Pattern for Living

We passed out the following patterns with the lesson written on them.
They are an actual pattern. The instructions are below.
On pattern 1 was written:
Pattern For Soulwinning.
1. Be spirit filled.
2. Love the lost.
3. Study your Bible and pray regularly for souls.
4. Set aside a time to visit.
5. Invite unsaved neighbors over fo dinner or at least send them a card.
6. Keep a good stock of tracts.
7. Use breath mints.

On pattern 2:
Pattern For Service.
"The ugly pattern of a chruch worker involves an attitude of martyrdom for their tremendous unpaid efforts, a shoddy appearance of laziness and apathy, and a service rendered with very little, if any preparation. That is not what the Lord had in mind for His people in whom He dwells." Following are the better pattern for attitudes, appearance, and actions of a church worker."

1. Be eager to help and excited when someone asks you to do something for the Lord in the Church.
2. Set about to be rreplaceable at your job. Be the BEST Sucday School teacher in the church, etc.
3. Watch and learn from others who are successful in the places of service. Read a lot to give you additional information about your job.
4. Practice
5. Picture Jesus as physically present at every meeting you conduct.
6. Be dependable and punctual.
7. Pretend Jesus is coming on Monday.
8. do your best always especially in the little things.
9. Praise and encourage other workers. Pray for them and bathe your own efforts in prayer throughout the week.
10. Watch for occasions to help?
11. Submit to authority.
12. Be devoted to your preacher.
13. Encourage feminity for the girls and masculinity for the boys even at young ages.

On pattern 3:
Pattern For Attitude
1. Write down a hard thing God has brought your way this year.
2. What could He have been teaching you through this experience?
3. Did you respond to the potter's hand cheerfully?
4. Can you think of someone who has faced this situation or a similiar one and has been victorious through it? What did they do?
5. Memorize Phil. 4:4 to remind you how to respond in the right way the the potter's hand seems too rough.
Attitude of love for others
1. Visit a shut-in
2. Write your preacher an encouraging note when the Lord lays it on your heart.
3. Send money to someone in need anonymously.
4. Volunteer to babysit for someone who needs a break.
5. Clean house for someone.
6. Write a letter or send a card to a friend.
7. Make something for someone--homemade gifts are wonderful


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