DX Dialogue/Roundtable/Splatter!

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    Welcome to the DX dialogue/Roundtable page. These are basically comments or reactions sent at the end or along with your loggings to DX-midAMerica! Rather than going through everything posted, you can get a general "feel" for how things are, or have been of late, or what you might have missed! Comments will be kept up a few months as conditions change day to day and minute to minute!
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Apr 22:HORRIBLE morning with only these two noted. Rest of band dead! Up since 2:45. Nap & sit on deck to listen to Tigers baseball. 67 and sun, after a walk with the dog. She walks me!
Apr 2O:Weird morning where sig were in close or rapidly going up/down. Trying for needed close in stuff. No luck.
Apr 19:Still chasing some interesting stuff but mostly w/o success. Unfortunately the lightning static has returned.
Mar 30:Condx were somewhat auroral the last few days. I logged a few new ones.
Mar 22:I didn't focus at all on TA/TP dx other than quickly checking some TA hets and founding no audio. Antenna problem was the ground. The problem was fixed by pulling out, cleaning, and reinstalling all the ground rods. The west/east wires still need replacing. They're a patchwork of various size wires and splices. Some of those slices were needed because of the deer breaking thru and chewing thru the wires. Uniform replacement wires should provide deeper nulls . Many of the former dx catches are now considered pests, i.e. most of the stations in southern Minnesota.
Mar 14:Always nice to log a target station.