETH:POLish/Euro, tossing SS, 104.7 WBJZ-WI ROCK//94.7 WZOR, "Razor 94-7-104-7" 610 CKYL-AB SILent. FM 94.9 is on.
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1640 TFM:89Mhz TS:MO The West FM Heard:UT
NEWS: 2ND BEST MONTH for MAY HOT TIPS, 58TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average and this May beat all MAY'S back to 2002! FM was a pathetic no show.
Format/call flips: 690 KRGS CO SILent, 1590 WAIK IL OLDies 1590 has dropped NewsTalk, 1500 WAKE IN SILent, 99.7 WIMI MI Cl ROCK, was ADULT HITS. Remains "99-7 the Storm," 106.3 WGMV MI ex:WMXG, 106.7 KZJZ MN Babbitt AAA. Had been SILent, 95.3 WVVE MN Grand Marias AAA. Had been SILent, 104.7 WBJZ WI STUNTING w/ROCK, tossing Top40 & 105.1 WSBW WI OLD C&W, dropping AC "105.1 More-FM."
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1740 TFM:88Mhz TS:MN UT FM Heard:WV
NEWS: 3RD BEST MONTH for APRIL HOT TIPS, 57TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average and this April beat all MARCH's back to 2005!
Format/call flips: 1410 CFTE-BC 2b:BNN/Bloomberg, dumping SPOrts, 105.1 CJED-ON AC. The River was Top40 as 2 Day FM, 94.9 CKYL-AB C&W 100000w. 610AM will go silent, 94.5 KBAD-SD [SILent] SOLD. 2b:REL:Cath-non commercial, 93.9 KDMAFM-MN ex:KKRC. Now C&W //1460 KDMA. Was Cl HITS. "1460 & now 93-9 KDMA", 96.1 KYYZ-ND remains C&W. Dakota Country Z96.1, was Country Thunder Z96, 1340 WAGN-MI NewsTALK +100.1 W261DM Menominee 250w ON! 1530 WCKG-IL SPORTS +102.3 W272DQ Chicago 99w had been TALK, 1170 WLBH-IL & 96.9 WLBHFM-IL DEleted, 1250 WJMK-MI OLD"Me" 24h ON AIR. WAS SILent. ex:WHHQ.
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1740 TFM:88Mhz TS:MI TX FM Heard:VA
NEWS: 3RD BEST MONTH for MARCH HOT TIPS, 56TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average and this March beat all MARCH's back to 2005!
Format/call flips: 610 CKYL-AB C&W MOVES to FM 94.9, 1560 KKAA-SD BACK ON//890 KQLX FARMd/OLD C&W n/Sat/Sun, was SILent, 1400 KKTL-WY OLD C&W. "AM1400 the Cowboy" was SPO:ESPN, 1380 KQKD-SD Cl HITS(Tom Kent "24/7 Fun") was SILent, 97.9 WCKL-IL CCM:K-Love ex:WLUP. Was ClROCK. Stn sold, 1250 WHHQ-MI REL. Upon sale,2B:WJMK,2b:OLD"MeTV-FM" APPLIES for translator on 98.5, 1520 WPAY-OH SS as of 3-9. "Radio Nueva Vida," 1580 WTTN-WI TALK//1510 WRRD, was SPO:ESPN Deportes, & 1290 WZTI-WI +100.3 W262CJ & 107.3 W297BY +93.3 WLDB-HD2 OLD "Fonz FM" was OLD"True" -- fonzfm.com/
2-18: 454 AM, 41 FM tips! AM ABOVE AVERAGE:55TH MONTH IN A ROW
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1730 TFM:107Mhz TS:KS TN FM Heard:AZ
NEWS: 4TH BEST MONTH for FEBRUARY HOT TIPS, 55TH month in a row where the average of AMDX tips was above average and this FEB beat all FEBRUARY's back to 2005! FMDX for FEBRUARY was above average. A DX-midAMerica Guestbook was added. The entire Nova Scotia FM has been updated.
Format/call flips: 690 CBU*BC GRANTED POWER DECREASE 25000/25000, 1600 KDAK-ND Cl HITS, was C&W, 1340 KHUB-NE +98.9 K255DF now C&W. "The Big Dog" drops Cl HITS, 96.1 KINI-NE Top40, dropping VAR/C&W/REL/NATive/AC. Recent sale. 98.3 KXGT-ND OLD C&W as "Thunder 106-1 & 98-3." Was AdultSHUFFLE as TedFM, 1650 WHKT-VA now URB Gospel as "Praise" tossing TALK"the Answer" //1270 WTJZ Newport News, 1240 WWCO+CT ETH, dropping TALK 2-26 from '64-'78 printed Top 12+40!
1-18: 454 AM, 41 FM tips! AM ABOVE AVERAGE:54TH MONTH IN A ROW
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1720 TFM:106Mhz TS:IA SoWEST FM Heard:KS
NEWS: JAN 2018 was the 2ND BEST JAN going back to the humble beginning of this effort in 1981. Both, the DX-midAMerica.com & DX-midAMer1ca.com domain names have been renewed for another 5 years. Add to that, another year of zero ads, no pop-ups. JANUARY was nice too, for a little FMDX! 41 FMDX TIPS were reported. ABOVE AVERAGE! 61,000 HOT TIPS have been posted on this effort through December 31,2017! Several pages were yanked from the site. Nobody will miss them. A check showed very few page views, thus the following were yanked: 1)The Political Unit page (logs from each province, state,) 2) the Conditions of Frequency pages (how many logs on each frequency) 3) the CST and 4) EST pages and 5) the Instant DX pages.
Format/call flips: 1320 WDMJ-MI NOW Hugh Hewitt replacing Gruber, ADDS Todd Starnes & Dave Ramsey (replacing Limbaugh, Hannity,) 1560 KKAA-SD NOTED TESTING//890 KQLX AM/FM, KXGT. 95.7 KKOK-MN now "the New 95-7" tossing "Country 95.7" moniker & 94.5 WRJO-WI CL HITS, drops"WRJ-Oldies" for "94-5 WRJO."
12-17: 302 AM, 0 FM tips! AM ABOVE AVERAGE:53RD MONTH IN A ROW
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1710 TFM:104Mhz TS:WI NY FM Heard:KS
NEWS: Dec'17 was the 7th best AMDX December for AM Hot Tips! Best was 601 reports in 2001. On a few days, for whatever reason, 500+ hits on the DX-midAMerica.com site. Yikes! Listing of scores of stations that have never, ever been reported to DX-midAMerica in 35+ year history! Too, lists of DX-midAMerica reporters for the past year.
Format/call flips: 98.1 CFCW-AB C&W "New Country 98.1" was Cl HITS as "Cam-FM," 810 CKJS-MB to leave AM, moving to 92.7w/35000w ERP, 1340 KDLM-MN ClHITS +93.1 K226CA. Was AdCon, 93.5 KIPI-SD Eagle Butte. 2b:100000w/666' CP calls Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, 97.1 KMYQ-IA North English LICense cancelled. Deleted, 1410 KQV-PA SILent, 94.1 KTRFFM-MN AdultHITS."The Falls-94-1," 106.7 WKRU-WI ClROCK, was ALT"Cruise" & 1380 WPHM-MI //1590 WHLX-MI.
11-17: 299 AM, 0 FM tips! AM ABOVE AVERAGE:52ND MONTH IN A ROW
Target Freqs:5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1700 TFM:103Mhz TS:WY NC FM Heard:OK
NEWS: Nov'17 was the 10th best AMDX November for Hot Tips! Best November was 481 reports in 2002. Worst: 64 from 1987. On the 7th, for whatever reason, 500+ hits on the DX-midAMerica.com site. Thank you! Made another trip through Canada recently. Always taking notes and checking out the dials and making changes or subtle changes to this effort. Too, the absolute warmth, genuine (not faked) kindnesses felt were, beyond belief! Will be going there for some time to come! November,2017 saw the most Pan-AM activity reported since January 2015! Over 30 new Can-AM logs were added to the Can-AM page. The Superior East page was added. It's in a very raw stage. Don't expect it to change much, really. DX-midAMerica had another anniversary on November 10th. DX was always the focus, passing along dx minus any editorial comments, since 1981!
Format/call flips: 980 CFPL-ON now "Global News Radio" replacing long used "AM980" slogan, 1150 KIMM-SD SPO:FOX +106.7 K294BT. Was TALK, 1250 KZOI-NE SS"LaFiesta" Was Sunny Radio/80s Hits. Flipped:11-7, 1360 WKYO-MI OLD C&W, drops "OLDies 1360," 1510 WQQW-IL "Classic Hits 1510" was NOS, 95.3 WXXZ-MN Silent. Sold. Was//94.9 KQDS-MN.
Target Freqs:5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1700 TFM:103Mhz TS:WI NY FM Heard:AZ
