DX Dialogue/Roundtable/Splatter!

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    Welcome to the DX dialogue/Roundtable page. These are basically comments or reactions sent at the end or along with your loggings to DX-midAMerica! Rather than going through everything posted, you can get a general "feel" for how things are, or have been of late, or what you might have missed! Comments will be kept up a few months as conditions change day to day and minute to minute!
    A line will separate monthly entries:

Oct 26: I hope to get something better soon
Oct 26: Heard WMPL talk show. Caller calls and says "I don't wanna be on the air." Um, why call.
Oct 26: Never thought I would hear a station named K-BARF, although I'm sure that's not how they refer to it!
Oct 25: Just one from last night but it's a good one for me: CKWX 1130. This morning was unproductive. Maybe tomorrow.
Oct 25: Getting out a bit further on regionals. Many UNIDS of course, but season way better than expected.
Oct 24: A good morning for me with three ATNOs. One was on my most wanted list! I may pull my RF-2200 out for some SSS DX later today. I hope to have more goodies to report tomorrow.
Oct 24: Good session. STILL trying for 1270 KLXX-ND & 1590 KDJS-MN tween hopeful fades of others.
Oct 24: Too bad my local WHLY wasn't completely off. 1580 used to be my best frequency.
Oct 22: Rather nice in the Dakotas, a few not heard yet this season. nice session! Rew UNIDs too.
Oct 22: Two new logs. Finally nabbed CKBI after trying for two weeks.
Oct 21: Snow on the pumpkin. 4" predicted. Got a trace on grass. Best job:always wrong. Still working! ;)
Oct 20: A bit of everything and SS UNID u/CBK.
Oct 19: Two new logs from last night/this morning. Nothing great but I'll take a new one over a re-log any day, hi.
Oct 18: Nothing new. Conditions didn't seem too hot this morning. Will try some SSS later today.
Oct 17: SSS DX netted me two of my closest un-heards within 30 minutes of each other. SRS DX got me another ATNO in KLOE. I love this hobby!
Oct 16: Also heard NPR on 640, suspect WNNZ-MA this time around, as it seemed strongest toward the SE. Chased it until I got called into work, but didn't have it long enough to get any local breaks.
Oct 16: I had the day off so got up early to DX. Nothing great but one new one.
Oct 12: KOMO has been one of my Most Wanteds since I started DXing. Too much WMVP here and I can't null them. But, I did manage two new ones this morning with one a Seattle!
Oct 11: Nothing great. I didn't get up this morning so no SRS DX.
Oct 11: Every morning DX goes west about 0730EDT for 45 minutes or so, then back to normal. KCJB remains a mystery and the stations with no calls, no slogans, etc. are un-real!!!!!!
Oct 10: Nothing new but conditions seemed decent this morning. Tried for KIDO again but no luck.
Oct 09: Got KIDO!! A fitting end to a very long week for me
Oct 05: This was heard thanks to a tip from another DXer. It was mostly out, but did fade up enough a couple of times for me to determine what was being said.
Oct 03: Nothing great but a few decent relogs.
Oct 02: After a day away from DX, nice to get up to a good, full band and a new log!!!
Sep 30: Lousy cx. After a couple of scans which yielded nothing else of interest, I finally switched it off.
Sep 29: Got up, started the recorder and went back to bed. My recording revealed two nice ones. Still looking for that elusive KIDO.
Sep 27: I understand it was REALLY good overnight Saturday, but I fell asleep early. Work really took it out of me. Still ended up with a couple of good ones once I woke up!
Sep 27: There were others w/OLDies on 680, 1110 w/Cl HITS lost to KFAB. Nice too, WABC -Cousin Brucie. Felt like a kid again!
Sep 26: Nothing great but one new log in KUOM.
Sep 26: Why is is when dx'ing, I always hear the beginning of the song vs the end?
Sep 24: DX takes a swing from E to W every morning.
Sep 22: 1680 WPRR was really under modulated this morning, leaving SS, but who?
