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Radio News and Notes

This page contains news concerning radio stations, mainly (but not exclusively) within the ten states on which this site focuses (IL IN IA MI MN MO ND OH SD WI). We do not claim any degree of comprehensiveness here; I read various outside sources and also include news passed to me by hobbyists as well as items from my own listening. I cite my sources and always appreciate news tips from readers, but cannot guarantee that the information I receive is always correct and typo-free. News concerning station ownership and personnel, television, FM translators and low-power FMs, as well as changes of power and antenna height, are normally omitted from this page. The date (which changes at midnight central time) indicates when I typed the item, not necessarily when the change took or will take place, and a day's entry may be updated a few times during the course of that day. All times are central, unless otherwise specified. The newest items appear at the top, and old items are removed after one month.

March 2
* IL Chicago WILV 100.3 becomes WSHE-FM and drops its "Chicago's 100.3" identity, still with an AC format (RadioInsight)

February 28
* OH Eaton (Dayton market) WGTZ 92.9 flips to AC "Soft Rock 92.9," dropping adult hits (RadioInsight)

February 26
* IL Urbana WREE 92.5 is now 80s classic hits "Rewind 92.5," ex-adult hits (RadioInsight)

February 25
* MN Rochester KNXR 97.5 returns to the air with hot AC "97.5 Pulse FM" (RadioInsight)

February 24
* MO Lebanon KBNN 750 flips to talk, ex-business (

February 23
* IL Urbana WREE 92.5 is stunting, probably in advance of its move from "92.5 The Chief" to adult hits "Rewind 92.5" (RadioInsight)
* MN Baxter WWWI 1270 now carries sports/NBC "Red Zone Sports Radio," ex-talk (Upper Midwest Broadcasting)
* MN Pequot Lakes KLKS 100.1 has switched to talk "Talk 100," dropping classic hits (Upper Midwest Broadcasting)

February 20
* IL Seneca WJDK 95.7 is now hot AC/WW1, ex-AC (
* MN Hermantown (Duluth market) WWAX 92.1 will make its anticipated flip to sports/Fan "92.1 The Fan," dropping hot AC and simulcasting with KQDS 1490 Duluth, on March 2 (Upper Midwest Broadcasting)
* MO Buffalo (Springfield market) KBFL-FM 99.9 will drop standards in favor of country and southern rock as "99.9 The Outlaw" on March 2 (RadioInsight)
* MO Springfield KBFL 1060 will flip to standards/Music of Your Life as of March 2, dropping smooth jazz (RadioInsight)

February 19
* MO Bolivar KYOO 1200 and simulcast KYOO-FM 99.1 Half Way switch to country, ex-classic country, as "Your Country 99" (anonymous)
* MO Joplin WMBH 1560 and simulcast KSHQ 100.7 Deerfield flip to sports/ESPN as "ESPN 100.7," dropping urban (
* WI West Bend (Milwaukee market) WBWI-FM 92.5 becomes WMBZ (anonymous) the FCC Database gives February 18 as the date of the change

February 16
* WI Lake Geneva WZRK 1550: the station's recent deletion has been rescinded (anonymous)

February 14
* MO Flat River KFMO 1240 and KNMO 97.5 Park Hills do not simulcast as reported earlier (anonymous)

February 13
* SD Hot Springs KZMX 580 and simulcast KZMX-FM 96.7 Hot Springs, recently reactivated, are silent again (

February 12
* MO Flat River KFMO 1240 flips to country "Double K Country," simulcasting with KNMO 97.5 Park Hills, dropping talk and sports ( cf. February 14 entry

February 10
* WI West Bend WBKV 1470 is mainly talk with some music, and the music struck me as classic hits
* WI West Bend 92.5 was WZRK for a few days, but is back to WBWI (FCC Database) no calls over the one hour I tried; on-air ID is "92.5 Buzz Country"; presumably a change to WMBZ is in the offing

February 9
* IA Moville KNSX 97.1 is deleted (FCC)
* MO St. Louis KIHT 96.3 becomes KNOU (RadioInsight)
* WI West Bend (Milwaukee market) WBKV 1470 now carries oldies and talk, formerly classic country and talk (
* WI West Bend WBWI 92.5, still country, now uses "Buzz Country" (RadioInsight) with the new call WMBZ (, All Access) or the new call is WZRK (FCC Database)

February 8
* IN Culver WYMR 98.3 signs on with soft AC (
* SD Hot Springs KZMX 580 returns to the air with classic country, simulcasting with reactivated KZMX-FM 96.7 Hot Springs (
* SD Lead (Rapid City market) new 96.7 is KRCF (

February 6
* MN Hermantown (Duluth market) WWAX 92.1 will soon flip to sports "92.1 The Fan," dropping hot AC (RadioInsight)

February 5
* IL Urbana WCFF 92.5 becomes WREE, apparently to become "Rewind 92.5" (RadioInsight)
* MI Traverse City WLDR-FM 101.9 returns to the air after two weeks of silence (

February 3
* MI Battle Creek WTOU 930 returns to the air with urban AC, simulcasting WNWN 1560 Portage (RadioInsight)
* MI Owosso (Flint market) WOAP 1080 switches to 80s classic hits, ex-regional Mexican (
* WI Lake Geneva WZRK 1550 is deleted (FCC)

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