NEWS: Oct'17 was the 5th best AMDX October for Hot Tips!. After October 6th, a huge uptick in pages viewed per day. Days with 300, 400 were common. Must have a lot of interest in this dying medium of radio, I guess. The time zone used in AMDX Hot Tips has been discussed several times, but it was pointed out that "midAMerica" is basically in the CENTRAL TIME ZONE. So that is that, yet if it is ever brought to the attention that EASTERN should be used and that is the consensus of most reporters, that is what would be done. The following pages will be changed/flipped/wiped for either the time change or for the monthly calendar change. Here is that list: the political unit page dx depth chart, Central/Mountain DX Entries, Eastern DX Entries, DX splatter and Latest longform DX reports. Of course, the new HOT TIPS page will be up and running. There will be a dotted line to differentiate between daylight and standard time, towards the bottom of that page.
Format/call flips: 94.3 KDAM-NE HotAC. "The Current-94-3" was ROCK as "the Dam." 1530 KQSP-MN on w/EE TALK, was SILent, 104.9 KSALFM-KS AdultHITS. "FM 104.9" was Cl HITS, 1380 KXFN-MO TALK +105.3 K287BY, 730 KWOA-MN SPO:Fan +100.3 K262AR Was: NewsTalkd/NOS:MYLn, 780 WBBM-IL APP:35000d/40000n NOW:50000/50000, 1380 WBEL-IL 90sOLDies +92.3 W222AU +98.9 W255CZ, "The Beat 92-3 & 98-9" was OLDies as "the Big 1380," 1340 WCHB-MI REL ex:WEXL +96.7 W244DL, 640 WMFN-IL reported TESTING w/OC, 1200 WMUZ-MI SILent ex:WCHB, 1260 WSDZ-IL GOS +95.1 K236CS. Had been TALK & 1230 WTCJ-IN Urban "the Vibe" +93.3 W22CO.
Target Freqs:5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1690 TFM:102Mhz TS:OH MS FM Heard:ND
NEWS: A few new pages have been added in the last few months. The Political Unit Page is updated monthly, and you can see, at a glace, where the AMDX is coming from. Also the Pea-Shooters page has been added. rebroadcasters, repeaters, LPFMs are listed here and they are a rather recent bonus or hindrance in the DX community. Local Channel Tally:(freq/# of reports) 9'16-8'17 shows the tracking of GYDX from September 2016 thru August 2017. 1230:40 1240:59 1340:20 1400:21 1450:30 1490:22 logs. That info, going back to 2001, is listed here. Lotta neat stuff!
Format/call flips: 650 CISL-BC SPO:SportsNet 650, was OLDies, 94.5 KBAD-SD SILent. Stn for sale, 92.3 KKGQ-KS C&W. "Kansas Country 92.3" dropping HotAC, 1570 KLEX-MO SILent, 101.9 KRWK-ND AdultHITS. "101-9 JackFM" tosses AC as"Mix 101-9," 1130 WAMB-IN NOS. Tossed SPO:ESPN, 92.9 WGTZ-OH AdultHITS. "JackFM" was Soft Rock, 1530 WLAK-WI OLD"True"//1590-WGBW. Was SILent. 910 WPFB-OH REL:EWTN //740 WNOP-KY, 103.1 WPNAFM-IL POLish/EURO Hits. Was SS R Vida. EX:WVIX, 1540 WPTT-WI AdultHITS. Was OLDies. EX:WTKM. "Party 92-9FM." 102.7 WZZT-IL C&W. "Big Country" drops Cl ROCK, 740 WRPQ-WI AdultHITS, was AC & 1290 WYLY-OH OLD C&W ex:WLEJ.
8-17: 133 AM, 21 FM tips! AM ABOVE AVERAGE:49TH MONTH IN A ROW!
Target Freqs:5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1680 TFM:101Mhz TS:ND MA/PA FM Heard:SD
NEWS: Quite a few flipped from FM to AM, even getting NEW logs in August! And check this out. We would have to go back 14 years to see the numbers seen this month for AMDX! Too, this August, of 2017, is, check it out, the FOURTH BEST August on record. That is not bad! #1)194 2)185 3)144 4)131! On August 3rd, the site was updated 5 times, as there was FMDX and AMDX reported. A new page was added. Lake Superior/Upper Peninsula shows a ton of info on tourism, radio, businesses, city websites, county fairs and just regular people living and life it self!
Format/call flips: 107.1 CJCS-ON Cl HITS. "107-1 Juice FM, Stratford Greatest Hits." Was OLDies. EX:1240 AM, 1210 KHAT-WY C&W. "New Country 96.7" Was OLD C&W as "Buckin'92," 1000 KSOO-SD TALK& "Information 1000" ex:KXRB, 89.1 KSPP-WI REL:Catholic, as of 7-21, was SILent, 99.1 KWYW-WY AC "The Heat" 90s/2K,Today. Drops SPO:ESPN, 1140 KXRB-SD OLD C&W ex:KSOO, 100.1 KXRBFM-SD OLD C&W//1140 KXRB. Was AC ex:KDEZ, 1130 WAMB-IN ex:WFNF, 1380 WBEL-IL OLD, was TALKd/OLDn, 1200 WCHB-MI SILent as of 8-3. Crawford takes over, upgrading, 104.9 WCWB-WI OLD C&W ex:WKQH, 1310 WGH-VA OLDies, was UrbanAC, 1340 WMTE-MI License surrendered. SILent since 2010, 1510 WQQW-IL NOS. “Timeless Classics” Was SS "Que Beuna," 1700 WRCR-NY SILent. Deletes ETH"R.India"programming upon return and 97.7 WTGV-MI Sandusky Cl HITS. Was SoftAC.
Target Freqs:5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1660 TFM:99Mhz TS:ND Ma/PA FM Heard:NY
NEWS: Not only AM, but FMDX too, was ABOVE AVERAGE, for another month! So, May, June and July have been above average for FMDX, despite the complaining you see in so many places, Patience! Thank YOU all so much for your reporting year after year, decade after decade!
The DX-midAMerica.com reporter maps are updated every time there is a new reporter. The FMDX reporter map is for all reporters from 2017. The AMDX reporters map goes from deason to season, or September 2016 thru August, 2017. A new map will be started then. Thanx so much to the reporters who make this effort possible! It is updated daily and has been so since September 3, 1997! DX-midAMerica was in print (newsletter) form, founded in 1981.
Again, this month, there was a day with FIVE REPORTS. July 31st was the day. Lotta DX!
The DX on the DX-midAMerica.com website basically goes back to 2014. The site has been up since 1997 and to be honest, there have been pages wiped out, things/pages or parts of pages are, and have been lost in cyberspace, etc. Days where the provider has been down and slight and major changes in HTML coding, and really, there's only so much space. Angelfire gets knocked down about 3-4 times a year: hackers usually. Things happen and really, nothing is ever guaranteed. On this end, the UP MICHIGAN page was mostly wiped out, the "miscellaneous" page was mostly obliterated also. There's no guarantee that things/copies/etc cannot be wiped out. Noting is really guaranteed. That, too, is in the regulations of the provider. From this end, one can go years with nothing happening, then things can/might happen. Cars break, so does plumbing as do websites/pages. Still, after all this time, this effort is still truckin'!
Format/call flips: 1580 WDQN-IL C&W, was SILent, 107.1 WZVN-IN Adult HITS, tossing HotAC, 1500 WAKE-IN Adult HITS//107.1 WZVN, dropping OLD, 1240 WIAN-MI SILent, X-mitter parts, on soon, 96.7 WUPG-MIOLD C&W. Had been SILent, 1270 WWWI-MN SPO:NBC. Was TALK "Talk 100"//100.1 KLKS, 1490 KJOQ-MN SPO:NBC ex:KQDS, 96.7 KZRV-MN Cl HITS "96-7 the River" dropping Mod ROCK as "Rev," 1500 WASN-OH deleted, 93.7 KWYR-SD Cl ROCK, was AC remains: Magic93, 100.9 KSJW-SD deleted, 1070 WFLI-TN TALK, had been SILent & 96.7 WJJH-WI Cl ROCK, was ROCK.
Target Freqs:5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1650 TFM:98Mhz TS:NE LA FM Heard:KY
NEWS: Very, very proud of the fact there are days with 500+ views. Best of the month: Page Views & Traffic Reports for 6/27. Views: 553. June FMDX Eskip hit midAMerica and DX-midAMerica has the reports to prove it! June 25th! 55 reports were noted and a sincere thank you is in order for those who reported from AZ, IL & MI.
