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Cool Planet!*

My homepage includes these following cool topics:

This page was last updated on June 05, 2001 (Yay! The CatDog petition banner is now working! Please click on the link towards the bottom of this page and sign it!)

Have a look around my site and enjoy! I have just updated my page and I hope to get the other pages that I said were coming soon up by this summer! Let's hope I can! Also, you can go to my other page The Golden Cat's Page by clicking here! Oh, and while your there remember to answer the quizlet if you haven't done so already!

Hi, I am the Golden Cat. Welcome to my webpage. I hope you like it here. I try my best to give you the best information that there is. Here you will find lots of exciting things. You should visit this page alot because this page is always under construction.
Have a look around my site and enjoy! I have just updated my page and I hope to get the other pages that I said were coming soon up by this summer! Let's hope I can! Also, you can go to my other page The Golden Cat's Page by clicking here! Oh, and while your there remember to answer the quizlet if you haven't done so already!
You can sign my guestbook or veiw my guestbook. You can also email me if you wish or go to any of my links.
I would like to tell you about my planet now. This planet is called Cool Planet, as you can see by the title. Any planet with a star writen in the title name means that the planet was created by me. If it doesn't have a star, then it means it was created by another Coolein, or another animal that lives on this planet or any other planet in The Coolpress Universe. But there are SOME evil creatures (not mentioning the name) that pretend to be me, but aren't. You must watch out for them!
However, all of my pages so far are created by me (except the Journeys of Fred and Kate which was created by both me and Skullcow) but maybe sometime in the future there will be pages created by another Coolein. I have to make sure that no one else starts controlling Cool Planet besides Cooleins though!
Cool Planet is a very peaceful planet of course, and we want people to like it as much as we like it. Currently there are 12 planets discovered in The Cool Press Universe, all of them special and having it's own special meaning. Some of them can be very colorful. I'll try to tell you all the planets some other time. Cool Planet is located in the middle of the Cool Press Universe. It seems to be the best known planet. It is also very peaceful with lots of fun stuff to do. Take a look around and enjoy. Thanks for coming. It's so wonderful when people come to my planet. ^_^

Please note that does NOT have a star in the name. That page IS NOT created by me, but is created for me. That page is on Geocities, instead of Angelfire. It is a link off of Skullcow's page. So I can't work on it, only Skullcow can. So until he helps me (which may be 10 million years from now) the page will no longer be updated.
Come on Skullcow aren't you ever going to help me with that page? Can't you at least transfer it to Angelfire?????

I hope you enjoy your time here, and remember to bookmark this page. Have a great day!

Special Note: If you have any advice on what to add to my page you can email me or sign my guestbook telling me what you think I should add. I'll respond to you as soon as I can.
Oh, and I'm sorry I haven't updated my page for a long time. You were probably wondering when I'd update it again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Note: I moved my adoptions to their own seperate page because it was taking too long to load with them there... if you want (and I don't see why you wouldn't) to see my adoptions just click here!
This is my Powerpuff Girl, Bunny! I adopted her at Blue Crystals.Com I'm keeping her on my main page until I find a new page to put he at! She has her very own Pikachu named Flash too! Any suggestions where to put her? Email me at the address at the bottom of the page if you have any suggestions... thank you for understanding... awww, isn't Bunny cute? So is her Pikachu, Flash! ^_^

