Retro 1-2-3!!!

   Check it out! Easy as 1-2-3! On this RETRO PAGE, ONE month is checked out, TWO new, interesting or rare catches are listed from THREE DX'ers reporting in that month. A lot of people have contributed dx tips since 1981. In this page, you can see their contributions! All DX-midAMerica bulletins and internet pages have been saved. That's a lifetime of dx, notes or things of interest! It's really a nice look back: old calls, stations gone, old formats, etc! One can really look back and see where we once were and where we are now, and a lot in between. Some might have been forgotten and some might have never been heard again! That rare! That good! So, it is 1-2-3 for each month, plus any other goodies found!

September 1983 ONE month! TWO catches from THREE reporters in said month!
1380 WPYK VT Ru9/10 0330 F popped in/out PK-WI
1580 WSRF FL Fort Lauderdale 9/11 2028 G calls, OLDies PK-WI
1150 WDEL DE Wilmington 9/15 2200 F w/LID. 3rd time heard this month! BM-WI
1450 WIIN NJ Atlantic City 9/4 0100 F promo, calls BM-WI
765 Senegal 9-1 0100 Interval signal in o/1/2 hour! WM-WI
891 Algeria 9-11 2341 snatches of mx, talking once in a while WM-WI

August, 2016 ONE month! TWO catches from THREE reporters in said month!
90.9 KTWJ Moffat-Lincoln ND 08/22 1005 #722 on FM SA-MB
95.3 KKWZ Rugby ND 08/22 1000 SA-MB (2 of 4 new logs on this day!)
13.58 ** KBQL-FM 92.7 Las Vegas, NM - Fair, mixing with CJSP with C&Wm 'Real Country. 92.7 The Bull.' NEW! (Aug15) EB-MI
14.00 ** KKOB-FM 93.3 Albuquerque, NM - Fair with ads, Weekend Showdown on KOB-FM. Hot AC mx. NEW! (Aug15) EB-MI
1402 97.7 KWUT Elsinore UT promo about broadcasting from atop a mountain, Elsinore ments. "How does it sound down there" 8/14 Es LOY-IL
1439 96.9 KMCM Odessa TX "97 GOLD" ID local ads 8/14 Es LOY-IL

July, 2015 ONE month! TWO catches from THREE reporters in said month!
92.9 KAFF-FM Flagstaff AZ 7/6 1125 RDS came on SA-MB
103.7 KODS Carnelian Bay CA 7/6 1133 FIRST EVER CALIFORNIA FM STATION State #36 SA-MB
94.9 KYSS MT Missoula 7/6 2043 Country, songs by various artists, ads for Grizzly Cabinets and Missoula Motors, “KISS FM”, NEW! JB-WI
94.1 KCLK WA Clarkston 7/6 2128 OLD mx. songs by various artists, vintage ads for Coke and Folger’s, NEW state for me! JB-WI
94.3 WCYY Portland, ME WCYY.com website mentioned 7/6 1206 LOY-IL
92.3 WMME Augusta, ME local ads for Jokees Discount Beverages 7/6 1221 LOY-IL

June, 2011 ONE month! TWO catches from THREE reporters in said month!
94.9 WKSJ AL Mobile 6/25 Es 1936C&W song by Kenny Chesney. NEW! JB-WI
96.1 WXFL AL Florence 6/25 Es 2027 C&W Brad Paisley, NEW JB-WI
92.9 KLRK TX Waco 6/12 Es 1220 Skin Deep Clinic 680-75XX TK-MT
88.1 KICB IA Fort Dodge 6/12 Es 1250 Id'd as the Point. 25ow -748mi. In 3-4 mins TK-MT
101.5 XHAVO MEX Reynosa 6/22 Es 1517 way o/WKBQ Loy-IL
104.9 XKQC MEX Saltillo 6/22 Es 1552 o/semi local. Many local ments Loy-IL

May, 1982 ONE month! TWO catches from THREE reporters in said month!
700 HJCX Colombia 5/13 1015p G WLW nulled. R Sutatenza JJR-WI
740 CMAC Cuba, Pinar Del Dio 5/20 5a G quite loud, steady JJR-WI
730 WVGO MI East Lansing 5/17 415p Fading, id. MYL MP-WI
1220 CJOC AB Lethbridge 5/10 845p id, pop mx u/WGAR MP-WI
1320 KADI MO Clayton 5/12 730 id, alone BM-WI
1500 WKAX AL Russellville 5/26 820p P w/ID, fading in-out BM-WI

