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Radio News and Notes

This page contains news concerning radio stations, mainly (but not exclusively) within the ten states on which this site focuses (IL IN IA MI MN MO ND OH SD WI). We do not claim any degree of comprehensiveness here; I read various outside sources and also include news passed to me by hobbyists as well as items from my own listening. I cite my sources and always appreciate news tips from readers, but cannot guarantee that the information I receive is always correct and typo-free. News concerning station ownership and personnel, television, FM translators and low-power FMs, as well as changes of power and antenna height, are normally omitted from this page. The date (which changes at midnight central time) indicates when I typed the item, not necessarily when the change took or will take place, and a day's entry may be updated a few times during the course of that day. All times are central, unless otherwise specified. The newest items appear at the top, and old items are removed after one month.

April 17
* IL Loves Park WGSL 91.1 becomes WILV (

April 16
* MI Port Huron WHLS 1450, along with simulcast WHLX 1590 Marine City and W288BT 105.5 St Clair, will flip to rock "Rock 105.5" as of Monday, April 20, dropping classic hits (RadioInsight)

April 15
* IA Winterset (Des Moines market) KPUL-FM made its move from 99.5 to 101.7 on April 14 (Upper Midwest Broadcasting)

April 9
* Station totals as of March 31: AM 4702, FM 10,740 (FCC)

April 3
* OH Akron WAKR 1590 is now talk, dropping the oldies portion (

April 2
* WI Milwaukee WLDB 93.3 is now hot AC, ex-AC, as "Trending Radio 93.3," no longer "B93.3" (RadioInsight) the on-air ID is "Trending Radio 93-3"

April 1
* IA Coggon 88.7 CP for a new station (FCC)
* OH Cleveland WDOK 102.1, now "New 102," will soon adopt "Star 102" (RadioInsight)

March 26
* OH Mount Vernon WMVO 1300 flips to oldies, ex-talk (

March 25
* IA Harlan KNOD 105.3 flips to oldies/Good Time Oldies, dropping classic hits (

March 23
* MI Jackson (Lansing market) WVIC 94.1 becomes WWDK (RadioInsight)

March 20
* IL Carterville (Southern Illinois market) WUEZ 95.1 flips to classic hits, ex-AC, still using "Magic 95.1" (RadioInsight)

March 19
* IN Battle Ground (Lafayette market) WFRW 88.1 returns to the air with religious //WFRN 104.7 Elkhart (
* WI Sturgeon Bay (Green Bay market) WZDR 99.7 becomes WDKF (
* WI Superior (Duluth market) WGEE 970 becomes WDUL (

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