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60 day NEW & Rare!

Welcome to "60d-N-R", or 60 days:New and rare! What's posted here is what was reported as new or rare in the previous AT LEAST 60 days prior to the current month. The loggings are posted PLUS the top political units and any other things of note. Posted monthly on the 13th! Look and see what you might have heard or missed!
JANUARY'S HOTTEST 4 NEW logs for January. In order, they are....
660 WLOY VA Rural Retreat 1/26 2104 Faded in and out under WFAN with Oldies/AC Gold, IDs after every couple of records. 550 watt daytimer! NEW! EB-MI
990 WJEH OH Gallioplis 1/31 1924 P under local WDEO with C&W gospel, ment. here "Southern Gospel music on Joy 990." NEW! EB-MI
1270 WQKR TN Portland 1/23 1747 Briefly over WKBF & KNWC with ad for Sumner Regional Medical Center in Gallatin, then promo: "If you like the music that we play on WQKR..." TN #37 at this QTH. NEW! RD-NE
1360 WVRQ WI Viroqua 1/11 0708 F with end of local newscast: "...with news from WVRQ, I'm...", then lost. WI #53 here. NEW! RD-NE
DECEMBER'S HOTTEST 20 new and rare logs. CKJH-SK new for EB-MI, TL-IN, 1230 WCMC-NJ NEW for EB-MI, 1430 WEEF-IL NEW for TL-IN & 630 Ched-AB NEW for JJR-MI!
540 WETC NC Wendell 12/22 2205 G- spanish christian format with many Radio Vision mentions, strong and // webstream, must be cheating, NEW! TL-IN
580 WHYM TN Rockwood 12/23 0630 P tho steady. Gypsy/Fleetwood Mac and Christmas song. "Radio 580, the Holler" into USA radio nx @ :30. Thought I had this. I didn't! Nice Christmas present! NEW! JJR-WI
630 CHED AB Edmonton 12/15 0736 P traffic from I-880 news ctr, "from the 6-30 Ched news ctr..." 1-866-RELIANCE (Htg company) "6:36 at 6-30 Ched High -16, Wind Chills of -31!" NEW! JJR-MI
650 CKOM SK Saskatoon 12/6 0500 P in WSM null with ID into Broadcast nx. Knocked off my Most Wanted List! NEW! EB-MI
750 CKJH SK Melfort 12/6 0520 Vp in WJR slop and u/WSB with Classic Hits, playlist match. Knocked off my Most Wanted List! NEW! EB-MI
750 CKJH SK Melfort 12/4 0533 P briefly strong under WSB with oldies format, heard // to webstream, NEW! TL-IN
820 WVSG OH Columbus 12/1 1617 P promo for Sacred Heart hr at 8am. Catholic Radio AM 820. Thinking WBKK. Wrong! WVSG. Only once in S Milw, but here, it's NEW! JJR-MI
880 WMDB TN Nashville 12/2 1621 G- loud with spanish music format, several "La Ranchera" IDs, fighting with WCBS, NEW! TL-IN
940 KPSZ IA Des Moines 12/2 1759 G- heard quick ID just at tune-in mentioning Des Moines and Praise 940, NEW! TL-IN
970 KCFO OK Tulsa 12/2 1727 F- used USB mode to reduce local WSBT splatter, ID "..weekdays one to four on AM 9-70 KCFO Tulsa", NEW! TL-IN
990 WCAZ IL Carthage 12/3 0633 F-G long weather forecast for Carthage area, short program by Orion Samuelson called Samuelson Says, ID, NEW! TL-IN
990 KWAM TN Memphis 12/2 1749 F- promo for America in the Morning "on KWAM 990 new voice for Memphis", NEW! TL-IN
