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    Welcome to the DX dialogue/Roundtable page. These are basically comments or reactions sent at the end or along with your loggings to DX-midAMerica! Rather than going through everything posted, you can get a general "feel" for how things are, or have been of late, or what you might have missed! Comments will be kept up a few months as conditions change day to day and minute to minute!
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Sept 22: Lousy dx vs other days this month. Still, will get better toward months' end.
Sept 19: Spend over 1.5 hours yesterday evening looking for signs of TAs and found no trace of them anywhere on the band. This morning pre-dawn I had better luck and found a scattering of weak (no audio) TP signals here and there across the band. Finding weak TA and TP signals at this location is not that uncommon, but signals having some audio are apparently rare. Since purchasing the sdr in 2/16 about 125 TA and 75 TP distinct frequencies have been logged. Not a one had any detectable audio.
Sept 12:Without a doubt, what I've waited for MOST of summer! Finally!!!!! Other common not listed.
Sept 11: Diminished SS/Au this morn. Still SS:830,730,760-noWJR. More stuff/stns for Irma than Harvey.
Sept 11: Sept 9 tween 2140-2200 CDT: SS on 1180 990 970 760 730 710 610 600 "la Policia" 590
Sept 11: Sept 10 0540-0600 990 900 710 600 580
Sept 1O: Was grabbing some late night grub and 790 had strong Asian programming, on the car radio. Must be Atlanta. On late due to Irma?
Sept 1O: No joy tonight in Alabama, but I may be too close. WQXI is a frequent visitor here at night even on their night power. Best of luck for those who need it.
Sept 9: 990:HSFB 710:HSFB 590,600:SS 1020:SS on top of SS! 1580 "high in 80's" Au. Wish I had better.
Sept 8:Comments: I was listening to WFED-1500 when I thought there was something wrong w/ my radio. The vertical lines that represent stations on the waterfall display had widen so much that almost all the lines were overlapping each other.The display had no vertical lines, mostly just one big glob of color. This was happening on all the frequencies I checked. A look at the NOAA website showed that the planetary K-index had spiked from 2 to 8. A major geomagnetic disturbance was taking place! Apparently some uncommon frequency shifting ( the doppler effect ) was taking place due to the ionosphere being pushed around.
Sept 6:Not a far away station (KJOQ) but a new one is a new one.

Aug 30: Since 8/21 or even earlier, WIXK has been on an OC or off the air.
Aug 28: Nice to get a new one in the summer in the off season.
Aug 28:When hearing "Classic Country" I was waiting for "980 WCUB." Nice surprise after 50 years in the hobby getting KSGM!!!
Aug 26:Heard nothing in path of Hurricane Harvey.
Aug 25:Nice morning, tho couldn't ID much. Way better, like Oct/Nov --DX levels
Aug 23:Interesting morning. Band was clean, quiet. Quite a few from East/North not in.
Aug 21:Major eclipse moments for Grand Marais. KMOX and KRVN were the winners here. Other interesting note was 1560 WGLB with a good signal
Aug 11:Possible 800 XEROK, 880 w/SS, so the band perking up a bit. Always fishing I guess!
Aug 08:CJCS still on AM They are simulcasting the new FM format on 1240 w requests for the public to report any interference on FM. "107.1 Juice FM Stratford's Greatest Hits" liner between songs.
Aug 08:WCHB off the air, for work at the xmtr site. There's nothing on 1200 in the daytime here. At night, it's the usual pileup that I haven't checked out cos I know I've heard them all before. WOAI would be nice. When they were alone on 1200 at night, they were very listenable two or three nights a week in the summer time.
Aug 07:All I got this time; FM's been DEAD.
Aug 03: Spent some time at a friends cabin and caught a few stations and TWO NEW ONES
Aug 02: Hardly a great dx list, but hopefully will be way better at months' end. I hope.

Jul 31:Comments: One of my local jammers was on Sunday night. This particular jammer produces spikes every 60 hertz across the entire AM band. Chasing good audible dx becomes impossible but the visible spectral display is unaffected by it.
The beverage ant. site I was using this past season has a new owner . The site is no longer available. Darn!
Jul 31:Another nice day on FM. Probably only 1 or 2 more left this season.
Jul 30:WXRD not common, 94.1 is usually Jackson,MI or Hart,MI, a crapshoot here. Still trying!
Jul 27:I also I had reggae on 95.1 in which i believe i had Jamaica. This is the only match to the formats on 95.1. Thjs would be my first double hop as well.
Jul 27:Finally for the first time this summer.
Jul 27:Latest date ever to hear eskip.
Jul 27:Not a good or strong opening. Most weak but 3 new logs means this was a good session!
Jul 26:"tropo" not as hot as thought it would/might be/ Bust, S Bend 92.9 101.5 in too.
Jul 17:AM was dismal, tho SS on 1000 930 and 1060. FM here was a treat.
Jul 17:Mostly teasing spikes; Saturday was supposedly a good day for tropo, but I struck out here on that also, with FWA and GRR the best I could do.
