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The logs posted below are copied and pasted and within 24 hours. This is a combination of AM-FM-TV logs reported to DX-midAMerica.com. If you see FM logs, it might indicate FM is beating AM. AM reports from the South might/would mean recent Au activity. By showing only THE MOST RECENT 73, you see the latest dx reported. Not something 30/60 days old!
LATEST AM-FM-TV DX:Daylight Time>>>>>

1590 KGFK MN E.Grand Forks 5/24 0505 P steady, atop. "95-7 the Forks" Cl HITS. JJR-MI
1430 WBEV WI Beaver Dam 5/24 0513 P stn promo, on-air auction, Dodge Co. ments w/3-4 others. JJR-MI
1310 WTTL Madisonville 5/21 0455 P "Classic Hits 103.5" after Changes/David Bowie. Lost to WIBA. JJR-WI
1440 WBOW IL Paris 5/21 0522 P on tune in "on WIBQ, thee talk station" //1230 WIBQ. JJR-WI
1370 KWRT MO Boonville 5/2O 0453 P "hear the KC Royals on 1370 KWRT Boonville" tween songs. Atop. JJR-WI
1550 KYAL OK Sapulpa 5/2O 0518 P Sports Animal said in 3 promos. "Locations across OK" Alone. JJR-WI
Thursday 18 May Es:
17.39 ** WQCS-FM 88.9 Fort Pierce, FL - Faded up with NPR nx, HD pilot lit up.
17.39 ** WRMB-FM 89.3 Boynton Beach, FL - Faded up fair with religious talk, RDS gave calls.
Tue 16 May: Es
19.30 * -FM 93.7 - Faded in and out over half an hour with SS: YL and OM seemed to be giving nx. Ads ay BOH but nothing IDable. Was looking 190. Lost.
20.20 ** KJIC-FM 90.5 Santa Fe, TX - Faded up over WKAR/WHVT pileup with C&W Gospel mx, sponsor information, out. New catch!
20.35 ** -FM 88.5 - Faded up with Dr. Adrian Rogers show, out. Too many possibilities.
Mon 15 May: Tropo
21.05 ** WNLB-LP 97.7 Holland, OH - Poor with Oldies, 'Fun 97' IDs between every few records. New catch!
21.31 ** WWOC-LP 97.7 Bowling Green, OH - Poor, overtook channel with Three Angels Broadcasting programming, ID at the TOH. Relog.
1190 WNWC WI Sun Prairie 5/17 0542 P Faith Radio content. No WOWO. Alone, steady. JJR-MI
1180 KYES MN Rockville 5/17 0543 P Relevant R content. Steady, no WHAM. JJR-MI
1160 KMRV IA Waukon 5/17 0544 P I'm Easy/Commodores 99-1 the River sweep. No WYLL at all. JJR-MI
1250 KCUE MN Red Wing 5/17 P wx, Bluff Country KCUE, OLD C&W song. Alone in fade up. JJR-MI
1240 WJMC WI Rice Lake 5/16 0613 P "96.1 WJMC, AM 1240 WJMC" sweeper into ad, lost JJR-MI
1460 WBOG WI Tomah 5/16 0617 P ... on Kool Gold 1460" into law enforcement psa. Lost. JJR-MI
1350 WCMP MN Pine City 5/16 0619 P Obits "died May 14th, 2017" or "died May 5, 2017" (no kidding!) many Pine City, Mora ments. Lost. JJR-MI
1300 WQPM MN Princeton 5/16 0627 P alone! "The Big Q" jingle after Come Go With Me/Fleetwoods. JJR-MI
1240 KBIZ IA Ottumwa 5/13 0400 P First Light mornings on 1240 & 102.7 KBIZ Ottumwa, ABC nx. Above mess. JJR-WI
1240 KLIK MO Jefferson City 5/13 0406 P wx, calls in mess. Logged in 2008. Rare. JJR-WI
1150 WIMA OH Lima 5/12 0518 P in/out quickly w/calls thru WHBY. JJR-WI
1110 WUNN MI Mason 5/12 0543 P -no KFAB. Fam Life R, Michigan psa. Rare! JJR-WI
1060 WILB OH Canton 5/11 0531 P -atop. Rosary. Assumed JJR-WI
690 KGGF KS Coffeyville 5/11 0535 P very detailed regional wx, calls. Atop. JJR-WI
1320 KSIV MO Clayton 5/11 0558 P in briefly o/WILS. Radio Harvey ministry, calls. JJR-WI
1390 KCLN IA Clinton 5/10 9519 P 3 OLDies, wx and finally "AM 1390 KCLN" into song. WGRB tightly nulled. JJR-WI
1380 WKJV NC Ashville 5/10 0629 P RadioMD.com feature, time, "King's radio" atop. JJR-WI
1520 WHOW IL Clinton 5/9 P McLain,Livingston Co. ments, lost, then RFD IL ment, web match. Rare. JJR-WI