Format/call flips: 1660 WBCN-NC Cl ROCK. Had been TALK, 1400 WCCY-MI +99.3 W257CZ Houghton. HotAC&WW1, dropping NOS&. "99-3 the Lift," 1100 WISS-WI +98.3 [ex:98.7] W254CS Oshkosh, 1290 WLEJ-OH OLD C&W +100.1 W261DH tossed SPO:ESPN, 93.5 WKMJ-MI AC&, was HotAC&, 920 WMNI-OH SoftAC. Has dropped NOS, 106.9 WPAK-WI AdultHITS NOW ON, 99.9 KWKR-KS SPO:ESPN. "ESPN 99.9" was SILent and 104.3 KZIO-MN Adult Alternative. "The Current."
5-17: 53 AM, 93 FM tips! AM ABOVE AVERAGE:46TH MONTH IN A ROW!
Target Freqs:5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1640 TFM:98Mhz TS:MO GA FM Heard:GA
NEWS: Very, very proud of the fact there are days with 500+ views. Best of the month: Page Views & Traffic Reports for 5/6: 621! May 2017: above average for the number of FMDX reports. MAY AV:68.45 2017:93 16:28 15:81 14:150. May FMDX Eskip hit midAMerica for sure on May 25th! 64 reports were noted!For the summer, in lieu of FMDX, quite a few AMDX'ers will go the graveyarders to get a new catch. The record chart on the sitehas been updated every Wednesday, has been slapped up weekly since May 30, 1969! Not bad.
Format/call flips: 107.5 CIWM-FM-MB ex 91.5, 91.5 CKLQ-FM-MB NOW ON! C&W // on 880 CKLQ. "Q Country 91 5," 690 KOAQ-NE is OLD C&W "Country Legends 690." Tossing SS, 1490 KXLQ-IA Indianola now SS. was SPO:ESPN, 104.3 KZIO-MN SILent, ownership change, 92.9 WLMI-MI Top40. "I 92-9" was Cl HITS and 104.1 WXVM-WI REL//102.7 WRVM. Had been SILent. EX:WMZK.
Target Freqs:5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1630 TFM:97Mhz TS:MT KY FM Heard:AL
NEWS: Very, very proud of the fact there are days with 500+ views. Best of the month: Page Views & Traffic Reports for 4/23: 566 was the April high. Looking at a few past May FMDX years: 2016)May 28, 2015) May 5, May 2014) May 6.May we all have good dx! April,2017 was the 3RD best March for reporting AMDX since the humble beginnings in 1981!
Format/call flips: 810 CKJS-MB Winnipeg APPLIES for 92.7. AM would go SILent, 1350 WCMP-MN +106.5 W264CX. Was NOS, 106.3 WMXG-MI OLD C&W "Maverick 106." Dropped NewsTALK//600 WCHT, 96.7 WUPG-MI OLD C&W drops "Yooper Country" for "Maverick 96.7."
NEWS: On March 29th, there were 4 updates, with 67 HOT TIPS sent in! 67! Had there been five, every reporter that day would get a DX-midAMerica t-shirt. This (4 updates in one day) happened too, in January and February. Still hoping, hi! Anyhoo, if five reports ever come through in one day, every reporter will get a DX-midAMerica t-shirt, or if 100 HOT TIPS come in one one day, a T shirt goes to those reporters. March,2017 was the 4th best March for reporting AMDX since the humble beginnings in 1981! #1)405 AMDX reports 2005, #2)401 2001 #3) 260 2002 #4) 227. Very, very proud of the fact that three days had over 600+ views. Yikes. DX-midAMerica discussion page now shows the date of each entry. This way, one might not look at the entries and think they were fresh from earlier in the day.
Target Freqs:5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1620 TFM:95Mhz TS:MO GA FM Heard:MO
Format/call flips: 1150 WEAQ-WI +95.9 W240DC Chippewa Falls RhyTop40. "95.9 Jamz" was OLDies, 1070 WFLI-TN SILent as of 3-31, 95.5 WGFE-MI //105.1 WGFM Cheboygan. ex:WQEZ. Drops AC//106.3 WOEZ. Flipped 3-17, 1520 WPAY-OH ex:WNWT.
NEWS: On February 8th, there were 4 updates, with 57 HOT TIPS sent in! 57! Had there been five, every reporter that day would get a DX-midAMerica t-shirt. Always hoping, hi! Very, very proud of the fact that five days had over 400 page views, and two with 600+. Yikes. On February 27th: 702. on February 23rd: 633. As of February 1st, 58,000 HOT TIPS have been published.
Target Freqs:5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1610 TFM:94Mhz TS:MN FL FM Heard:FL
Format/call flips: 100.5 CFJL-MB Cl HITS:90s based "Hot 100.5"-Had been SoftAC as "Jewel 100.5," 1460 KKAQ-MN OLD C&W, tossing Cl ROCK, 1600 WARU-IN OLDies. Had been SoftAC//101.9, 96.1 WDKE-MN ex:KGPZ, 1570 WFRL-IL OLD C&W, had been OLDies, 1280 WFYC-MI now SPO:FOX, tossing C&W, 106.3 WMXG-MI //600 WCHT. Was SILent. 99.1 WMYX-HD2-WI Radio DISney, dropping Blues as "the Delta." 1510 WRRD-WI TALK, had been SS:ESPN Deportes nd 107.3 WUPF-MI Cl ROCK was Cl HITS,
NEWS:A few days in the past month, updates to the DX TIPS section have been done at least 2 times per day, and there was one day where those tips were updated 4 times: January 21st. The Cayman Islands page was added with monthly updates, on the 18th. Proud to say that it's more accurate than some of the things I see on the net. It's a nice place to dx, and has some nice, well formatted radio stations. Too, the Retro 1-2-3 page will look at one month, two dx'ers and three nice catches from those people. Chris Kadlec-MI released his Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide project with a 3-hour narrated bandscan and 115-page guide, audio transcript, and map earlier this month. There is also a link to this at the DX-midAMerica.com Search & Help page. 3 days in January, 400+ views to DX-midAMerica! There have been more. There have been less, but it is nice to see the site has folks who check it out.
Target Freqs:5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1600 TFM:93Mhz TS:MI AR
Format/call flips: 580 ---- Edmonton,AB 10000/10000 NEW STN 2b:CHBA, 2b:ETH So.Asian, 1020 KJJK Fergus Falls,MN +97.7 K249EZ Fergus Falls -250w Top40 "Channel 9-7-7" as of 12-26. Was SPO:FOX, 1490 KTTR Rolla,MO 1000/1000 HotAC "Power 104-9" +104.9 K285GX Rolla, was NewsTalk. THE NewsTALK format moves to "News Radio 99-7 KTTR" KTTR-FM St. James, 730 WJMT Merrill, WI OLDies "BlueJay 730," was OLD C&W, 640 WMFN Zeeland,MI SILent. CP:Peotone,IL NEW TOWER near Peotone,IL, 104.1 WMZK Merrill, WI SILent. 106.9 WPAK Tigerton, CP CALLS. NOT on the air. ex:WAUT and 600 WSOM Salem,OH OLD C&W, drops NOS.
NEWS:Looked at stats for AM/FM DX in 2016. Best AM: November, Best FM: July. For AM, 10 months had NEW loggings for the reporters. 118 FM stations were reported as NEW in 2016! 206 AM stations were reported as NEW! 4 TV DX logs were reported as NEW in these pages. Logs were sent in from the following areas in 2016: AZ IL IN IA MB MI MN NE NC ON SC WI. Many new pages have been added in 2016. A few might be the listings by state of FM logs, Religious station listings, Lake Huron Circle page, 87.7 listing, Cayman Islands Radio, Central and Eastern logging lists, Trans-Pacific logging section, the DX Roundtable/Spatter/Discussion page, Webcam of the Week, the various Highway drives shown, FM listings added to the following HOT LISTS: Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas and Nebraska. The original HOT LIST was Wisconsin, first done in 1985. HOT TIP #47,000 was published.
Target Freqs:5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1690 TFM:93Mhz TS:KS AL
Format/call flips: 1230 KLWT-MO license cancelled at stn's request & 102.5 KDKE-WI OLD C&W "Duke FM" ex:KDWZ.

