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CANCER CURE:Curing Cancer!




    ......Cancer is a word that terrifies a person. We all know the word, but many of us don't really know the meaning of this word. If we go to a doctor and are told we have it, we panic and let our imaginations run wild. Definitions are unlimited! The dictionary has a different idea than a medical dictionary and an Onchologist will make it sound very complicated further stressing our imaginations. So--- what is cancer?
    .....Because this word is not as ugly as it may seem, let's just start with this very simple definition: CANCER IS A GROWTH OF ABNORMAL CELLS SOMEWHERE IN THE BODY. How much more simple can that be? So far, no need to panic, right?
    ......There are benign growths and malignant growths. Somehow the malignant ones capture our attention and we're off to the races. As everything can be built up, so everything can be torn down. Malignant tumors are no different. Now let's try to find a cause without panic


    .......We hear that cigarettes cause lung cancer or too much alcohol can lead to cancer of the stomach or liver; or maybe the jet fuel that drops on us as the airliners fly over may cause cancer, or the polluted water we have in the house may cause cancer. Would you believe these items do not cause cancer! They may contribute to cancer, but are not the cause. Are all these research centers wrong? Not necessarily.
    .......The cause of cancer lies within each of us. As the saying goes, "I have seen the enemy and the enemy are us." Yes, we are our own enemy! There is a system we were all born with called the IMMUNE SYSTEM. It is broken down many times into the digestive system involving the stomach, liver, gallbladder, intestines, etc; or the respiratory system involving the lungs; the circulatory system involving the heart, arteries, spleen, etc. the endocrine system involving the ovaries, testicles, prostate, adrenals, etc.; or possibly the renal system involving the kidneys, bladder, etc.; the nervous system involving the various nerves, brain, and the various fluids associated with the nervous system in general; or perhaps the integumentary system involving skin (our largest organ) and bones. Each system has a built in monitor or protective mechanism that keeps that system functioning up to par. If we have a problem somewhere, it is because this immune system for that particular system failed us and permitted the enemy to enter. For practical purposes, let's just lump them all together and call them our IMMUNE SYSTEM.
    ........In my many years of practice, I have noticed various culprits that put a strain on the immune system. One such problem is in parasite infestations. We all think that parasites are associated with third world countries. Many of the parasites in the U.S. involve beef, chicken, fish, and pork. That just about wipes out all our animal protein sources! When these parasites enter and set up housekeeping in one or more organs, eventually the defense of that organ fails and the protection is not there. Without our guards, the enemy enters. Where do you think the "worms" come from when a person dies? They are already there just waiting for the conditions to permit them to go to work.
    ........That is why we must remember that cancer is not a localized disease where we can cut it out, burn it out with radiation, or kill it with chemotherapy. These three approaches just make matters worse. Scientists have proved this over the last 50 years!The only person that benefits from any of these avenues of approach are the doctors performing these so called treatment plans. So why do we fall for these forms of torture? All these tumors, diseased organs, etc. are symptoms only. You cannot get rid of any disease by focusing on the symptoms. You have to go to the cause! The medical profession is built on chasing symptoms. When your child has a cold and has a fever, you give a decongestant, or antibiotic, or something (aspirin maybe) for the fever. Again, chasing the symptoms. We know the cause is a virus so why give these other remedies? The fever is a natural response of the body to burn out the virus. Antibiotics (penicillin, e.g.) does nothing against a virus. Cancer is no different.


