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The 3-Star Bloodhound Health Honor Roll

The Honor Roll is a list of bloodhounds having 3 or more certified health clearances. Dogs appearing in this list have been submitted voluntarily by their owner or breeder. The purpose of this list is to congratulate those owners and breeders who have taken the time and effort in their breeding programs and ownership roles to test their dogs. Although no one can predict the health outcome of a litter, the chances of reducing such health problems are increased by doing health screenings..

This list will give people a chance to brag (and you have every right to!) about their health clearances, just as you would brag about your show wins or trailing finds. It is also the hope of the creator that it will become an avenue for those searching for breeding partners to be able to easily check which dogs have cleared which tests in order to make a wise breeding decision.

Certifications accepted for entry to the Honor Roll are:

OFA hips
OFA elbows
OFA cardiac
OFA thyroid
OFA patellar luxation
CERF eyes
PennHipp (hips)
OVC (hips)
any other official miscellaneous certifications

Since there are several certifications available for hips (OFA, PennHipp, OVC), only one will qualify towards the3 certifications required.

There is also space allowed in the Honor Roll for certifications received in excess of 3.

To submit your dog to the Honor Roll, please send the following information to :

  1. Registered name of dog
  2. Registration number of dog and name of registry
  3. Any titles the dog has received (conformation, obedience, trailing, tracking, temperament, etc.)
  4. Sex of dog
  5. Color of dog
  6. Date of birth
  7. Owners name
  8. Breeders name
  9. Certification # of each health clearance and from which organization received
  10. Name and phone number or e-mail address of owner



The 3-Star Bloodhound Health Honor Roll



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