Sep 21: No GY action yet. Will check these out more as the season continues. CBX in, Ched not. Calif not in.
Sep 20: Others of course heard, but not confirmed. Open carriers on 1090 & 610, but produced zilch.
Sep 17: KCBS was a shocker! Only 2nd time heard. No Komo, Ched, etc, but still nice!
Sep 15: A little less this morning, but KTSM CJYM (and even KPRM this early) were nuggets!
Sep 13: Missed Saturday's good tropo because of work. DXing is fun, but it doesn't pay the bills!
Sep 11: Mediocre morning. I got up too late and might have missed some good stuff. Oh well. 73
Sep 10: Rather nice to the East.
Sep 08: Otherness:1400 had polkas tthru WCCY and poss WBIZ. SS behind 760. 1410 had C&W in brief f/up o/WIZM. Lost. Certainly not as good as past days, but trying, I guess.
Sep 07: Friends nothing exotic...but something from a Graveyard freq nonetheless.
Sep 07: Great Website! Decided to get back into dxing after SDR revived my interest! Will be posting more as time permits.
Sep 07: Nothing great but nice to see conditions to the west are still OK.
Sep 07: Soooo good to Edmonton this AM. Other logs from days ago added.
Sep 06: I got up this morning but local storms made the band unlistenable so I went back to bed. One new log from last night in WMEX. 73 to all.
Sep 06: Not the best cx, but did come across a couple of rarities Friday night. (4th-ed)
Sep 06: Better the past few days. Too, so many vitamin shows, pub service, REL shows on Sun morning, so slim pickins!
Sep 05: Nothing great. I may try to drag myself out of bed in the morning to see what's coming in.
Sep 05: POSSIBLE 1010 CBR and 740 CBX. Very, very weak. Both w/same feed. Too weak to copy. Season is young and will try again.
Sep 04: Others in from West and dropped noticeably and o/60 mins without a bite. Still trying.

Aug 27: Maybe 680 KNBR-CA is a good sign for the start of the DX season. One nice log to report this morning.
Aug 19: So much lightning static yet out of bed at 8:20 EDT vs usual 620. DX in, East wiped out though!
Aug 17: OK we'll see what tonight brings ...73 tks.
Aug 17: Very, very good SRS session! THE AM DX SEASON IS ON!
Aug 16: One for the seasoned veterans; heavy QSB, and very hit or miss. Mostly miss. Es season is not yet over, it appears!
Aug 14: It occurs to me...50 yrs at the dials this year. getting old LOL. Congrats! ed
Aug 13: Heres hoping for better in a day or two
Aug 09: Just on a whim I broke out a Grundig YB400PE I have had boxed up for years. Heard it was a good AM DX receiver. I was pretty happy.
Aug 08: Yesterday I did a rough tally of all the weak TA and TP signals and frequencies I recorded since purchasing a SDR 4.5 years ago. It came out to about 215 TAs and 112 TPs. It is common to see these weak signals on any given night and even in summer. It's rare to have identifiable audio. Only 4 Algerians and one UK station have been identified so far ( and no TPs) in these 4.5 years. Some of these weak stations can be tentatively identified by finding a match between their sunrise(sunset) time and their fade out(fade in) time. Stations with uncommon frequencies offsets or having power downs(ups) @ certain times can sometimes be matched with what is being reported on the MWList website. But I still need audio confirmation before I will log any matches. Tom
Aug 08: Hope your summer is going well. Mine is flying by.
Aug 08: Hoping for some more this weekend. Thanks 73
Aug 04: Cx nothing worth writing home about around here. Decided to check AM since FM was dead. Local translator W232CA-94.3 was noted back on the air Monday, after being off the past couple of weeks. Also noted HD back on WWJ-950; HD there had been OTS since mid-March.
Aug 03: This will be MUCH IMPROVED by mid-August!!!!
Jul 31: WIGM & WOCO not heard in 16 years here! This summer.... Yesterday:SS on 1260 1020 (NM?)
Jul 29: July and a new one can still be found.