NEWS: Added CST and EST pages, 300+ HOT TIPS. WoW! Happy Birthday to us! DX-midAMerica on November 15th began year #36 of this effort. What began as an 8 1/2" X 11" sheet in 1981, grew to a 12-18 page bulletin in May,1983. On September 4,1996, DX-midAMerica went on the internet. Later, the .com was added. The site has been updated daily since that day in 1996!
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1680 TFM:92Mhz TS:IA WV
Format/call flips: 940 CFNV-QC noted testing Oct 26. CP extension to Nov 21, 980 WTOB-NC ex:WEGO, 1010 WPCN-WI OLD"True" +92.1 W221CN tosses TALK, 1530 KQSP-MN SILent, 1700 WRCR-NY ETH:R.India, was AC,TALK. WRCR programming (AC) moves to net, 92.1 WXXM-WI Cl HITS "Rewind 92.1" tosses TALK, 95.9 WWWI-MN OLD C&W -dropping Cl ROCK, 100.1 KLKS-MN TALK "Talk 100" adds//1270 WWWI and 106.3 WWMN-MI Thompsonville NEW STN ON! AAA.

NEWS: TIP #56,000 published! GYDX totals for September 2015 thru August, 2016! 1230:52 reports, 1240:50 1340:33 1400:27 1450:37 1490:45.1400:27. Route 66 page added Texas graveyard listings. The SS/ETH page too, has added North East and Sun Coast graveyard logs.
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1670 TFM:91Mhz TS:IN TheWest
Format/call flips: 810 KLVZ-CO NOS was SILent, 1260 WXCE-WI OLDies 1260, was SPO:NBC, 99.9 WQLQ-MI Top40 tossing C&W ex:WHFBFM, 105.7 WXCX-WI OLD C&W, dropping SPO:NBC, 106.7 WSRT-MI SPO:ESPN 2b:REL, upon sale & 107.1 WCKC-MI Cl HITS "the Drive" drops WCHY Cheboygan WGFN Glen Arbor//. Sold.

