Atlantic Canada

    The reason for this listing came about when the "Rare:Canada and US:East/West feature was added to our DX-midAMerica homepage. (It's near the bottom.) In midAMerica, it is possible to hear this part of Canada. I'll guarantee you they hear this stuff across the big pond! Years ago, 100.1-CIOO was logged here at HQ, so, why not? We've got some excellent contributors and people who just check in and say "hi" from Canada, so, again, why not?
    Information on our HOT Lists is solely based on CRTC data, plus your reports to DX-midAMerica! NB, NL, NS and PEI are combined in this effort. When this page began in 2000, there were 2 stations on AM on PEI. Now, there are none! When you report, that info filters down to our HOT Lists so it helps others with their rare dx! It's in this smaller type format so you can print off a copy for your next vacation! This really looks like a neat, unspoiled part of the world! Check the official sites above!     Slogans are listed along with formats where known. "&" denotes satellite programming. It is believed to be accurate. If you know of any updates, changes or corrections, let us know!

New/added info:
NEW! Added 12 31/16:
 590 VOCM NL St. Johns 20000/20000 TALK

 570 CFCB NL Corner Brook 1000/1000 News Talk C&W
 590 CJCW NB Sussex AC/C&W
 590 VOCM NL St. Johns 20000/20000 TALK

 600 CKCL NS Truro 10000/1000 C&W
 600 CBNA NL St.Anthony 10000/10000 //CBY (CBC)
 610 CKOK NL Nain 40/40 ETH
 620 CKCM NL Grand Falls-Windsor 10000/10000 News-Talk/C&W
 640 CBN NL St. John's 10000/10000 VAR
 650 CKGA NL Gander 5000/5000 News Talk

 710 CKVO NL Clarenville 10000/10000 C&W Talk
 740 CHCM NL Marystown 10000/10000 C&W News Talk [CBNM]
 750 CBGY NL Bonavista 10000/10000 //1400-CBG
 790 CFNW NL Port-au-Choix 1000/1000 C&W Talk

 800 VOWR NL St.Johns 10000/2500 REL EZ OLD
 870 CFSX NL Stephenville 500/500 C&W Talk

 930 CFBC NB Saint John 50000/50000 OLD Oldies93
 930 CJYQ NL St.Johns 50000/50000 C&W "Kixx 930"
 950 CKNB NS Campbellton 10000/1000 AC/C&W
 990 CBY NL Corner Brook CBC:Variety

1230 CFGN NL Channel-Port-aux-Basques 1000/1000 VAR
1240 CKIM NL Barie Verte 10000/5000 //620-CKCM News-Talk/C&W
1260 CKHJ NS Fredericton 10000/1000 C&W Country KHJ
1270 CJCB NS Sydney 10000/10000 C&W

1340 CHKV Happy Valley-Goose Bay 1000/1000 VAR/ETH
1340 CFLW NL Wabush 1000/1000 //1230CFLN AC
1350 CKAD NS Middleton 1000/1000 C&W//97.7FMCKEW

1400 -CBG NL Gander 4000/4000 VAR CBC
1420 CKDY NS Digby 1000/1000 C&W
1450 CFAB NS Windsor 1000/1000 C&W

88.1 CBAF-15 Charlottetown
88.9 CBAX-FM1 Charlottetown
91.3 CIOG Charlottetown REL
93.1 CHLQ Charlottetown ROCK Magic93"
93.9 CIRB Borden
95.1 CFCY Charlottetown C&W
96.1 CBCT-FM Charlottetown
100.3 CHTN Charlottetown Ocean 100 Classic Hits
102.1 CJRW Summerside Spud 102 Cl HITS
104.7 CBCH Charlottetown CBC Radio 1
105.5 CKQK Charlottetown Top40 Hot 105-5