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"Insert cute website name here..."

Okay, i've got some of my links set up just above and there will be many more to come soon (just give me some time to get them all organized okay? i've got a heck of a lot of these darn things...) So, you can check out the ones i've added so far our you can check back in regularly to see if i've got the rest of em done. In the meantime, why dontcha please relax, sit back, kick off your shoes, enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa, and browse through some pics of my bikes, my cats, and myself (yeah, i know, *shudder*...)

Home sweet home... I was born and raised in Chicago and it will always be
home to me regardless of wherever i might move to over time...

Well, i'm no longer living in Madison anymore but i like this pic so i'll leave it up for now. After a brief stay in Chicago the job search finally brought me to Peoria. A nice place, kinda quiet, but lots of great riding opportunities and the job looks pretty promising so who knows, maybe i'll stay here for a few years. It's still not the same as being in Indianapolis, but it's closer than Madison was by a few hours and that's worth alot right there. =)

Some pics of my current collection of bikes (and others...)

Some pics of my current collection of cats (and others...)

And now some assorted photos from my files for your enjoyment...

And for those who are curious... here's a pic of me from a recent race i was in.

Some pictures from the '99 Supercup Cyclocross race in Chicago on Nov 13th.