April, 2002 ONE month! TWO catches from THREE reporters in said month!
1240 WJON MN St.Cloud F St.Cloud ments, promo, LID, ESPN MS-MB
1400 WEEP MN Virginia 4/30 2259 F nx,LID "Preparing the way for the Lord" slogan. MS-MB
1490 KNEL TX Brady 4/12 0659 Quick "1490 KNEL" & gone! TN-TX
1490 KWMC TX Del Rio 4/11 1159 Nice sinal on top. OLDies JN-TX
93.1 KQID LA Alexandria G Top40, calls. 4/17 0545 AS-MS
96.5 WMJJ AL Birmingham F Birmingham nx. 4/17, 0700 AS-MS
March ONE month! TWO catches from THREE reporters in said month!
March 2016
*SAT 12 MAR: Tropo!
105.7 CHRE ON & 99.1 CKXS ON tropo & NEW! EB-MI
March 2015
980 KICA NM Clovis 3/20 0700 F-G alone with dual ID for KTNZ and KICA and ment of "ESPN for eastern NM and the panhandle" // KTNZ 1010. NEW! NK-IL
1400 KHCB TX League City 3/20 1857-1900 P League City/Houston heard. 962 miles, my 2nd furthest GY from here! NEW! NK-IL
760 WETR TN Knoxville 3/19 0605 P WJR nulled. WETR Talk Radio 760. TN#110 760 #10 NEW! JJR-WI
1340 KWOR WY Worland 3/20 0654 P Your hometown Radio stn is KWOR Worland, NEW! JJR-MI

February 1983 ONE month! TWO catches from THREE reporters in said month!
1450 WFIX AL Huntsville 2/9 2338 P id only BM-WI now WTKI, with TALK!
1490 WAJF AL Decatur 2/10 0006 G loud s/off BM-WI now WEKI, with TALK!
620 NICARAGUA YNGR 2/12 0555GMT P u/WTMJ, Top40 MK-WI YNA3RN are calls now!
1555 CAYMAN IS MM 2/14 0556GMT F id, opera program MK-WI Transmitter beyond repair:1999. Now on FM!
1360 WKAT FL Miami Beach 2/5 0404 F AP nx, s/id RK-IL Still WKAT, tho SS REL as R.Luz!
1600 WJNJ FL Atlantic Beach 2/10 0500 F s/on RK-IL Now WZNZ, with OLDies!
NOTES: 11 reporters, 99.5 WZPL Indianapolis ex:WIKS, stays Top40 FM 104.7 Targets:WFNN Escanaba, KCLD St.Cloud, both Top40.
1050 targets:CFYN Sault Ste Marie, WKAU Kaukauna,WI and WOKL Eau Claire,WI, all Top40! Top 3 Milwaukee Arbitron: WEZW/EZ WISN/AC WTMJ/AC.
US Census Bureau predicts in 2000:268M people, average age:36, up from 30, it was in '83.

January 1982 ONE month! TWO catches from THREE reporters in said month!
690 -CBU BC Vancouver 1/17 0311 Alone w/Oh Canada & s/off HS-WI
750 CBGY NF Bonavista 1/15 2000 Class/Light MoR mx, ID HS-WI
940 KTON TX Belton 1/6 1730 F thru WOKY slop. Wx, s/off. C&W JA-WI KTON no longer on air
1400 CKCB ON Collingwood 1/9 0100 P w/ID and P/A mx JA-WI CKGB no longer on 1400
810 ZNS3 BAHAMAS Gr.Bahama 1/16 0500GMT ID, female singing EZ type mx TS-WI
1580 WPUV VA Pulaski 1/16 2100 Full ID then out. On for emergency. TS-WI WPUV no longer on air
NOTES:Issue #6, 1190 WERU Sun Prairie,WI now on, 640 HJBJ Santa Maria,COLOMBIA logged(CAC-WI JJR-WI)and no Cuba! "LV de Santa Maria" had SS/EE rock mx.