Jul 26: Cx here were very hit or miss -- mostly miss.
Jul 18: And into tropo season we go...
Jul 18: Tipped off by a 144 mhz e mail K7ULS Alert from this area.
Jul 18: Sincere thanx to Mr.Kraft in MT for the heads up text!!!!!
Jul 13: Very, very nice to the East this evening.
Jul 12: It's been a looong time but here is one not wiped out by summer static. Hopefully some better ones later.
Jul 11: THIS was a good session! While stuff seems close, hills, mountains in are make the Marquettes,etc almost impossible!
Jul 09: FINALLY got a minute to type all this up; been working a lot so this ended up on hold. DXing is fun, but unfortunately, it doesn't pay the bills around here!
Jul 09: Es on a day off, works for me.
Jul 07: Basically dx'ing 1230-1600 on SRS up here. Will be waay better in last August. Still, the times WIGM & WOCO noted this summer is odd! FM on. Hoping for something!
Jul 02: First good opening of the year and two ones snagged along with about 2 dozen re-logs.

Jun 27: Very difficult sessions to work; nothing stayed in for more than a few seconds, at best. Definitely a couple for the seasoned veterans!
Jun 25: Almost 100 mins of non-stop skip!!!!! MAny, many UNIDS. Heres a few, of which I dont know if I'll ever know! 103.5 I hate myself for lovin you, j jett, 106.1 RDS "106.1 MEGAN" Top40 Kiss?Dallas, unn, 98.1 C&W RDS not locking, 95.1 C&W trading w/SS, 94.1 LOUD SS RDS never locked, SS on 107.7 107.5 107.1 C&W on 105.5, 100.7 FM talk, here's one "in Stereo on 94.9" C&W, 89.7 ss LOUD, 105.3 SS, 101.3 SS, 100.3 wx, Ariana Grande, I missed calls. Tuned in 2 late, 96.5 SS, 2 on 96.1 C&W - CBS news on the hr! This was GOOD STUFF!
Jun 24: Nothing too solid, a few strong. A few mins of nothing, went for a dog walk. 4341 miles as of today!
Jun 20: My first new one in several weeks! I Guess someone forgot to tell me DX season was over..LOL
Jun 16: Once again, it was hit and miss -- mostly miss. Nothing stayed in for long, and RDS decodes were very few and far between.
Jun 14: Fun fact: 1340 KIJV-SD has been heard far more than 1340 WLDY-WI. That has only been heard twice!
Jun 12: Lousy, horrid. Almost as bad as one could get. Bare minimum DX!
Jun 11: Nice to STILL have stuff in at 830 EDT. Very weak of course, and not all frequencies, but.....
Jun 10: Hit and miss Es, mostly miss. Nothing stayed in for very long.
Jun 10: A few others in -mostly out. Dog walk in between!
Jun 10: No FM this morn. Always checking most wanted list. WIGM was rare. Possibly under 5 times hearing this!
Jun 03: Extremely difficult session; nothing hung around for more than a few seconds at a time. That KWGF catch was completely off the wall, as I noted nothing else whatsoever coming from that way.
Jun 03: Many thanks to Mr. Rieger for heads up via text on this opening. My first of the season.
- - - - -
May 30: Looks like we worked THREE different clouds Saturday afternoon/evening. I was quite pleased with the opening toward the southeast.
May 27: What a night! SS on 710 (Cuba?) 800 TWR, 1010 WTZA?, 590 SS "de la Musica" 890 somthing u/WLS, 940 SS
May 25: Felt good to hit the dials again. 1230 SOUNDS like WFER-MI's WIKB-99.1, yet there certainly would be stop-sets for ads, or talking within one hour of listening. 1280 might be WADO. Will see again tonight. Per WKTA: if I've heard that station 15 times in 53 years of this hobby, I'd be bragging! Most of signal goes into Lake Michigan.
May 21: Shoulda stayed in bed. Lousy conditions, but good coffee, and that's the news! No FM to speak of.
May 17: The 800 is a stumper! Totally lost on this, but thinking ????. Weatheology is MN based. Flip for sure!