1010 WPCN WI Stevens Point 12/2 1800 F- Allman Brothers song then ID as "Oldies 92.1 FM and 1010 AM WPCN Stevens Point", weak but clear, NEW! TL-IN
1080 WKAC AL Athens 12/3 1621 P heard an ID just after tune-in, clear WKAC calls, ad for retirement home. NEW! TL-IN
1230 WCMC NJ Wildwood 12/5 1741 P with a couple of local ads, faded back into GY pileup. NEW! EB-MI
1340 WJRW MI Grand Rapids 12/1 0631 Vp, faintly heard calls in GY din, then signal improved with talk. NEW! EB-MI
1360 WHBG VA Harrisonburg 12/9 1659 P- heard mention of ESPN Radio with clear WHBG Harrisonburg ID NEW! TL-IN
1430 WEEF IL Highland park 12/27 1559 G- ethnic programming, ad for Feedthepig.org, ID as "AM 14-30 WEEF Deerfield-Northbrook-Chicago" Despite being less that 100 miles, NEW! TL-IN
1530 WCKG IL Elmhurst 12/1 1602 P w/LID for AM & 102.3FM 24 hours. KQSP's silence helped get this! From L'Anse, NEW! JJR-MI
1550 KAPE MO Cape Girardeau 12/3 1546 F ad for a local chiropractor, then promo for classic rock 100.7 FM KGMO, #700 NEW! TL-IN

NOVEMBER'S HOTTEST 30 new and rare logs. Many, many good ones!
580 WKTY WI La Crosse 11/20 1521 F lots of spots for La Crosse businesses, several WKTY IDs. NEW! TL-IN
600 CKAT ON North Bay 11/19 1540 F country format, promo for the app for 600 Country, ad for restaurant in North Bay, ID as "Country 600", some sources show calls as CFCH, NEW! TL-IN
610 WRUS KY Russellville 11/19 1659 P popped up with "AM 610 WRUS" then into ABC News, then faded down just as quick, NEW! TL-IN
730 WPIT PA Pittsburgh 11/27 1557 F promo for a religious program with several IDs, NEW! TL-IN
810 WSYW IN Indianapolis 11/21 1647 G spanish music format, heard mentions of many Indy area cities, Panther roar between songs fits slogan "La Pantera". NEW! TL-IN
810 WSJC MS Magee 11/21 1659 G religious program about God creating the devil?, mixing with Indy 810, // webstream. NEW! TL-IN
820 WVSG OH Columbus 11/20 1659 P Religious format, "listener supported .. WVSG AM 820". NEW! TL-IN
930 KKIN MN Aitkin 11/30 0619 Faded up with two ads with (218) phone numbers, lost. Only station in that area code! NEW! EB-MI
930 WDLX NC Washington 11/27 1632 G ad for a car wash and a wings place in Greenville, mentions also of Washington, Farmville and Winterville, ID, NEW! TL-IN
940 WIDG MI St. Ignace 11/19 1559 F ID mentioning calls for WTCK Charlevoix, WIDG St. Ignace, WGZR Alpena, WTCY Greilickville plus about four others, NEW! TL-IN
940 CFNV QC Montreal 11/17 0214 F-G with French and English music and man giving full ID as testing on the frequency. The full audio tests started on Nov 16. If you want a sample of the ID and more info see: http://blog.fagstein.com/2016/11/16/cfnv-940-am-begins-on-air-testing/ NEW! SMA-MB
