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Below you will find some of the items held in the Well All Right Collection archive.
Growing every month, and I encourage you all to contribute items in .jpeg graphics format!

Original Polydor album cover (1969, UK-583-059) with the young model, Mariora Goschen's autograph.
This is a one-of-a-kind album cover, personally autographed for the archives during August 2009.
With best regards to Ms Goschen for enhancing this treasure with her signature!

Original Atco album cover (1969, SD 33-304B) with all four musician's autographs.

I found this little gem of an image on a cyber-auction website last winter, and its truely a fine piece of history.
Seller wanted a minimum of $250 cash USD. I have no idea whether these autographs are authentic,
but its neat to believe that they are!!!

Original Atco album cover (1969, SD 33-304) with all four musician's autographs

Another extraordinary image found on a cyber-auction website last winter. Seller wanted an minimum of $300 USD.
I have no idea whether these autographs are authentic, but who knows, Ric Grech was still alive and kicking in 1990!!!
By the way, the young woman who adorns the BF cover is by name, Mariora Goschen, who grew up and still lives in the south
of Great Britain. For a bit more background on this (then) young lass, read up on the origins of the BF album cover artwork.
Blind Faith's original Artwork

The BF Songbook - Circa 1969

I found this little gem just recently, and its truely a fine piece of history. Very basic in content, most likely designed for aspiring young musicians wanting to emulate their heros. The major focus is on musical content, with each tune from the album being depicted in full musical context, with explanations. Added to that, several photos (coarsely halftoned, hence the grainy reproduction of the front cover), and a little extra write-up info about the phenomena of Blind Faith at the time. An added bonus is a brief article clipped from a commercial magazine in the autumn of 1969. Good reading, flavor for what the progressive music scene was all about in those days of the counterculture. Well worth seeking by any BF collector!

BF's "Change Of Address" single on limited edition CDR

As far as I know this is the only contemporary BF single on compact disc anywhere! I created a half-dozen during the winter of 1999, to suprise several close friends with a change of email address. Of course, I did this in clandestine fashion, and most of my buddies were initially perplexed with the smiling boys on a disc. Well, it did serve the purpose, and all those email friends remembered that I was at a new email address! Plus, they got to hear this rather obscure BF instrumental, standing singularly on its own merit!!!

Just as a sidenote, I derived the "Change Of Address" idea from UK Island Records' gimmick that was used in April 1969. Island's promotional executives decided to send out a pretty little pink '45, labeled simply "Change Of Address" (no foolin', and its a rarity of a collectors item now!!!). The instrumental is by the boys, recorded identically on both sides of the vinyl '45. The recording of "Change Of Address" that I duplicated to CDR was from another bootlegg, 'EC's Jewel Box 2', found on an obscure Italian label, Home Records (1994).

Original Polydor album cover (1969, 184-302) from a more obscure release. Donated from an enthusiast in Santiago, Chile in South America.

A story from the owner of this version of the album will hopefully be forthcoming.

More tasty morsels from the Blind Faith treasure vaults.....

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