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Radio News and Notes

This page contains news concerning radio stations, mainly (but not exclusively) within the ten states on which this site focuses (IL IN IA MI MN MO ND OH SD WI). We do not claim any degree of comprehensiveness here; I read various outside sources and also include news passed to me by hobbyists as well as items from my own listening. I cite my sources and always appreciate news tips from readers, but cannot guarantee that the information I receive is always correct and typo-free. News concerning station ownership and personnel, television, FM translators and low-power FMs, as well as changes of power and antenna height, are normally omitted from this page. The date (which changes at midnight central time) indicates when I typed the item, not necessarily when the change took or will take place, and a day's entry may be updated a few times during the course of that day. All times are central, unless otherwise specified. The newest items appear at the top, and old items are removed after one month.

January 30
* MN Rochester KNXR 97.5 will cease operations on January 31 at 1 a.m. (Upper Midwest Broadcasting) the station will be replaced by "97.5 Pulse FM" (RadioInsight)
* MO St. Louis KIHT 96.3 flips to CHR "Now 96.3," ex-classic hits, and will change its call to KNOU (RadioInsight)
* SD Little Eagle KLND 89.5 returns to the air with variety "The Lodge of Good Voices" (anonymous)

January 29
* IL Dorsey WEEQ 89.5 is deleted (anonymous)
* IL Harvard WCNM 88.9 is silent (
* OH Lancaster WLOH 1320 will drop talk in favor of country on January 30 (RadioInsight)

January 28
* MI St. Johns (Lansing market) WQTX 92.1 now uses "The Team," replacing "The Ticket" (RadioInsight)

January 27
* IL Dorsey WEEQ 89.5 is deleted (FCC)
* IN Chandler (Evansville market) WLFW 93.5 flips to classic country "93.5 Duke FM," ex-country (RadioInsight)
* WI Rothschild (Wausau market) WDTX 100.5 moves its sports format from ESPN to NBC (anonymous)

January 26
* IN Lawrence (Indianapolis market) WRWM 93.9 now uses "93.9 The Beat" for its classic hip-hop format (RadioInsight)
* IN Sellersburg (Louisville market) WLCL 93.9 will flip to sports "93.9 The Ville" on January 29 (RadioInsight)
* MI Traverse City WLDR-FM 101.9 is silent (

January 23
* These stations flip to Spanish religion/Radio Moody Español:
IL East Moline WDLM 960
IN Anderson WGNR 1470
MN New Ulm KJTS 88.3 (
* WI New Holstein WLWB 1530 returns to the air in simulcast with WEMP 98.9 Two Rivers (

January 21
* MI Farmington Hills (Detroit market) WFDF 910 returns to the air with urban gospel/The Word Network (

January 19
* MN Richfield (Minneapolis market) KKMS 980, with religious talk, will use "The Mission" beginning today (RadioInsight)

January 16
* IL Harvard WCNM 88.9 returns to the air with religious/Calvary Radio (

January 15
* SD Huron KZKK 105.1 is silent (Upper Midwest Broadcasting)

January 13
* IL Chicago WNUA 95.5 becomes WEBG (

January 12
* WI Merrill (Wausau market) WMZK 104.1 flips to classic rock "Z104," dropping hot AC as "Magic 104" (Upper Midwest Broadcasting)

January 10
* OH Cleveland WWMK 1260, formerly a Radio Disney affiliate, will be Catholic "1260 The Rock" (RadioInsight)

January 9
* IL Dorsey WARW 89.5 becomes WEEQ (anonymous)
* MI St. Johns (Lansing market) WQTX 92.1 will flip to sports "92.1 The Ticket," ex-country, as of January 19 (RadioInsight)

January 7
* Station totals as of December 31: AM 4705, FM 10,727 (FCC)
* IL Quincy WQCY 103.9 flips to AC "Q104," ex-classic rock (RadioInsight)

January 6
* MN Edina (Minneapolis market) KTWN-FM 96.3 is now alternative "Go 96-3 FM" (Upper Midwest Broadcasting)
* WI New Holstein WLWB 1530 remains silent (John Rieger)

January 5
* IL Chicago WNUA 95.5 flips to country "Big 95.5," ex-regional Mexican, as of noon today (RadioInsight)

January 3
* IL Peoria WZPW 92.3, still rhythmic CHR, now uses "Peoria's 92.3," dropping "Power 92.3" (RadioInsight)

January 2
* SD Rapid City KKLS 920 and translator K284BA 104.7 Rapid City flip to 80s-90s hits "Smash Hits," ex-classic hits (Upper Midwest Broadcasting)

January 1
Happy new year, and thank you for reading Radio News and Notes!
* MN Edina (Minneapolis market) KTWN-FM 96.3 is stunting, announcing a new format Monday the 5th at 3 p.m. (Upper Midwest Broadcasting)

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