9-16: 199 AM, 82 FM tips! AM ABOVE AVERAGE:38TH MONTH IN A ROW!
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1660 TFM:90Mhz TS:IL VA
Format/call flips: 600 WSOM-OH NOS dropping REL, 104.9 KQLS-IA Cl HITS, kicks C&W, 107.5 KXZS-SD Wall -delete.

8-16: 72 AM, 88 FM tips! AM ABOVE AVERAGE:37TH MONTH IN A ROW!
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1650 TFM:89Mhz TS:WY TX
Format/call flips: 1340 KLYW-MT Hip Hop/R&B +97.9 K258BW Evergreen "the Heat" ex:KQJZ. Was NOS, 1380 WBEL-IL TALKd/OLDn-weekends, was TALK/ESPNn TheBigAM1380.com, 1400 KART-ID +94.7 K234CT Twin Falls OLD C&W "94.7 Buck FM & 1400 AM," http://947buckfm.com/ was SPO:CBS, 1410 CKSL-ON SILent, License deleted, 1420 WINI-IL OLD (WW1:GTO) + 93.5 W228DC Carbondale "Cool 93-5," 1490 WGEZ-WI OLD C&W +101.9 W270CW Beloit. Was OLDies, 95.7 KQLZ-ND C&W //93.9 Belfield,ND "I-94" "Drivin' Country" www.kxdiradio.com, 97.5 CJKR-MB ROCK, drops Cl ROCK, 103.9 WBZX-MI Big Rapids NOW ON, and 107.5 WYLJ-IN Terre Haute cp calls. 2b REL. 7th Day Adventists.

7-16: 54 AM, 232 FM tips! AM ABOVE AVERAGE:36TH MONTH IN A ROW!
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1640 TFM:88Mhz TS:WI TN
Format/call flips:820 WSWI-IN 250/-- ALT "95-7 the Edge"+95.7 W239CI, 1310 KOKX-IA C&W, tossing NOS, 1330 WNTA-IL SPO:Fox, tossing SS:LaMovida, 1400 WBIZ-WI HITS +98.7/W254CN Eau Claire, dropping SPO:Fox, 1460 KKOY-KS News-Talk-Sports, tossing SPO, 1680 KRJO-LA HotAC +99.7 K259CU Monroe 997myfm.com/, 88.1 KCWC-WY Top40, dropping Jazz RustlerRadio.com, 105.1 WMGC-MI OLD Hip Hop "105-1 the Bounce" tosses SPO,

6-16: 27 AM, 120 FM tips! AM ABOVE AVERAGE:35TH MONTH IN A ROW!
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1730 TFM:107Mhz TS:WI TN
Format/call flips: 1280 WFYC-MI C&W, tossing SPO:NBC, 1300 KOLY-SD SoftAC tosses NOS, 1340 KXPO-ND +94.7 K234BO Grafton, 98.3 WWHP-IL Cl ROCK, tossing TALK, 100.5 WDTX-WI SPO:ESPN, was SPO:NBC.

