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Greta Bonderud/Parsons
A Special Keeshond Rescue Story

Greta's Gallery (Click on the arrows above for additonal photos.....)

Greta Kees 2003
Greta Bonderud/Parsons is a very lucky Keeshond. During the autumn of 2003, Greta was without a name and stray in the Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota area, with a severely broken leg. Fate has it that individuals with loving care and devotion to saving Keeshonds heartfully accepted Greta's life-threatening plight, and with investments of substantial emotion and monies (including generous donations from keesie sunshine rescue funds and personal resources) to have her come through three surgeries and a daunting recovery period to reach the present road to recovery. By chance and good fortune, Greta is simply thrilled to be alive, healed and active in her new home.

Please note that this web page is only in preliminary stages, where we will be including many nice photos of Greta as she progresses to full health in the coming months. Appreciation is acknowledged for your continued interest and support of Greta's rescue and recovery saga, she enthusiastically thanks you all (whoof, whoof)!!!

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Draft Only!!!

Greta's Current Training Schedule at All American Agility -->

running Kees

Greta's Progress Report - "Whoof, Whoof, Whoof, Whoof" (Up On All Four Paws Now!!!)"

Running Kees

Photo Gallery of Greta's Rescue and Recovery
Multiple photo collage here......

Greta Collage 2003

Keesies Congregating in the Park ~ Take One
Keesies Congregating in the Park ~ Take Two
Keesies Congregating in the Park ~ Take Three

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