1550 WDLR OH Delaware 5/8 0543 P calls after Heart of Glass, Blondie. Alone, no CBEF. JJR-WI
1590 WAIK IL Galesburg 5/8 0550 P in fade up. "46 degrees at the Galesburg studios.." LID, news. JJR-WI
1590 WPVL WI Platteville 5/8 0558 P local ph# in ad, wx, no calls. Mike&Mike, LID "A Queen Bee R Stn" at TOH. JJR-WI
91.5 CKLQ-FM Brandon MB 05/05 1310. Fair signals fading in and out with swap and sales items from local listeners. // 880 AM Now on this frequency as well as 880 AM
1020 KCKN NM Roswell 5/5 0535 P alone. R Vision Christiana said 2x. JJR-MI
1300 WQPM MN Princeton 5/5 0548 P- tight null. 70's OLDies "the Big Q" jingle between. 'QPM ran a DX test for DX-midAMerica in the 1980's! JJR-MI
1350 KDIO MN Ortonille 5/5 0621 P Ghost Riders in the Sky, J.Cash, 1350 KDIO Classic Country in fade up. JJR-MI
1560 KBEW MN Blue Earth 5/5 0708 CBS news roundup, "7:08, 38 degrees at KBEW" w/others. JJR-MI
1560 WGLB WI Elm Grove 5/4 2013 P calls, address thru WFME, others. GOS JJR-MI
1320 KELO SD Sioux Falls 5/4 2034 P w/WILS, KOZY gone. "NewsTalk 1320 & 107.9 or Kelo.com" Savage. JJR-MI
1060 CKMX AB Calgary 5/4 0445 F - almost dominant. No KYW,etc. Cody, Funny 1060, no other Calgary's in JJR-MI
1090 WKBZ MI Muskegon 5/4 0530 P the Talk of Muskegon, WKBZ. This with o/c (WAQE?) JJR-MI
780 KCEG CO Fountain 5/4 0537 P -WBBM nulled. Willie Nelson, Radio Ranch slogan into song. JJR-MI
1560 WGLB WI Elm Grove 5/4 0600 P -LID in/u WNWN, WFME (which just id'ed) GOS mx. JJR-MI
1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 5/3 0519 P YL reading news, actualities, "it's 3:30" LA, Orango CO ments, gas $3.03 a gal LA aver, "KNX 1070 NewsRadio, it's 3:20..." thru WTSO easily! JJR-MI
880 CKLQ MB Brandon 5/3 0523 P ?? Hydro ad, "CKLQ 91.5" jingle, C&W alone. 1st time noted w/new FM mention. JJR-MI
1230 KWNO MN Winona 5/3 0600 P in mess (4+ stns) "K W N O Winona", ABC nx. JJR-MI
900 KTIS MN Minneapolis 5/3 0615 P w/2-3 others (CHML, WDLS, more) and "Faith R," ment. JJR-MI
1420 WJUB WI Plymouth 5/3 0631 P NOS song, "1420 AM the Breeze...33 degrees at the Breeze in Plymouth" into nx. KTOE gone a few mins. JJR-MI
1460 WBOG WI Tomah 5/3 0642 P alone "the Greatest Hits-Kool Gold 1460" Mack the Knife,Bobby Darin. JJR-MI
800 WTMR NJ Camden 5/1 1959 P with ID, religion. EB-MI
800 WSJS VAtCrewe 5/1 2003 Tentative, heard TOH nx with "UMI Virginia Network" ment. Lost. EB-MI
800 WKBC NC North Wilkesboro 5/1 2006 P with C&W, 'WKDC Forecast," lost. NEW! EB-MI
800 CJBQ ON Belleville 5/1 2007 Faded up with ID into C&W mx, lost. EB-MI
1440 WJJL NY Niagara Falls 4/28 0606 P "Yo're listening to 1440 WJJL...." o/WNFL. JJR-WI
1500 WPJX IL Zion 4/28 0625 P -SS chatter. LaCampeona. 2 counties South, this is rare here! Really! JJR-WI
800 KQCV OK Oklahoma City 4/27 0530 P tho atop. Bott ment into REL teaching. JJR-WI
1360 KSCJ IA Sioux City 4/27 0605 P CBS nx, "AM 1360,FM 94.9 KSCJ" No'TAQ. JJR-WI
1580 WJFK MD Morningside 4/27 0629 P CBS Sportradio feed. No CKDO. JJR-WI
710 KNUS CO Denver 4/23 0540 to 0545. Fair w/ mention of Denver and call letters. Talk show program. "News Talk Radio KNUS". Fighting with KCMO for dominance of frequency. TPK-WI
1240 KFMO MO Park Hills 4/23 0645. Poor. In briefly w/call letters and sports. TPK-WI
1140 XEMR MX Monterrey 4/24 0525 to 0540. Poor to almost good, sometimes alone. SS male announcer w/contemporary SS mx, chatting, and time checks. No ID heard but assume XEMR cuz Republica de Mexicana and Monterrey were mentioned several times. TPK-WI