My Adventure In Senoch And Meliox Land

You and your friends are playing a game of hide and seek, when you spot a trail you've never seen before. "That's strange", you think. You decide to walk down the trail. You walk until you get to some thorns. You decide that you can't get past those thorns and begin to head back. You barely walk an inch when you sense that someone is behind you. You turn around and see a doglike creature. She walks up to you and says "Hi". "Uhhh... Hi", you answer back. "I could sense that someone was by my house", she said. Then she stared at you and asked, "What's wrong? Oh no, don't tell me that you didn't think we could talk." "Uhh, ya. How did you know", you ask. She answers saying, "I know everything that happens around here. Believe me, I know. Oh, bye the way my name is Samantha. I'm a Senoch." "A Senoch?" you ask. "That IS what I said. As you can see we look alot like dogs", she said. You agree. Just then you spot a cave. Somehow she knows that you are looking at it. "Oh, that's my house", she says. "Your house?" you ask. "Uh-huh. Just because were animals that doesn't mean we don't have a house", she responds. "Oh right. I'm sorry", you apologize. "Oh, you don't don't need to apologize", she said. Then she smiled and said, "Do you want to peek inside?" "Uhh, ya!" you say. You look inside and everything is pitch black. Samantha laughs. "Oh sorry, you have to light a torch", she said. She takes out a torch. A little yellow dragon comes out and lights the torch. Then it disappears from sight. You couldn't tell what color it was because it was in the dark. "Do you want to come inside?" Samantha asks. You smile at her and say, "Sure!" You and Samantha go inside.

Click here to go inside the Senoch Cave!

ATTENTION: Alright, the pic below I got for my birthday which was on October 1st. I got it from a friend of mine named Vaporeonwolf! Please be respectful and do NOT take it for use for your own site! Thank you!

Yep, my birthday present was Kari from Digimon 01! Wasn't that nice of her to give that to me? Thank you VaporeonWolf, I really appreciate it and it's a really nice birthday present! ^_~
Hey, wanna see my new adoptions I just found? I may move it to a new site sometime soon but for now you can look at them here!

This is my little Libra kao! Isn't she cute? ^_^ You can get your own Zodiak kao by clicking here!

I got this beatiful Libra doll from Why don't you go get your own horoscope doll?

This little Libra's in an anime-like form and is so so so so cuuuuute!!! ^_^

This is cute little Diana from Sailor Moon! You can click on her to your own small cute adoption! As you've probably noticed by now I just loooove things that are cute! ^_^

Note: I took down the part of my site that was about me! Why? Because that stuff is VERY out dated! It's REALLY old! There are a lot of other shows that I watch now and I didn't even give you guys a good explanation on what I'm like and the stuff that I like! Eventually, in the future I will have a section about me again but it will be on a seperate page! You'll just have to wait... I'm sorry if you have never read that yet, but you really should of read it while I still had it up! You had a chance... Of course, I DID have a chance to read a Dexter's Laboratory (one of the shows I like alot now) page before they took it down, so... sigh... I also wanted to inform you that I took down the part of my page that says about Samantha! Now the reson I took down that was because I decided that I'm going to start from scratch and make a explanation of her all over again which will hopefully be alot longer and BETTER!!! I can't give you an exact date of when I'll be doing this but it should be done sometime soon. Hey, I don't wanna leave you in suspense and wonder for too awful long! And don't worry, I told Samantha about it and she said that it was alright to delete it as long as I did it over again sometime. So, you don't have to worry about any hard feelings! I promised her that I would put it back up sometime and I will! ^_~ Haha... lucky for you I still kept up some of my favorite movies which STILL haven't changed! :-D

Some of my favorite movies are Titanic (1997), The Land Before Time movies, Balto, (1995) Babe (1995) and Babe: Pig in the City, (1998) Godzilla (1998), The Lost World: Jurassic Park, (1997) Mighty Joe Young, (1998) The Land Unicorn, (1982) Pokemon the First Movie: Mewtwo strikes Back (1998) and Disney movies. (Bambi, (1942) The Fox and the Hound, (1981) The Lion King, (1994) The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, (1998) Pocahontas (1995) and Beauty and the Beast (1991) just to name a few)

The Names of The Land Before Time Movies are listed below in order:

1. The Land Before Time (1988)
2. The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure (1994)
3. The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving (1995)
4. The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists (1996)
5. The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island (1997)
6. The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock (1998)
7. The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire (2000)

Universal Studios also released two half-hour videos called The*Land*Before*Time*Sing-Along*Songs which features the songs from the first four Land Before Time movies and The*Land*Before*Time*More*Sing-Along*Songs which feature songs from the the fifth and sixth movies as well as songs from An American Tail III: The Treasure of Manhattan Island??? Don't know if I got the name right... And as if that's not exciting enough to hear there is also a seventh LBT movie called The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire! I own all the LBT movies except the second sing along song tape which I hope to get very soon...

