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DX-midAMerica/ Abbreviations    ::We answer all!::

AC Adult Contemporary mx
AP Assocated Press (news)
Au Auroral conditions
BCB Broadcast Band
CC Chinese
CE Chief Engineer
CFL Canadian Football League
cl call(s)
CM Coverage Map
CP Construction Permit
C&W Country & Western Music
cx conditions
d days
dj Disc Jockey
DST Daylight Savings Time
EE English
ET Equipment Test
FCC Federal Communications Commision
FF French
Freq. Frequency
f/up follow up (IE:"QSL in 91d after 4th f/up")
GOS Gospel
GM General Manager
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
gy graveyard (freqs=1230 1240 1340 1400 1450 1490)
hrd heard
HSFB High School Football
id station identification
jx jingle
kHz Killohertz
LA Latin America
LID Legal ID
loop directional antenna
LW Longwave, 530 kHz and below
LSR Local Sunrise
LSS Local Sunset
MM Monday Morning
mx music
NA North America
NA National Anthem
ND Non Directional
non-id slogan (IE:Hot 99.9. No calls given)
NFL National Footcall League
NPR National Public Radio
NSP No Silent Period
nx news
o/ over (IE:WZZZ in o/WYYY)
OC Open Carrier
PD Program Director
ppc prepared qsl card/verification
PSA Pre-sunrise authority
pssa Post Sunset Authority
PSA Public Service Announcement
QRM interference
QSL verification
QTH Location
RS Regular Schedule
rx receiver
REL Relgious
$ Stereo
SA South AMerica
SASE Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
SC Top 40 record survey
SID station id (singing)
SM Sunday Morning
SNR Sporting News Radio
s/on sign on
s/off sign off
SP Silent period
SPO sports format
SRS Sunrise Skip
SS Spanish
SSB Star Spangled Banner
SSS Sunset Skip
stn station
t/c Time Check
TA Trans Atlantic
TP Trans Pacific
TOH Top of hour
top40 current based music format, also known as CHR
TT Test Tones
tx transmitter
u/ under
UC Urban Contemporary
UNID unidentified
Unn unneeded
V verification
v/l verification letter
v/q verication by QSL card
v/s verification signer
w/ with
wx weather
YL Young Lady
:00 :minutes past hour (IE:CBS:00 means CBS nx is on the hour)
73 Best regards
// parrallel (IE: WNRR //WNRR-FM)    ::We answer all!::

In addition DX-midAMerica uses ONE and TWO letter abbreviations for conditions in which the stations were received.
P=poor G=good VG=very good E=excellent

1450 KYNT SD Yankton 11-15 2204 F - "Support local radio" promo, weather and ID. MS-MB
1450 KBBS WY Buffalo 11-16 1940 F -local sports and ads. MB-DX
1450 CHUC ON Cobourg 11-15 1711 P -AC mx, ID given twice. EB-MI
1450 CHUC ON Cobourg 11-29 0515 P on top w/OLDIES. Calls in mess. JJR-WI
1490 WMPX MI Midland 10-29 0259 P-F u/WJMO OC, NOS, ID //97.7 WMRX NEW! MP-OH
1490 WMGW PA Meadville 10-29 0259 P u/WJMO OC, "Allegheny News Talk Sports Network", ID NEW! MP-OH
1490 KYNR WA Toppenish 11-17 0900 P -native drumming and singing. NEW! MB-DX