5-16: 64 AM, 25 FM tips! AM ABOVE AVERAGE:34TH MONTH IN A ROW!
Target Freqs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1620 TFM:106Mhz TS:SD SoWest
Format/call flips: 790 WHTH-OH C&W +107.7 W299CG Newark,OH "Buckeye Country" tosses TALK, 910 WPFB-OH REL:EWTN, tossing AdultALT//WNKU, 980 WEGO-NC +96.3 W242CC Bethania "Big 980", 1100 WISS-WI Cl HITS// 102.3 WAUH-WI +98.7 W247AZ-WI, 1160 KMRV-IA Waukon AC "99-1 the River" +99.1 K256CS-IA, dropping SPO:FOX, 1240 KDLR-ND OLD C&W +99.7 K260CM, 1340 WJYI-WI +98.7 W236BR now REL:Teaching, dropping CCM. MONO, 95.3 KOKX-IA CCM "K-Love" was OLD & 95.3 KKWZ-ND 2b:AC "next week" per call to stn.

Fs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1710 TFM:105Mhz TS:OH SC
Format/call flips: 810 KLVZ-CO SILent, 950 KKSE-CO, 1240 KFBC-WY SPO:CBS, was NewsTALK, 1280 WGLR-WI LICense deleted, 1310 WDTW-MI SS, 1350 WCMP-MN Pine City reverts to NOS, tossing SPO:Red Zone, 1410 KDKT+ND SPO:Fox+97.9 KLTQ-ND kdktsports.com/, 1420 KOTK-NE TALK "94.5/1420 the Answer" tossing SS, 1490 WKRO-IL UrbAC +103.3 W277CH, 1600 WRPN-WI SoftAC/TALK:D.Ramsey, was Cl HITS & 97.7 WQDC-WI Cl HITS "Rewind 97.7" tossing C&W,

3-16: 119 AM, 17 FM tips! AM and FM was ABOVE AVERAGE REPORTS!
Fs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1700 TFM:104Mhz TS:MT, NY
Format/call flips: 96.5 CKUL-NS HotAC "Mix 96.5," was AAA, 95.3 CKWD-AB C&W "Wild 95.3," tosses AAA. ex:CHPK, 1370 KAWL-NE +103.5 K282BE York Cl HITS, 97.5 KNXR-MN ClHITS, dropping HotAC, 1580 WDAB-SC ClHITS, dropping SS, 1620 WDND-IN NOS, was Top40//92.9FM, 1450 WLYV-IN "14-5-Oh WLYV" OLD, was TALK and 1470 WTOD-OH ex:WLQR.

2-16: 224 AM, 5 FM tips! AM was ABOVE AVERAGE!
Fs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1790 TFM:103Mhz TS:MO, NorthEast
Format/call flips: 910 WFDF-MI UrbTALK dropping most GOS, 990 WJEH-OH SoGOS, dropping Cl ROCK, 1160 KMRV-IA SPO:FOX ex:KFXE, 1230 WFAS-NY SPO:CBS, was NewsTALK, 93.3 WLDB-WI AC "B93.3", was HOT AC, 94.3 CHIQ-MB Cl HITS "94 3 the Drive" flipped 2/5, was OLD, 95.3 KZGO-MN Top40/Rhy "Go 95.3" ex:KNFO and 95.9 WKSZ-WI Top40 +92.9 WKZY-WI "92 & 95.9 Kiss FM."

1-16: 224 AM, 5 FM tips! AM was ABOVE AVERAGE! TIP #55,000 PUBLISHED!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1780 TFM:102Mhz TS:MN, MS
Format/call flips: 1400 KBJM-SD C&Wd adds Cl HITSn, was C&W, 1570 KDIZ-MN ex:KYCR, 1190 KKOJ-MN +97.7 K249EO Cl HITS, dropping C&W, 1490 KNDC-ND C&Wd/ACn+weekends was ClROCKn Weekends, 95.3 KNOF-MN Top40/Rhy "Go 95.3", was REL, 1440 KYCR-MN Biz News ex:KDIZ, 1430 KZEW-CO OLD, drops NOS, 93.7 WBGR-WI OLD ex:WEKZFM, 92.3 WFWI-IN Cl HITS, was NewsTALK//WOWO, 1230 WGRY-MI 2b:WMQU This will take effect Mar 1. MQU="Mary Queen of the Universe" 2b:REL:Cath. Sports:101.1FM, 960 WHAK-MI TALK"Patriot"//94.5 WYPV, was OLD//99.9 WHAKFM, 96.3 WNOM-MI Ludington CP ex:97.7, 96.1 WTCX-WI "95 & 96-1 the Rock" ROCK adds:95.1 W236AG Fond Du Lac and 1230 WXCO-WI OLD,was SPO:ESPN

TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1740 TFM:101Mhz TS:MO, NoEast
Format/call flips: 930 CJYQ-NL C&W Kixx 930, 980 WEGO*NC OLD "The Big 980", 1250 WSPL-IL NOS dropping TALK, 1260 WSDZ-IL TALK, was DISney, 1300 WRDZ-IL ETH Polish, 1440 KDIZ-MN BIZ NEWS, was DISney, 92.1 KORNFM-SD C&W "92.1 Korn Country" ON THE AIR ex:105.1 KZKK Huron & 93.7 KOYY-ND [Top40] ex:WDAYFM.

11-15: 259 AM, 59 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1730 TFM:100Mhz TS:MN, MI
Format/call flips: 1450 KBUN-MN SPO:ESPN, dropping SPO:"Fan", 104.5 KBUNFM-MN SPO:"Fan", was Cl HITS ex:WQXJ, 1080 KVNI-ID AC dropping SPO:ESPN, 1470 WCFJ-IL SILent to surender license, 1590 WIXK-WI REVERTS to OLD C&W, was ETH:Hmong, 95.9 WLKX-MN OLD "The Big Q"//1300 WQPM, was SS "LaZeta", 92.1 WLTU-WI C&W "Hot Country 92-1" was Cl HITS, 1300 WRDZ-IL SILent, 1500 WSMX-NC OLD "WTOB1380.com" and 1490 WTIQ-MI OLD C&W "1490 the Maverick" drops Cl HITS.