950 KXJK AR Forrest City 11/16 2355 Vp, mixed with WXLW with Jim Bohannon. IDed by his affiliate list; only other station listed on 950 was from Lewiston, ID, which I was aimed the wrong direction for! 87 watts; NEW! EB-MI
950 WXLW IN Indianapolis 11/16 2352 Vp with Joe Walsh Show, ads, Freedom 95. Matched to Webcast. Not bad for only 13 watts; NEW! EB-MI affiliate list; only other station listed on 950 was from Lewiston, ID, which I was aimed the wrong direction for! 87 watts; NEW! EB-MI
950 WCTN MD Potomac-Cabin John 11/16 2317 Faded in and out with AC mx, ID copied at 0000! Listed as 35 watts; NEW! EB-MI
980 CHRF QC Montreal 11/19 1925 P in a mess but occasion fade ups with melodic French music // the web feed. This has been a long time target nice to finally get it logged. NEW! SMA-MB
990 WJEH OH Gallipolis 11/19 1729 F spot for local business then ID "WJEH Gallipolis" pronounced like "Gal-uh-pole-EE", NEW! TL-IN
1070 KFTI KS Wichita 11/19 1724 G Lots of IDs as "Classic Country AM 10-70", older country music, in solid and alone by :40, NEW! TL-IN
1140 WBXR AL Hazel Green 11/27 1659 G end of religious program, gave address and call of station for program info, NEW! TL-IN
1150 WMST KY Mount Sterling 11/30 0814 Faded up poor with two ads for Mount Sterling, lost. Mixed with unid C&W station. NEW! EB-MI
1190 WVUS WV Grafton 11/30 0655 P toward SE with Catholic talk, // local WDEO-990. About two seconds behind WDEO. NEW! EB-MI
1240 WOBT WI Rhinelander 11/28 2159 P- fade up just before ToH with clear ID "WOBT Rhinelander", lost to GY mess, NEW! TL-IN
1280 WBIG IL Aurora 11/15 1706 G promo for a travel show, "Thursdays at five on the Big One, AM 12-80 WBIG", despite being just over 100 miles, NEW! TL-IN
1320 KMAQ IA Maquoketa 11/14 1714 Atop w/"You're listening to KMAQ..." heard during local news. Next news story after commercial break mentioned Maquoketa High School. Logging #996 here, and 1st new one of the 2016-17 season. NEW! RD-NE
1330 WTRX MI Flint 11/1 0644 Faded above mess with local ad, lost. Rare! EB-MI
1330 WHBL WI Sheboygan 11/28 1554 F only caught a quick but very clear ID, first time logged even tho only 160 miles, NEW! TL-IN
1390 KCLN IA Clinton 11/15 1806 P news and weather "on AM 13-90 KCLN" weather from the Prairie Weather Center, NEW! TL-IN
1400 WRDB WI Reedsburg 11/3 0600 Vp in pileup, heard muffled ID but "Reedsburg" was clearly heard, and back into the mire again. NEW! EB-MI
1470 WIBD WI West Bend 11/7 2139 F battling with both WMBD and KMNQ but coming up long enough for dual ID as 1470 and 101.3 Kool Variety. // to their web stream for extra verification. NEW!! SMA-MB
1490 KNDC ND Hettinger 11/30 0813 P "here on KNDC" trading w/others. Hwy 85/83 snow/road cx. Rare! JJR-MI
1630 KRND WY Fox Farm 11/28 0554 P strong at times over KCJJ, Mexican music // to webstream, ID after ToH, WY#1 NEW! TL-IN

OCTOBER'S HOTTEST MANY NEW and RARE! Nice stuff not reported heard in long time, if ever! The dx season has begun!