    ........Doesn't it make sense that if we can figure out that part of our defense system is lacking, that maybe that system is wide open for invasion? So, instead of going for the after thoughts, let's go for the repairs to the system. Cancer is one way the body can tell us something is wrong - please fix it! Most of the time, it is normal cells that have turned bad and attack the host instead of protecting the host. Think of a piece of cheese in your refrigerator. You find black spots on the cheese and attempt to cut them out. What happens? More black spots appear and so on. Soon you have no more cheese as you attempt to cut them out. Where did this mold come from? Would you believe these spores were there when you bought the cheese, but conditions were such that the mold couldn't grow. As the chemistry of the cheese changed while in the refrigerator, the spores were allowed to show themselves and thus the black spots appeared. You did not accomplish a thing by cutting them out. Now, if you could change the chemistry of the cheese back to what it was when you bought it, the spots would disappear on their own. It is the same with cancer! Irritants, stress, parasites, etc. are all abnormal functions that change our bodies chemistry. These killer cells are damaged and offer no protection anymore. Normal cells are stressed out and change their functions becoming the enemy. We must change the chemistry back to normal and thus change these mutant cells back to being normal again. They once were our friends, now they are the enemy. Help the body convert them back to normal again or destroy them allowing new normal cells to replace them. Our bodies have this ability!
    .......If you have ever had a live blood cell analysis, you would see parasites at work within the red blood cells and inbetween them. They are there! Right before your eyes! The white blood cells are trying their best to eat them up with help from the other normal (garbage men) cells floating in the circulation. Mother nature has something to offer. All cancer patients appear to have parasites. These parasites chip away at the immune system until it don't function properly and the chemicals build up causing toxic wastes. When an organ is toxic, how can it perform efficiently? So, many of the eggs from these parasites are spread throughout the body and eventually they find a comfortable growing area (a weak organ e.g.). As the various organs resist these invaders, you have a miniature war going on forming a tumor. The tumor cells grow quicker than normal cells in an effort to bolster the defenses so hence the tumor is full of immature cells. Each side is trying to win!
    ......Eventually the doctors observe this "war" and want to remove the "sympyom" as they see it. If it can be cut out, to surgery we go. If it can't be cut, but maybe some radiation will do it in, to the radiation dept. we go. Often times the doctors opt for a combination involving radiation, surgery, and capped with chemotherapy. They will keep playing these tunes until either the patient gives up and dies or just plain gives up and seeks another route at the 11th hour. Remember the cheese?
    .......Nature is full of cures ranging from herbs that kill parasites to plants (glyco-nutrients) that boost the immune system. If you can boost the immune system to heights unknown, the parasites will die a natural death. The damaged cells will be replaced with new and normal cells. There are no side effects as nature works in harmony with the human body and the other natural remedies.


    ......If we know ahead of time what the various combinations are that work well together, why not incorperate these receipes into our daily living. Why wait to see if we have parasites. Do something about making the body an uncomfortable place for them to live. Keep the various parts of the immune system in fine working order. Take as supplements the various things that can't be found in food grown in mineral poor soil, or proteins that come from diseased animals. Many people are not aware that a nice rare steak is uusually full of parasite eggs that could find their way to block various pathways such as in the pancreas (Diabetes) or in the brain (Parkinson's syndrome) or possibly in the lungs (Asthma).
    ........In this day and age, it is impossible to get all the nourishment you need from the food set before you on the table. The ingredients for good health are just not there. Therefore, it is necessary to take minerals, vitamins, and herbs everyday to meet the minimum daily needs. You can't build a strong body without the proper ingredients!
    .......ALL DEGENERATIVE DISEASES HAPPEN FOR A REASON! FIND THAT REASON AND REMOVE IT AND THE CURE FOLLOWS. It is that simple. We have developed a program totally made up of natural medicines to help the body help itself and promote a goal of wellness, not remission. Yes, cure! If you have fallen into any of these catagories of cancer, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS,etc. no matter where the involvememt is, don't despair. You can benefit from this program so that you can conquer your particular disease. All things are possible if you get with it and defeat the cause. Look at the positive side of life and discharge these diseases from your body. Find the reason and stomp on it! You owe it to yourself and family. You don't have to die!
    If you have any questions be sure to email me. to I have been a doctor for over 30 years and have made many observations. Yes, the cure is possible!

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