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    Welcome to the DX dialogue/Roundtable page. These are basically comments or reactions sent at the end or along with your loggings to DX-midAMerica! Rather than going through everything posted, you can get a general "feel" for how things are, or have been of late, or what you might have missed! Comments will be kept up a few months as conditions change day to day and minute to minute!
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Jan 15 The first new one of 2019 at last.
Jan 10 Good skip to the East but nothing new just interesting.
Jan 03 Starting at about 1500 EST, a lot of the big stations were already in decently; WHAS-840, WBBM-780, WRVA-1140, KMOX-1120, KXEL-1540, KYW-1060, and WLAC-1510 were all in. Interestingly, no sign of WCKY until later! Great cx this afternoon/evening!
Jan 03 Cx still nothing worth stopping the presses about, but a new one is a new one. First new one of 2019.
Jan 02 No CBW til 0600. Unusual. Talk u/WLS. No WGRB leaving Fox Sports:Waite Park or Schofield/Wausau. Unn.
Jan 01 Cx kind of so-so; looked for that unid classic hits station from this morning, but no luck.
Dec 31 The last logging for 2019 which I hope is filled with health happiness and DX for you and all your family.
Dec 24 My local neighborhood RFI QRM and jammers have really picked up of late. A negative aspect of the Holiday season I guess. Season Greetings!
Dec 22 Finally nailed KBHB which I targeted a week ago.
Dec 21 The 1270 SS is a stumper. Not noted ever. Not WKBF which has been off. Seemed SW from here.
Dec 15 Sub-par session. So many stn run Nat'l ads, never ID into shows, songs, or wx w/no calls. Unreal!
Dec 14 All short haul stuff, sadly, but trying for 1590 KDJS. Forget it, but will be back later, I guess.
Dec 12 After 0830 all turned West/NE etc. NO WVON WPRR WOZN WSJP. X band just died! Quite nice!
Dec 08 Oct was way better than this. Should start later as sunrise is 8:30 EST. DX still in at 11am, easily.
Dec 04 Certainly not great or even good, but always trying! WHOW w/CBS promo, I almost mistook for more common KOLM. KBKB almost mistook for more common WSAI. Glad I stuck around for both.
Dec 02 Great that 2 stations were running o/c's! A double header if you will! 1460 was a daytimer, then pssa and a move from Racine to West Allis happened in time. 1400 WRJN used to sign off nightly, until "9-11" and has been NSP since! Both known easily to have automation hang-ups/issues. Years ago, all was live and this would never happen.
Nov 29 Had a fairly good DX session last night resulting in hearing Algeria on 252 kHz for the first time.
Nov 28 I got a "Triple Play", 3 stations on the same frequency.
Nov 25 Long time target finally heard thanks to their web stream confirming what I had otherwise it would not have been a new one. The KW4VA SDR was clear but weak copy but was a big help with the PJB web feed.
Nov 23 This radio (DX440-ed) loves this end-fed Longwire antenna. So, I thought I would see what it would pick up through the slop. Lots of rapid fading at a rate of about 3 seconds. All times UTC (-7 hours MST)
Nov 21 Shoulda stayed in bed. Have had way better cx in October than this morning. Last night: lackluster.
Nov 14 Kinda so -so but it will have to do
Nov 10 Be aware that the fire situation in CA will provide opportunities as many LAX and SF stations are broadcasting information about evacuations and affected areas.
Nov 09 Still having fun with the DX-440. Connected the 4 foot Box-Loop
Nov 08 Tried for more needed stations west of there, but once again, a bust. Cx still not all that good around here.
Nov 08 Certainly better than yesterday, tho, of course, nothing new.
Nov 07 Lousy session if this is "the best" dx. It will get better....
Nov 06 Cx were pretty blah this morning, but still managed to snag a new one, so it wasn't ALL bad.
Nov 04 I have been seeing reports of Asian hets. I would like to try hearing them soon.
Nov 04 I hope to DX a bit tonight and maybe have more.
Nov 02 With the change of month, lotta folk didn't set power ups accordingly. This is a monthly happening!
Nov 01 Not much DX done in recent months, but did hear a new one yesterday