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    Welcome to the DX dialogue/Roundtable page. These are basically comments or reactions sent at the end or along with your loggings to DX-midAMerica! Rather than going through everything posted, you can get a general "feel" for how things are, or have been of late, or what you might have missed! Comments will be kept up a few months as conditions change day to day and minute to minute!
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Sep 2o 790 is WIDE OPEN w/KXXX MIA in checks, KGHL weak or a no show on checks. New KJRB on 9/6, noted again!
Sep 19 a week away on Lk Superior circle. Some lightning crashes. Good to West though!
Sep 09 Very, very good SRS session. Way different than yesterday. Much, much better!
Sep 08 After eluding me for so long, I FINALLY hit #2000 Thursday night. The NEXT thousand are going to be considerably more difficult! This represents MANY hours at the dials, and NUMEROUS gallons of coffee that have gone down the hatch over the years. I feel great now that this hurdle has been cleared.
Sep 05 Quite nice for September and most heard very little this summer. NO Duluths, just Mpla area & KUOO.
Sep 04 Nothing great obviously, but I guess it's a start.
Aug 28 Wow,cx went noticably W/SW @5:35.SS:930 940 900 760/no WJR 740 670,no WSCR, 1570.
Aug 27 Set wrong time on alarm. Up 1 hr late. Huge lightning showers. Missed nothing, band dead really.
Aug 26 Caught that summer cold that's been going around, so wasn't at 100% capacity.
Aug 18 Good opening today but not much on the new one side. KNCM-FM is my 40th new one this year and number 782 for all time FMís heard from here.
Aug 17 760 had SS, 800 LOUD SS, 650 SS. Seemed good to West, South
Aug 16 Of note, the loud/steady SS on 540 660 (in for solid hour) & 800.
Aug 13 Looking at Meteor Scatter and an Es opening showed up.Maybe the last one of the season, but nice.
Aug 13 The last 10 days or so I have been SEEING tons of unknown stations coming in but almost all are too weak to be heard. I am almost tempted to run a couple of beverages across the city streets and thru everyoneís backyards. HI
Aug 12 WOW what a morning for FM. Maybe it helps that yesterday we got to 99F and supposed to be same or more today. That and the sky is covered in smoke from forest fires in BC and Alberta..day 4 of it. All of these are new one lots more heard but were repeats
Aug 05 Hoping for Es which IS NOT OVER YET, hoping for better, but will settle for the "crumbs" if you will.
July 30 Nice to see that some Es are still around.
July 30 Reminder... Es are still a possibility. Don't take a break until at least mid-August. Good luck.
July 21 Went for pizza after 2mi dogwalk. 99.3 getting Es over tn 28 miles away. Time for pizza & DX!
July 19 In both cases (2035) and (2135) was listening to Tigers on 99.3 translator when others over-rode!
July 19 No Es 15 mins earlier, but lucked out with this short session. Stopped at 96.3
July 16 Not bad. Most translators wiped out!!!! Plus, THREE new logs. Not bad! Rack 'em up!
July 15 After going to sleep at 10 and waking up at 2:15, thought I'd see what was in. Nothing great, but...
July 11 Overall my catches have been about 50 miles longer this year,
July 11 Would have loved to have heard some VA and NC on tropo (All I have from said states were heard by Es) Sat on it most of Sunday but despite good cx being reported all over the place, nothing much came across here. Sadly, DX doesn't pay the bills around here.
July 9 Took dog for a 2 mile walk. Skip was gone. Came back & checked formerly dead-ish band. Glad I did.
July 8 Most not common anymore due to xlators, etc. 96.1 106.5 Milw xlators EASILY wiped out! Chicago not in.
July 3 Nothing great, of course, but all NOT common. FF/Quebec in sev freqs last nite. Didn't last tho.
June 30 Es were very hit or miss -- mostly miss. Tons of QSB; this was definitely one for the seasoned veterans! Had to miss most of the tropo/Es of the past couple of days due to work, but I did manage to get a few crumbs out of it!
June 30 Not AM DX season but sometimes I have good luck pulling in stuff from "down south" during summer. Maybe better tonight.
