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60 day NEW & Rare!

Welcome to "60d-N-R", or 60 days:New and rare! What's posted here is what was reported as new or rare in the previous AT LEAST 60 days prior to the current month. The loggings are posted PLUS the top political units and any other things of note. Posted monthly on the 13th! Look and see what you might have heard or missed!
800 WKBC NC North Wilkesboro 5/1 2006 P with C&W, 'WKDC Forecast," lost. NEW! EB-MI
1110 WUNN MI Mason 5/12 0543 P -no KFAB. Fam Life R, Michigan psa. Rare! JJR-WI
1240 KLIK MO Jefferson City 5/13 0406 P wx, calls in mess. Logged in 2008. Rare. JJR-WI
1520 WHOW IL Clinton 5/9 P McLain,Livingston Co. ments, lost, then RFD IL ment, web match. Rare. JJR-WI
740 KNFL ND Fargo 4/4 1055 G with NBC Sports Radio Full ID on the top of the hour with KNFL 740 Fargo ND The Fan. Ex-KVOX. NEW! SMA-MB
930 KSEI ID Pocatello 4/9 2105 Rock Oldies and ID (first Idaho here) NEW! AJ-AZ
1000 KOMO WA Seattle 4/9 2245 Commercials, ID and local weather. (first WA) NEW! AJ-AZ
1400 WMAN OH Mansfield 4/5 0700 P thru a nulled WCCY, WQXO, others. "....on the OHIO nx network (my ears pop up!) WMAN Mansfield, WMAN-FM Fredericktown, it's 8 o'clock" Fox nx. NEW! JJR-MI
1540 WBCO OH Bucyrus 4/3 0640 P "the new 1540 & 107.5 WBCO" tween OLD C&W songs, in fade up o/KXEL. NEW! JJR-MI
1600 WUCT TN Algood 4/11 0555 P tho atop. MIDKENFCU.com ad, NewsTalk 94.1, lost to KGYM. NEW! JJR-WI

740 KRMG OK Tulsa - 3/24 2334 - G with ad for Tulsa Gold & Silver in local stopset. OK #6 at this QTH. NEW! RD-IA
930 WBEN NY Buffalo - 3/25 0102 - VG with "From the WBEN Newsroom..." heard at the start of newscast. NY #9 at this QTH. NEW! RD-IA
990 KFCD TX Farmersville - 3/26 0032 - Weak under CBW with religious talk in Spanish by male, interrupted occasionally by brief classical music interludes of about 5-10 seconds each. Confirmed by webstream. TX #4 at this QTH. No sign of XET. NEW! RD-IA
1020 KCKN NM Roswell - 3/26 0104 - G under KDKA on presumed day power with two males chatting in Spanish. Confirmed by webstream. NM #1 and state #30 at this QTH. NEW! RD-IA
1050 KLOH MN Pipestone - 3/24 2102 - F with "Blazin' Country 1050 KLOH" heard at the end of weather forecast. MN #9 at this QTH. NEW! RD-IA
1300 WOOD MI Grand Rapids - 3/25 0159 - G with mention of "Newsradio 1300 and 106.9 FM" heard in legal ID. Couldn't make out the CLs, but this is the only 1300/106.9 combo I could find. MI #12 at this QTH. NEW! RD-IA
1370 KDTH IA Dubuque 3/20 2153 F- ad for local business, weather with ID, SID, adult standards format. NEW! TL-IN
1390 WLLI TN Jackson - 3/25 2101 - F in KCLN null with C&W oldie "Alibis" by Tracy Lawrence, then ID: "WLLI-AM, Jackson, WLLI-FM, Dyer..." TN #4 at this QTH. NEW! RD-IA
1450 WFMB IL Springfield - 3/24 2015 - Atop with local ad for Cordell & Cordell law firm located at 920 South Spring Street in Springfield. Just my 3rd logging on 1450 at this QTH. NEW! RD-IA
1470 KAIR KS Atchison 3/25 2040 F under WMBD with "1470 Care" heard at the end of weather forecast. KS #6 at this QTH. NEW! RD-IA
1530 KQSC CO Colorado Springs 3/14 0730 P under WCKY with country music by Lipstick. ID as Mountain Country. //the web feed to make 100% sure it was them. Long time target finally heard. NEW! SMA-MB
1600 WKKX WV Wheeling 3/15 0535 P AM 1600 WKKX & 1370 WVLY, said twice. Ph #, local chatter. I thought/know I've heard this but in haste, forgot to log. Duh! 1600 #40, WV #30 NEW! JJR-WI
1690 WPTX MD Lexington Park 3/23 2228 F in mess with only CLs heard twice, mixing with an unID station in Spanish. MD #2 at this QTH. NEW! RD-IA
1548 AUSTRALIA 4QD Emerald Mar20 1153-1201 pr at my sunrise thru slop with Aussie inflected man talking and ABC nx sounder mx at ToH. Quite a few high band carriers were also noted. NEW! NK-IL
750 WPDX WV Clarksburg 3/7 1834 Vp toward SSE with Classic Country, // 104.9 FM. Another daytimer on late; NEW! EB-MI
770 WYRV VA Cedar Bluff 3/7 2257 P under WABC with C&W gospel, IDs after every couple of records. Another daytimer on late; NEW! EB-MI
1510 KNNS KS Larned 3/5 1829 Briefly wiping out KCTE with ID: "You're listening to The Patriot, KNNS, Larned, and KRMR, Hays...", then into ad for a livestock auction in Russell. My 1000th entry in the logbook that I started here on Sept. 13, 2010. NEW! RD-NE
1560 WGLB WI Elm Grove 3/7 1745 P, but at times over WFME with preacher, church info, Milwaukee area ments, and a Website promo. NEW! EB-MI

FEBRUARY'S HOTTEST 5 NEW logs for January. In order, they are....
790 WBLO NC Thomasville 2/19 0602 Lively SS mx. Broke for LID @:02. NEW! JJR-WI
820 KUTR UT Taylorsville 2/3 0833 Briefly over WBAP with mentions of "AM 800 and FM 95.3" and "south Davis County", then an ad that included a phone number in the 801 area code. Overall logging #999. NEW! RD-NE
1000 WCCD OH Parma 2/8 0635 Vp toward SE with Urban Gospel mx. Under pest WMVP; new catch and knocked off my Most Wanted List! NEW! EB-MI
1550 KICS NE Hastings 2/14 1800 F with CBEF with a full dual ID for them and 1460 KXPN. Then into ESPN programming. NEW! SMA-MB
1570 WPGM PA Danville 2/7 1958 P but come up on top for two minutes. Just long enough for a clear ID at the top of the hour. NEW! SMA-MB
JANUARY'S HOTTEST 4 NEW logs for January. In order, they are....
660 WLOY VA Rural Retreat 1/26 2104 Faded in and out under WFAN with Oldies/AC Gold, IDs after every couple of records. 550 watt daytimer! NEW! EB-MI
990 WJEH OH Gallioplis 1/31 1924 P under local WDEO with C&W gospel, ment. here "Southern Gospel music on Joy 990." NEW! EB-MI
1270 WQKR TN Portland 1/23 1747 Briefly over WKBF & KNWC with ad for Sumner Regional Medical Center in Gallatin, then promo: "If you like the music that we play on WQKR..." TN #37 at this QTH. NEW! RD-NE
1360 WVRQ WI Viroqua 1/11 0708 F with end of local newscast: "...with news from WVRQ, I'm...", then lost. WI #53 here. NEW! RD-NE