1230 KFJB IA Marshalltown 4/24 0606 to 0610. Poor to fair, in and out. Local news and "KFJB News Now" ID. TPK-WI
1250 WKBL TN Covington 4/24 0641. Poor and in only briefly w/call letters and oldies. TPK-WI
1210 WILY IL Centralia 4/24 0738. Poor but alone. "AM 1210, WILY, 98.7 FM Centralia". TPK-WI
1400 KMHL MN Marshall 4/24 0800 to 0804. Faded in poor but alone. Baseball scores,both local and major league. Ad for a home loan. Call letters and "Marshall Radio News Report" hrd @0801. TPK-WI
760 XEABC MX Mexico City 4/25 0545 to 0600. In fair and alone @ tune in but gone @ 0600. SS vocal songs w/ "ABC Radio" ID ( ah,bay,say) between each song. WJR not nulled, just not around. TPK-WI
1240 WSDR IL Sterling 4/25 0635. Poor but on top. Local nx and call letters. Ads for a cleaning company and Heritage Assistant Living in Sterling. TPK-WI
1240 WTAX IL Springfield 4/25 0640. Poor but on top. Talk, call letters, maybe nx, and wx. "Springfield's most accurate and dependable source of information". TPK-WI
1240 WSBC IL Chicago 4/25 0700 to 0705. Poor. Possible SS nx or talk before 0703, Russian spoken afterwards. Chicago mentioned several times. Assumed. TPK-WI
1240 WOMT WI Manitowoc 4/25 0710. Fair. End of CBS news.Call letters hrd. Slightly garbled audio cuz off frequency by 26 hertz. Exact frequency was 1240.026 kHz. TPK-WI
1260 WEKZ WI Monroe 4/25 0730. Poor to Fair. Another off frequency station. Slightly garbled audio and a audible het ( a hum ) being hrd when station was peaking. Off freq. by about 40 hertz. Exact freq. was 1259.9594. TPK-WI
1070 CHOK ON Sarnia 4/26 0500 P "CHOK news" after 80s oldie. WTSO nulled. JJR-WI
1040 CJMS QC Saint-Constant 4/26 0502 P -WHO nulled. FF newscast. Assumed. JJR-WI
980 CFPL ON London 4/26 0504 P "AM 980 newstime..." in fade up o/WONE, others. JJR-WI
800 KQCV OK Oklahoma City 4/26 0507 P Bott Radio content o/possible XEROK in back. No CKLW. JJR-WI
1380 WKJV NC Ashville 4/26 0547 P local chatter, calls, Christian mx. Not in ater, nor 10 mins earlier. o/UNID SS. JJR-WI
1230 KWSN SD Sioux Falls 4/22 2012 P Geico, NBC Sportsradio 24/7, Sioux Falls SportsRadio into ?? game. Atop. JJR-MI
1560 WGLB WI Elm GRove 4/22 2029 P GOS mx, WGLB scolarship, incl e-mail addy. Atop. JJR-MI
1450 WHTC MI Holland 4/22 2106 P CBS nx, ad, calls-wx thru Wednesday while chasing others. JJR-MI
1590 KVGB KS Great Bend 4/22 0514 P KVGB invites you to call in... Alone, steady JJR-MI
1490 UNID 4/22 0516 P songs by B Holly, Lonnie Mack, Monkees, Chad&Jeremy, Simon&Garfunkel & Petula Clark to fade out. SIX songs and no calls! Unreal! NOT the AMericas Best Music feed (of KRIB.) JJR-MI
1300 KPMI MN Bemidji 4/21 0641 P in tight null of others. Weatherology forecast "1300 the Legends" and lost. JJR-MI
1230 KGHS MN International Falls 4/21 0700 P 70''s OLDie, LID as "1230 KGHS Int'l Falls,MN" ABC nx in fade up. Not heard in while. JJR-MI
1350 WCMP MN Pine City 4/21 0725 P Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,Cindi Lauper "Pine Hits 106 WCMP" sweep into Life's Been Good/Joe Walsh in fade up. JJR-MI
1310 UNID 4/20 0543 P Knock Three Times, jock talk, Smkin' In The Boys Room "The Greatest Hits" jingle "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" & lost @:53. JJR-MI
1580 WJFK MD Morningside 4/20 P psa's, LID, CBS Sports, no CKDO at all. JJR-MI
1510 KCKK CO Littleton 4/20 0603 P LID for AM/xlaror, A Hunt Broadcasting stn tween songs. Alone. JJR-MI