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Web Design and Creation for Non-Profit and Emergency Service Organizations
Get on the Web
Why pay $35 to $50 an hour when you are a non-profit organization?  With us you pay for the page, no matter how many hours it takes to complete it. 

General set-up and main design of your site is just $40


  • Email Account and Address
  • Index Page and Address
  • Visitor Counter
  • Guest Book
  • Links to other sites on the net

Get Your Information on the Web
For $30/page you can put your department's information out on the web.  Pay for 4 pages and get the 5th page free!

May Include:

  • General Information, Rosters
  • Yearly Statistics, Benchmark Statistics
  • Apparatus Listings and Pictures
  • Picture Albums
  • Program Information
  • Department and Community Events Promotion
Check out what your page could look like at :

Keep Your Page Current
Keep your site up to date with one of our affordable updating packages!
Not only will this keep your site information up to date, but it also keeps "net surfers" coming back to check out the new pictures.

Updating Packages:

  • Yearly Updating - $30/year
  • Bi-Yearly Updating - $45/year
  • Quarterly Updating - $85/year
  • Monthly Updating - $150/year
  • Anytime Updating - $250/year

Include a domain name registration for $35/year. Prices subject to change without notice.
Make the Web Work For You!
The web is an excellent place to promote and show pride in your department.

It is also a great public relations tool in the community.  There are thousands of people out surfing the web right now, and they could be checking out your page.  So let's start building your site today!


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