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A chair on springs for excercise when a person has a 
weak back. It is a mini-trampoline in a safe and 
comfortable chair, especially for those individuals 
looking for an excercise choice that works.

    a. fun to use. good form of excercise.
    b. Increased circulation
    c. enhanced lymphatic drainage
    d. Single Device, single setting. No motors, 
       weights to change, positions to adjust or 
       elastic bands to move 
    e. No Impact on knee or ankle joints
    f. adaptable. good for any body condition.

Price: $425.00 plus shipping and handling ($75)

2. Soap for weight loss: 
Shower and loose weight at the same time. Soap enters 
the pores and dissolves the fat under the skin.

Price: $20.00 @ plus $4.00 shipping and handling

3. Fat loss program 
- Safe and natural. No drugs.

Price: $135.00 per months supply

4. Bio-pulse Hammer 
- produces a thrust instead of a jiggle.

Price: $350.00 plus $10 shipping/handling.

5. Ozone machine 
- for degenerative diseases to further oxygenate the 
body and cleanse fruits and vegetables to eat safely.

Price: $2500.00 plus s/h. Lifetime warranty

6. Portable hyperbaric chamber 
- Especially good for post stroke patients or any 
degenerative disease.

Price: $4000.00 plus shipping/handling $25.00

7. Oxidative Stress Assay blood test. 
To check the killer cell activity and immune system 
level of the body.

Price: $100.00

All of these items have a part in making your health 

If You Want to ORDER or more information Call to:
1-800-645-8088 and Ask for 
Dr. Robert Wickman
Or Contact us to our E-mail: