Nakamichi 680/680ZX Discrete Head Cassette Deck

The Nakamichi 680/680ZX Cassette Deck is a very special analogue recording/playback component, pre-dating by two years and contributing to the technological foundation of the refined and highly esteemed ZX-7 and ZX-9 cassette decks. The 680ZX and its bretheren (670ZX, 680, 682ZX) were a leap forward technologically by Nakamichi of Japan, who had created advanced computer assisted cassette decks like the 700ZXL and 1000ZXL, albeit, at a very expensive cost. But then in 1980, the 680/680ZX was introduced worldwide and immediately acknowledged by audio critics as a milestone in cassette deck technology use. An audio cassette deck that was loaded with professional features and quite affordable by the discerning yet cost conscientious audio enthusiast. The 680ZX comes with an assortment of automated and manual calibration controls, including adjustable azimuth and bias recording adjustment, Dolby noise reduction, two speed record/playback (whew!!!), extra durable tape transport system with dual capstan drive, and discrete record/monitor/playback head system. Some of the most precise technical specifications Nakamichi ever designed into a commercial cassette deck. This is an extrordinary component, one of Nakamichi's finest and cost effective when considering a $1,600 retail price during the early 1980's!

Nakamichi 680ZX customer informational brochure
Nakamichi 680ZX technical review article from Audio Magazine, May 1980

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Created 26 May 2004
Updated 10 March 2014

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