10-15: 255 AM, 22 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1750 TFM:99Mhz TS:MI, MA-PA
Format/call flips: 820 WBKK-MN REL:EWTN, was NewsTALK/OLDies, 560 WEBC-MN +106.5 W293CT-MN Cl ROCK Sasquatch 106.5, was SPO:ESPN, 1530 WLAK-WI 2b//WGBW. Still SILent. ex:WLWB, 94.3 WYDR-WI AdultHITS Jack FM, was Cl HITS, 1700 KBGG-IA TALKd, SPO:CBS n/Sat Sun RedEyeRadio overnights, was SPO:CBS, 107.5 KBGY-MN C&W//106.1 KLCI Bob FM, was SS, 95.3 KGSL-MN ex:KAGEFM & 101.1 KRIV-MN Cl HITS 101.1 the River, was AC ex:KHME
9-15: 165 AM, 47 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1740 TFM:98Mhz TS:KS,LA
NEWS: Tip #53,000 was posted recently. Thank you all so much! Top GYDX in past 12 months:1230/49 logs, 1490/47, 1240/43, 1450/37, 1340/27 and 1400/27 logs reported. 6154saw your dx reports, etc. in past month! 27th month above average for AMDX tips, again! Over 25 stations have been added to the streamers page, 10 new Web Cameras were added on the home page. High School Football has begun!
Format/call flips: 1080 WOAP-MI +103.1 W276CZ [Adult Hits] "The O", 1230 WFER-MI Cl HITS, tossing TALK, 1240 CJCS-ON 2b moving to 107.1 Format:ROCK, 1350 KRNT-IA SPO:ESPN "1350 ESPN", drops NOS, 1510 WLRB-IL +103.7 W297CR CCM "Positive FM", dropping TALK, 1660 KWOD-KS SPO:FOX/CBS, dropping BIZ NEWS, 95.1 WAJI-IN AC Magic 95.1, was HOT AC, 96.7 WLXV-MI C&W "96-7 the Bull", was AC, 102.5 KDWZ-WI OLD C&W"Duke", was Top40, 106.5 W293CT MN testing and 107.1 WFON-WI C&W "107.1 the Bull", was HotAC "K107.1"
8-15: 82 AM, 233 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1730 TFM:97Mhz TS:IA,KY
NEWS: Two regional targets (A/B)are now shown on the home page, which is updated (the targets) weekends. As of September 2nd, and through February 14, 2016, the website will be updated twice a day vs. the regular daily (once a day) updates. Over 25 stations have been added to the streamers page, 10 new Web Cameras were added on the home page. High School Football has begun! Stations will be added weekly as they are heard, received. In the last 30 days, Last 30 days: 5591 folks have seen your dx reports, etc. FMDX was above average and AMDX was above average, again. 25th Month is a row!
Format/call flips: 740 KMZN-IA SPO:CBS was OLD C&W, 990 WJEH-OH Cl ROCK, was NOS, 1290 WZTI-WI OLD"True", was OLD R&B, 105.3 WRXP-MN Rhy OLDies, 105.1 WGVX-MN Rhy OLDies, and 105.7 WGVZ MN Eden Prairie Rhy OLDies, all toss SPO:CBS 1660 KXOL-UT License deleted, 99.7 KHLT-KS SS "LaRaza", dropping AC and 105.5 WMVR-OH Adult HITS "Tam-FM" (Totally About Music), was HotAC.

7-15: 56 AM, 252 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1720 TFM:96Mhz TS:IA,KY
NEWS: Tons of content has been added on many pages. On the Target States for August: Iowa and Kentucky, FM reports from both have been added. AM certainly is more of a target, yet the FM shows what has been heard from both states. In the last 30 days: 4973 page views. FMDX/AMDX are, both, above average! July AMDX is above average, too. 24th Month is a row!
Format/call flips: 700 CJLI-AB REL now on RS, 1070 KSKK-MN AC"Arrow" was TALK d/OLD C&W n, 1300 KCSF-CO SPO:CBS "Xtra SportsRadio 1300", tossing TALK, 1330 KPTY-IA Top40 "107-3 the Party" + K297BS Waterloo ex:KWLO, 1340 KVOQ-CO SPO:Yahoo "Mile High Sports-AM 1340", 1450 KWBE-NE OLD "Beatrice 1450", tossing TALK, 1660 KQWB-ND SPO:FOX, tossing OLD C&W"Willie", 1700 WRCR-NY ex:1300, ex:Spring Valley, 92.1 KRUE-MN "Krue Country 92" ex:KKOR, 94.5 KDLB-MN C&W //KBVB "Bob 95FM" ex:94.7, ex:Staples ex:KSKK, 98.3 WUBG-IN C&W"Big 98-3", was DISney, 101.9 KRWK-ND AC "Mix 101-9", tosses ROCK and 104.7 KMJO-ND OLD C&W "104.7 DukeFM."

6-15: 26 AM, 398 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1710 TFM:95Mhz TS:AR,TN
NEWS: Most pages on the website are updated monthly. A few are done weekly. The MLB Flagships page has added a few links to MLB baseball, the Lake Huron Circle Route was added. The 87.7FM page was added. Shows everything on 87.7 "east of the Rockies" and will be updated monthly. DX Links page has really had a purging. Wow! So many people, with good intentions, start out a nice dx page and drop it after a month or a few years. Speed Limit on most of the I-system in Wisconsin is now 70 mph! Last 30 days: 5623 looked at your dx reports. FMDX is above average! June AMDX is above average, again! Month #23 in a row! Thanx so very much!
Format/call flips: 1230 KBWZ-CO AC "the River 1230", was SILent, 1340 KVOQ-CO Denver 2b: SPO:Mile High Sports, now AdultALT, 1570 WNDA-IN SS LaPoderosa, tossing NewsTalk, 1600 WARU-IN Peru AC //FM101.9 WARUFM, 92.1 WVTY-WI Racine Adult HITS ex;WMKQ, 92.3 CFRK-NB "Country 92.3" tossing Top40, 94.5 WKTI-WI Milwaukee C&W ex:WLWK, 100.9 CKUV-AB Hot AC "the Eagle", was Classic Rock, 101.9 WARU-IN AC sparkle1019.com, 102.3 WQTC-WI Cl ROCK, was Cl HITS and 107.1 KDBX-SD Cl ROCK, was Cl HITS. Remains "107-1 the Hawk",

5-15: 63 AM, 81 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1700 TFM:94Mhz TS:IN, FL
NEWS: New features: "73 Most Recent" added to home page and a music page was added. Again, for month #22, AMDX was above average. Thanx to all who made this possible, again. 81 FMDX reports beat the 63 AMDX report, thus FMDX beat AMDX and here too, FMDX was above average, with really minimal dx: little Es/tropo action!
Format/call flips: 700 CJLI AB Calgary 50000/20000 noted TESTING. 2b:REL, 1150 CKOC-ON 2b:SPO:TSN, dropping Cl HITS, 1250 WPGP-PA TALK "1260 the Answer", was DISney. ex:WDDZ, 1260 WCCR-OH ex:WWMK was DISney. 2B:REL:EWTN, 1280 WGLR-WI SILent, 1340 WMBN-MI SPO, no longer //93.7 WKAD, 1580 KHIG-CO AC//101.3 KFEZ, 89.1 KSPP WI Rhinelander 2B: REL:EWTN, 100.5 CFJL-MB AC/Lite Rock ex:100.7 and 104.9 KTMX-NE York C&W "Max Country", tosses AC.

