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Radio News and Notes

This page contains news concerning radio stations, mainly (but not exclusively) within the ten states on which this site focuses (IL IN IA MI MN MO ND OH SD WI). We do not claim any degree of comprehensiveness here; I read various outside sources and also include news passed to me by hobbyists as well as items from my own listening. I cite my sources and always appreciate news tips from readers, but cannot guarantee that the information I receive is always correct and typo-free. News concerning station ownership and personnel, television, FM translators and low-power FMs, as well as changes of power and antenna height, are normally omitted from this page. The date (which changes at midnight central time) indicates when I typed the item, not necessarily when the change took or will take place, and a day's entry may be updated a few times during the course of that day. All times are central, unless otherwise specified. The newest items appear at the top, and old items are removed after one month.

July 24 5:19 p.m.
* IL Shelbyville WINY 870, now silent, will reactivate August 1 with talk, taking over the programming of WTIM-FM 97.3 Taylorville (RadioInsight) granted the new call WTIM (RadioInsight)
* IL Taylorville WTIM-FM 97.3 will flip to classic hits "Groovy 97.3," with the new call WRAN, on August 1 (RadioInsight) WTIM-FM 97.3 granted WSVZ (RadioInsight)
* IL Tower Hill WRAN 98.3 will switch to country "New Country" with the new call WSVZ August 1, dropping classic hits (RadioInsight)
* WI Ashland WRNC-FM 102.9, a CP, is deleted (anonymous)
* WI Sturgeon Bay WNLI 88.5 will cease to carry Christian rock/Air 1, becoming a relay of religious WRVM 102.7 Suring (Upper Midwest Broadcasting)

July 19
* IL Wilmington (Chicago market) WYKT 105.5 has made its anticipated move to sports/CBS "105.5 The Ticket," ex-active rock (anonymous)
* IA Algona KLGZ 1600 is now classic country, ex-country (

July 17
* IA Algona KLGA 1600 becomes KLGZ (RadioInsight) calls reversed in the initial posting--thanks to Scott Gilbert
* IA Bettendorf (Davenport market) KQCS 93.5 becomes KJOC (RadioInsight)
* IA De Witt (Davenport market) KBOB-FM 104.9 becomes KQCS (RadioInsight)

July 10
* IL Clifton WWQC 107.3 signs on as religious "Life FM" (
* MI Battle Creek WBCK 930, with the new call WTOU, goes silent for about three months (
* WI Lacona WXVM 102.3 is deleted, the CP never having been built (anonymous)

July 9
* reports these oldies flips from the True Oldies Channel to WW1 Good Time Oldies:
IN Earl Park WIBN 98.1
IN Princeton WSJD 100.5
IA Chariton KEDB 105.3
IA Marshalltown KDAO 1190
IA Webster City KQWC 1570
MI Munising WQXO 1400
OH Logan WLGN 1510
OH Piqua (Dayton market) WPTW 1570
WI Chippewa Falls (Eau Claire market) WEAQ 1150: drops True Oldies for local oldies; thanks to John Rieger for the correction
WI Hudson (Minneapolis market) WDGY 740
* IN Evansville WJLT 105.3 makes its anticipated switch to sports/ESPN "ESPN Evansville," dropping classic hits (RadioInsight)
* IA DeWitt (Davenport market) KBOB-FM 104.9 makes its anticipated flip to country "104.9 The Hawk" today (RadioInsight)
* WI Waupun WFDL 1170 noted back on the air this afternoon, though at apparently reduced power

July 8
* WI Waupun WFDL 1170 noted still off the air; Jeremy Andrews reports that a transmitter problem is to blame, and the station hopes to return to the air Wednesday; not WFLD as initially posted--thanks to John Rieger

July 7
* IA Bettendorf (Davenport market) KQCS 93.5 requests KJOC (RadioInsight)
* IA De Witt (Davenport market) KBOB-FM 104.9 will flip to country "The Hawk," ex-active rock, requesting the new call KQCS (RadioInsight)
* WI Waupun WFDL 1170 not heard as usual, first noted missing Sunday morning and not yet back Monday morning

July 5
* IN Fort Wayne 1450 will flip to talk "1450 The Patriot" as of Monday (RadioInsight)

July 3
* IA Davenport KJOC 1170 becomes KBOB (anonymous)
* MI Cassopolis (South Bend market) WGTO 910 flips to oldies/WW1 Good Time Oldies, ex-classic hits (Jeremy Andrews)
* MN Spring Valley (Rochester market) KVGO 104.3 goes oldies/WWI Good Time Oldies, ex-True Oldies (Jeremy Andrews)

July 2
* IN Speedway (Indianapolis market) WNOU 100.9 becomes WNOW-FM (anonymous)

July 1
* IN Vincennes WFML 96.7 flips to adult hits "96.7 Jack FM," ex-classic rock (RadioInsight)

June 30
* WI Denmark (Green Bay market) WGBW 1590 is now oldies/WW1 Good Time Oldies, ex-True Oldies (
* WI Stevens Point (Wausau market) WSPT 97.9 flips to classic hits "Classic Hits 97-9," ex-oldies/True Oldies Channel (

June 28
* IL Colchester WMQZ 104.1 now carries WW1 Good Time Oldies as "Good Time Oldies 104.1" (anonymous)
* IL Metropolis WJLI 98.3 now uses "Rock 98.3," dropping "Jelli" (anonymous)
* IN Indianapolis WRZX 103.3 becomes WOLT (RadioInsight)
* MI Alpena WATZ 1450 goes silent (
* MI Alpena WZTK 105.7 signs on with talk, taking over the programming of WATZ 1450 (
* OH Greenville (Dayton market) WOLT 106.5 becomes WRZX (RadioInsight)
* WI Hudson WDGY 740 now uses "Oldies 740" (anonymous)
* WI Waukesha WRRD 1510 noted off for a time in the 10 a.m. hour today, but it soon returned

June 27
* MN Red Lake Falls new 94.1 is KTRF-FM (

June 26
* MI Ludington WKLA 1450 and simulcast WMTE 101.5 Manistee now carry classic hits/Cumulus Classic Hits Radio, ex-True Oldies Channel (Rikki Eaton)

June 25
* IA Independence KQMG-FM 95.3 noted with "Classic Hits 95-3," not "Brite 95.3," simulcasting on KQMG 1220 Independence
* ND Burlington KWGO 102.9 flips to country, ex-AC (Upper Midwest Broadcasting)
* WI Richland Center WRCO-FM 100.9 is country using "Country and Community" with and without calls
* WI Tomah WTMB 94.5 noted using "Classic Rock 94-5," formerly noted as "94-5 TMB"
* WI Viroqua WVRQ 1360 is oldies, with some sports talk

June 24
* IN Warsaw WRSW-FM 107.3 remains classic rock; the reported change to sports did not take place (Chris Bubb)
* MO St. Louis KXFN 1380 is now talk and sports/Yahoo "X1380 Xtreme Talk Radio," formerly all sports (anonymous)

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