May 11: Certainly not the greatest listing, but what was available.
May 07: A night in the graveyard! Always fun!
May 05: Barely DX in this report, but it is May.
May 04: Sat on 1240 hearing Old Time Radio. 1400 w/semi local WRJN totally nulled yielded talk, but who? Listened 15 mins or so, and you'd never guess when it faded. The 680 OLDies was not heard this session.
May 03: It sounds like many people heard the DX test from Montana. I was able to hear it on my main DX radios and also using my CCrane CC Skywave with built in antenna. Gotta go mow my very overgrown lawn!
May 02: Did not think I would get this one but those sweep tones and Code IDís made it so easy. New catch for me never been heard here before. You have to love new DX in May.
May 01: A few others who fade in, out and more than most: get lost! Will be back again tomorrow, hi!
Apr 30: Sat on 1570, then later on 1450 for an hour. Few fade ups but no bites, I guess. More tonite I hope!
Apr 29: WoW! Nice to get a NEW log. Only 4TH new log of 2020!
Apr 28: One thing for sure. Looking over my 53 years of logs, I'd never have the numbers IO have now due to dial/station crowding versus 1967's radio dial. Whew!
Apr 27: Getting my feet wet w/a little FM action!
Apr 23: Getting up early for this? Sign me Harley Worth-it!
Apr 22: Coulda listened longer, but if I hear Corona Virus another 400 times, I'll lose it! Cut the losses and go for an essential dog walk!
Apr 20: Certainly not going for distance, but closer in rare or hopefully NEW stuff! Essential dx, hi!
Apr 17: Nice to MN ND SD a bit. STILL, trying for 1590 KDJS Willmar, 1270 KLXX Bismarck, Off for essential dog walk later on!
Apr 16: Noted too, KMNQ MN was on this morning, tho not as good as the other day.
Apr 15: I think this was the earliest I'd ever seen Es in April! Today it's snowing in Carleton; just measured 2" atop the trash cart outside. Go figure!
Apr 14: Nothing great, obviously, but in May, this might look pretty good, I guess.
Apr 11: Certainly none of these are great, but it is April, I guess.
Apr 07: Decent tropo this morning!
Apr 07: Also noted, but not logged: WGL-1250 FWA on this morning, // 103.9 Wayne FM, and playlist match to WWFW. Lousy cx this morning; checked FM and it was also dead.
Apr 07: Nothing great, certainly, and a few UNIDS on 1140 (Urban AC) 960 "Tri County Bank" (in WSBT null.) KLTF? 1420, what sounded like R&B. Nothing, great, again, but trying.
Apr 03: ALSO NOTED: slight echo during Hugh Hewitt on 1250; one was apparently WPGP, the other I'm kind of leaning toward WRAY, as it seemed to be from the same QTE as FWA. Kind of difficult to get around WGL, and there's also a third station from Warrenton, VA that carries Hugh Hewitt during the same time. Will remain unid for now...
Apr 03: Cx still nothing worth writing home about.
Apr 02: Lackluster cx in Carleton continue...
Apr 01: Don't dx SSS much, but this wasn't too bad for the end of March. 1230 & 1240 seemed nice, plus WBT.
Mar 28: Very nice compared to yesterday and last night, where nothing was worth reporting. Out to walk the dog. Light walks, from two tumors. She is a strong girl!
Mar 26: A few others popped in and out. One was giving an EIGHT day forecast and faded "here at..." Gone!
Mar 19: A nice session this morning. A few not heard in quite a while.
Mar 17: Not as good as yesterday. A few things out of whack seemingly: power ups, patterns, etc. Out for a dog walk now.
Mar 13:Wow! What a great SRS session. Very, very good! Shoulda been up earlier, hi!
Mar 11:Rather nice morning. Many, many UNIDS, indicating stuff was in and worth chasing, for sure. None new, but the two rare logs were worth the effort!!!
Mar 08:So nice that so many stations didn't set anything for the time change to Daylight Time. Hi!