June 27 COMMENTS: very unstable conditions but got 3 new ones so no complaints. Best year in several years here for FM
June 23Felt really, really good to try the old AM this morning! 3 cups of coffee already, hi!
June 22Note: Probably most of the reflection was into the Pacific Ocean. The last 2 captures are on the Pacific Coast.
June 22 Saw I missed a good opening today 22 June, but was at work so I missed it. DXing is fun, but it doesn't pay the bills around here!
June 22Hit jackpot after walking dog last nite hearing flutter on 99.3 Houghton x-lator. Not as lucky 2day.
June 22 COMMENTS: OK that takes care of the UNIDís I could figure out. WHAT A MORNING!!!!!! and yes the Good Lord was with me today 17 new ones in under 24 hours
June 22 COMMENTS: These are the new one this morning. SOOOO many spanish UNID's nio clue who they were. KBQL is FM #750 for me
June 21 It was painfully slow early in the season. Making up for lost time.
June 21 COMMENTS: Finally an opening first of the year. all were new but KLUH
June 19 There were a couple of other clouds that others around me were getting in on, but I had nothing from either one, save for a couple of spikes toward OK. Ended up with a decent consolation prize anyway.
June 19 I was copying the FT8 mail on 6-Meters all morning. It suddenly died out. I turned on SDRSharp.
June 19 I was doing some work on the computer when I looked up and saw the waterfall lit up.
June 19 6 Meters was still for the most part, quiet.
June 13 Certainly not a great list, I will admit, but waking up at 3am and 3 coffees later....
June 10 Spotty Es, and very hit or miss --- mostly miss. All relogs.
June 6 Eís been scarce. 15 minutes, 3 states, 1369 miles max. Iíll take it!
June 6 Finally after cloudy day, front came though/SUN out and there was DX! None all day. Many other UNIDS.
June 4 First Es DX of the season.
June 4 Not all frequencies. In/out: around noon, approaching sunset. Glad I walked dog earlier, HI!
June 2 Certainly not a great list but a start. Duluth,Wausau & Thunder Bay's all in.
June 1 Few & far between today. Went pack to ZZZZZ after an hour of squat. No KCKN. KTSM there/gone. No CKGM.

May 31 VERY difficult opening to work; stations were very hit or miss -- mostly miss. LOTS of QSB.
May 31 All closer in. Hoping for needed KDJS. One day, I guess. No FM's noted, thus this listing I guess, hi.
May 24 Not the best opening -- tons of QSB and hit or miss --- mostly miss --- but the season is now officially open!
May 18 Too, FMs from Thunder Bay, WIFC WDEZ others starting to show up. Not greatest list, I know.
May 7 V good to S. No CBK. SS there, No CKDO, enhanced to South. Back to ZZZZZZ.
May 5 Nothing great. DX still in, so....maybe tomorrow. Another day. maybe tomorrow.
May 2 Certainly, nothing great here but now is the time for the close-in targets!

Apr 27 Certainly not a great listing. Like going fishing. Good days, bad days. DX still there though.
Apr 20 Weird SRS session. Different stuff minute by minute tho shorter than yesterday. Weird.
Apr 17 Very, very nice session vs yesterday when there was NOTHING at all. Nothing!
Apr 5 1120 1140 had stuff way way wayyyyyy behind this morning. Have had better sessions for sure!
Mar 31 Still really good dx'ing. KFI nice to hear, 1700 XEPE again, so right place, right time, I guess.
Mar 27 Noted this morn: No CBK no CBW. No others on both freqs.
Mar 26 Nothing great, obviously, but the 1060 Mex was nice.
Mar 20 at 5:23 the LOUDEST BUZZ across the whole AM band wiped out every freq. Band unlistenable. Have heard this (light dimmer, motion light) 3x before. Always goes off later. Fences make good neighbors!
Mar 15 Really checking 600 610 680 1410 of late. Too, some that were always in are NOT! WTAQ WIZM WPRR WZTI
Mar 14 Cx kinda flat this morning, but WZMF was a nice surprise.
Mar 13 A lot of "normal" stuff not in this morning. Good! No WIZM TAQ ISN several good fades w/others. Nice session!
Mar 13 Was trying for some westerlies; had KXSP-590 mixing with WROW later, but nothing past there. Still got a nice consolation prize!