570 WAAX AL Gadsden 10/30 1804 Vp with Fox nx, ad, wx on News-Talk 570 with Alabama ment. 570 #10! NEW! EB-MI
570 WIDS KY Russel Springs 10/14 1844 VG blasting in w/gospel mx, ID as "107-5 Tri-state gospel, WIOK, 5-70 Southern Kentucky gospel, WIDS". NEW! TL-IN
580 WYHM TN Rockwood 10/28 0626 G country rock format, ID as "you're listening to WYHM 5-80 AM, Rockwood" fair but clear, into news, NEW! TL-IN
610 KOJM MT Havre 10/10 0657-0701 P-F peaks gradually overtaking fading KCSP. Rock ended, then an ID, local news, MT ment, wintery wx rpt and another ID into ABC news. MT #16 NEW! NK-IL
690 KSTL MO St. Louis 10/31 1809 P fire and brimstone preaching, // webstream, NEW! TL-IN
710 WFNR VA Blacksburg 10/28 0655 F-G loud with several clear IDs, local news and items, NEW! TL-IN
730 WZGV NC Cramerton 10/7 0555 F spots for Charlotte area, ESPN 730 ID, "This is ESPN 730 WZGV Charlotte-Cramerton" NEW! TL-IN
730 WJMT WI Merrill 10/24 1747 P Charlie Daniels song, ID as "The station for country, 730 WJNT", in the clear, NEW! TL-IN
730 CHMJ BC Vancouver 10/10 0700 P-F atop others with local ments and "AM 730 All Traffic all the Time" BC #7 NEW! NK-IL
740 WNOP KY Newport 10/14 1906 G HSFB (other game heard in WPAQ log), spot for Cincy, ID as "Sacred Heart Radio 740 WNOP Newport", xmtr is in Cincinnati, NEW! TL-IN
740 WPAQ NC Mount Airy 10/14 1859 F Bishop High Villians vs Bears, mixing with another HSFB game, listed at 7 watts night, had to be higher, NEW! TL-IN
760 WCIS NC Morganton 10/14 1830 F strong, gospel music, promo for Grandview Baptist Church hour, ID as "AM 760, The Cross", NEW! TL-IN
770 WGCW KY Nicholasville 10/31 1750 P fade up with weather, heard AM 77 and 93.3 FM, then loud with gospel music, NEW! TL-IN
770 WYRV VA Cedar Bluff 10/21 1816 F-G long string of ads for local businesses inclusing Vasant Lumber, promo for God's Country Morning Show, NEW! TL-IN
790 WSGW MI Saginaw 10/21 1741 P heard very quick WSGW ID in a jumble of stuff, NEW! TL-IN
800 KXIC IA Iowa City 10/21 1758 G heard clear "Real fans of the Black and Gold turn their Hawkeye sports up loud and bold on KXIC, Iowa City", Iowa vs Minnesota volleyball, NEW! TL-IN
800 WSVS VA Crewe 10/7 0550 F country music format in CKLW null, ID, NEW! TL-IN
800 WVHU WV Huntington 10/18 1746 G "Newsradio 800 WVHU" promo for HSFB, full ID before ToH, NEW! TL-IN
830 WKTX OH Cortland, OH 10/21 1725 P out of song "Walking in New Orleans" clear ID "WKTX Cortland", NEW! TL-IN
850 KJON TX Carrollton 10/29 1850 F blasting in mostly alone with spanish rosary, heard a mention of Frisco, TX, ID in spanish immediately before abrupt s/off or power change, NEW! TL-IN
860 WACB NC Taylorsville 10/14 1840 P fair with Cougar HSFB, spot for First Community Bank in Taylorsville. NEW! TL-IN
860 WNOV WI Milwaukee 10/7 2320 F-G in CJBC null, hip-hop music, // webstream NEW! TL-IN
870 WPWT TN Kingsport 10/30 1734 F bluegrass gospel music, distorted audio, heard slogan Top Gun Radio and WPWT ID, NEW! TL-IN
880 KHAC NM Tse Bonito 10/2 0759 P perfectly timed fade up, "This is KHAC Tse Bonito, New Mexico ...' weather forecast for Window Rock, NEW! - TL-IN
930 MD WFMD Frederick 10/21 1703 P heard very clear WFMD.com then WFMD weather forecast, in with many others before my sunset, NEW! TL-IN
940 WCPC MS Houston 10/30 1824 P mention of their website and email and phone number, clear WCPC ID "Thanks for listening to AM 940 WCPC", NEW! TL-IN
940 WECO TN Wartburg 10/29 0638 0638 P tho alone w/promo for Sat Morn Bluegrass show "on WECO." Rare.JJR-WI
950 WBES WV Charleston 10/4 2159 F sports, promo for Dan Patrick on "95 The Sports Fox, WBES Charleston, 95 The Sports Fox", good in local WSBT 960 null, NEW! TL-IN
