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    Welcome to the DX dialogue/Roundtable page. These are basically comments or reactions sent at the end or along with your loggings to DX-midAMerica! Rather than going through everything posted, you can get a general "feel" for how things are, or have been of late, or what you might have missed! Comments will be kept up a few months as conditions change day to day and minute to minute!
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The list above is mostly stuff I was logging for the first time. Much more was heard. Skip from the west was there but not coming in very strong. TP/TA skip was worse than 2 weeks ago. An intermittent open circuit developed over the weekend on one of the E/W wires. A replacement wire may be the only solution. I was also experiencing a bad head cold and a fever @ times so I was dxing also @ times out of force of will and not for the love of the chase. HI. TPK-WI
Looking for other stations but when you hear a new one you do not complain.
Wow I did not see that one popping up (1570-WPGM-ed) but I will take it!
I was surprised how deeply beverages null stations hitting them broadside. Many stations from the south w/ good signals on the N/S wire were totally absent! on each of the W/E wires. The stations above were only some of the stuff hrd. Even w/ the beverages, the congestion and lack of IDs makes DXing discouraging and a challenge. Skip from the west was poor over the weekend w/ no west coast DX. Except for 960-CFAC, nothing west of Colorado, the Dakotas, and Sask. was hrd. Even the few Sasks. were weak. TP/TA skip was also poor with only the usual weak signals being detected. I'll keep trying. TPK-WI
Cuba was also hot Tuesday night, with Reloj sounding good on 570, Musical Nacional loud on 590, and Progreso loud on 640 with AC (Including record by ABBA.)
Most nites/ mornings I have been listening TAs / TPs signals have been detected across the spectrum. All so far have been too weak to have any audio. Sometimes multiple signals were showing up on the same frequency. Occasionally a signal will be strong enough to produce an audible het against a US frequency. I'll keep trying.
Not too bad. I also got a tent. on Colombia on 810 which I'll put another ear to. I'm putting up a new antenna today so maybe I'll grab some good stuff tonight?
Cx otherwise not very remarkable around here.
Conditions are not great and I have been spending time away from the radio.
weak TP signal ( no audio ) on 792 @ 0620 CST on 1/18
Nice, nicesession for a change. A few other UNIDs too: 1550 Daybreak USA (WEVR?) 1510 OLD C&W, lost to 93-7 the Rock, 750 ad for Christian Faith Publishing.

Conditions here have been poor and I have not spent much time at the dials. I hope the new year picks up.
Very, very good to W this morn. Close out 2016 w/STILL no Most Wanted 1440 CKJR nor 1590 KDJS. Not a bad years though No complaints here!
Stuff reported this morning is barely dx. Like July loggings vs December. Yikes!
Way, way, way better than yesterday. Should have started earlier as I was up b4 0500, hi. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good DX session!
I hope to add a few in the next couple of days. A four day weekend should give me some time to play with my radios. Have a good Christmas and good DX.
Some of these are a few days old. I've slacked off a bit, conditions not too great lately.
Sadly, this is the "best" I can do. DX in Dec should be way better!
Last new log was 10/28. 31 new this year. Up to 2420, so they don't come easy, hi! Wish there was more/better to report, but I guess better cx would help a little.
This morning was way better than Sun morning. This SSS not so hot. Still SS on 1060 1380 880!
Last night SSS was pretty productive. I logged six new plus one from a few days ago I forgot to send.
Cx not nearly as good as Wednesday, but still not too bad.

I wasn't planning to DX SSS but condx. sounded OK. I ended up with three new ones for my efforts.
Nice, nice SRS session. You know withing minutes. Very good for hr, then swung back to blah.
My second new one in a week. The band is finally starting to turn around.
The 1230 UNID C&W is a mystery. Song faded, jock talks. Small town sound, but can't you say the calls? Hello?
Cx really haven't been all that spectacular around here lately.
First new one in a while. The band is finally returning to normal after days of being dead here.
It is crazy how conditions have changed here on a daily basis. All of these are re-logs but it was nice to hear something after such horrible conditions in October.

COMMENTS from Daylight Savings Time have been tossed. A comment on E-Skip from July can't help now, hi.