DX Dialogue/Roundtable/Splatter!

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    Welcome to the DX dialogue/Roundtable page. These are basically comments or reactions sent at the end or along with your loggings to DX-midAMerica! Rather than going through everything posted, you can get a general "feel" for how things are, or have been of late, or what you might have missed! Comments will be kept up a few months as conditions change day to day and minute to minute!
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NOV 19:Lackluster moning. Shoulda stayed in bed, hi!
NOV 14:1590 WIXK off the air today. WVGB in on enhanced daytime skywave today..
NOV 14:1110 WLSV: I need help with this one guys. For the past few nights at SSS, I have been hearing country for at least an hour or so under KFAB. WLSV was posted as Country by a dxer on DxMidAmerica. WUTA not likely, stream can not connect at night. Definately not WOMN. Does not match stream. Definately not KRDC, too early.
NOV 12: Nice, nice SRS session. Many UNIDS, SS noted: 590 990 760 730
NOV 10:Four more new ones to add to my log. Getting close to my goal of 800 and the season is just beginning. 15 away!
NOV 09:Up for SRS 11/9....total bust and back to well deserved ZZZZZZZZZ.
NOV 09:I have had some success in the last few days!
NOV 08:A lot more stuff is coming in than I can identify. Possible auroral conditions tonite?