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Richard Roman Grech, Born November 1945, Bordeaux, France. Passed March 1990, Leicester, England. Ric has an enigmatic life's story. Born in war-torn France, he grew up in the English city of Leicester. Coming from a musically inclined family (no pun intended, his father was a musician!), Ric was an energetic student of the violin, playing in the Leicester youth orchestra during the late 1950's. Studying at an arts college in his late teens, Ric experimented with guitar, finding a niche with other musically-oriented students, quickly becoming a professional.

A fine, multi-talented musician, Ric played bass guitar as well as other stringed instruments during his career. Most noted for his involvement with Blind Faith, he also was a key player in the British folk/rock group called the 'Family'. Improvising with violin, and experimenting with alternative forms of rock & roll with The Family led Ric to the level of insight and expertise that was well-regarded by the elite of British rock musicians. Upon contacts within the Island Records organisation, Ric became acquainted with Stevie Winwood, which led to partying and jamming with Winwood and Clapton. This was the seed that formed the entrance of Ric Grech into the group.

Grech moved beyond Blind Faith, collaborating with Winwood and others in Ginger Baker's Airforce in early 1970, then with Winwood into the reincarnation of Traffic in late 1970, and participated in numerous sessions. Standouts are the Muddy Waters London Sessions, Gram Parsons' efforts following the Flying Burrito Brothers, a short stint with The Crickets (reformed in 1973, 14 years following Buddy Holly's passing), and an interesting experimental effort with Michael Bloomfield & Ansley Dunbar.

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