1030 WEBS GA Calhoun 10/27 1815 F country music, ID as "Kickin 103-5" ad for timeshare management company, NEW! TL-IN
1080 WONS KY Cannonsburg 10/22 0600 P alone w/LID (incl Ashland-Ironton) :03. GOS NEW! JJR-WI
1090 WTSB NC Selma 10/5 0547 F popped in with clear ID then into bluegrass song about the Battle of Gettysburg, NEW! TL-IN
1100 WISS WI Berlin 10/18 1831 F out of Billy Joel's My Life, ID as "It's John Tesch on FM 98-7 and AM eleven hundred, The Bug", into James Brown song, NEW! TL-IN
1110 WKDZ KY Cadiz 10/18 1845 P calls after Dreams, Fleetwood Mac. Promo -Ment of app. No KFAB! NEW! JJR-WI
1130 KLEY KS Wellington 10/26 0702 P w/LID incl xlator, KS Farm & Ranch nx. Alone. NEW! JJR-MI
1160 WPIE NY Trumansburg 10/22 0541 G lots of IDs as "ESPN Ithaca", local sports, local ads, NEW! TL-IN
1160 WODY VA Fieldale 10/25 2132 F Gospel music, IDs as Joy FM 97.3, ad for business in Mt. Airy, NC, NEW! TL-IN
1170 KOWZ MN Waseca 10/22 0556 F-G strong with oldies, Doobie Brothers China Grove, "This is 11-70 KOWZ AM Waseca and transmitter K292GU 106.3 FM Waseca, classic hits", NEW! TL-IN
1170 WRPM MS Poplarville 10/27 1955 P decent with bluegrass music, ID just before ToH, NEW! TL-IN
1190 WCRW VA Leesburg-Washington DC 10/28 0615 P WOWO running o/c. LID as such, SSB. NEW! JJR-WI
1240 KFBC WY Cheyenne 10/18 0712 P "this is the Cowwboy State News Network" said twice mixing w/KCCR. NEW! JJR-MI
1250 KCFI IA Iowa Falls 10/3 0611 P sat thru 2 songs and hrd calls. Tight WSSP null. First hrd here 2001. Rare! JJR-WI
1250 WTMA SC Charleston 10/27 1824 P item on pollution prevention, quick WTMA ID, ad for Budget Blinds, NEW! TL-IN
1250 WKBL TN Covington 10/25 2045 P heard only quick clear ID "12-50 WKBL", NEW! TL-IN
1270 WXGO IN Madison 10/13 2204 P heard brief WXGO ID only rise out of jumble. NEW! TL-IN
1270 WLBR PA Lebanon 10/22 0619 P mention of "The Tailgate Show here on AM 12-70 WLBR" into local HSFB scores, good, NEW! TL-IN
1320 WFHR WI Wisconsin Rapids 10/5 1700 P heard local ad then promo for NBC Sports followed by clear ID, NEW! TL-IN
1330 KNSS KS Wichita 10/12 0631 P in pileup with nx, but heard clear 'KNSS Newsroom.' Mixing with pest WVHI Evansville, IN. Ex-KFH. Rare! EB-MI
1340 WADE NC Wadesboro 10/4 2102 Faded up out of slop with 'Gospel 1340, WADE' and back down into the mire again. NEW! EB-MI
1370 WTAB NC Tabor City 10/7 2222 F country music, SID WTAB, heard ID at 2340 mentioned with Swap Shop promo, NEW! TL-IN
1380 WBEL IL South Beloit 10/7 2215 G Boardtracker Harley Davidson scoreboard WI HSFB, // web, NEW!TL-IN
1380 KRCM TX Shenandoah 10/6 2048 Vp, faded in and out with SS religion, eventually "Vida" ments. Thanks to tip from fellow DXer; NEW! EB-MI
1420 WINI IL Murphysboro 10/20 1851 P "on Cool 93-5." Beatles, Tommy Roe songs. Not hrd in years.JJR-WI
1440 WGIG GA Brunswick 10/13 1851 F Georgia Bulldogs network, ad for Cooks Pest Control, verified by // web, NEW! TL-IN
1490 KORN SD Mitchell 10/25 0711 P tho atop. 71 on Friday, now in Mitchell: 57. Rare, only 2nd time heard. JJR-MI
1490 WBEX OH Chillicothe 10/27 0630 P calls said easily 4 times in newscast. NEW! JJR-MI
1490 KUGR WY Green River 10/1 0700 P alone. Just flipped from 1580 to hear end of PSA and jingle "KUGR Green River Wyoming" into CBS news. Gone in 4 mins. NEW! JJR-MI
1510 KCTE MO Independence 10/26 2318 G in with WLAC, promo for upcoming Friday night HSFB, lots of KC's ESPN 1510 IDs, NEW! TL-IN
1530 WCKG IL Elmhurst 10/23 1729 P Heard quick but clear WCKG Elmhurst ID, ad for refinance company, faded, one of my closest unheards, NEW! TL-IN
SEPTEMBER'S HOTTEST 41 NEW and RARE! Nice stuff not reported heard in long time, if ever!
