Blind Faith Album Cover Artwork

There is an abundance of BF artwork to collect and portray, definately! One of the joys of being a BF fan(atic) is sleuthing the world over for tidbits of obscure memorabilia, be that an old reel tape box set, a '45 RPM vinyl single, an obscure LP issue from a foreign land, or an unbelievably good quality bootlegg compact disc from 'who knows where'! Below are several examples of what I've gathered during the last few years, and if any of you have items to contribute, send me a .jpeg formatted graphic image file. On with the visuals - Enjoy.........

Blind Faith album cover, Polydor/Canada, 1969.

A recent find, and a very interesting variation to the album covers. Notice the rear cover is a collage of photo clips from the group pose. Sorry, no gate-fold for this one!

Blind Faith album cover, Polydor/France, 1973.

Another intriguing album cover, from Polydor/France (notice the "Polydor - Privilege 658 170" logo, upper right). This is a version that is relatively unknown, possibly rare! Graphics are quite clean slightly lighter tan coloring than the Atco/USA 304-B cover. Again, excellent quality audio reproduction!

Blind Faith album cover, Polydor/Nippon, 1987.

A very interesting version, released as a remastered compact disc. Sorry again, no gate-fold for this one!

Blind Faith 'Live Along the U.S. Tour' bootlegg album cover, on the TARKL label, 1973.

The most revered of BF vinyl bootleggs, this one is the TARKL "Amazing Kornyphone" release from the early 1970s (at that time based somewhere in the San Bernadino Mtns). Actually there were several reboots of this album, with the recording coming from the Santa Barbara Fairgrounds performance. Noteworthy is that this is from the Deluxe Edition release, which was a boxed set including a copy of the BF Tour Book that was offered at many of the later concert venues. Sorry again, no gate-fold for this one, but you can imagine the value of a pristine limited edition boxed set as collectible, nearly priceless nowdays!!!

Blind Faith Sampler, on the Raging Tropical Tiger label, 1976.
(said to be based somwhere on the coastal plains of south east Thailand)

Exceptionally scarce Blind Faith mini vinyl from South East Asia, late 1970s. Resurrected and remastered to compact disc in the BleusNak Studios during the winter of 2001, and adding the one and only "Change of Address" instrumental done by Baker, Clapton and Winwood in the studio, then released as a single '45 on the Island label as a promo around the UK during June 1969. Whomever now possesses the original reel tape recordings of 'Change of Address' is indeed a fortunate fellow!!!

Blind Faith album artwork (reel to reel tape).

This is a copy of the Ampex/Atco/USA, 1969 release, a small boxed set, with a single reel (18 cm diameter) of recorded tape (6 mm width) for the entire album. Extraordinary audiophile quality reproduction, for the late 1960's!

Polydor/Italia '45 issue - circa late 1969
Provided with kindness by Olivier Signet. Found at an open-air collectors market in Paris France, May 1999.

Bootlegg compact disc set, titled "Blind Faith, Rated - X".

This is a new bootlegg release, originating from Japan, and very, very good quality graphics/audio! Recordings of the live perfomances at the Hyde Park, London concert (partially), and Gothenburg, Sweden (completely). I received an original copy from John Whowell, a fellow Blind faith music collector and friend, then residing in Nagano, Japan.

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