Jul 17: Two more new ones for the season. No complaints.
Jul 16:Nothing great, of course, tho a few regulars (CKDM CKDO KYW) were MIA. Not AU tho.
Jul 15:Nice to be dx'ing FM AND AM going tween both bands. Best FM in l-o-n-g time. AM improved over 7/13.
Jul 3: Great trip back to my wife’s home town of Swan River. Best catch was 106.3 CIBS very un-expected. Made up for the massive lack of DX here in Winnipeg
Jul 3:The Independence Day Holiday is always known to be a great period for VHF Es Propagation (lots of Tropo too). Friday morning, afternoon and evening did not disappoint. I have been having fun monitoring and working Sporadic Es from High-end HF, VHF, FM Broadcast, Old Analog TV Channels 2-7 and the 2-Meter Ham Band.
When I lived near Fort Worth, Texas, I worked on 2 Meter SSB (144 MHz), South Florida, New Hampshire, along the Canadian/U.S. border, Oregon and down to Baja California. I have had the pleasure of experiencing many fabulous events. Friday was one of those special days. I strongly believed that it was enhanced by the arrival of a solar disturbance. Before it hit, we had some outstanding conditions. Here in Arizona, I did make a few contacts to Oregon, Washington and Oklahoma on 2-Meter SSB, but I had the best time logging FM Broadcast stations. I never had the experience doing this and it was lots of fun.
Jun 27:
Florida and the Southwest June 25!
Jun 27:The air is so hot here, I haven't had DX in a week.
Finally got good yesterday afternoon.(June 25)
Jun 27:This was the first time that I experience here in Arizona several FM stations battling for a frequency. It was neat, but couldn't get ID's or RDS easily.
It has been in the low 100's here. Not as bad as Phoenix, but we have a forest fire (1000 acres) 15 miles to our south.
Jun 15: Finally! Close in dx started out w/Stevens Point area, moving to Mpls area, etc. Nice that a few close ins were new!!!!
Jun 13: Tried for Es but seemed to dry up once I got home from work. Got a couple of new ones thanks to WEMU being off the air; it's amazing what you can hear with a local off the air!
May 26: It was VERY choppy, and hit or miss; mostly miss during the main part of it, as the best ones were logged by the others prior to 20.00. DXers in Detroit had VERY LITTLE to show for it.
May 26: Began when 99.3 x-latr in Houghton (30 miles away) and Tigers BBL got wiped out by E's! Ended abruptly at 2024.
May 19: That's all. We got our two-minute Es tease, then it went back to nothing. (May18th-ed)
May 18: Cx Tuesday (May 16 -ed) were hit or miss: Mostly miss. Still, Es season has now officially started at Carleton!
May 17: To sleep at 1am after listening to Tigers in 13 inning game. Lost, but good pitcher's duel. Not expecting much in mid May, but in years' past, as we all know, there can be surprises! Still need 1590 KDJS after 50 years in hobby! hi.
May 13: Also SS on 1440 (KTNO?) -1410 had UNIDs OLD C&W and 70s OLD stn. All lost.
May 1O: A bit better than yesterday which was a wash. Few & far between at this point.
May 6: First new one of the season! (CKLQ 91.5)
Apr 26:A lot of SS was hrd but couldn't be IDed. Its been a year since the first beverage was strung. Here's a list of the problems dealt with in that time. Deer breaking thru the wires, deer chewing thru the wires, mice chewing the insulation off the BOG beverage wires, ground rods losing electrical contact with the earth, building ground and rod ground not the same, minute nicks in insulation causing high resistance ( 10 megohm or more ) shorts to ground when wet, and rf hiss like interference from lap top, sdr, lap top's power supply when plugged in, and the satellite TV power supply. Frequency congestion and lack of IDs were irritating. The biggest problem seems to be the bad luck of dxing when skip conditions and openings are fair at best. I'll keep trying.
Apr 22:HORRIBLE morning with only these two noted. Rest of band dead! Up since 2:45. Nap & sit on deck to listen to Tigers baseball. 67 and sun, after a walk with the dog. She walks me!
Apr 2O:Weird morning where sig were in close or rapidly going up/down. Trying for needed close in stuff. No luck.
Apr 19:Still chasing some interesting stuff but mostly w/o success. Unfortunately the lightning static has returned.
Mar 30:Condx were somewhat auroral the last few days. I logged a few new ones.
Mar 22:I didn't focus at all on TA/TP dx other than quickly checking some TA hets and founding no audio. Antenna problem was the ground. The problem was fixed by pulling out, cleaning, and reinstalling all the ground rods. The west/east wires still need replacing. They're a patchwork of various size wires and splices. Some of those slices were needed because of the deer breaking thru and chewing thru the wires. Uniform replacement wires should provide deeper nulls . Many of the former dx catches are now considered pests, i.e. most of the stations in southern Minnesota.
Mar 14:Always nice to log a target station.