540 WAUK WI Jackson 9/23 1929 Faded in and out with high school football: Marquette Hilltoppers and Brookfield Central Lancers. Local ads. NEW! EB-MI
560 WEBC MN Duluth 9/30 0558 G dominant over WIND with Bob Dylan song Just Like a Woman then clear WEBC ID. Sounded like Bob & Tom after ToH. NEW! TL-IN
580 WELO MS Tupelo 9/23 2317 G- IDs as "104.3 FM, The Pulse", NEW! TL-IN
600 WSJS NC Winston-Salem 9/5 2025 P with CBS Sports Radio, ID :00. NC #50! NEW! EB-MI
620 KTAR AZ Phoenix 9/30 0644 P steady. "480 ??? to fight crime" "from the Arizona Sports Desk..." WTMJ nulled. NEW! JJR-MI
670 KHGZ AR Glenwood 9/29 0616 F no WSCR at all! "98.9 & 670...from the banks of the ??? in Arkansas.." C&W songs. Rare. JJR-MI
720 WVCC GA Hogansville 9/27 2052 loud mixing with WGN, clear ID as "720 The Voice". NEW! TL-IN
740 KCBS CA San Francisco 9/12 0620 P traffic rpt, wx: 80's. Temps: 57, 68 (tho I couldn't hear where)..."traffic & wx on the 8's. KCBS newstime 4:20" by W. Alone. Only 2nd time heard. Rare! JJR-MI
760 WLCC FL Brandon 9/2 2021 Faded up poor with SS Religion, got match to Webcast. WJR Off! 760 #3!!! NEW! EB-MI
770 WABC NY New York 9/2 1956 F with end of Mark Levin, ads, ID. Rare due to being next to WJR! EB-MI
790 WKRD KY Louisville 9/17 2200 "790 KRD" ID by male announcer . local ad's.1KW. NEW! GH-IL
830 WFNO LA Norco 9/30 1952 F SS music, IS as " La Fabulosa, Ocho Treinta", loud and alone, NEW! - TL-IN
850 KFUO MO Clayton 9/27 1912 P-F w/religious pgm, ID as "KFOU the messenger of good news", strong and alone, NEW! TL-IN
860 WNOV WI Milwaukee 9/19 2003 P tho steady. "860AM WNOV Milwaukee" & R&B mx thru CJBC. Rare. JJR-MI
870 KJMP CO Pierce 9/18 0630-45 G alone with oldies and call ID's and Big 8-7 slogans. I suspect they are running day power at night and from only 1 stick so ND as spec patterns aim almost nothing to the east. NEW! NK-IL
870 KJMP CO Pierce 9/5 0602 P-F Alone w/OLD mx., songs by various artists, including Patsy Cline, "The Big 87, KJMP", NEW! JB-WI
870 CUBA Radio Reloj Sep28 0137 G u/WWL, heard clock ticks and RR morse at 3 sec past top of each minute. NEW! TL-IN
910 WFDF MI Farmington Hills 9/1 0111 F- "Superstation 910 WFDF" by OM also slogan "The Urban Experience". Briefly copyable then gone. NEW! GH-IL
920 CKNX ON Wingham 9/29 2155 F country music, ID heard as "This is CKNX AM 920" and verified // webstream, NEW! TL-IN
930 WLLL VA Lynchburg 9/27 1930 G with gospel music, loud and alone, very good IDs heard, NEW! TL-IN
940 WCND KY Shelbyville 9/28 1905 P spanish music format, heard clear WCND ID, NEW! TL-IN
980 WITY IL Danville 9/30 1819 F- "Skywatch weather forecast ... 980 WITY your first choice", into Sugar Sugar by The Archies, NEW! TL-IN
990 WEEB NC Southern Pines 9/28 1907 P very weak but clear WEEB ID w/ phone 690-9723 then into Mark Levin, NEW! TL-IN