4-15: 76 AM, 32 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1690 TFM:93Mhz TS:IL, AL
NEWS: Very happy to say for the 21st month, DX-midAMerica was above average for AMDX logs reported! FMDX has a nice over average start to the 2015 FMDX season. April FMDX average is 12.05 reports. 32 have been reported. A new road trips page was added. This shows several road trips basically through the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the UP. Recent travels and others culled from the old DX-midAMerica bulletins. The dates might firm up a few old format flips of the past. On the FM slogans page, the entire page has been redone (whew!) in anticipation of the FMDX season.
Format/call flips: 1340 WLDY WI SPO:NBC, was SPO:CBS, 1580 KHIG-CO TALK "K-High", tosses Fox Sports. ex;KREL, 93.3 WLDB-WI HotAC "Trending 93-3", was AC and 107.1 WZVN-IN HotAC "107-1 the Z", was AC.

3-15: 158 AM, 0 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1680 TFM:92Mhz TS:WY, the West
NEWS: Very happy to say for the 20th month, DX-midAMerica was above average for AMDX logs reported! A Target State of the week has been added to the home page. So, in addition to the Target regional, clear and FM, there's a State to mull over.
Format/call flips: 920 KKLS-SD Cl HITS(80s based) +104.7 K284BA Rapid City kkls.net, 970 WDUL-WI SPO:CBS ex:WGEE, 1300 WMVO-OH OLD, drops NewsTalk wmvo.com, 1490 WOLF-NY Cl HITS "Dinosaur" //FM dinofm.com, was SILent, 93.5 WGEEFM WI-New London-Appleton OLD C&W "DukeFM" + 99.7 Sturgeon Bay which drops. "93-5 & 99-7 DukeFM" +93.1 translator W226BD, 94.3 WYDR-WI ClHITS, 96.9 K245CM-MN Morehead RHY Top40 96-9 HitsFM 969hitsfm.com, 99.7 WDKF WI Sturgeon Bay OLD C&W "DukeFM" ex:WZDR, 101.1 WMYQ-IN OLDies 101.1, was SILent, 101.3 KSIBFM-IA C&W, tossing TALK, 102.3 WYOT-IL C&W Coyote ex:WRHL and 105.3 KNOD-IA OLD(WW1/GTO), was CLHITS(WW1),

2-15: 250 AM, 0 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1660 TFM:90Mhz TS:WI, VA
NEWS: 19th month in a row above average in AM DX tips! The Power Poll was removed. We flipped the clocks back in November and since then, nothing has been heard on the following frequencies: 830 1660. FM stations no more in Norway!
Format/call flips: 1060 KRCN-CO REL;EWTN dumps BIZ NX, 1270 KTFI-ID REL:EWTN, 87.7 WRME-LP-IL Soft OLD "MeTV-FM" ex:WGWG-LP. was SPOrts, 990 WITZ-IN SS, was OLD //FM, 1080 WOAP-MI Cl HITS , was SS, 1270 WWWI-MN SPO:NBC, tosses TALK, 92.1 WWAX-MN //1490 KQDS SPO:FOX "the Fan", 100.1 KLKS-MN "Talk 100", tosses Cl HITS, 97.5 KNXR-MN HotAC "97.5 PulseFM", was Beautiful/SoftAC, 1560 WMBH-MO SPO:ESPN //100.7 KSHQ Deerfiels,MO, 750 KBNN-MO NewsTalk, tosses BIZ NEWS, 96.3 KIHT-MO Top40 "Now96.3" 2b:KNOU, was Cl HITS, 1560 WQEW-NY SILent, 2b:WFME, 1260 WWMK-OH REL, tosses DISney, 100.5 WDTX-WI SPO:NBC was SPO:ESPN, 1230 WXCO-WI SPO:ESPN "ESPN1230", was NOS "Sunny 1230", 1470 WBKV-WI OLD, was OLD C&W/Talk, 92.5 WMBZ-WI C&W "Buzz Country", ex:WBWI, 97.5 CJKR-MB Cl HITS,Cl ROCK "Big 97-5", was Cl ROCK as Power 97, 99.1 CJGV-MB Modern AC, was Adult Top 40 and 1240 CJCS-ON proposes moving to 107.1 -900w (4000w Max ERP) ROCK.

1-15: 243 AM, 0 FM tips!
TFs:6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,1650 TFM:89Mhz TS:WI, the West
NEWS: 18th month in a row, that we are above average in AM DX tips! Tip #52,000 was published in January! Bemoaning loss of local hobby store and unable to find radios.
Format/call flips: 540 CBGA1-NB Grande Anse SILent, 95.5 WEBG-IL C&W "Big 95.5", tosses SS, 1490 KOMJ-NE NOS/OLD "Boomer 1490", was NOS, 96.3 KTWNFM-MN Alt "Go 96-3", 1270 KXQZ-ID Twin Falls REL:EWTN, was COMedy, 910 WFDF-MI REL, was DISney, 1530 WLWB-WI //98.9 WEMP. Was SILent, 104.1 WMZK-WI Cl ROCK "Z104", was HotAC "Magic 104.1", 103.9 WQCY-IL AC Q104, dumps Cl ROCK 103.9theFox, 93.9 WRWM-IN Cl Hip/Hop, tosses Hot AC and 106.1 W291CJ MI Marquette(//WKQS-HD4) SILent