I got these pictures from Dakota's World!

Skullcow's Page! Click Here!

Be sure to answer my new quizlet! The old one is taken down now and I replaced it with a new one! Pikachu was the winner of the old one followed by Sonic with just tagging along by a few less votes, CatDog. I may put it back up someday but add three more choices, to make it more interesting and I might have both Cat and Dog be two seperate ones!
And the quizlet, comes up in a pop-up window so don't close it! Please answer it! (If you haven't done so already) Gee, my quizlets are SOOOOO popular! Already 286 people have answered it although the only ones that got voted for are Pokemon, Digimon and Sailor Moon which are my three favorites!!! Pokemon is winning, followed by Sailor Moon and then Digimon!
Come on, where are all of the Tenchi and Gundam fans out there? And DBZ is very popular too although I haven't seen it myself! Surprised? Are most people that come here girls or what? I would've put Card Captors on it if I had more than six choices and since DBZ has been around longer than CC has I decided to put that on instead... I really like CC alot though! All seven are really popular! Hmmm... now why isn't my guestbook as popular as my quizlet is? :-/
Plus just to have more fun, try my new Search Engine! (which you probably won't anyway...)Well, if you try it I'm sure you'll LOVE it! And you won't be dissappointed. I hope. ^_~

Please try out my Message Board right below!
Come on, doesn't anyone want to try this out? I think I already know the answer to that.

My Sega Page

Beanie Babies and Puffkins


My Links Page
Note: This page is currently being re-build into what it was before except much BETTER! And it's going to be more orginized by the time i't's back up! Please be patient! It won't take long...

My Ecco the Dolphin Page

The Journeys of Fred and Kate

Warning: This is incredibly weird! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Inside the Senoch Cave

My Pokemon and Digimon Adoptions Page

The Pokemon List

The Revisions Page

My Sonic Adoptions Page

My Original Adoptions Updated!

My 2nd Adoption Page

Pages Coming Soon:
Crossword puzzles
The Angry Beavers
Webrings (maybe, as long as they work)
The Powerpuff Girls
Johnny Bravo
Dexter's Laboratory
The Wild Thornberrys
My Links Page
More Adoptions

Note: Some of the pages will NOT be on this page!! You'll just have to wait and see for yourself when they come out! ^_~

Mike's tottally awesome page! It's cool! Check it out!

Below are my four Neo Pets! Aren't they cute? Please click on one of them and get your own Neo Pet to take care of! You wouldn't be only helping the site, you'd be helping me too!
And if you own a Neo Pet it would really make me happy if you'd enter my Neo Pets Theme Park at a super cheap price! Your pet will be sure to have the time of their life guarenteed! And best of all, you only have to a pay 1 Neo Pet to get in and all the rides are FREE!!! Isn't that cool?
Please visit my Neo Pets pages' too! Click here to go to Uniceptor's page, here to go to Serendipity2000's page, here to go to Kartusch2000's page and/or here to go to Dynomite3000's page! Have fun and I just want to point something out to you... the Neo Pets' pages aren't written by me, it's attamatic when you get a Neo Pet but I can update them and say whatever I want to say but I haven't done that yet! I will get around to doing that one of these days...

thegoldencat got their NeoPet at
thegoldencat got their NeoPet at
thegoldencat got their NeoPet at
thegoldencat got their NeoPet at

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Have a great day! I hope you liked my page! Stop by again some time soon!


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