1010 WHIN TN Gallatin 9/23 1945 G- HSFB with Gallatin Wave vs Station Camp Bison, loud with plenty of local ads and IDs during timeouts.NEW! TL-IN
1010 WHIN TN Gallatin 9/25 0230 2 "Real Country 1010" ID's by male announcer. Local ad's. briefly rose over CFRB then gone. NEW! GH-IL
1050 WADC WV Parkersburg 9/16 1953 Faded in and out with AC mx, ment. on peak "Right here on AM-1050, WADC" into ads. 144 watts! NEW! EB-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 9/28 0622 P very weak but clear "KNX ten seventy newsradio" heard mixing with KHMO and WFNI, 1825 miles, CA #2 NEW! TL-IN
1080 WONS KY Cannonsburg 9/27 2113 F christian programming and music. Sixth new one tonight. NEW! TL-IN
1090 WHGG TN Kingsport 9/22 2004 F contemporary christian music format with IDs as "100.3 Love FM", good in with WBAL, did not hear actual call but // to webstream. NEW! TL-IN
1110 WKDZ KY Cadiz 9/27 1948 P- music by Fleetwood Mac, ID as "oldies 96.5 100.9 WHVO", heard WKDZ call in weather promo, NEW! TL-IN
1130 WYXE TN Gallatin 9/25 1958 Very loud and mostly alone with spanish christian music format, confirmed by webstream, suddenly gone @ 0103. Used RF-2200 due to storms nearby. Second new one from this city this week. NEW! TL-IN
1150 KSAL KS Salina 9/16 2204 F end of song, HSFB scores for many cities in Kansas, nice fade-ups but mostly weak. NEW! TL-IN
1150 KASM MN Albany 9/17 0614 Vp -polkas,waltzes way u/WHBY. Calls into mx. Not common. JJR-WI
1250 WSSP WI Milwaukee 9/28 2100 F ESPN sports programming, call not heard but lots of Milwaukee ments. NEW! TL-IN
1270 WMKT MI Charlevoix 9/29 1825 P weakly heard behind local WCMR Elkhart, IN, with Joe Pags show, verified by webstream, NEW! TL-IN
1350 WARF OH Akron 9/30 1847 P-F HSFB St. Vincent-St. Mary High Fighting Irish vs Steubenville Big Red", in and out, NEW! TL-IN
1360 WNAH TN Nashville 9/28 1834 F- ads for Nashville stores, heard WNAH ID during ad, NEW! TL-IN
1370 WDEF TN Chattanooga 9/29 1801 F "home of the Atlanta Braves on Classic Country 1370 WDEF AM Chattanooga", into Braves BB, NEW! TL-IN
1510 WWHN IL Joliet 9/25 0701 P- Loud with black gospel music format. Logged on overnight recording while looking for KGA. only 97 miles. NEW! TL-IN
1510 KGA WA Spokane 9/25 0459 Vp mixing w/WLAC and WWHN. Sports programming, fade-ups about every 5 min throughout the night. Caught very clear "KGA ID at 0557:15" confirmed by webstream. WA #1! NEW! TL-IN
1510 KGA WA Spokane 9/23 2156 Very poor under WLAC with Fox Sports. Lost, but after TOH, was able to catch enough to get a match to their Webcast. Thanks to a fellow DXer for tip! WA #2!!! NEW! EB-MI

AUGUST'S HOTTEST 13 NEW and RARE! MA MI MN MO NY OH RI WI and MB were represented!
810 CKJS MB Winnipeg 8/27 2115 FF MOR music, over WGY, // online stream. NEW! SP-WI
850 WEEI MA Boston 8/26 2100 P-F o/u WGVS oldies with ID's into ESPN. No sign of WKNR for once. Very rare. NK-IL
1190 WBHA MN Wabasha 8/2 0638 P -"Weathereye forecast on 1190AM & 99.7FM WBHA" way behine WOWO. Not heard in years! Rare. JJR-MI
1260 KSGF MO Springfield 8/11 0500 P tho on top, LID for "104.1" w/Fox news. If AM said, not heard. Rare! JJR-WI
1300 WGDJ NY Rensselaer 8/26 2200 F o/u pest WOOD with ID and "The Capital District's Talk Radio" slogan. NEW! NK-IL
1340 WALL NY Middletown 8/26 2300 VP o/u WJRW/others with call ID and what phonetically sd/lk Middletown and partial W231BP calls. NEW! NK-IL
1400 WDUZ WI Green Bay 8/7 2152 Vp tho "107-5 the Fan" popped out for stn promos. Only 2nd time heard here. Rare. JJR-MI
1410 WDOE NY Dunkirk 8/17 1220-1235 weak but alone and easy copy, several Classic Hits 94.9 FM and 1410 AM WDOE liners. CKSL silent. NEW! TS-MI-2
1440 WCDL PA Carbondale 8/25 2300 P-F o/u pest WJJL with The Game slogan and call ID. NEW! NK-IL
1450 WNBY MI Newberry 8/7 2142 Vp "AM 1450, Newberry...." Despite closeness, almost rare! JJR-MI
1590 WARV RI Warwick 8/26 P with WAKR subdued. "We are Life Changing Radio, WARV Warwick.....Life Changing Radio App." RI #3 NEW! NK-IL
1700 WPTC-520 MI Sterling Heights 8/2 2058 P peaks with NOAA wx. Clear ment of Detroit Metro Airport. Confirmed via phone call. Occasionally, this comes under WRCR now that I've got both antennas in the array properly repaired and the termination null almost completely kills KBGG. NEW! NK-IL
1700 WQIZ337 synchros OH Dayton area 8/5 2210 P and occasionally audible u/WRCR pest with area traffic ment 1-75 and I-675 and Ohio ment. Ment of some website by compu-gal that I just couldn't copy. www.???.com. Thx to Tim Tromp for help with this. Had to aim beam somewhat south of east to get this. NEW! NK-IL
JULY'S HOTTEST 2 NEW from NY and PA. Still in summer, NEW is in the dx dictionary!
1260 WPHB PA Phillipsburg 7/25 2101 F with ID and into more C&W. NEW! NK-IL
1270 WDLA NY Walton 7/26 2200 G mixed with WCGC (also IDing) with 2 ID's and back into ESPN. Makes me wonder if anything runs proper night power anymore? NEW! NK-IL
1550 WZUM PA Braddock 7/25 2200 F mixed with WDLR cheat and CBE. Ments of listener supported radio and Pittsburgh and then call ID's. NEW! NK-IL
1590 WGGO NY Salamanca 7/30 2300 P-F in mess with ID dual ID for WOEN 1360 (not heard) and into oldies. Not supposed to be on at night. Strength makes me suspect 500w PSRA. NEW! NK-IL